Interim HR Business Planning by 2Upv1d


									                                                        Interim HR Business Plan
                                                               Process for 2010/2011

July – August              August                   September                October                  November                   March
 Review strategic plans    Set priorities and      Agree priorities and    Review of objectives    Review strategic plans    Launch 2011/2012
within force                 develop departmental     actions                  set in PDR’s             for 2011/2012              Business Plan
                             plans from strategic

 Agree 6 month                                      Launch departmental                              Produce draft for
  strategic assessments                               plans                                             2011/2012
  for HR

August Interim              September                     October to                   January to                 April
 Complete                  Interim                       December                     March                       Complete
  monthly                    Complete                     Complete                    Complete                   monthly
  checkpoint                  monthly                       monthly                      monthly                    checkpoint
  report                      checkpoint                    checkpoint                   checkpoint                 report
                              report                        reports                      reports

                                                          December                     March
        Plan                                               Review                      Review
                                                            plans at 3                   plans at 6
                                                            months                       months
        Do                                                  stage                        stage


                                                                                                              V1.0 20 September 2010

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