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									                                         NIH Core Competencies
                                                 NIH Core Competency Model

     Working With Others                              Personal Management                            Organization and Results

 Competency               Definition               Competency                 Definition             Competency                Definition

                                                                  Proactively investigates new                       Ensures work meets or
              Delivers clear, effective            Continuous
                                                                  perspectives, attitudes, and                       exceeds standards and
              communication and takes             Learning and                                       Continuous
Communication                                                     behaviors, and takes steps to                      identifies and implements
              responsibility for                      Self-                                         Improvement
                                                                  evaluate and improve                               ways to make job tasks or
              understanding others                Development
                                                                  performance                                        processes more efficient

                Conducts business in a                                                                               Proactively seeks out ways to
                                                                  Adapts quickly to change and
                professional and ethical                                                             Leveraging      leverage technology to
    Ethics                                          Flexibility   easily considers new
                manner consistent with agency                                                        Technology      optimize organizational and
                and governmental standards                                                                           individual performance

                Uses formal, informal, and
                                                                  Proactively identifies
                systematic methods to impart                                                                         Understands and utilizes
  Knowledge                                                       opportunities and issues and      Organizational
                information to others that          Initiative                                                       organizational dynamics to
   Sharing                                                        acts to capitalize or resolve      Awareness
                increases organizational                                                                             achieve objectives
                                                                  Functions effectively and
   Service      Commits to satisfying internal                    maintains performance and self-     Problem        Accurately assesses problems
  Orientation   and external customers                            control under pressure or           Solving        and arrives at solutions

                Works together with others
                and helps others to work                                                                             Focuses on desired results
  Teamwork                                                                                            Results
                cooperatively to accomplish                                                                          and sets and achieves
                objectives                                   NIH Training Center                                     challenging goals.

                NIH Leadership/Management Competencies
                                NIH Leadership/Management Competency Model

      Visionary Leadership                            Developing & Managing Talent                               Strategic Decision

 Competency                 Definition               Competency                  Definition                  Competency           Definition

                 Takes responsibility for leading,                 Guides others to make the most of their                 Makes sound decisions
  Change                                              Coaching
                 directing, and managing                           available skills                                        that take into account
 Leadership                                                                                                   Decision     objectives, risks,
                 organizational change                             Uses a variety of approaches to
                                                      Conflict                                                 Quality     implications, and Agency
                                                                   management and resolve concerns,
                                                     Resolution                                                            and governmental
                                                                   disagreement, and conflict                              regulations
                 Aligns personnel and other
 Establishing    resources in a manner                Continuous   Builds professional skills and
                                                     Development   competencies of self and others                         Maintains and applies a
    Focus        consistent with organizational
                                                                                                                           broad understanding of
                 vision and objectives
                                                                                                              Financial    fiscal management
                                                      Delegation   Delegates responsibility as appropriate
               Establishes and provides on-                                                                   Acumen       principles to ensure
               going support of knowledge                                                                                  decisions are fiscally
               management processes and                            Leads and manages an inclusive                          sound and responsible
 Knowledge                                           Leveraging    workplace that maximizes the talents of
               tools in order to ensure
 Management                                           Diversity    each person to achieve the vision and                Plans and implements
               continued organizational
                                                                   mission of the organization                          measures that will avoid,
               viability and progress toward                                                                    Risk
                                                                                                                        overcome, or
               vision                                                                                        Management
                                                                   Helps others, regardless of reporting                compensate for
               Understands the workings of the                     relationship, to acquire the awareness,              elements of risks
Navigating the Federal government and how to          Mentoring
                                                                   confidence, and resources necessary
Public Sector achieve results in this                              to fulfill their potential
               Builds and shares a compelling         Motivating   Inspires others’ commitment to their
               view of the direction, or sense of      Others      work and organizational excellence
   Vision      purpose, of the organization, to
                                                                   Develops and implements strategies                NIH Training Center
               engage and motivate others                          that optimize individual performance
               toward a common goal                                within the organization


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