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									NSC Membership & Product Overview
    United States Marine Corps
       National Safety Council Overview

I.     History of NSC
II.    Educational Resources
III.   NSC Publications – Stay Current
IV.    Networking Opportunities
V.     We’re Your Safety Resource
VI.    Safety Motivation & Recognition
VII.   Contact Us
I. NSC Overview
       The History of the NSC

History – First Cooperative Safety Congress, 1912
Founded in 1913
Charitable, Non-Profit 501 (c) 3
Congressional Charter
Over 53,000 Members
5,000 Active Volunteers
Nationwide Chapter Network
Congressional Charter
         President Dwight D. Eisenhower
         approved an Act of Congress that
         granted a Congressional Charter
         to the National Safety Council,
         formally recognizing the Council's
         leadership in coordinating safety
          Why We Do What We Do
          The National Safety Council saves lives by
          preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and
          communities, and on the roads, through leadership,
          research, education and advocacy.


                          Making our World Safer

         By 2014, NSC is going to prevent an additional
         10,000 deaths and 1 million injuries by helping people
         live safer lives through leadership, research, education,
         and advocacy
II.   Educational Resources
            Training and Education
Emergency Care Training All New
   First Aid & CPR
   Automated External Defibrillation (AED)      Get quality
   Emergency Care Instructor Training             training
                                                without the
   First Responder                                 travel!
Defensive Driving Courses (DDC)                Take classes
   DDC 4 hour - DDC 6 & 8 hour               online or through
                                             the NSC Chapter
   DDC Online {Free for GSA Vehicles}            Network!
   Alive at 25
   Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving
   Professional Truck Drivers
              Training and Education
DDC 9th Edition Online Program
The Defensive Driving Course for Personal Computer         Get quality
(DDC-PC) is based on the same content used in the           training
National Safety Council's eight-hour, instructor-led
                                                           without the
Defensive Driving Course, the most widely used driver
safety program in the world.                                 travel!
                                                          Take classes
                                                           online free
                                                          sponsored by
Session 1: It’s All About Choices
Session 2: Ready For The Road
Session 3: Don’t Add Insult To Injury
Session 4: Success On The Road
Session 5: Collision Proofing
Post-Test                                               nsc.org/training
               Training and Education
Alive at 25
The Hard Truth                                                Get quality
Drivers younger than 25 have the highest violation rate         training
in all these categories:
                                                              provided by
Speeding                         Driving while intoxicated   USMC & CFPS!
Ignoring traffic control devices Improper passing
Not yielding right-of-way        Illegal turning             Take classes by
                                                              contacting the
                                                               Base Safety
Session 1: “Are You a Potential Statistic?”                      Office!
Session 2: “Recognize the Hazard!”
Session 3: “Understand the Defense
Session 4: “Act Correctly, Time”                             nsc.org/training
               Training and Education

Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving
is a highly effective course that helps problem drivers
make direct connections between their attitudes and           Get quality
their behavior behind the wheel. They’ll see that the           training
choices they make have very real costs – financial,           provided by
legal, and personal – and learn to take responsibility for   USMC & CFPS!
their action.

                                                             Take classes by
Session One……In the Driver’s Seat
                                                              contacting the
Session Two……Your Needs Drive You
                                                               Base Safety
Session Three….Change Your Behavior
Session Four.…..My Action Plan

     Training and Education
• Occupational Safety & Health Training
   – Safety Management Techniques
   – Safety Training Methods
   – Incident Investigation
   – Job Safety Analysis
   – Ergonomics: Managing for Results
   – Team Safety
   – Safety Communication and Training Techniques
   – Lift Truck
   – Supervisor’s Safety Development
               Our Track Record
                       A Few of our 2008 Accomplishments

400,000        250,000 1.7 million 55,000
 emergency      teen drivers    million friends     members
preparedness      trained in      trained in      strengthened
  rescuers       the Alive at    defensive         their safety
   trained      25 program          driving         programs
    FREE Member-Exclusive Webinars
Webinars provide training without travel.                Recently
  Don’t miss these upcoming events!                     Recorded:
 Creating a Workplace Medical Emergency            Compliance or Injury
 Response Team                                     Prevention?
 Wednesday, September 21 1:00 p.m. PT
                                                   Safety 101:
                                                   I'm a new safety
 Improve Safety Performance With Employee          professional - now
 Perception Surveys                                what?
 Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 11:00 a.m. ET
                                                   New 2010 CPR and
 Make It Your Business To Fight The Flu:           ECC Guidelines
 Promoting 2011-2012 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine.
 Thursday, September 22, 2011, 3:00 p.m. ET        Making $ense of Safety

                                                   A journey to safety
 Register at nsc.org/webinars                      excellence
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III. NSC Publications
                                    Stay Current
                                               NSC Member Publications

                                        • Safety+Health Magazine - #1 benefit
                                        • Weekly News Alert email
                                          (available on your PDA)
                                        • Membership Advantage –
                                          Quarterly NSC Newsletter
                                        • Benefit Spotlight
                                        • Industry Specific Newsletters
                                        • Member-Exclusive Web Content 24/7
                                        • Bi-Monthly Library Alerts

To be included on the distribution for these, please email the
contact information or an excel file list to
              Safety+Health Magazine
                                  Rated #1 Benefit by members

        • This monthly publication is the NSC’s official magazine
          and offers comprehensive, national coverage of
          occupational safety news and analysis of industry

        • Regular features include statistics that benchmark
          safety in America, a closer look at the events and
          people shaping safety policy on the Hill, organizational
          safety culture, new products and off-the-job safety.
Did you know…
 Members can receive multiple copies of
 Safety+Health® at no additional cost!!
 Sign up at www.nsc.org
              Safety+Health Magazine
                         2009 Performance Measurement

           CEOs Who ‘Get It’
               Frederick Roggero, Major General, Chief of Safety,
               U.S. Air Force (Retired Oct. 2010)
               William T. Wolf, Brigadier General, Director of Army
               Safety & Commanding, General U.S. Army Combat
               Readiness/Safety Center
           Rising Stars of Safety
               Natalie Turner: Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge
               of Mishap Prevention, U.S. Air Force – Royal Air Force
               Mildenhall England
Did you know…
 Members can receive multiple copies of
 Safety+Health® at no additional cost!!
 Sign up at www.nsc.org
                               News Alert
                                                  Weekly e-newsletter

    Advance issue posted in
    the Member Get More
    section of the nsc.org
    Website on Thursday

Did you know…
News Alert is available to all employees of the
member company. Opt-in at members.nsc.org.
                   Benefit Spotlight
                                      Monthly e-communication

Monthly email communication
to remind members about the
various benefits you receive as
a member of the National
Safety Council

    Opt-in for Benefit of the Month and other
    member benefits at members.nsc.org.
Industry Specific Newsletters

                              •   Business & Industry
                              •   Community Safety
                              •   Construction
                              •   College & University Initiative
                              •   Transportation Safety
                              •   Labor
                              •   Highway Traffic Safety
                              •   Utilities

Opt-in for Industry Specific Newsletters and
other member benefits at members.nsc.org.
IV. Networking Opportunities
       Networking Opportunities
                       Division Networking Groups
• Network with other industry leaders
• Examine, discuss and provide solutions to current
  safety, health and environmental problems and
• Contribute to projects focused on providing solutions
• Participate in technical content preparation and
  review of NSC programs and materials
• Help develop public policy statements that potentially
  impact safety concerns throughout the nation
Networking Opportunities & Events
• NSC’s 2011 Congress & Expo - congress.nsc.org
   – Philadelphia, PA
   – Congress: Oct. 30 – Nov. 4 | Expo: Oct. 31 – Nov. 2
        Network with other industry leaders
        Examine, discuss and provide solutions to current safety, health and
         environmental problems and concerns
        Contribute to projects focused on providing solutions
        Participate in technical content preparation and review of NSC programs and
        Help develop public policy statements that potentially impact safety concerns
         throughout the nation
• National Safety Month – June
   – Members Get MORE - Watch the NSC website for
     downloads and member exclusives to promote safety.
                    Get Involved

• Become a Safety Ambassador – Participation is easy:

   – See a need
      • Find a local company, park district school or group of friends that
        could benefit from learning more about injuries

   – Schedule a meeting
      • Schedule a time to meets and present the information in the
        Safety Ambassador Kit.

   – Continue Learning
      • Lear more and download your free kit at
                   NSC Listservs
Connect with safety peers for answers to your questions and
share your experiences with others. Listserv categories include:

    •   Business and Industry          •   Labor
    •   Campus EHS Professionals       •   Students
    •   Community Safety               •   Transportation
    •   Construction                   •   Utilities
    •   Education and Research

                Sign up today – visit nsc.org/listservs.
V. We’re Your Safety Resource
           NSC Knowledge Center
                        Your own personal safety library
• More than 171,000 documents with 2,000+ added
  each year
• Historical safety information
  going back 100 years
• Receive e-mail alerts on added
  materials segmented by venue:
   – Home & Community
   – Traffic
   – Work

    Opt-in for Library Alerts and other member
    benefits at members.nsc.org.
NSC Knowledge Center
     Visit the NSC Library Online 24/7
                • 24/7 access to the library
                • Safety Checklists
                • NSC Heritage Gallery
                • Access the most recent
                  Library Alerts
Contact the NSC Library

            Contact the NSC Library team:
                    Alaina Kolosh
                    Dianne Brooks
           Ph 630.775.2199 | library@nsc.org
 Member-Exclusive Web Content
• Downloadable articles, presentations, charts, posters,
  checklists, and reports
• Practical tips for on and off the job safety
• Informational Webinars (Live or downloadable)
   –   OSHA’s Top Ten Violations
   –   Dangers of Distracted Driving
   –   OSHA: Recordable vs. Reportable
   –   Root Cause Analysis
• Review of benefits, awards,
  chapter locator, divisions, events
 Member-Exclusive Web Content
• Online Access and Search capability to Library catalog
• Career Center
• Off-the-Job Safety Implementation Tool
• Safety and Health Code of Ethics and Resource Guide
• Members’ Benefits Guide

                                      Register/Login at nsc.org
             Emergency Alert Network

   • The Emergency Alert Network was developed to help
     our nation respond to a declared public safety or health
   • Your organization’s designated emergency contact will
     receive critical health and safety information and
     recommendations for businesses from the Centers for
     Disease Control.

For more information, visit nsc.org/ean.
VI. Safety Motivation & Recognition
       Why the NSC Program?
• Promotes safe practices within your organization
• Rewards employees for making safe choices
• NSC supports motivation and recognition programs as
  an important element of a safety program and have
  incorporated the valuable service into your benefit

• Enrollment:
   – Each NSC program has criteria, evaluation process,
     applications and forms
   – Easy-to-access program information, 24/7
   – NSC staff support to handle questions
• Data:
   – Data is self-reported
   – NSC may audit submissions
• Cost:
   – Free data analysis/benchmarking component, where applicable
   – Cost associated with most award components
VII. Pursuing Safety Excellence
           Journey Safety Excellence

For more information, visit nsc.org/ean.
               Safety Excellence Tools

  Management Leadership & Employee Engagement
      Strong, consistent, visible leadership
      Establishing a culture of safety
  Safety Management Systems – NSC Navigator
      Ensuring ability to fulfill all safety tasks required to achieve
  Performance Measurement
      Requiring data on activities and outcomes to measure
  Continuous Risk Reduction – ORM
      Identifying and eliminating hazards

For more information, visit nsc.org/ean.
        Safety Management Systems

                 A Shared Safety Challenge:
 Activity tracking, document management, corrective action
          management, compliance reporting, et al…
      Share Drive                                    Binders and
      and Emails                                     File Cabinets

For more information, visit nsc.org/ean.
VIII. Contact Us
          We’re Here to Help

NSC Point Person
  debra.ferris@nsc.org or 703-244-5996
Questions about your NSC membership or benefits?
  Katie Adcock: Product Line Manager
  katie.adcock@nsc.org or 630-775-2352
  Membership general email: membershipinfo@nsc.org
Questions about the NSC Awards Program?
  Barbara Meade: Awards Program Administrator
  barbara.meade@nsc.org or 630.775.2385
  Awards general email: awards@nsc.org

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