Member Endorsement Letter Template for Businesses

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					Member Endorsement Letter Template for Businesses

The letter below is written to be used as a template, if desired, for businesses that
want to show their support for Prospering Together. They are eligible for
business benefits of Prospering Together (recognition, etc.) but are not
committing to participate in the Community Board or pledging any degree of
financial support.

Please use your letterhead and return by mail to:
Julie Huber
Freeport Area Chamber of Commerce
27 West Stephenson Street
Freeport, IL 61032

Or by email (PDF) or fax to:
Marilyn Smit
M45 Marketing Services
Fax: 815.297.0166

Thank you for your support!


[Business name] endorses and supports Prospering Together and the Stephenson
County Shared Vision and Community Strategic Plan. We are proud to do our part in
helping Stephenson County become “a great place to live, work and grow.”

   We endorse the Shared Vision and Purpose Statements as well as the initiatives
    outlined in the plan to achieve Economic Health, Community Vitality and Caring
    About People.

   We believe that Working Better Together is important, so we will try to be a role
    model business in that regard.

   We recognize that this effort is a dynamic one that will change over the years and
    we pledge our ongoing endorsement to help our county Prosper Together.

Working Better Together,

[Signature, name and office]
For [business]
On [date]

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