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					                                  STIRLING ECONOMIC PARTNERSHIP

                                              NOTE OF MEETING

                                           Wednesday 25 May 2011

Present:                                                       Apologies
John Rogers (Chair)       Stirling University                  Rosaleen Brown    Job Centre Plus
Lesley Gallagher          Stirling Community Planning          Tony Moulsdale    Stirling Business Panel
                          Partnership                                            Executive
Ken Thomson               Forth Valley College                 Pamela Brown      Raploch URC
Rachel Nunn               Going Carbon Neutral Stirling        Zoe Kemp          Scottish Natural Heritage
Joe Hind                  Going Carbon Neutral Stirling        Des Friel         Stirling Council
Tracey Lees               Scottish Enterprise                  Les Goodfellow    Stirling Council
Valerie Ormiston          Skills Development Scotland          Rebecca Maxwell   Stirling Council,
Christine MacLean         Stirling Council                     Katy Oliver       Stirling Council,
Cllr Scott Farmer         Stirling Council                     Andy Kennedy      Stirling Council,
Cllr Corrie McChord       Stirling Council                     Deborah Murray    Stirling Council,
Susan Cunningham          Stirling Council                     Tony Cain         Stirling Council,
Alasdair Tollemache       Stirlingshire Voluntary Enterprise
Mike Cairns               TACTRAN
Gail McLaughlin (Clerk)   Stirling Community Planning

     1        Welcome and Introductions

              John welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained that there was a
              Managers meeting in the Council so therefore there was a number of apologies.
              He welcomed Alistair Tollemache in his new role as Chief Executive of
              Stirlingshire Voluntary Enterprise.

     2        Note of Last Meeting

              The note of the March meeting was accepted as a true record. The following
              matters arising were raised:

     3        Matters Arising

              Joe Hind asked if he could get an update on the Local Development Plan, as this
              was not in the agenda.

              John explained that this was not possible for this meeting but this would be
              updated for the next meeting.

              A member of the audit team observed the meeting in March for the Best Value
              audit of Stirling Council, John met with them on behalf of the Partnership just
              over a week ago on delivering Economic Actions; the report would be received in
              due course. Further work had been commissioned by Stirling Council to examine
              the Council and Partners role in Economic Development, looking at ongoing
              recessionary pressures reductions in public expenditure and the potential of the
              economic impact of reductions in jobs and incomes. John is to arrange to meet
     with the team who are conducting this work and he will have an opportunity to
     talk about what the partnership are doing, he is looking forward to receiving both
     of the reports in due course as they should be helpful to the partnership in
     continuing to guide the work.

    Item 3a Advice Services Review update

     Lesley advised that the meeting is progressing, and the partners are in the
     process of identifying priorities. The main task is to identify and scope out the
     Key Priorities at the next meeting on 25th June. This will enable them to get onto
     the next step and keep making progress.

     Rachel asked what areas were in the review report.

     Lesley replied that that the main areas were financial advice, welfare rights, and
     housing advice. Lesley agreed to send Rachel a copy of the consultant’s report.

    Item 4.0 Housing – issues for Economic Partnership

     This will be covered at a future meeting.

4    Stirling Ignition: skill portal (presentation) by Ken Thomson

     John introduced Ken Thomson’s Stirling Ignition Portal and said that it was a very
     tangible and much anticipated output from the Action Plan. The launch of Stirling
     Ignition, Skills Portal would give access to learning skills development and
     through this activity, a key piece of the infrastructure is now in place.

     Ken explained why and how the portal was started and designed and that they
     had used real people as case studies who told their stories, but they had
     changed the names so that they could not be identified. People of Stirling could
     identify themselves with one of the stories, and they could click on to links within
     the story and this would link them to other information or other sites, which might
     be of help to anyone wanting to find out how they can improve their lives,
     whether it is by further education or working skills.

     There are sections listing partners, latest news, an events calendar etc. and
     these have links to various areas and companies offering help and advice. The
     way it is designed it can also be used at events and keep it running as a
     backdrop, to get peoples attention.

     The College would be happy to keep the portal running, but there would be a
     small cost to maintain. Partners need to decide how this is will be met.

     There were a number of suggestions as to whether the portal could be developed
     to accommodate a range of broader opportunities within the economic strategy
     and could include a sector approach, as there are significant learning
     opportunities in Stirling that could be accessed and help build the supply of
     skilled labour that would be attractive to the businesses and to help small
     business grow. How is this captured and how is the portal to be taken forward to
     include all other opportunities? This portal is an opportunity for people with little
     IT knowledge to gain access to the information, or even business start up. There
     needs to be a big push by everyone to make people aware of the portal.

     The site is to be launched soon -

     Action: - If you are interested in contributing to the case studies, please advise
     Ken for discussion and the note at the next meeting.

5    More Choices More Chances: overview of progress

     This will be covered at the next meeting, as Des Friel is not at the meeting.

6    Poverty/ Financial Inclusion Update

    (a)   Tackling Poverty Framework

    Christine said she was happy to take questions on the papers that had been
    circulated with the agenda.

    Rachel commented on the Poverty Framework and raised the issue of alternative
    ways to address affordable transport in rural areas.

    John said this was an issue that more would come from the audit work, as there
    are specific questions about providing excess economic opportunities for rural

    There are a number of approaches that can be taken to the issue, one being
    improving affordable access to transport and improving the supply of jobs within
    the location. This is raised regularly at Area Community Planning. Business
    advice clinics have been taken in to the rural communities.

    Micro-renewables is a business opportunity and these technologies should be
    looked at these to see if there are any opportunities for job creation.

    Cllr Farmer – Partners are taking a Quality Poverty Proofing approach in terms of
    policy development and just because transport is not mentioned, it does not mean
    to say that it would not be taken into consideration.

    The commitment is to focus on people wherever they are in Stirling it is not just
    about specific communities, the approach is to poverty proof all that partners do,
    as we develop specific actions that build in inclusion and access.

    Cllr Farmer, advised that the key point is to try to avoid the tick box approach or
    having a set criteria to follow. Policy Poverty Proofing in developing policy is to
    make sure that all consequences have been considered. This can be difficult and
    challenging, but needs to be done.

    It was agreed that the Policy Poverty Proofing papers should be a Partnership
    approach and not solely a Stirling Council action.

    The Chair is happy to lend endorsement to the paper and recommend that it be a
    Partnership Document and process, he will take forward to the Executive Delivery
    Group who have the power of recommendation for adoption across the

    (b)   Tackling Poverty Conference report

    Christine updated and discussed the paper of the “One Stirling?” report, which as
    been circulated with the agenda. Once the report is finalised it will be circulated to
    all attendees and across the CPP..

    John added that this report was the basis for the actions being taken. The report
    itself does not deliver the actions, so it is important that we take it back to the
    Tackling Poverty Sub Group for implementing. The poverty is only going to get
    worse over the next few years.

    Awareness needs to be raised of the challenges and issues. There is a lot of work
    still to be done and there is a need to prioritise actions. Key Actions need to be
    collated and try to keep them to the minimum and concentrate on getting them
    completed. If each partner concentrated on one or two Key Actions then more of
    them would get attention.

    Stirling needs to balance the polarity of wealth distribution, but whatever changes
    are make at the bottom does not necessarily change the polarity, as there may be
    changes at the top as well. There is an opportunity by supporting the development
    of community and social enterprise to redistribute, jobs, skills and opportunities;
    the partnership should be supporting the development

    It is helpful to recognise the opportunities supporting those who wish to engage in
    community activities. We cannot force people to engage in the community, as it
    may not be their thing, although they may contribute in other ways, but we can
    offer examples of involved activity that may involve others.

    There has to be a plan to sell and communicate the values and good practice
    across the Council area.

    The Action Plan is there to communicate confidence and to spread the message of
    what is happening. It is good that we have a structured framework so that we get
    the right message across and we are consistent in the values we communicate.

    The report will be finished in a couple of weeks as it has to go through the council
    process so if anyone has any comments please get them to Christine ASAP.

    Cllr McChord highlighted the fact that money-lending companies are trading on
    poverty and are even advertising by using sponsorship even if you watch football
    on TV. It would be preferable to see these shops/businesses disappear from the
    streets of Stirling, but there is a risk that if these are not easily accessible then it
    may drive them underground. One solution is to educate children at an early stage
    in terms of the legitimate moneylenders.

7    Update on Cornton & Cultenhove Masterplanning

     Deferred to the next meeting
8     Update from Multicultural Partnership

      The Executive Delivery Group had been invited to meet representatives of the
      Partnership, a number attended the meeting, and it was a very lively and useful
      debate. It reported on the outcomes of some work that has been funded by CPP
      to help the different cultural communities within Stirling assess the issues they
      face, the things they thought were positive about Stirling and the needs for
      improvement. Actions were taken from this. The meeting challenged the CCP
      with those issues.

      There was a range of actions for the Partnership including i.e. gather together the
      data of Community Planning Partners to see if employment characteristics reflect
      Stirling’s demographic view with regard to ethnic minority communities. Examine
      diversity within the work place as a basis to see if we need to rethink some of the

9     Action Plan Progress Reporting

     (a)   Quarterly Status and evidence

     (b)   Report from Theme Leads meetings

      Christine discussed and explained what had been happening with some of the
      actions. Christine explained the process for progress reports for the Theme
      Leads should go to the relevant Lead and she would gather the information from
      the Leads themselves.

10    AOB

      Alasdair Tollemache - Communities Job Fund

      Communities Job Fund was launched in March and it is a one-year programme;
      for Third Sector Organisations. SVF was to bring the fund to the Sectors’

      Tracey questioned if there were any updates on the renewables presentation,
      and she also offered a presentation from Scottish Enterprise on their Low Carbon
      Action Plan. John said that it was himself and Rebecca that had been tasked
      with this and unfortunately they have not got very far with it yet, they have noted
      a number of issues that they need to progress. He said that they were keen to
      schedule a series of presentations using Scottish Enterprise intelligence and
      analysis. .

      Val said that they were also looking at renewables and it may be possible that
      maybe one her managers dealing in this are could be included in any future

      John advised that 2014 was a significant year for Stirling with quite a few events
      such as Bannockburn Celebrations, Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup, the 2nd
      year of the Homecoming he would like a discussion on this with Rebecca at the
      next meeting. .
     Rachel asked if there were any updates on the French Barracks – John replied
     that they are still working on it they are working to see if they can achieve a
     solution on securing the capital needed for the building.

11   Date of Next Meeting:

     Wednesday 24 August 2011 @ 3pm in The Wallace Room

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