LESSON PLAN C5F1 by 2Upv1d


									                                                     LESSON PLAN C5F1
Date:                            Topic No: 5                   Lesson No: 1
                                 Title: Directions

Lesson Objectives: How to ask for and give basic directions

Key Vocabulary: où est …? pour aller à …?
                 à droite, à gauche, tout droit
                 allez, continuez, tournez
Resources: worksheets
             role play sheets
On-line: FA5, FC16-26
Assessment Opportunities: oral work – questions and answers

Time               Lesson Content                                                               Activity
Starter:           Brainstorm basic names of places                                             Whole group
15 minutes         Introduce 6 if none known:
                   la gare, la gare routière, la plage,
                   la poste, la banque, l’office de tourisme.
                   Oral repetition.
Core:                  1. Introduce: Où est le …? Où est la …?                                  Whole group
45 minutes             2. Introduce: à gauche, à droite, tout droit.
                       3. Introduce verbs: allez, continuez, tournez.
                       4. Speaking: students to practise asking for and giving directions.      Teacher to students / student to

                       5. Introduce: Pour aller à la/à l’/au. Give out help sheets.             Pair work
10   minutes              Speaking.
                       6. Introduce: Prenez la première rue à … Plus: montez, descendez,        Pair work
45   minutes              traversez. Give out help sheets. Speaking.
                       7. Role plays. Students to use sheets as examples, then make up          Pair work
                          their own.

Plenary:           Writing: students to write down at least 1 way of asking directions, plus 3 verbs used in giving directions,
 5 minutes         plus ‘on the left’ and ‘on the right’.

Outcome – By the end of the lesson
All students will: Be able to ask for and give basic directions

Most students will: Be able to give precise directions

Some students will: Be able to use all 8 verbs to give directions

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