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									High Impact Communications

       Response to ITS America’s RFP
        for Media Relations Services

18th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems
       ITS American Annual Meeting & Exposition
                   October 16-20, 2011
                    Orlando, Florida

    At High Impact Communications,
           We’re Everywhere.

                            You might find us on
                            the Today Show
                            with Matt Lauer,
                            telling the story of a
                            father who melted
                            down while trying to
                            protect his daughter
                            from school bus

Or orchestrating a
satellite video feed with
the guy who said
“Houston, we’ve had a
problem,” long before it
became one of the
greatest lines in movie

                               Maybe you’ll catch
                               us prepping guests
                               on the set of Good

Or perhaps scoring the
greatest media coup the
LPGA Tour has seen in

     High Impact Communications
 We may be small – but we play in the Bigs

Thank you for inviting us to respond to your Media Relations RFP for the upcoming
18th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems & ITS America’s 2011
Annual Meeting. We’re confident every agency responding to this RFP will tout their
big name, their experience, their resources and what they can do for you. However,
we believe High Impact Communications represents a distinct choice. We’d like to
start by telling you what we won’t do.

      We won’t wine and dine you making over-reaching promises, then pull a bait
       and switch only to assign a junior account executive to manage your account.

      We won’t charge you for our overhead or bill hours for an assistant updating
       their Facebook status.

      And we will never, ever generate paper just for the sake of running up your

We are NOT that agency.

At High Impact Communications, we’re led by three public relations veterans with
decades of experience on both sides of the media. We work with an extensive
network of experts in every communications discipline and staff each project based
solely on need. So when you need a compelling media kit, we have the creative
experts to build it. When you need an exciting video, we’ll bring in the team to
produce it. If you don’t need those disciplines, rest assured you won’t pay for them.

Among our leadership team, we have expertise in transportation PR and an extensive
track record of success in national and international media relations. We love to tell a
good story and the 18th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems & ITS
America’s 2011 Annual Meeting in Orlando is a great story.

So let us tell you what we WILL do.

      We will work with two goals in mind: to increase attendance at the World
       Congress and to create lasting awareness of ITS America.

      We will help identify the stories that trade and mainstream journalists will
       want to tell rather than just firing blindly into the media abyss.

      And most importantly we do it in a way that will manage your costs.

High Impact Communications: We are THAT agency.

                      Proposal Contents

1.    Proposal Front Cover
2.    Our Successes
3.    Our Successes cont.
4.    Introduction
5.    Contents
6.    Our Philosophy
7.    Pete Spiller Bio
8.    Jarrod Cady Bio
9.    Ryan Julison Bio
10.   Communications Overview
11.   Communications Overview cont.
12.   Communications Overview cont.
13.   Communications Overview cont. / Intellidrive
14.   Messaging / Case Study – John Young Parkway
15.   Case Study – John Young Parkway cont.
16.   Case Study – 511 Rollout
17.   Case Study – James Jones
18.   Case Study – James Jones cont.
19.   Case Study – Dakoda Dowd / Ginn Resorts
20.   Case Study – Dakoda Dowd / Ginn Resorts cont.
21.   Video Opportunities
22.   Sample Service Agreement
23.   Sample Service Agreement cont.
24.   Fee Schedule
25.   References
26.   Thanks Again…

                           Our Philosophy

The old agency model is broken. We are the future.

While many firms spend their time and your money trying to “see what sticks,” we
have real-world experience in strategies that work.

With the advent of social media, blogs and must-visit Web sites along with the
offerings of traditional media, the public relations landscape is evolving with one
bottom line: there are more venues than ever to tell your story.

Navigating that world, however, requires a focused team of thinkers delivering the
right message to the right audience at a precise time for the highest impact.

At High Impact Communications, we believe success lies in highly targeted pitching
to individuals rather than companies. A blogger likely has different interests than a
newspaper reporter. A trade writer has different needs than a network
correspondent. In 2010, blanket approaches to communicating are not only a thing of
the past, but they result in lost time and wasted money.

As you consider this proposal, we ask you to consider the value of another one of our
philosophies. You will deal directly and exclusively with our leadership team on this

We will work in lock step with you from concept through completion. We carry cell
phones and we take calls during nights and weekends.

At our core, we are strategists and storytellers. We are responsive and committed.

Simply put, we are ready to go to work for you.

             High Impact Communications
                   Leadership Team

                                  Pete Spiller
                                  Pete Spiller is a 20 year veteran of television news.
                                  During a career as a reporter, producer and long-
                                  time news manager, he made new coverage
                                  decisions daily.

                                  After leaving TV in 2004, Pete founded High Impact
                                  Communications first as a media relations firm,
                                  then adding in video production as a subspecialty.

                                    Among his current and former clients, The
                                    Orlando/Orange County Convention & Visitors
                                    Bureau, the Florida Department of Transportation
                                    (FDOT), Florida High Speed Rail, Kennedy Space
                                    Center Visitor Complex, Walt Disney World, Ginn
                                    Resorts, Waddell Williams & Associates, the Society
of the Plastics Industry & the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

Pete brings a media perspective to his work. After being on the receiving end of
literally thousands of pitches, he understands what journalists need and want, how
to identify the stories that will get attention and how to position a client for
maximum success.

                                 Jarrod Cady

                                 Jarrod Cady most recently served as public
                                 relations manager for Nemours, one of the nation’s
                                 leading children’s health systems. In this capacity,
                                 Jarrod successfully waged a public relations
                                 campaign to win approval from the state to build a
                                 new children’s hospital in the emerging medical
                                 city in Orlando’s Lake Nona area. He also leveraged
                                 and enhanced media relationships locally and
                                 nationally that resulted in positive coverage in the
                                 New York Times, Family Circle Magazine,
                                 CafeMom.com and an in-studio appearance on
                                 Good Morning America Health. He has eleven years
                                 of experience in media relations, government
                                 relations, marketing and business development.

Jarrod cut his teeth on keeping the environment clean and supporting transportation
issues as he previously served as the spokesperson for the Louisiana Department of
Environmental Quality as well as the Florida Department of Transportation on
multiple Central Florida projects. He has also worked as a communications consultant
with clients such as American Honda, Florida Power and Light, the U.S. Army and
Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise.

Ryan Julison
Ryan Julison has spent nearly two decades managing global communications, media
and PR strategies and campaigns for numerous organizations. His background
includes expertise in real estate, corporate development.

                                            Beginning in 2001, Julison served as Senior
                                            Vice President, Corporate Communications
                                            for Ginn Resorts, one of the country's
                                            leading resort real estate, hospitality
                                            management and golf companies. During
                                            his tenure at Ginn, Julison provided
                                            strategic counsel and directed senior
                                            management in crisis communications
                                            activities company-wide which included a
                                            variety of complex and wide-ranging issues
                                            involving national media, property owners,
                                            club members and employees.

                                            Prior to joining Ginn, Julison served as Vice
                                            President of Public Relations at Gilbert &
                                            Manjura Marketing, an Orlando-based
advertising agency.

Julison began his career in broadcasting promotions and marketing director at
WGNE-FM radio, the top-rated station in Daytona Beach.

Julison is a graduate of Stetson University and is actively involved in a variety of
charitable endeavors.

                Communications Overview

Situation Analysis

The global economic crisis has completely changed the communications landscape.
In the current marketplace, all media conversations are being filtered through an
economic lens. Governments and the public are focused on cost and time savings, as
well as job creation in a cleaner, more efficient world.

Intelligent transportation solutions (ITS) that facilitate and greatly enhance economic
growth in both urban and rural areas will be key to generating media interest and
absolutely critical in grabbing the attention of the general public.

Overall Goal

Our goal will be to increase the profile of ITS America, key partners and members as
well as the World Congress & Annual Meeting among core audiences through
targeted promotion of intelligent transportation solutions to media outlets and trade

Objective I

We will set a target of generating between 10 and 20 positive media stories per
month (June through October) on the latest technological innovations and the need
for greater investment in ITS technology solutions.


High Impact Communications will coordinate with ITS America to select and pitch
topics that best depict the need for intelligent transportation solutions that facilitate
and greatly enhance economic growth in both urban and rural areas, and ultimately
create jobs. These stories will be framed in relation to the 18th World Congress &
Annual Meeting.


We will:

      Develop key messages and themes that will be used throughout the
       campaign. These will be used to promote, give prominence and reinforce the
       ITS America and World Congress & Annual Meeting brands.
      Create an integrated weekly topic pitching schedule that is four tiered in
           o National news outlets
                    Focused on delivering results from the Today Show, Good
                      Morning America, The Early Show, The New York Times, The
                      Wall Street Journal, etc.
           o Local news outlets
           o Transportation trade and technology outlets
           o International news
      Develop media lists in relation to the four tiered approach.
      Create a bi-weekly release schedule that is tied to the pitching schedule.
      Build an FTP based video and audio micro site that can serve as a stand alone
       area, and be attached to the World Congress Web site, for the dissemination
       of video vignettes, pod casts and informational documents. This will not only
       serve to replace costly and time consuming satellite media and radio tours,
       but become a hub for reporters wanting additional information.
      Create necessary social media sites and strategy for daily engagement.
      Create an ITS America branded media kit (online and hard copy) complete
       with video, still photography and audio components that can be changed in
       real time, printed as needed and delivered anywhere in the world.
      Implement a 24-hour response team for immediate follow up to media
       inquiries from around the world. This will help eliminate the potential for lost
      Build out the “media room” on the World Congress Web site by June 15. The
       media room will be updated on a daily basis as determined by the pitching,
       release, video and audio schedule. All information will be disseminated in a
       coordinated fashion.
      Deliver the necessary pre-show release and pitching reports.
      Deliver the necessary clipping and sample reports.

Objective II

We will establish a goal of increasing the number of journalists that attend the World
Congress and Annual Meeting by five percent.


Most journalists enjoy traveling to the Central Florida area because of our focus on
tourism and relaxation. However, in a struggling economy most news organizations
have reduced travel budgets. High Impact Communications will help create a
business reason that makes sense not only to the journalists, but to the news
organizations that will be paying the related expenses.


      Work with Orlando based hotel and tourism boards (including the Central
       Florida Hotel & Lodging Association and the Orlando/Orange County
       Convention & Visitors Bureau) to develop reduced rate packages to offer to
       traveling journalists.
      Create a list of targeted journalists who should attend the conference.
      Create an event pitching schedule with a “must see event of the year”
       approach including updates that would generate interest for specific
      Partner with sponsors and exhibitors to give exclusive or first access to major
       announcements and displays for those journalists that attend the event.
      Create exclusive interview opportunities with high profile individuals in the
       industry for those journalists in attendance.

Objective III

We will create a memorable and positive experience for the media at the 18th World
Congress and Annual Meeting.


Design a “must see event” for the media that showcases ITS America and the
gathering, as well as the technology that will drive the future of our clean economy.


    Develop key messages and themes that will be used throughout the event as
     well as in necessary Q&A sessions and other activities.
    Develop collateral material specifically for event media kits.
    Create a media concierge position that offers 24-hour assistance to attending
    Organize media tours that can then be posted virtually for reporters not in
    Work with ITS America, exhibitors, the City of Orlando and the Orlando/Orange
     County Convention & Visitors Bureau to create a themed media room that
     provides them with a working space that allows access to all materials,
     technology and space needed to create any form of story.
    Create a VIP schedule for media interviews at the conference. Those in
     attendance will have first priority. A virtual “satellite tour” of our own
     interviews can then be posted to the micro site and pitched.
    Coordinate with exhibitors and partners to maximize coverage of the event
     through effective pitching of their own media conferences.
    Create a “show launch” media spectacle that could be covered internationally.
    Staff appropriately for all aspects of the event.
    Deliver the necessary post-show reports.

      Special Consideration - IntelliDrive Test-Bed
The permanent IntelliDrive test-bed to be established in Central Florida around the
World Congress represents a living, breathing showcase of the benefits of ITS. While
the industry may struggle at times with a perception that it’s largely about futuristic
theory, the IntelliDrive test-bed will establish ITS as being right here, right now.
Maybe it’s not coincidence that in the city where Walt Disney envisioned the
Environmental, Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT), that America will see
the future of transportation today.

We will work with ITSA representatives to develop concise and clear key messages
with special consideration given to partners, members and key exhibitors.
Understanding that as the global economy struggles to climb out of a recession, all
eyes are on cost saving opportunities that ITS America and the World Congress can
solve with real solutions.

We believe key messages should funnel directly from an economic theme. Whether
through development of smart technologies that will create jobs and transportation
efficiencies or improvements in mobility that will cut down on emissions, reduce
congestion and lessen travel times, it’s all about people’s pocketbooks .

We will develop messages that show ITS is an investment, not an expenditure. While
the public might question multi-million dollar upgrades to the infrastructure, few
would argue with creating a cleaner, more efficient, sustainable and technically
advanced road system for their children.

                               Case Studies
Case Study I - Client: Florida Department of Transportation

John Young Parkway Groundbreaking – Jarrod Cady / Pete Spiller


Interstate 4 in Central Florida stood on the brink of a complete multi-year overhaul
and it was critical that the public have a thorough understanding of the process as
well as the reason for construction. Public sentiment could quickly turn as a result of
traffic inconvenience, so the team focused on educating the citizenry through the I-
4/John Young Parkway groundbreaking ceremony. This was the first project on this
main artery through the region and the team needed to leave a lasting memory for
the community that the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) was
committed to alleviating traffic problems caused by continued growth in the region.


The team focused its goal on delivering a “must see” event for the community, local
leaders and media. In order to accomplish this mission it was important to attract
well known public figures including Florida Governor Jeb Bush, U.S. Congressman
John Mica, Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Jose Abreu, Orange
County Mayor Rich Crotty, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, First Baptist Church Pastor
Jim Henry, and Orlando native and the namesake for the interchange itself, Apollo
astronaut John Young. The team created a theme for the event, “Launching the I-4 of
the Future,” to signify John Young’s involvement and to highlight new technologies
that would make everyday travel better for the community.

In a normal news cycle, this story would be a footnote, however, the team was able
to generate news hooks and interest that made it a top news story for the entire
week. Beginning a month out, we began sending out news releases once a week and
followed up with pitch calls to local reporters. Electronic and hard copy media kits
were delivered to local media outlets the week of the event that included animation
of the new interchange, other highlights of the future I-4 construction and the
achievements of John Young. The momentum that was created became unstoppable
and resulted in a strategic win for our client.


The first television story occurred a month out and as we moved closer to the
ceremony the team was able to book John Young on several radio stations the week
before the event. The Orlando Sentinel covered the event extensively with two major
stories on the front page of the Local & State section using media kit elements that
had been provided.

The day of the event we began live television coverage at 5:30 a.m. that continued
until around noon with approximately nine television cameras in attendance. For a
three day period surrounding the event, the team had pulled in roughly 68 television
stories with a combined air time of one and a half hours. We also booked John Young
on the local CBS affiliate, WKMG, community affairs show to talk about his career at
NASA and the importance of improving the interchange and transportation as a

Case Study II - Client: Florida Department of Transportation

511 System Rollout – Jarrod Cady


The Central Florida 511 Travel Information System underwent a significant
technological transformation to a more intricate system that required user education
for maximum benefits.


The team developed a comprehensive campaign that included consumer educational
outreach, marketing and earned media that brought the benefits of the new system
to life. The 511 Travel Information System required an overhaul of its branding that
included print and electronic newsletters, banners and brochures. The team also
focused heavily on general awareness and public education through public service
announcements as well as community, government and media relations outreach
that were highly successful.

The integrated marketing elements included 511 banners on buildings in downtown
Orlando, the Orange County Convention Center as well as a bus that was completely
511 branded. The 511 message was further disseminated through partnerships with
AARP Magazine, AAA Auto Club South and Visit Florida. The actual launch event was
a critical element to the campaign, as the team put together a media event and news
conference at the local transportation center featuring the administrator of the
Federal Highway Administration, the secretary of the Florida Department of
Transportation, and other local, state and government project partners that included
Port Canaveral, Orlando International Airport, Orlando Sanford International Airport,
LYNX (Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority), the Orlando-Orange
County Expressway Authority and Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise.

The event was covered by all of the television stations including early morning live
shots, and local print media representatives attended as well.


The campaign was extremely successful resulting in the Central Florida 511Travel
Information System being used by more callers per capita than any other system in
the country.

Case Study III – Client: Women’s Trial Group Law firm

Frustrated Father Confronts School Bus Bullies – Ryan Julison


James Jones was arrested after boarding his 12-year-old daughter's school bus on
September 3, 2010 and in a profanity-laced tirade, challenged her bullies and the bus

He was arrested on two second-degree misdemeanor charges six days later, and
shortly thereafter, the video from the bus incident was released to the media (that
subsequently played non-stop in the Orlando area beginning September 17) who
essentially positioned Mr. Jones as an out of control man.

The father's actions on the school bus were precipitated by the revelation of bullying
from his tearful daughter, who suffers from cerebral palsy, just before the school bus
arrived at its location. He regretted threatening the children and bus driver, and
wanted to apologize to all involved.


After determining Mr. Jones’ motivations were genuine, we decided that it would be
to his advantage to be as open and communicative as possible with media. We
recommended that he should use this opportunity to promote organizations that
work to prevent bullying ultimately teaming with the Pacer Center, a non-profit
organization based in Minneapolis that specializes in protecting children with
disabilities from bullying. We planned a press conference for local media outlets on
Tuesday, September 21.

In advance of the local news conference we negotiated an exclusive with Good
Morning America which was the first time Jones spoke publicly. At the press
conference later that day, Jones made a tearful apology and acknowledged his
behavior was inappropriate and unacceptable. In addition to local television and
Orlando Sentinel coverage, the Associated Press attended the event and sent the
story out on the wire. Local television stations also made the video available to the
major networks and the story grew.


Following the press conference, national media began calling for interviews. While
Mr. Jones' time was limited (he is an hourly worker and couldn't afford to miss work),
he did interviews with several major outlets including CNN American Morning,
Headline News, Geraldo and others. ABC World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News
also included his press conference in their newscasts.

A woman in Washington set up a Facebook page, "We Support James Jones," and it
quickly gained nearly 5,000 members.

Bloggers also picked up on the story and it quickly started a national discussion about
bullying and its consequences.

Recently, the family made the decision to have Chatari, Jones' daughter and the
victim of the bullying incident, speak out in an effort to help other kids.

We arranged an exclusive with the TODAY Show for Chatari's first public
comments and the family appeared Monday, October 5 to discuss their story. While
in New York, the family also appeared on MSNBC and did a story with Inside Edition.
We could have done many more, but there just wasn't enough time.

In all, the coverage included multiple AP stories, more than 2,000 television stories on
local affiliates throughout the U.S., appearances on Dr. Phil, Geraldo, Fox News, Joy
Behar, CNN Headline News, TODAY Show, Good Morning America, MSNBC, ABC
World News Tonight, NBC Nightly News, CNN American Morning and many others.

The story generated more than a billion impressions internationally.

Case Study IV - Client: Ginn Clubs & Resorts

Dakoda Dowd & the Ginn Open – Ryan Julison / Pete Spiller


In 2006, Ginn Clubs & Resorts was preparing to sponsor and produce its first-ever
LPGA golf tournament at Reunion Resort in Orlando, FL. The company wanted to
promote its tournamentbut also to create goodwill in the local community.


As part of the sponsorship, Ginn had the opportunity to offer two exemptions to the
event, provided that the individuals met the LPGA's basic eligibility requirements.

We learned of a 12-year-old golf prodigy Dakoda Dowd whose mother, Kelly Jo Dowd,
was dying of breast cancer. Her mom's dying wish was to see her daughter play on
the LPGA Tour, but doctors advised her that she had less than a year to live.

We approached the family about their willingness to accept such an invitation, given
the dire circumstances facing them. They immediately accepted with full knowledge
of the potential media attention. The Dowd family opted to use this as a teachable
moment for women and families to promote early detection for breast cancer.

Word quickly spread about the petite 12-year-old girl who would take on Annika
Sorenstam and Lorena Ochoa for the love of her dying mother.

Once we unveiled the exemption, media interest exploded. In the six months leading
up to the tournament, we worked with media outlets from around the world.

During the tournament, we issued nearly 100 credentials for national and
international media who were attending specifically to follow the Dowd family.


From the time she accepted the invitation, until she sank her last putt, the story
generated a media frenzy that produced nearly three billion impressions globally,
almost without exception the coverage mentioned Ginn Resorts positively.

From start to finish, we managed all media relations and coordinated interviews for
the Dowd family and Bobby Ginn, which included broadcast and print media from
around the world prior to the tournament and on-site during the event.

Included in the media coverage, Dakoda Dowd received both the Play of the Day and
Play of the Week honor from SportsCenter, she was also nominated for an ESPY
award for the Best Moment of 2006.

ESPN repeatedly broadcast two separate full-length feature stories, both nearly 10
minutes long, with one occuring prior to the tournament and one following her play
in the tournament.

Before the event, numerous national print and broadcast outlets produced full-
length feature stories on the Dowd family and the tournament including the
Associated Press (whose stories ran in newspapers around the world), The New York
Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, Inside Edition, CBS Early Show, Good
Morning America, ABC World News Tonight, People, Sports Illustrated, Sporting
News, Time, and many others.

These publications and broadcast outlets also reported on her play during the
tournament, often catapulting the LPGA tournament above both the PGA and PGA
Champion's Tour events being played that weekend.

The tournament also received extended and unexpected coverage in coveted golf
magazines including Golfweek, Golf World, Golf Magazine, Golf Digest and The Golf

Additionally, the tournament was covered internationally by the BBC, The Sunday
Times (London), Agence France Presse (which published multiple stories that ran
around the world), and many international television networks from countries
including Japan, Germany, Australia, South Africa and many others.

                       Video Opportunities
As discussed, we have the cost effective capability of distributing video to media
around the world without the expense of hiring a (very costly) satellite truck.

While we recognize video isn’t a component of this RFP, we believe there are
efficiencies and consistency to be recognized by having the same firm handle on-site
video as well overall communications.

We have developed a technique to distribute sound bites and B-roll via an FTP site in
appropriate video formats for media to use around the world. Our technique has
numerous advantages over traditional satellite truck distribution.

      Cost savings – our technique costs up to 50% less.
      Immediacy – in many cases, we can post videos within an hour of shooting.
      Quality – we can distribute in high definition. Most satellite trucks still operate
       in standard definition.
      Ease of use – the media can download when they want to rather than in a
       specific 15 or 30-minute window.
      Global reach – Our video can be downloaded globally unlike satellite feeds
       which can only reach a specific hemisphere.
      New audiences – With more and more magazines, newspapers and bloggers
       hosting video, we can reach them all. Satellite downlinking requires special
       technology which is usually only available at television stations.

The potential for video distribution is huge. In addition to video news release
distribution, we can:

      Arrange a pre-show media event that is web-cast live for international media
      Create daily videos, pod casts and still photography of the event for posting to
       the web, micro site and social media.
      Utilize spokespeople to give daily media briefings on the events of the day.


                          High Impact Communications
                               Service Agreement

This agreement confirms the terms of engagement for service between:

High Impact Communications ‘Company’ & _________________________________ ‘Client’

Client’s Address    __________________________________________________________

Client’s Phone      _________________________

Client’s Email      _________________________

I. Duration of Service.

This agreement shall commence on _____________

And will conclude on              _____________ unless extended by consent of both parties.

II. Scope of Service.

During the term of the agreement, High Impact Communications will provide the following
services to the client.

       Item 1
       Item 2
       Item 3
       Item 4
       Item 5
       Item 6
       Item 7
       Item 8
       Item 9
       Item 10

III. Fee Schedule

In consideration of the work performed by High Impact Communications, ‘Client’ will pay a
monthly retainer of (retainer amount) to be remitted one month in advance on (day of month) of
each month. All fees are payable to High Impact Communications.

Expenses will be billed with no mark-up and mileage will be billed at .50 cents per mile. Any
travel expenses billed will be accompanied by receipts.

IV. Confidentiality

High Impact Communications respects client privacy and any work performed by the company or
privileged information divulged to the company during and beyond the duration of this agreement
will be considered confidential except by mutual consent of the company and the client.

V. Consultant Clause

High Impact Communications staff are consultants, independent from the client and with none of
the rights and benefits afforded staff at the client company.

VI. Cancellation / Modification

This agreement may be canceled by either party with 30-days notice. The agreement may be
modified by consent of both parties.

Agreed to by:

_____________________ ______________                    __________________ _____________
(For the company)         (Date)                       (For the client)         (Date)

                                Fee Schedule

During the 6 months leading up to the World Congress, we anticipate dedicating a
base of 150 hours per month to build media lists, establish contacts, pitch stories and
orchestrate a build-up to the event.

We bill at a flat rate of $100.00 per hour for a retainer fee of $15,000 per month from
May-September 2011. Hours will be documented and any overages will be billed at
$75.00 per hour but only with the agreement of ITS America personnel.

For October, 2011 leading up to and during the 18th World Congress, we anticipate
doubling our efforts to 300 hours for a retainer rate of $30,000 to manage the media
room, the online media center, coordinate media at the event, script Q&A sessions

These retainers will cover all personnel costs. Any additional work beyond the
retainer hours will be by agreement with ITS America personnel with all expenses to
be agreed upon in advance, and charged at a direct bill through rate with no mark-up.


For Pete Spiller:

Danielle Courtenay
Chief Marketing Officer
Orlando/Orange County CVB
(407) 363-5800

Pete has worked with Danielle & the Orlando CVB since 2004.

For Jarrod Cady:

Doug Damerst
Editor in Chief, Florida Realtor Magazine
(407) 595-7616

Doug supervised Jarrod’s transportation initiatives at Global 5 Communications.

For Ryan Julison:

Bobby Ginn
Founder and CEO, Ginn Resorts
(386) 559-7199

Ryan served as Senior Vice President of Communications for Ginn Resorts from

         Thank you for the opportunity…

…to respond to this RFP. With the video project we’ve already done for you, you
knew a little about us. Now you know a little more. We have the strategic thinking,
contacts and resources to get this done.

We work with the best in the business and many of our vendors are minorities. We
are sensitive to reflecting the demographics of the United States and of your

On a personal note, we’ve been lucky individually as a group to work with great
clients. We’re proud to say we’ve never worked with people we didn’t like or with
whom we couldn’t succeed. In our interactions with ITS America, everyone has been
committed, receptive, smart and creative. That’s OUR recipe for success.

We hope it’s YOURS too.


Pete Spiller, Jarrod Cady & Ryan Julison



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