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									                                          Transition FAQs

Q: What’s gone?

       A: As of 12/31/11, the 501c6 membership organization, board, support staff, insurance, tax
       returns, hotel contracts, etc.

Q: What will remain?

       A: Our name, the URL www.PCMAcoaches.com (see Profile inquiry below) the creativity and
       energy of the leadership and membership to create something new, beloved aspects from the
       recent past: Special Interest Groups, Master Minds, Learning Labs, networking, and occasional
       panels & speakers, probably without the chicken dinners.

Q: My Profile generated a recent business inquiry. What can I do to insure that it stays up? To whom
should I speak about this?

       A: We are looking at ways we can maintain a website presence with our Profiles in a searchable
       data base. If you are interested in supporting this effort, contact Inga Estes (310) 449-6644

Q: As a current PCMA member, what are my options?

       A-1: We have created an excellent brand. As a result of our standing as a professional
       community of business coaches and consultants, we have received several offers to align with
       sister organizations. Among them

       -   International Coach Federation (ICF) – Four months free membership Dec 31, 2011 – March
           31, 2012

       -   Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) - 1 year membership @ $95, less than 1/3 the
           annual membership cost

       -   Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) – with PCMA, WABC is co-hosting three
           exploratory calls beginning 12/12: see Events registration on the PCMAcoaches.com website

       -   The International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations (ICCO) – is extending their
           PCMA/ICCO member rate for Teleforums and Webinars to PCMA members in early 2012

       -   The Executive Next Practices Forum (ENP)- Scott Hamilton has invited S.CA PCMA members
           to join ENP in Irvine at 50% off ‘the door rate’

           Check out the links in the December issue of the PCMA ‘Mash-Up’ (PCMA’s monthly
           newsletter) for details and applications!

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        A-2: Take advantage of and participate in the regularly scheduled PCMA chapter meetings for
        the rest of this year, and watch for announcements (via PCMA communications from Jeff Jordan
        as well as the PCMA LinkedIn Group) for the continuation meetings (SIGs, MM, learning forums)
        which will continue in your community.

Q: I want to stay in touch with this great community. Previously you have always ‘guarded’ contact
information. Is there any way I can get the email addresses and telephone #s of the people who attend
my chapter meeting? Or even all the current members?

        A: We will make this available to our members who want to opt-in. We will, of course, reiterate
        the importance of using this list in accordance with the spirit and values of PCMA. This means,
        to connect, collaborate and grow (not to sell your products, etc.).

Q: How will we notify one another of evening programs, new Master Minds and communicate with one
another after January 1st?

        A: If you’re not a member of our LinkedIn group, Professional Coaches, Mentors & Advisors ~
        PCMA~ join today, as this will be our chief bulletin board.

Q: I just rejoined on my anniversary date in October. What happens to the $250 I just sent in?

        A: If you renewed your membership in October, you will be fully reimbursed.

Q: How will I learn about future PCMA programs?

        A: The LinkedIn group mentioned above will be a great way to stay connected. Some chapters
        will also use MeetUp. In addition, each Chapter’s Leadership Team is brainstorming strategies to
        stay connected to their communities.

Q: I’d like to help, what can I do?

        A: Reach out to your local leadership team with your thoughts and ideas.

        Not sure who they are or how to find them? At PCMAcoaches.com, click on your chapter page.
        The names of current PCMA leaders are ‘live’ and will direct you to their Profiles & contact info.

Q: Why is this happening now?

        A: Given the membership decline, our financial projections and our desire to operate with full
        integrity, we determined that we need to make this difficult decision now so that we would
        have the resources to make an orderly transition of the organization. This means having the
        ability to pay our creditors and be able to fund the additional administrative and legal expense
        of dissolving a non-profit organization.

Q: What will happen to the PCMA Name? A: We are preserving our intellectual property and name/logo
in partnership with our attorney and the Chapter Leadership Teams.

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