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					         KSS Technology Handbook

                              Network Administration Guide
                                   Computer Systems
                                Bcesis Teacher Assistant
                                      Email System
                                        Web Sites
                                     Cable Television
                                       Web Hosting
                                  Announcement Board
                                 Site Training and Pro-D

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                             Technology Services

Site Tech Support: A. Smith           Webmaster : M. Chalmers
Bcesis Leaders: Chalmers, Strachan, Smith, Bernhardson, Carlson

Network Administrator Duties: Al Smith
    Communicate with staff any changes in system asap
    Screen/troubleshoot with IS Dept Work Orders
    Activate classes/groups of users on school network
    Manage accounts/passwords
    Set up new Novell users for staff/students
    Set up new FirstClass users for staff/students
    Remove student withdrawals
    Maintain and supervise network usage including downloads
    Restart/check school servers
    Periodic cleanup of files and disk space
    Monitor backup server data
    Troubleshoot workstations
    Teacher Resource Person

Classroom Teachers:
    Submit list of new students needing accounts-do not send students during classtime
    Supervise general computer use
    Notify Network Admin. of any issues as they occur
    Model appropriate technology ethics

Startup Procedures:
     Classroom teachers submit class lists/ specific needs/ for any immediate access....
     Notify staff of any significant changes
     All Gr.10 passwords distributed through library during orientation (sept)
     Distribute and create any new student cards (approx. Oct)

SD23 Tech Services:
    Library: A. Vangasbeck
    Office: K. Bach
    KSS: C Bridge

    Any teachers needing computer technical work orders should consult with Al Smith. Submit
    any Tech Support Request: http://www.kss.sd23.bc.ca/rc/techreq.html
    Teachers may not repair or remove any computer system from the school.
    For now, any Laptops should not be connected to the school LAN.

Computer Access:

In addition to your teacher workstation KSS has many computers available to staff and students.
The Library Room 255 has two(2) labs that may be “reserved” at the circulation desk. Please see
A.Smith or K.Treadgold to coordinate any planning. There is also a Teacher Station located
adjacent to the Circ Desk which is handy if you lose your classroom during your prep time. There
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are two(2) multipurpose labs upstairs 236 and 284. See Business Education or CAPP teachers
for availability. The Career Prep Room 101 has a lab ( access from Couselling ) for student drop-
in or classes use-see Bob Rimmer for details. Departments have computers in the staffroom

KSS Local Area Network(LAN):

Staff Accounts:
To access a computer you need a Novell login user ID. (Same as Firstclass)
      User: asmith
      Passw: ###### (copier code )
This will log you computer workstation into the local network and the internet.
                                       You private disk space is H:/drive . This drive will be
                                       displayed in “My Computer” window and is represented on
                                       the desktop by “My Documents” NOTE: IMPORTANT.
                                       C:/My Documents is visible but erased each time you
                                       log off. Do not use. I:/drive is an instructor disk for
                                       /HANDIN and HANDOUTS and STAFFSHARE. Access
                                       from home to your network documents is available at
( )

To change password: winXP: CTRL-ALT-DELETE> change

Student Accounts:
Grade 10 students from feeder schools will be auto generated and ID’s will be issued through the
Library in September. All students need a Sd23 UserAgreement. New Gr.10-12 students can
attain forms through the Library or Office.

In addition to the basic windows and Microsoft Office 2007 suite of software, some specialty
software is installed in various locations. In the Library: (2) scanners with Moviemaker, DVD
Player, Nero, MS Publisher, Macromedia suites: Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash station.
Adobe desktop publishing tools, and graphics software

CD BURNERS: back up tools
Public access CDR/CDRW burning hardware is available in the Library for backing up any
important files. Teachers can use the Library Teacher Station or use any station in the South
Computer lab. Many teacher machines now have CDR drives too.

Teacher Applications:

BCesis Teacher Assistant
All teachers will manage attendance and student grades usinf the new TA management system
online. Initial training will be repeated during the first day of school. Integrade Pro will no longer
be supported. If you need some immediate assistance, see our volunteer BCesis Trainers: Al,
Tom, Arnar, Murray or Jim. Visit FC>KSSSTAFF> for guidebooks, docs and bulletins.
Bcesis Online> Help.

To access Bcesis TA at home: https://www.isw-bc.ca

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KSS Web Services:
If you need to find department information or would like more information on support for posting
web sites. This student built site provides many handy resources. If you have special needs or
requests see Murray Chlamers. Webhosting is also available via FirstClass.


                                                                               Announcement scroll

                  Major sites

Many departmental web sites can be accessed from the KSS Home Page. The KSS Library site
offers many resources for staff and students, including online databases and encyclopedia and
library catalog. Although FirstClass provides the bulk of communication, KSS web sites offer
specific online publishing. State of the art software tools are available for teachers to build
complex web sites.
KSS Library: www.kss.sd23.bc.ca/rc
Library Catalog: http://kssrc.sd23.bc.ca/m3/apps/m3opac/kss?
KSS FirstClass Web sites: http://fc.sd23.bc.ca/kss/
KSS Teachers Sites Web Directory: www.kss.sd23.bc.ca/staff/
FirstClass Tools: http://www.sd23.bc.ca/FirstClass/
KSS Novell File Access from Home:
SD #23 Home Page: www.sd23.bc.ca

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           FirstClass Network:
                                                                                                  Figure 1

           Staff and students use the FirstClass
           Network for district and school                                                                 Figure 2
           correspondence. All KSS users have
           access to this BBS.
           Inter-staff correspondence is primarily
           through the KSS Staff Conference.
           (figure 1)
           All teachers can post to the
           KSS Students Conference. Central Office documents, such as “Monday Memos”, etc. are
           archived in the OfficeAdmin folder.(figure 2) . Other major conference like Pro-D, KSS Library,
           TechNotes, etc. are located in KSS STAFF top window pane.
           When sending messages to a conference is preferred over uploading Word .doc because
           messages have an expiry date while .doc files have to be manually cleaned up. While in a
           conference you only have DELETE rights on your own files. Remember to REPLY to SENDER
           and avoid REPLY to ALL.
           The FirstClass client software is installed on your teacher machine but you can access it
           anywhere, including at home.
           To connect to First Class, your User Name will be like :
                 Email address. asmith@sd23.bc.ca
                 User: asmith
                 Passw: ########
           To sign on using the webmail version or to download a copy of the client software at home go to:
           http://fc.sd23.bc.ca Commercial Email Services are available but MSN/Hotmail is disabled.

FirstClass Network Setup: use your email wisely
At KSS:                                                      At Home:
1. Open FirstClass application from windows desktop          1. Internet browser to: http://fc.sd23.bc.ca
2. Sign-In: User: your S/N Password: pass                    2. Select [download] recommended
3. Change password when prompted                                 - STEP 1: install client software, keep window open
4. Open GAIN FULL ACCESS icon                                    - STEP 2: click button to configure network
   -complete the registration agreement quiz( only once)     3. Open Program Menu>Firstclass.exe
   -click the GREEN button/ and EXIT.                        4. Sign-in ( should look just like school window )
5. Re-open FirstClass> sign-in.                              Or
   See Mr. Smith, Library for help                           1. Internet browser to: http://fc.sd23.bc.ca
                                                             2. Select [web access] button
    SD23 FirstClass Network                                  3. Sign-in
MSN/Hotmail Service Unavailable at School                    Shaw/Telus webmail is available


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TV/Media retrieval system and Channels:

                The grid below illustrates the channel allocations for KSStv. We cannot
specifically program stations just to a single room but need to share; therefore, a scheduling
procedure is necessary.
      Channel 2/3 are satellite stations are reserved by request.
      Channel 4 is live feeds from media studio
      Channel 5 is the Announcement Scroll.
      Cable stations 6-12 ( all tier 2 Shaw Cable stations) are programmable by request.
If you need a channel please reserve in the Library .
Teachers must either buy a DVD unit for their own class or reserve a media cart through the

Current TVChannel Guide:

Channel#       Service                    Reserved Slots      Requests
2Sat           ExpressVU                                           x
3Sat           C-Dish                                            empty
4Live          In-house Video                     x
5              Announce/music                     x
6 cable        History                            -                 x
7 cable        Weather                            -                 x
8 cable        Global                             -                 x
9 cable        Discovery                          -                 x
10cable        FoodNetwork                        -                 x
11cable        CNN                                -                 x
12cable        RDI français                       x                 x
13cable        CBCNewsWorld                       x


Each teacher receives a VoiceMail box #. You need to be initialized in the main office by Bonita
Gilbert. Two phone systems: 1. Classroom Phones- 2. NorthStar phones- See your teacher
handbook for details on intercom, voicemail, etc.


           Each teacher computer station prints to a copier on each floor. STAFFROOM and
lower MAILROOM. You need to use Employee Authorization Codes to print, scan or photocopy.
See FC>KSS STAFF>TechNotes for detailed documentation. There is a fax machine for

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teachers in the STAFFROOM copyroom and the Library for any outgoing faxing. All incoming
faxes are distributed by Bonita through FirstClass. KSS FAX #: 250-870-5005
Document scanning is available on the Ricoh MFP copiers. Paper docs can be scanned as a
basic PDF file and forwarded to your email. Traditional document and image scanning is
avialbale with two(2) public access flatbed scanners in the Library. Rm195 Graphics Lab and the
CAD lab also have specialized hardware and plotters. See the teachers for assistance.

When you initially sign-in to Novell at KSS you will be prompted for your Employee Number. This
is used for print authentication.

There is a test bubble-sheet scanner in the Staff Copy Room.

                        The Ricoh copiers are also Network Printers for teachers. All print job
                        authentication uses your teacher employee code. You will initally be
                        prompted at your first login to enter code. This stores and automates your
                        number and name. You choose
                         Document Server on the printer to release print. Pick up a handbook in
                        the library for details or download from KSS STAFF>TECH NOTES

                       Currently color printing is limited at a per use cost. The Library has a
                       public access CANON colour bubblejet printer with photo quality for
photos, overheads or print. Cost: Paper: $0.50/sheet. Colour Photos/Overheads: $1.00/sheet

Mobile Media Stations:

                                   KSS and the KSS Library have pooled resources to provide
online and multimedia access for classrooms. These units are under high demand, so please
plan ahead. Teachers may reserve one of the three(3) mobile computer stations with mobile
projectors through Firstclass>KSS Staff>Library. Cart 1, Cart 2 are equiped with an PC, LCD
projector , DVD, VCR, mini speakers, and network cables. Cart 3 has no computer but in a pinch
can be temporarily cabled to the teacher machine. Students may NOT reserve these units.
Please return promptly so others may use them on schedule. Ensure these units are always
under supervision. The science department has a cart downstairs in Rm136. English teachers
upstairs may periodically borrow a cart from D. Wendell(Rm231).

FTP web hosting: it’s easier than you think

                                  This account gives you web site access for
uploading/downloading files like a virtual disk or for hosting a web site if you ever desire to use
one. You can also use FirstClass for web hosting. There are two forms available within
Firstclass: 1. “WebConstruction Kit( intermediate) and 2. Webify( beginner). If you wish to use
the web, an account can be configured for you and training is available upon request.
Request an Account: http://www.kss.sd23.bc.ca/rc/techreq.html

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Announcement Scroll Board:
KSS dBoard

Submissions to the Announcement Message Board that
scrolls on the school televisions can be accessed through
KSS STAFF> DBOARD. All you do is fill in the key dates,
category and type your message. These messages are also
automatically updated on the school web site.

Video production:
                              The KSS Library provides
                              some modest video
                              production for staff and students. A brief training session is
                              required prior to any loaning of equipment. With teacher
                              permission, students may also apply to loan a video kit .
                              Some basic post video production is available from the Library
                              South Lab media station with MS MovieMaker and CD burners.

Technology Training:

                                    There are many avenues to access help or in-service. Look for
periodic workshops in KSS STAFF> Pro-D or visit ALL STAFF>COTA. Many workshops and
courses are now available through SD23 Learning Centre(TLC) Look for email bulletins. A new
online help system is currently in a trial mode. Teaching staff have access to Knowledge Base
documentation and interactive tutorials.

1. KSS Online Learning: http://www.kss.sd23.bc.ca/rc/lessons/index.html

2. SD23 Learning Centre: http://www.sd23.bc.ca/TLC/

Don’t be shy! Have a suggestion? Need to learn Powerpoint? Need a website?
Does your Department want to train together?
- see Al Smith in the Library to arrange a specific Training Session or talk to P.Bakker KSS Pro-D
Chair. We can research a program or instructors for you.

Updated August 27, 2006

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