Business Flyer Assignment by DMHO32tk


									                               Business Flyer Assignment – Microsoft Publisher

Introduction to Assignment:
Directions: Create a flyer using Microsoft Publisher to advertise your business. Your goal is to attract interest in
your new business.

   o Create a flyer that highlights what your business is, your logo, possible slogan, and promotions to attract
     new customers.

   o Use appropriate font styles, font sizes, font colors, and images. Include the current date, your name,
     phone number, and business e-mail address on the bottom of the flyer.

Aesthetically Pleasing                                               ____   of   4 points
Consistency/Balance of Design / Organization                         ____   of   4 points
Effectiveness (Does is it provide vital information                  ____   of   4 points
Grammar/Mechanics                                                    ____   of   4 points
Use of Graphics                                                      ____   of   4 points

Total                                                                ______ of 20 points

Detailed Instructions:
You will make a flyer for your business using the information from your Business Plan. Go through the
following steps:

   1. Go to start menu – all programs – Microsoft Office folder – open Microsoft Publisher 2003.

   2. If you get a message about macros select the “disable macros” button.

   3. Along the left side of the screen choose the first bullet “Publications for print” and it will expand to a
      long list of publications to choose from – you need to choose “flyers”.

   4. Once you’ve chosen “flyers” you will then see a list of categories under flyers and you need to pick a
      type of flyer that goes along with type of business.

   5. Once you’ve chosen your flyer category, you then must choose a design over on the right side of your
      screen. Double click on one to choose your design.

   6. Once you’ve chosen your design, you can enter your business information into the box provided or you
      can actually click inside the flyer textboxes to type in information.
         a. Create your logo using the provided websites and then insert the logo into the flyer.
         b. The most important information from your business plan needs to be included in the Publisher
         c. Feel free to delete textboxes you don’t need, add new textboxes, move textboxes around, etc.
         d. Also feel free to add color, the formatting toolbar in this program allows you to center add
             background color and line color to textboxes.

   7. Once finished with the Publisher flyer, save in your folder and print out a copy for the teacher.
Part II – Using publisher to create your business card
*You may not proceed to this part of the project without teacher approval.

   Part II Business Cards

   1. Launch MS Publisher
   2. Select “Business Cards”
   3. Select a “Template” for your business cards
   4. Select some different color schemes. (Be sure your designs are consistent so people recognize your style of
      advertising – your brand.)
   5. Decide whether you want your business card in –“Landscape” or “Portrait” mode.
   6. Decide whether or not you want a “Logo” placeholder.
   7. The next decision you have to make is how you want your card printed.

           a) In center of page

           b) Several tiled on a page

   9. Begin inserting information, design, etc…
   10. Be creative & unique !!
   11. Save your business card in your folder. Print when you receive approval from the teacher.

CRITERIA (must include on both the flyer and the business card)

   1.   Your Name
   2.   Your Title (Optional)
   3.   Address
   4.   Phone Number(s)
   5.   E-mail Address
   6.   Logo

   This portion of the project is worth 10 points.

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