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									                                                          D R A F T V 1.0
                                           PSSDC Information Sharing Template
    Jurisdiction: Nova Scotia
    Date: September 2004

                                                                                                                     Contact Info
Overall Message/Context        The main priorities of the Province continue to be focussed on health, education, and Greg Keefe
Please summarize the overall   economic prosperity. There also continues to be a strong requirement for fiscal 902 424 4100
state-of-affairs of your       restraint.
                               The Government continues to be supportive of initiatives to improve service to Nova
                               Scotians, particularly initiatives that streamline processes for citizens and business.

                               Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations, the lead service entity for the Province
                               of Nova Scotia, continues to make progress on delivering on its mandate. New
                               online services have been added, and the number of partnerships with other
                               departments, municipal governments and federal agencies has increased.
                               Increasingly, other departments are looking to Service Nova Scotia and Municipal
                               Relations to assist them in the delivery of their services to citizens and business.

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                                                              D R A F T V 1.0
Accomplishments                    Significant progress in implementing Registry 2000, a strategic initiative to Gretchen
Highlights of accomplishments,     modernize the land registry system by guaranteeing basic ownership rights through a Pohlkamp
progress, significant milestones   new land registration regime, and providing integrated access to all land related 902 424 5316
achieved in your jurisdiction.     information through an electronic system that can be accessed remotely.

                                   Initiating joint ventures with municipalities with the aim of enhancing the provision Steven Feindel
                                   of e-government mechanisms to access government services.                             902 424 2214

                                   Progress made on implementing an enterprise point-of-sale system to support Graham Poole
                                   customer service activities and financial integration.                      902 424 4597

                                   Progress on the application of portal technology, by working toward the Steven Feindel
                                   implementation of SAP portal software as a corporate system by 2005/06. The first 902 424 2214
                                   phase of an employee portal for SNSMR is well underway, and the first release of the
                                   GeoNOVA Portal, which is the Province of Nova Scotia's gateway to geographic
                                   information about Nova Scotia, was launched in June 2004.

                                   Implementation of the government@yourservice website. Nova Scotia was assisted Steven Feindel
                                   in this effort by staff from Ontario. Visit the website at 902 424 2214

                                   A new online system to check liens was implemented in July 2004, in partnership Gillian Shute
                                   with the other Atlantic provinces.                                              902 424 4203

                                   The Nova Scotia Business Registry (NSBR), a partnership with SNSMR, Canada Anne James
                                   Revenue Agency and Workers’ Compensation Board, continues to provide a single 902 424 4794
                                   access point for businesses to apply for, renew and pay for business licenses and
                                   permits online. The number of licenses and permits accessible through the NSBR
                                   continues to expand. New services for Department of Environment and Labour and
                                   Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage have been developed and
                                   implemented. A new service to support access to provincial procurement
                                   information will soon be added, and discussions with other departments to further
                                   expand services are underway.

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                                                                D R A F T V 1.0
Accomplishments - Continued          The department has expanded other services it provides to other departments, Anne James
Highlights of accomplishments,       including a corporate collection service on behalf of the Province, and the back office 902 424 4794
progress, significant milestones     processing and service channel for senior property tax rebates on behalf of the
achieved in your jurisdiction.       Department of Community Services.

                                     The Province has developed a draft Trust Level Framework that is intended to Rob Doiron
                                     provide a means of establishing trust levels for various business transactions. The 902 424 8042
                                     framework is independent of channel and technology and includes tools for business
                                     owners to assist them in establishing trust levels based on the nature of the
                                     transaction and business impact. Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations is
                                     using the Trust Level Framework to guide its planning around services security.

Issues                               In some areas, we are not experiencing the volume of take-up on our online service Steve Feindel
Specific issues to share with the    channel that we would like, and are exploring how to encourage increased migration 902 424 2214
Council.                             to online channels. Opportunities to share the experiences of other jurisdictions
                                     would be beneficial.
Areas where Council may help,
provide feedback, link with one
or more other jurisdictions.
Future Activities                    Emerging interest from municipalities regarding electronic voting technology. Steve Feindel
Areas of interest/concern on the     Halifax Regional Municipality intends to introduce the technology within the next 902 424 2214
horizon to share with Council        four years.
                                     The increasing pressure for security, particularly around documents used for Anne James
                                     identification purposes, and the implications for service delivery. What is the right 902 424 4794
                                     balance between security/ data integrity and service/ease of access?
Do you require collaboration or      Nova Scotia would be interested in any information from jurisdictions regarding the Graham Poole
information from the Council on      implementation of public sector point-of-sale systems. Nova Scotia has already 902 424 4597
a specific topic?                    discussed this item with New Brunswick.
Is there potential for               Nova Scotia is considering collaboration with other Atlantic Provinces on photo
collaboration with another           driver licensing systems.
jurisdiction and/or project of the

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                                                              D R A F T V 1.0
Do you have any suggestions for      Future research work in the area of benchmarking and best practices in the delivery Steven Feindel
research topics that can be          of on-line service transactions, focusing on cost and development of new services. 902 424 2214
undertaken by either the Institute   Client adaptability to technology.
for Citizen-Centred Service or
the Secretariat?

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