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									                                                                                           Role Profile

Job Description
 Job Title                  Creative and Cultural Economy Senior Adviser

                                                                              Creative and Cultural Economy
 Directorate or Region      Arts Group             Department/Country         Department

 Location of post           London                 Pay Band                   8

                            Director, Creative
 Reports to                 and Cultural           Duration of job            12 months

 Purpose of job:

 To design dynamic programmes and partnerships and further the British Council's ongoing strategic
 objectives by connecting British innovation, practice and policy in the creative economy with global
 opportunities; working at the intersection of arts, culture, business and digital technology, to provide
 specialist input, identify opportunities for new activity (including within the British Council's existing
 portfolio of activity), develop relationships with key partners in the UK and globally and represent the
 Council's interests in this sector.

 Context and environment: (e.g. dept description, region description, organogram)

 The British Council’s Arts Group comprises seven specialist units: Architecture, Design and Fashion,
 Creative and Cultural Economy, Drama and Dance, Film, Literature, Music and Visual Arts. Each team
 has a core of specialists (of which this post is one), led by a Director and supported by an admin and
 comms team and by consultants working on specific projects. The Group is headed by Director Arts, a
 member of the British Council’s Executive Board. Arts Group works closely with the British Council’s
 global arts team and the best of British creative talent and ideas to develop international collaboration and
 professional exchange.

 Creative and Cultural Economy Department (CCE) works alongside other departments to share the UK’s
 experience of developing the creative economy and the wider impact of this process in terms of
 education, social development and economic regeneration. This is a significant part of the British
 Council’s Arts strategy to create a more fertile environment for global cultural trade and exchange.

 We connect people who work in and inform the creative and cultural industries, supporting talent and
 ideas which explore new ways to respond to economic and social challenges. Our aim is to identify and
 support creative and cultural innovators, particularly those developing new models of production,
 distribution and consumption. Simultaneously we work with policymakers, cultural institutions and civil
 society organisations to build the required skills and environment.

 Accountabilities, responsibilities and main duties:
 (including people management and finance)

                                                                 1 of 6           Resourcing team November 2010
 Develop and communicate strategies for CCE work, based on a close understanding of and links
 with the creative and cultural economy agenda and constituency in the UK
     devise effective ways for the UK sector to engage in international opportunities and share market
        intelligence, in line with the department's geographical, sector and policy priorities.
     ensure that programme development keeps abreast of important trends and developments in the
        UK creative and cultural industries;
     manage relationships with key UK stakeholders;
     represent and advocate the work of the section and Arts Group within the British Council as well
        as to the external constituency of the sector, agencies, press and media

Support the design, co-creation and implementation of compelling CCE projects and programmes
globally that are:
     relevant to the needs of countries and regions and flexible in the way they are implemented
     run for maximum effectiveness in terms of impact and measurable achievement targets, and
        efficient use and strategic investment of financial resources.

 Develop new partnerships that extend the impact of our work and/or provide funding
    Initiate new opportunities for working with UK and global partners in line with strategic ambitions
    Provide expert input into bids for co-funded or full-cost-recovery projects in creative economy
    Develop and deliver partner-led digital content and distribution strategies

 Ensure CCE policies and plans are well integrated across Arts group and the wider organisation
     Take an active role in Arts Group through contributions to particular projects, regular liaison with
       colleagues, and enhance the overall reputation of the work of the Group
     Develop and manage strong relationships with Regional Arts Teams, providing professional
       advice and working effectively across all levels and sectors of the organisation
     Manage reporting on the programme's development and delivery to colleagues in the UK and
       overseas, including budget review, audience engagement figures and income targets in liaison
       with Head Planning and Evaluation

 Manage people and finances
    provide mentoring, support and professional development opportunities for staff in UK and
      working in the arts across the region
    manage agreed members of the CCE team to British Council standards including temporary staff
      and interns
    manage agreed budgets and financial processes to British Council standards
    deputise for CCE Director when appropriate

 Key relationships: (include internal and external)
 Key stakeholders in the public and private sectors with an interest in CCE and international development
 UK leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in the creative and cultural economy, academic institutions,
 skills agencies, professional bodies, local and national policymakers.
 Key journalists and media influencers
 Regional arts teams overseas
 Arts Group colleagues and other Strategic Business Units
 CCE Director and department

 Other important features or requirements of the job
 (e.g. travel, unsocial/evening hours, restrictions on employment etc)

                                                              2 of 6           Resourcing team November 2010
Regular UK and overseas travel plus attendance at evening and weekend events are a normal part of the

Please indicate if any security   N/A
or legal checks are required
for this role.

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Person Specification
                   Essential                                                  Assessment stage

 Behaviours        Creating shared purpose:                                   Interview
                    “I gain the active support of
                    other people so they are fully
                    engaged and motivated
                    to contribute effectively. I do this
                    by communicating our purpose in
                    a way that
                    others can understand and that
                    achieves shared clarity. I help
                    them understand the
                    part they play, so that our aims
                    are clear to all.”
                   At more demanding level (Creating
                   energy and clarity so that people want
                   to work purposefully together)

                   Shaping the future:
                   “I achieve better business,
                   innovation and growth by using
                   my professionalism,
                   knowledge and expertise to
                   create a clear focus on what I
                   want to achieve. I spot
                   opportunities, plan appropriately
                   and create innovative solutions
                   that recognise
                   ambiguity and deliver business
                    At most demanding level (Changing
                    the nature of what we do and the
                    benefits we gain by thinking and
                    planning with creativity)

                   Connecting with others:
                   “I find common ground and build
                   relationships and connections to
                   support British
                   Council goals. I do this by
                   building trust with others, by
                   paying attention to their
                   concerns and needs, and showing
                   that I understand their interests.
                   I achieve
                   understanding and trust in a
                   culturally sensitive way –
                   whatever my role.”
                   At most demanding level (Building trust
                   and understanding with people who
                   have very different views)

                                                               4 of 6    Resourcing team November 2010
             Making it happen:
              “I deliver excellent results,
              achieve challenging goals and
              develop myself and others. I do
              this by setting clear and
              demanding objectives to deliver
              what is required. I stay focused
              on measurable outcomes, while
              building longer-term capability. I
              demonstrate standards of
              excellence and deliver value for
              money. I measure progress and
              adapt plans when necessary.”
             At most demanding level (Achieving
             stretching results when faced by
             change, uncertainty or major obstacles

Skills and   - significant specialist and up-to-                     Short listing
Knowledge    date knowledge of - and a broad                         & Interview
             network of contacts in - the UK
             creative and cultural industries,
             with an understanding of practice,
             policy and partnerships.
             - an ability to work strategically with
             professional knowledge and apply
             negotiation, leadership and
             entrepreneurial skills as required.
             - an ability to build relationships for
             influence both within and outside
             the organisation.
             - an ability to present confidently to
             senior level external audiences and
             communicate effectively sector-
             specific knowledge effectively to
             - an understanding of the cultural
             relations agenda and a
             demonstrable interest in
             international development.

Experience   Professional knowledge and                              Short listing
             experience:                                             & Interview
                    demonstrable experience
                     working with the creative and
                     cultural industries in the UK
                    experience of developing
                     international cultural exchange

             Partnership and project
             development experience:
                    experience of developing
                     projects through co-funding

                                                       5 of 6   Resourcing team November 2010
                       experience of successful
                        delivery of projects to
                        agreed financial and non-
                        financial targets
                       experience of devising
                        partner-led digital content
                        and distribution strategies is

Qualifications   Degree or equivalent qualification                     Short listing
                 in a relevant subject

Submitted by                                             Date

                                                          6 of 6   Resourcing team November 2010

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