It's Not Love Each Other Must Have by rereg


									It's Not Love Each Other Must Have

This afternoon I just sat staring pensively towards the clear sky, a cigarette with me
sitting on the porch at the rear of a quiet office where I work. I still remember and
think about the words of love and affection to someone who was only one hand

My back and my suction out the smoke in his left hand, I think for a moment and in
my reverie came the woman who really wanted me to have. woman who was so
good until I finally decided to reveal the words of love and affection, although it was
only my love unrequited.

I'm aware of the situation and I accept it with sincere adage is true that once said
"It's Not Love Each Other Must Have"

For a moment I woke up in my long daydream and not feel a cigarette in my left
hand was gone turned into ashes. Then I went back to light a cigarette to accompany
me to enjoy the bright sky in the evening without going to know when I'm sitting
here staring at the sky thoughtfully alone this afternoon.

Still remember clearly what I just said to the woman who until recently was in my
daydreams. I was pensive when I was in the Startle by a tap on the shoulder as if to
invite me to walk away from this my reverie.

Apparently a friend who intends to come with me, he was the best friend I know the
problem at my face today.

"May I sit here ian?"
as he requested permission to accompany me in this lonely.
"Yup should really :)
with a smile to my friend, I also invite her to sit him.
"Still thinking about her ian?"
"Heheh not ya know I was confused when she was just there in my head I"
"Come on ian not worry about it, it's not the end of everything ian :)
"Yeah well thanks sob.
I went back to smile at this my friend.
"Ian is not already in mind deh sure some day you will surely find the best match for
"Hehehe yes amen thanks sob"
"Here I made her a cup of coffee for ya lo that spirit again, ya lonely these days there
are not jokes that sometimes hilarious sometimes crisp than you ian
"Hahaha yes well today i forgot i do not joke
"Hahah not have to think about it already, so do not forget you as your habit :))
"Hahah yes
And finally I was accompanied by my good friend who was enjoying a cup of coffee
on this sunny afternoon.

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