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									                                                                                          Role Profile

Job Description
 Job Title                  Creative and Cultural Economy Adviser

                                                                            Creative and Cultural Economy
 Directorate or Region      Arts Group            Department/Country        Department

 Location of post           London                Pay Band                  7

                            Director, Creative
 Reports to                 and Cultural          Duration of job           One year fixed-term post

 Purpose of job:

 To work with those engaged in the development of the UK’s creative and cultural economy (at the
 intersection of arts, culture, business and digital technology) and with British Council colleagues overseas
 to advise and develop programmes, audiences and partnerships which contribute to the British Council’s
 mission. This role will have particular responsibility for Europe and East Asia.

 Context and environment: (e.g. dept description, region description, organogram)

 The British Council’s Arts Group comprises seven specialist units: Architecture, Design and Fashion,
 Creative and Cultural Economy, Drama and Dance, Film, Literature, Music and Visual Arts. The Group is
 headed by Director Arts, a member of the British Council’s Executive Board.

 Arts Group works closely with the British Council’s global arts team and the best of British creative talent
 to develop international opportunities in four specific priority areas:
       Bringing inspirational new UK work and ideas to new global audiences
       Showcasing the UK at events of international importance
       Developing skills and leadership in the creative sector
       Harnessing the power of arts in achieving international development goals

 Creative and Cultural Economy (CCE) Department develops programmes which share the best of UK’s
 policy and practice in the creative and cultural industries, connecting those who work in and inform them
 around the world. Our focus is to identify and support creative and cultural innovators, particularly those
 developing new models of production, distribution, learning and investment with economic and social
 impact. Simultaneously we work with policymakers, cultural institutions and civil society organisations to
 try to provide the skills and environment in which a sustainable global creative and cultural economy
 might flourish.
 More info here:

 Accountabilities, responsibilities and main duties:
 (including people management and finance)

 Maintain and develop close understanding of and links with the creative and cultural industries in
 the UK
     expand knowledge of the innovation, diversity, creativity and practice of the UK’s creative
        economy experience;

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      develop and sustain relationships with key individuals and organisations, both established and
       emerging talent and ideas;
      represent our departmental work to external partners and stakeholders;
      provide advice to UK organisations and professional networks on the international development of
       their work.

Provide market intelligence and information
    provide content for BC online platforms on new work and new approaches in the sector;
    provide content for communications materials for distribution in the UK and around the world
      including editorial responsibility for the CCE website and other publications

Develop partnerships and project ideas
    develop partnerships with key individuals, organisations and initiatives in the UK’s creative and
      cultural economy which reflect strategic ambitions
    work with colleagues in CCE department, Arts group and overseas to develop plans for projects,
      partnerships and audience development, according to geographic, sector and policy priorities of
      the department;
    identify and pursue opportunities for creative and cultural economy input to projects in other
      sectors, such as education and society, where appropriate to British Council objectives;

Develop and manage specific projects
    in consultation with Arts group and staff overseas, lead creative and cultural economy projects
      which reflect both the strategic aims of the British Council and the needs of external stakeholders;

Maintain and develop relationships with arts managers worldwide
    oversee progress against project plans with colleagues overseas;
    provide professional advice to colleagues overseas on key partners and approaches;
    provide input to mentoring of overseas staff with an arts brief, in consultation with Regional Arts
    develop specialist knowledge of particular regions to be agreed with Director CCE.

Manage people and finances
   manage agreed members of the CCE team to British Council standards including temporary staff
     and interns
   manage agreed budgets and financial processes to British Council standards

Key relationships: (include internal and external)
UK leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in the creative and cultural economy, academic institutions,
skills agencies, professional bodies, local and national policymakers.
Colleagues with responsibility for CCE in Arts Councils and equivalents in England and devolved nations.
Key journalists and media influencers in creative and cultural economy
Regional arts teams overseas
Arts Group colleagues and other Strategic Business Units

Other important features or requirements of the job
(e.g. travel, unsocial/evening hours, restrictions on employment etc)

Regular UK and overseas travel and attendance at evening and weekend events are a normal part of the

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Please indicate if any security
or legal checks are required
for this role.

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Person Specification
                   Essential                                                 Assessment stage

 Behaviours                                                                  Interview
                   1. CONNECTING WITH

                   I find common ground and build
                   relationships and connections to
                   support British
                   Council goals. I do this by
                   building trust with others, by
                   paying attention to their
                   concerns and needs, and showing
                   that I understand their interests.
                   I achieve
                   understanding and trust in a
                   culturally sensitive way –
                   whatever my role.
                   At more demanding level: Actively
                   appreciating the needs and concerns of
                   myself and others

                   2. WORKING TOGETHER

                   Knowing that we will achieve
                   more with other people than we
                   can do separately,
                   by sharing goals and resources to
                   add more value.

                   I work towards common goals
                   with others. I do this by agreeing
                   effective and respectful ways
                   of sharing success. I generate
                   mutual support, shared benefits
                   and promote interdependence.
                   At more demanding level: Ensuring that
                   others benefit as well as me

                   3. BEING ACCOUNTABLE

                   I show accountability and

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             commitment to the British Council
             and I demonstrate
             resilience and determination. I
             hold myself and others
             responsible for delivering goals
             in line with the shared purpose of
             the British Council. I give and
             accept constructive
             feedback to maximise high
             performance and manage under-
             At more demanding level: Putting the
             needs of the team or British Council ahead
             of my own

Skills and   Specialist and up-to-date                                  Short listing
Knowledge    knowledge of - and a broad                                 & Interview
             network of contacts in - the UK
             creative and cultural industries and
             their wider impact in terms of
             education, social development,
             economic regeneration and
             An understanding of the cultural
             relations agenda within the creative
             economy and a demonstrable
             interest in international
             The role requires good sector
             specific knowledge combined with
             the ability to communicate this
             effectively to non-specialists.

Experience   Demonstrable professional                                  Short listing
             experience of working in a creative,                       & Interview
             producing, programming or
             management capacity in the
             sector, ideally with international
             Evidence of an ability to develop
             innovative projects which fulfil long-
             term strategic objectives.
             Evidence of an ability to prioritise
             work load and remain relevant,
             flexible and efficient in a fast-
             changing environment.

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Qualifications                  Short listing

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