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									                                                   Spring Fling
                                                      2011                                                February 23, 2011
                                                                                                          Volume 1, issue 3

                                       Underwriters & Advertisers
Edgebrook School’s PTA has always been fortunate enough to have generous underwriters and advertisers. And while
these two functions are traditionally served by businesses, some indeed are individuals and families. We want to better
explain what these two functions are and how we couldn’t meet our goals without them.

By definition, an underwriter is a person or organization that finances something. To underwrite, is to bind oneself to
contribute a sum of money to a specific undertaking.

Spring Fling 2011 has been very fortunate this year. Our underwriters thus far, have underwritten the following
                  * The Event Program                      * Dessert
                  * A Welcome Drink                        * The Kindergarten and 8th Grade Art Projects
                  * Our Auctioneer                         * Our Event Management Software
                  * Our DJ                                 * And a Mystery Item, to be raffled off at our event

Underwriters are still needed. If you are interested in learning more about underwriting opportunities, please contact us.

By definition, advertisers announce or praise their product or service in some medium of communication in order to induce
people to buy it or use it.

Advertisers have provided much needed revenue for the PTA’s operating budget. Their ads will be placed in our event
program, for your review and consideration. By purchasing program ads, our advertisers reach a large, yet captive
market, while greatly helping Edgebrook School.

For advertising rates and to learn more about advertising opportunities, please contact Janet Kachoyeanos at 773-505-
2352 or at jankach@comcast.net.

And remember, without the underwriters, the PTA would have to pay for all of these expenses and without
the advertisers, we would not generate this much needed revenue. We greatly need our underwriters and
advertisers. And wish to thank them all very, very much!

                                                Spring Fling                      Our Underwriters so far:
      Contact Us!
                                                April 9, 2011
             Ann Ball                                                           *The Bradley Schultz Family
       ballswim@gmail.com                         6:00 p.m.                          *Marti Corcoran
                                               Architectural                        *The Cotter Family
           Lisa Dunham                                                                 *gravitytank
     tldunham03@sbcglobal.net                     Artifacts
                                                                                 *Kids Portraits by Picasso
                                          $75.00 before April 6thh                  *Koenig and Strey
            Carol Nesci
        cnesci@comcast.net                   $90.00 at the door               *David Klevatt & Laura Parry
           773/456-8250                                                   *Ted Wagner of TMP Development Inc.

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