The Gilded Age by yurtgc548


									The Gilded Age
 This age,
 around 1870
 and lasted
 until 1900,
 gets its name
 from an 1873
 novel by Mark
 Twain entitled
The Gilded Age.
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• The title, according to
  Twain, referred to the
  post-Civil War years
  that were full of
  profiteering (making
  an unreasonable profit
  on the sale of
  essential goods), and
  false glitter (cubic
  zirconia). It was a time
  of deceptive
• During this age, things
appeared on the outside
to be happy and perfect,
but underneath lie many
  problems and immoral
      politicians and
  businessmen who just
  wanted to get ahead.
They wanted
 more money
 and power
 and they did
 not care
 whom they
 abused to
 get it.
    According to the historian, Henry Adams,

“Indeed, the real movers and shakers of the
  Gilded Age were not the men who say in the
  White House or the Congress but the captains
  of industry (think Morgan, Carnegie,
  Vanderbilt, Schwab, etc.) who crisscrossed
  the continent with railroads and decorated its
  cities with plumes smokestacks and gaudy
  mansions. These are the men who held
  America’s power.”
The political problem:
Both major parties
 failed to directly
 address AND solve the
 pressing issues of this
These pressing issues included:
   > taxes
   > monopolies
   > currency
   > worker’s wages and rights,
   > immigration.
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