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        The Infolinx Business Model
     The Future of Records Management

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An open letter to our dealers:

Infolinx System Solutions combines leading business records management
software with extensive industry knowledge to provide rapid, yet thorough
solutions. Our team of software and records management professionals is
available to help local dealers create their mark in the changing world of
Records and Information Management.

Together with our partners we provide a comprehensive solution that
compliments dealers of high-density shelving products and their other
business partners. Our complementary offering includes a full suite of
records management products, Hyland’s OnBase Imaging system, our own
private label color-coding program and a unique Radio Frequency
Identification (RFID) system.

Our proven approach includes software and services providing simple, on
time, client centric, and problem solving solutions. We provide industry
proven records and information management tools allowing all businesses to
have legally compliant, reliable records and information management
systems unmatched in our industry.


Amy Schmidt Hamilton
CEO Infolinx System Solutions

                         TABLE OF CONTENTS

Part 1. The Business Model

Overview                                                  4
Records Management                                        5
Advantages of Incorporating Records Management Division   7
Hiring a “Records Management Specialist”                  11
Training                                                  12
How to Sell Records Management                            13
Sales Projections                                         14
The Need to Focus                                         16
Summary                                                   17


I. Executive Summary                                      18
II. Scope of Product and Services                         21
III. Pricing                                              33
IV. Training & Sales Support                              36

Part I
         The Business Model

This business model is intended for dealers who currently sell high-density
shelving and who want to successfully sell records management solutions. If this
is you, you are about to embark on a very exciting business opportunity that if
implemented correctly, will increase your potential to make money, and will
enhance and empower your business to expand in areas you may not have even
considered. While a number of Dealers have ventured into this arena, few have
enjoyed consistent success. It’s for this reason that this manual was written.

To assist you in taking the first step and to help you gain a comfort level to fully
develop a business plan of your own, the business model we are putting forth is to
the point and very focused. The authors, Amy Hamilton and Chip Benson, have
over 30 years of combined experience selling records management solutions in a
dealer environment. They have designed and installed stand-alone DOS systems
in the late 80’s and progressed to enterprise wide solutions that have included
imaging and radio frequency (RFID).

This manual will cover what records management is and why it will be beneficial
to incorporate it into your current business. But most importantly, it will explain
in straightforward terms exactly how this can be done. In today’s world, it is all
too common for writers of manuals to get caught up in industry jargon to try and
impress the reader, when in fact, this can confuse readers and make it difficult to
focus on the main points. For this reason, our guidebook is written in plain
English so that it will be an easy to read and easy to use reference guide. We are
in fact “Bull Free” certified. We have run Deloitte Touche’s “Bull Fighter”
program and passed.

While we are not arrogant enough to claim that this is the only model that will
ever work, it is the only one that we know of that does. We understand in order to
implement this plan you may have to make some difficult decisions. There is an
investment of time and money. We have found, however, that shortcuts don’t
work nor does throwing money at the problem. Our industry is full of modified
plans that have not worked. Because of this, we strongly suggest you refrain from
trying to modify or revise the model. If you follow this plan your chances for
success are very good; if you modify or deviate from it, your chances are risky at
best. Having said that, we hope you find this manual informative and valuable.

Records Management

Records management is a broad term in today’s industry. For our purposes let’s
break it down into services and products. Because records are no longer just
paper but a mixed bag of media, selling records management solutions has
expanded over the years to include software, color-coding, bar-coding, radio
frequency (RFID), imaging, electronic documents (edocs) and more.

Software is used to determine availability of records, track and retrieve
documents, apply retention schedules, create audit trails, stay in compliance with
one or several requirements, manage the document through its life cycle, increase
productivity, and probably most importantly, locate and find the document faster.
Its main focus has shifted over the years from a central file room control tool to a
means of finding and locating the information faster, while maintaining

Color-coding remains the most cost effective way to all but eliminate misfiles.
When properly implemented, it reduces misfiles by 90% and vastly improves
productivity in the file room. Color-coding should be a rather simple solution.
However, many over complicate it and end up with a system that looks like more
of a rainbow than a well-organized file room. The challenge, it seems, is keeping
it simple.

Bar coding has become universally known and accepted as a way to help speed up
processing and reduce keystroke errors. Introduced in records management in the
late 80’s, it has become a standard when implementing software.

RFID is new to the records management industry but is not a new technology.
This is important because the industry is full of horror stories of “bleeding edge”
technology that has failed. Just look back to the early 90’s when imaging was
going to create the second paperless society. When applied in the correct
application, RFID can have a dramatic impact. The advantage of RFID over
barcode is the ability to read up to 30 tags per second and eliminate the need for
line of sight. This technology makes taking inventory and finding lost files much
more efficient and cost effective. Considering that the typical misfile or lost file
conservatively costs a company $175 to locate, this alone can justify the cost of

Imaging has been around for many years, but has recently enjoyed a newfound
place in the market. While rarely used as a sole solution, it does play a major role
as a part of the entire solution. Most clients do not truly understand imaging and
will need to be educated.

Electronic documents (edocs) are just that, documents that have been created
electronically, which generally means from a PC. As we become more and more
comfortable using documents in their native environment, edocs will play a major
role in reducing paper. However most agree this is not going to happen overnight.
An example is a multimillion-dollar international firm that is currently printing
their emails (which is an edoc), so they can scan them into their imaging system!
Even today, 70% to 90% of all records in an organization are paper.

Advantages of Incorporating Records Management Division

The Need to Add Records Management
The high density shelving industry has slowed down in the last couple of years.
There are many possible reasons and factors that have contributed to this: the
economy, 9/11, more businesses moving to paperless and on and on. We are not
economists and therefore won’t try to explain all the whys and wherefores, but it
is clear, with few exceptions, sales are down or are flat all over the country. Our
point here is that for whatever the reason, it’s tougher to make a living selling just
high density shelving the way we used to. Instead of wasting time trying to figure
out why, let’s spend that energy finding solutions. We feel one solution is to
incorporate Records Management.
A large part of this business model is incorporating records management by using
team selling and the total solution approach. By selling total solutions, you
increase your sales opportunities. Here are the advantages of this approach:

       Additional revenue stream
           o Your core business is selling high-density shelving. Eighty to
               ninety percent of shelving sold is for some sort of records or files.
               With such a large percentage of sales for files, why not also sell the
               folders, labels, and software to help them manage their files. And
               while you’re at it, include the conversion services. An average
               sale of $25 to $30 thousand of high-density shelving can easily
               double when you include all or part of these additional services.
                    A major branch of the US government was rehabbing their
                       annex building. When a salesperson was measuring for the
                       moveable system, he learned the files that were going to be
                       stored on the system were high-level security. He
                       mentioned RFID and asked if they would be interested in
                       learning more about it. They ended up buying over
                       $230,000 in RFID equipment, color-coding and conversion
                       services. The original sale for the high-density shelving
                       alone was $80,000.

       Additional Lead Source
           o Although most of the leads for records management will come
               from your high-density sales, once you have established the
               records management division, you will start getting leads from
               records management inquiries that will result in additional high-
               density sales.

                      For example, when an inquiry was received about RFID
                       from a major oil company that had just merged with
                       another oil company, it was apparent following a
                       preliminary meeting that RFID was not a good solution for
                       them. What was learned during that meeting however, was
                       that they were combining all of their records and were in
                       need of a high-density system. A return appointment was
                       set , the person “in charge of our high-density division”
                       was introduced, and they ended up buying a $350,000
                       moveable aisle system, all from a call about RFID.

       Residual income with repeat orders
           o When you sell high-density shelving you generally don’t have the
               opportunity to sell that customer more shelving. If you do get a
               repeat sale, it would normally be for some time in the distant
               future. When you sell folders, color-coding labels and or RFID
               tags you have an 80% chance of a passive reorder. That’s an 80%
               reorder rate without being proactive, imagine what you could get if
               you were proactive. Software sales also have a strong add-on sales
               rate of additional seat licenses. There are several examples of this:
                    Example one was a legal intellectual property law firm that
                       purchased a records management solution from us, which
                       included RFID. They only wanted to use this solution for
                       their active files. Over the next two years they ordered
                       over 25,000 RFID tags at $1.25 each. Not bad for us,
                       considering they merely placed a phone order for the tags
                       and all we did was have them drop shipped to their office.
                    Another example was an international bank that took great
                       pride in saying that they buy lower than anyone, including
                       the government. They warned us to always expect to have
                       our orders competed, even ongoing supplies. We detected
                       that ego played a role so we included their logo on the front
                       of each of their pocket folders ordered. We have been
                       getting PO’s mailed in to us every four to six months and
                       not once have they competed or even asked for better
                       pricing. Did I mention we marked the folders up over

       No need to develop a new customer base
           o The great part of this revenue stream is that it can come from your
              current customer base. Everyone knows it’s easier to sell to
              someone you are already doing business with. Half the battle in
              sales is to get past the gatekeeper and then establish credibility.

              This process can sometimes take months or even years. Setting an
              appointment with an existing customer is easy. In fact, we should
              be staying in touch with them anyway. Usually it is a matter of
              having something new to say or to show, so you aren’t just wasting
              their time. What better way then to let them know you have a new
              division and then introducing them to the person in charge of your
              Records Management Division. You have no additional startup
              time or marketing expenses developing a new customer base. Of
              course we are not suggesting that your salespeople stop
              prospecting or cold calling. That, of course, is an ongoing part of
       Develop accounts, not just a one time sale to a customer
           o When selling high-density shelving, it is hard to penetrate an
              account. You are generally dealing with the end user of the system
              and maybe a purchasing agent. Because of the nature of records
              management you have to get to know their business. In essence
              you are becoming more intimate with the customer. With few
              exceptions, you are usually making changes in the way they
              manage their files. This means upper management gets involved.
              You are also dealing with technology that will involve their IT
              department. By the time you have sold them a new solution, you
              are on a first name basis with a number of important company
              representatives, and have developed a much stronger and deeper
              relationship within the company. When this happens, asking for
              and getting referrals is easy.

       Potential to increase margins on high-density sales
           o When done properly, the entire sale can be sold as a total solution.
               When this happens, the cost of any one part of the solution is not
               scrutinized. The solution becomes greater than sum of its parts. It
               is thereby possible to hold your margins on the high-density and
               the other parts of the sale.

       Lock out competition
           o The simple fact is very few of your competitors are offering these
              services. When presented properly, the customer will realize the
              need for these additional products and services. Once this happens
              they will only be looking for vendors that can offer them a total

       Your name stays in front of the customer

            o Not only is there an 80% reorder rate for labels, folders and RFID
              tags, the orders are made on a frequent regular basis. Most
              companies use credit cards for this type of order. Allowing them
              to use a credit card not only makes their life easier, they rarely take
              the time to compete the order when it can be done so quickly and
              easily. We recommend , however, that you don’t try and over sell
              these products on the initial sale. The advantage is that you keep
              the overall cost down on the initial sale, helping them stay within
              their budget. This allows for future orders to be more frequent
              thereby keeping your name in front of the customer.

        Higher customer satisfaction
            o Selling high-density shelving to customers who are currently using
                top tab environment without converting them to an end tab is truly
                an injustice. The customer may be increasing capacity but will
                suffer from a decrease in efficiency. In some cases the customer
                may actually be upset with you for selling them a product that will
                not allow them to read the label on the top tab folder.

        Improved company image
            o Finally, there is an intangible that can’t be verified but exists
               nonetheless. When your steel salesperson introduces a records
               management specialist, your organization has a perceived higher
               level of sophistication. You are also viewed as larger; after all you
               have an entire division they weren’t aware of, and in today’s world
               bigger often appears better. This gives you the opportunity to
               present yourself as both a small business that allows you to give
               special attention to your customer and a larger company than your

Hiring a “Records Management Specialist”
The first thing that must be realized is that selling high-density shelving and
selling records management solutions are two entirely different types of sales.
Not understanding this is the main reason dealers have not been successful in
selling records management solutions. High-density is a tangible sale and records
management is an intangible sale. When selling a tangible, you are selling a
product. Selling an intangible requires the sales person to sell an idea or solution.
Not only are they different types of sales, the processes and mechanics are
completely different. It is generally hard to find someone who can do both. Even
if you could, you would be limiting the volume they could produce in one or both
areas. For this reason you need to have two different sales people, one to sell the
steel and one to sell the records management.

Many dealers have tried promoting or moving sale representatives within their
organization over to this position, only to see it fail. It does not take a technical
person to demo the product or to sell it. It takes a sales person who can excel in
consultation sales and one who has been trained in records management.

If your sales force has been trying to do both, it means that it will be necessary to
separate them and have them focus on selling one or the other. This doesn’t mean
that they won’t work together; in fact, one of the major keys to success here is
team selling. However, the most important step in making this business model
successful, is taking the step to hire someone with the skills to specialize in
selling just records management.

Hiring the Right “Records Management Specialist”

This is where you start down the right or wrong path. As we alluded to earlier,
many dealers have tried to do all the right steps but failed to realize the
importance of hiring the right person to be the records management specialist.

First and foremost you must hire a salesperson that knows and understands how to
engage in consulting sales. There is a time when you will want someone more
technical to assist this sales person in the role of project manager. The project
manager will have to, among other things, be able to do label designs, data
integration, software configuration etc. But that is not what we are looking for to
start. The first step is to find someone who can sell the concept and solution.
Without that you will have no need for a project manager.

We can and are willing to assist you in hiring a salesperson. It starts with
advertising for the right type of salesperson. Notice we are focusing on the type
of salesperson, not someone necessarily with a records management background.
Not that it wouldn’t be nice to have someone with that experience, but there are
just not that many out there.

For the purpose of this business model we are going to assume you have hired a
great consultative salesperson without records management experience. This
being the case, there is a lot of product training that will have to take place over
the next year. You can and should rely on your vendors to help in this area. In
fact, that should be part of the criteria when selecting a vendor. Remember they
want you to sell their products. The better educated your salesperson is on a
particular product the more confident they will be when selling it.

The good news is there are a number of vendors who offer good training
programs for their products. Vendors of folders, color-coding label systems,
conversion services and software programs, etc, should be able to teach the sales
representative about their products and how they fit different applications. When
interviewing vendors, find out what they offer in terms of training and what they
are willing to do to help you get up and running.
The American Records Management Association (ARMA) is also an excellent
resource to tap into. ARMA is a great source of knowledge. The active chapters
hold regular meetings and generally have guest speakers. There are usually
regional seminars as well as the annual conference. The key is to get involved
with your local chapter. I would not go so far as to say you’re wasting your time
in just going to the monthly meetings, but what you can learn will be tenfold if
you get involved.

As noted earlier there are a variety of products and services that will need to be
learned, in addition to becoming knowledgeable about the broader topic of
records management. It is important, however, to understand that this will come
over time. It will take a total dedication of the salesperson. But you must be
patient and realize that there is a learning curve.

Getting Started
    Establish Vendors
    Develop Presentations
    Create Proposal Templates
    Mail Out Packages

        Join ARMA
        Attend Seminars
        Join a Leads Group
        Network with Strategic Partners

How to Sell Records Management

Even if you have been fortunate to hire someone with records management
experience, the most important issue is how to sell these services and products.
Records management cannot be sold like a product. If it is, you will not have
much success and when you do, it will be very small solutions. When people buy
products, they have been taught to compare features and prices. They then base
their criteria on these two points and in many cases lose complete sight of what
their needs are and what they are trying to accomplish. You will also find these
customers harder to satisfy. Keep this one point in mind; selling a small system
for $5,000 will take 80% of the same time and effort it takes to sell a larger
system for $25,000 to $75,000.

Records management must be sold as a solution. You need to get to know your
prospect and what their requirements and goals are. You must establish yourself
as someone knowledgeable in the field of records management. Then, working
together, arrive at a solution. Using this approach, the client will look to you for
guidance and suggestions. This allows them to be a part of the solution as well
and at the same time you will be able to maintain control. By the time you have
reached a solution, you have become their mentor. Remember most of the people
you talk with have very little knowledge of records management. They are scared
and are looking for help. If you are successful, you will have accomplished two
things. One, since they have been a part of the solution, they have a vested
interest in making everything come together and work. Without an advocate on
the inside, trying to get a system fully implemented is extremely difficult. Two,
you have established a relationship with them that will be hard to break. They
will fight to make sure you get their order, so they can continue to work with you.
Since most companies and agencies require purchases to be competed, this can be
the difference in doing all the work and losing the sale or making the sale.

Sales Projections
We hesitate using sales volume guidelines because we don’t want to put a self
imposed ceiling on what someone might be able to accomplish. Nor do we want
to give the impression that you are guaranteed to achieve these numbers.
However it’s important from a business model and compensation prospective to
have a guideline. A steel salesperson with the proper support can effectively sell
up to two to three million dollars per year. A records management salesperson
with the proper support can sell from one half a million to one and one half
million a year. Just as on the steel side of the business, you must start adding
support for the salesperson in order to keep increasing sales. Once the half-
million dollar range is accomplished, an inside support person should be added.
The role of the inside person should be to help with quotations, proposals, label
designs, orders and answering phones. Once the million-dollar mark is reached, a
technical person should be added. The tech person or project manager would do
conversions, configurations, installations and training.

Until these plateaus are reached, the salesperson is acting as the project manager
and should outsource as much of the design, installation and training as possible.

Once the original salesperson reaches the one to one and one half million mark, a
second sales person could be added. The support personnel should be able to
support two salespeople each selling a million to one and one half million. Below
is a spreadsheet showing the cash flow analysis.

                               Cash Flow Analysis

*Note: Using the scenario below the first year commission would be
$28,000. Assuming a $45,000 draw would mean a net difference of
$17,000. Depending on if you forgive the first year debt, would determine
if this difference would be made up in the coming months. For purpose of
this scenario we’re assuming the first year will be erased and the
salesperson will start the second year without debt.

     Year 1          Position         Overhead         Vol.        GP 35%            Net
Hiring        Sales Comm. 40%             28,000        200,000       70,000          *25,000

     Year 2          Position         Overhead         Vol.        GP 36%            Net
Increasing    Sales Comm. 40%             72,000        500,000
Adding        Inside Support Salary       30,000
              Total                      102,000         500,000      180,000         78,000

     Year 3          Position         Overhead     Vol.        GP 38%       Net
Increasing    Sales Comm. 40%            114,000    750,000
              Inside Support Salary       30,000
Adding        PM Salary                   50,000
              Total                      194,000    750,000      285,000     91,000

     Year 4          Position         Overhead     Vol.        GP 40%       Net
Increasing    Sales Comm. 40%            240,000   1,500,000     600,000
              Inside Support Salary       30,000
              PM Salary                   50,000
              Total                      320,000   1,500,000     600,000    280,000

     Year 5          Position         Overhead     Vol.        GP 38%       Net
              Sales Comm. 40%            228,000   1,500,000     570,000
Adding        Sales Comm. 40%             45,600     300,000     114,000
Increasing    Inside Support Salary       35,000
Increasing    PM Salary                   60,000
              Total                      368,600   1,800,000     684,000    315,400

     Year 6          Position         Overhead     Vol.        GP 39 %      Net
              Sales Comm. 40%            234,000   1,500,000     585,000
Increasing    Sales Comm. 40%             93,600     600,000     234,000
              Inside Support Salary       35,000
              PM Salary                   60,000
              Total                      422,600   2,100,000     819,000    396,400

     Year 7          Position         Overhead     Vol.        GP 40%       Net
              Sales Comm. 40%            240,000   1,500,000     600,000
Increasing    Sales Comm. 40%            160,000   1,000,000     400,000
Increasing    Inside Support Salary       40,000
Increasing    PM Salary                   65,000
              Total                      505,000   2,500,000    1,000,000   495,000

     Year 8          Position         Overhead     Vol.        GP 40%       Net
              Sales Comm. 40%            240,000   1,500,000     600,000
Increasing    Sales Comm. 40%            240,000   1,500,000     600,000
Increasing    Inside Support Salary       40,000
Increasing    PM Salary                   65,000
              Total                      585,000   3,000,000    1,200,000

The Need to Focus
We don’t think any one of us will be mistaken for rocket scientists. But what we
do has many facets and can be quite complex. For any one job there can be a
multitude of decisions that have to be made. It is critical that you take control of
the decision making process. You do this by being the “expert”. If you fail to do
this, you will end up with an out of control customer. No one product will ever
meet every need that the customer has. You are going to need to show and sell
them on a “better or alternative way”. You have to guide them and take them
down the path. In order to do this you have to know your business and products
inside and out. With everything involved from needs analysis, to determining
filing methods, designing a color-code label, configuring the software,
installation, conversions and training, the last thing you need to be doing is
deciding which of 3 or 4 products to use.

It is important to determine what product and vendor fits the way you do business.
Once you have made the decision, run with it. About the only thing you can
count on in this business is something won’t go as planned. There are simply too
many things that have to be done and coordinated. The key is how you and your
team (subs and vendors) respond when something goes awry. There will always
be a vendor that has a folder or a label for a few cents cheaper, or offers a better
trip for their top dealers, or a conversion service that will do the job for less. Give
me vendors who stand behind their product and service, do the job right the first
time and if not, own up and correct the mistake and I will pay their highest price
and still win more jobs and make more profit. That’s how valuable choosing the
right vendor can be. Don’t get me wrong - everyone has to be competitive.
However, often the lowest price is not what is going to get jobs in this business.
Simplify your life by choosing one good vendor for each product and or service.
In the long run it will pay very large dividends. There are several benefits that
will come with this. One is you will get to know your vendors and products better
and since you aren’t spreading your business around, you will be gaining clout
with them. With that, in time will come the best pricing. But, maybe the most
important benefit will be the loyalty you develop to each other.


     We hope you have found this reading informative and rewarding. We realize
     the investment you are about to make is an important one, and value your
     confidence, by choosing Infolinx as your vendor of choice for records
     management solutions. We have found success comes only when the dealer
     and Infolinx have made a total commitment to each other. Infolinx System
     Solutions is dedicated to our dealers. We therefore find the need to limit the
     number of dealers we enroll each year. Our aim is to have only one dealer in
     any one area. Due to the time we spend in helping develop the business, we
     are very selective in choosing our dealers. We hope you take the same time
     and care in selecting your vendors. If you do, we are confident your choice
     will be Infolinx System Solutions.

The attached appendixes will give you better insight of our company and
products. Infolinx is one of the largest and most established records management
companies in the industry. You will find that we have the most comprehensive
line of records management products available on the market. We are totally
committed to ongoing product improvement and development. But it is our
dedication to supporting our dealers and their clients that truly separates us from
the rest of the industry.

Appendix I
     Infolinx Systems Solutions Business Overview

Executive Summary
Infolinx System Solutions provides records and information management
software solutions to a broad range of commercial and government clients. At
this time we are privileged to have several exclusive agreements in place
providing us with the opportunity to dominate the emerging records and
information management market, as it exists today. We dramatically cut costs
and optimize records management operations with our powerful records
management solutions.

Through the implementation of our trademarked software solution, we enable our network of
dealers to excel in our highly competitive market. With our exclusive agreements we hold the keys
to be the leader in both paper based and electronic records and information management solutions.
Through our dealers we offer to our clients turnkey solutions to their everyday problems
associated with managing their paper and electronic documents.

We offer our dealers/customers: Infolinx records management software (client
server and true web based), imaging, electronic document management,
workflow, on-demand color and bar-coded labels, and fully integrated Radio
Frequency (RFID) technology.

Business Description
Infolinx System Solutions provides both software and services to manage
critical business documents throughout their entire lifecycle from creation
through final disposition. We manage physical paper documents along with
electronic files in a single system distributed over a network or web server.
Infolinx products and services are particularly beneficial in managing records
that have an active life and that physically move throughout an organization.
Our suite of products is not specific to a particular industry. Infolinx is
currently implemented in businesses as diverse as an accounting firm,
pharmaceutical company and an aluminum manufacturer. The accounting
firm manages tax and audit records, the pharmaceutical company manages
legal patent files, product lot, test and batch records and the aluminum
manufacturer uses Infolinx to manage its aluminum production. Infolinx can
dramatically increase accountability, efficiency and accuracy while reducing

Our systems are scalable in platform as we offer both client-server and web-
based solutions. Our products and services include commercial off the shelf
(COTS), and custom software, database conversions, hardware products such
as Intermec barcode scanners and RFID solutions, installation, training,

maintenance and support.

Infolinx System Solutions provides records and information management
software solutions to a large nationally distributed dealer network.
Additionally, our products and tools allow dealers to participate in the full
design and deployment effort without the investment of costly IT
professionals. As we developed our suite of products we knew our success
depended upon providing tools for non-technical organizations to resell
Infolinx. Today we offer an online records management survey, which takes the end-user client through a series of
questions describing their particular requirements. From the survey, any non-
technical individual can design and deploy a fully functional application via
our configuration wizard. This wizard allows for incorporation of many
specific business requirements in a COTS system. Some unique features
include receipt of required documents and implementation of complex,
multilevel retention schedules.

This unique process allows our dealers to make significant profit on both
product and services. We are creating the path for unlimited growth in an
untapped market.

Competitive Analysis
Our diverse product offering brings us head to head with some of the nation’s
leading consultative workflow and records management solution providers.
None of the companies in these categories offer the same breadth and unique
combination of product and services Infolinx does.

Our corporate structure easily distinguishes us from our competition through
the following competitive advantages:

Purchasing power, supplier relations: We have formed a financially
desirable alliance with our barcode scanner partner providing unmatched
pricing and service, removing the burden of support from our dealers.

Exclusive alliances: We have secured unique, long-term alliances to provide
Infolinx at a time when our market may be at its peak. Additionally we have
negotiated various agreements offering enhanced solutions for tracking files
and imaging documents unmatched in our industry.

We offer RFID solutions eliminating the need for line of sight reading of
barcodes. RFID provides other unique and desirable features used in
inventory reconciliation, locating lost records and rapidly tracking inner files
and sub-files. Our product offering is taking the traditional barcode industry to

a new level with RFID solutions.

Proven technology: Infolinx is in its third complete product iteration making
it extremely mature, reliable and functional.

Company Summary
Infolinx System Solutions combines leading business records management
software with extensive industry knowledge to provide rapid, yet thorough
solutions. Our team of architects designs, develops and markets leading
business records management tools and knowledge together in a software
solution. Our approach includes software and services providing simple, on
time, client centric, and problem solving solutions. Infolinx provides industry
proven records and information management tools allowing all businesses to
have legally compliant, reliable records and information management systems.
We offer a rewarding work environment, competitive compensation to our
employees and tremendous opportunity.

We have captured the attention of our dealers with the simplicity and
completeness of our records management solutions. We provide our dealers
the unique ability to confidently address their customer’s needs. Our dealers’
expertly customized solutions are far exceeding their customer’s expectations
with products and services unmatched in our industry.

Company History
Infolinx System Solutions began as a VAR in 1987. Recognizing the need for
comprehensive, well-architected records and information management
systems, we committed in 1993 to develop our own suite of products. [Our
market was then and still is flooded with untested, incomplete and
unsupported records management software systems.]

Over the past three years we have achieved solid growth in sales and product
development. We are positioned to grow with our product offering, our dealer
network and our partners.

Market Analysis
In our ever-increasing information based world of today, managing paper and electronic
documents represents a serious challenge to many businesses. In a recent Department of Labor
study, the cost of managing paper-based files alone is 67% labor. The Infolinx family of products
reduces this figure significantly by automating all of the manual tasks associated with records and
information management. This helps eliminate redundant tasks while increasing accountability
and efficiency. We provide practical information management solutions that produce immediate

The current market conditions forcing implementation and maintenance of

fully accountable records and information management systems will never be
greater than they are today. Enron and Arthur Andersen have set the course
for all businesses to be accountable for the ethical and consistent management
and destruction of business records and documents.

As an organization, Infolinx System Solutions has made the commitment to
stay well ahead of our competitors with respect to product development
strategies and solution partners. This commitment is the foundation for our

Appendix II
Scope of Products and Services

The Infolinx Family of Products and Services is the only solution available
today that provides a comprehensive offering of contemporary records and
information management products.

Our product offering begins at the most basic level with Infolinx Express
which bundles robust records tracking features with a color label print system
to target the lower-end client. This inexpensive tracking solution was designed
to replace the simple “on-demand color labeling software”. This solution
provides the end user client with the fundamental, necessary records
management functions to get started. The Infolinx Express system even
functions in a “self-serve” mode, eliminating the requirement for a records
manager while providing the insurance of a sophisticated comprehensive
records and information management package.

Infolinx SE completes our product offering in the client server market.
Infolinx SE is a client server, object oriented analysis and design (OOAD),
data-driven application. It was developed in Visual Basic 6, beginning in 1997
and released in 2000. Infolinx SE is exceptionally unique with its wizard
driven design and deployment tools. Infolinx SE may be deployed against
Microsoft Access, SQL Server, or Oracle. Infolinx SE is scalable to hundreds
of users operating on millions of records. Infolinx SE is a mature, feature-rich,
complete records management application. Below are sample screen shots
from an Infolinx SE application. All the business fields in the screens are
configurable and can be edited at anytime by the administrator.

Sample Infolinx SE Conceptual Dataview Screen Prints
Client Files Dataview

Microfiche Dataview

The Infolinx SE design was developed to resemble Microsoft Outlook making it
easy to learn and intuitive to follow.

This particular application was tracking files and microfiche. Custom
programming was involved to calculate which data elements were on each roll of

Individual Dataview

Each view of data is concise, keeping all similar data elements together;
Files, Microfiche, Individuals, Boxes and Places.

Box Dataview

This view illustrates the hierarchical data elements, visually displaying which
files are in a box and where the box is physically located.

Place Dataview

In this view you can see the place, “Main File Room” and some of it contents.

You may also search by individuals and see what records each person may
have in the system.
Currently we are seeing tremendous demand for a more contemporary type of
software application. A product that is more easily supported by IT staff and
can service our geographically dispersed working population. This type of a
product is referred to as a “Thin Client”, “True Web” or “Browser Based”
application. Our solution to this is Infolinx Web.

Infolinx Web was designed with speed and scalability in mind, available for
both department level applications as “Infolinx Web Express” and
organizational level applications as “Infolinx Web Enterprise”.

Infolinx Web is a native web application that uses the very latest in
commercial web programming technologies, including Microsoft .NET
architecture. The only requirement for gaining access to the Infolinx Web
product is an Intranet or Internet connection and a supported web browser,
such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. It is ideal for clients who are interested
in providing access to geographically dispersed users. It is also attractive to IT
organizations that require the ease of deployment of a thin client.

Infolinx Web runs on Windows 2000 servers using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 for the database. It
uses stored procedures for database access and ASP.NET pages, not ActiveX controls for the user
interface. As a result, Infolinx Web provides a much richer and more responsive user experience
than most contemporary web applications. Infolinx Web continues to support many of the features
that distinguish Infolinx records management products. These features include multi-level
tracking, easy configuration and installation, and support for Images and Electronic Documents.

Infolinx Web Express: Is a true thin client solution designed to work within
the framework of a departmental level solution.

Infolinx Web Enterprise: This system was designed with a corporate
enterprise solution in mind, allowing multiple department access.

Infolinx Web Conceptual Application

Infolinx Web was also engineered and developed in accordance with high
standards of quality and control. Rigorous testing and application of industry
knowledge guarantees a superior end-user and administrator experience. Our
experienced quality control staff uses industry standard tools to assist in the
identification and resolution of any deficiencies in a timely manner.

Infolinx System Solutions has applied over 20 years of file tracking and software
industry experience to create a superior solution that makes tracking and
requesting files as easy and quick as possible.

Infolinx Web is configured using our internal Wizards and tools. This means that
we can quickly create the appropriate data entry and search screens without
having to re-program or re-compile programs. This results in our ability to
quickly deliver Infolinx Web to meet a client’s needs without resorting to time-
consuming programming efforts.

Infolinx Web is designed to cleanly separate the user-interface from the business
rules and the data access layer.

Infolinx Web is a native web application designed to operate as a series of
“stateless” web page requests. This means that Infolinx Web does not need to
maintain a lot of data on the server for the duration of a user’s interaction with the
system. This ultimately means that the web and database servers supporting
Infolinx Web do not need inordinate amounts of memory or disk space. Further, it
means that there is much less chance of unanticipated errors due to a complex
program. Infolinx Web can support a variety of security models including
Windows Authentication, Forms and Passport.

Infolinx Web was designed using an Object Orient Analysis and Design (OOAD)
methodology and Object Orient Programming (OOP) practices. This object
orientation ensures that each component of the Infolinx Web system is designed
to perform a primary function in a precise and well-defined manner. Further, the
interaction between each component is very clearly defined. This precise
delineation of component responsibilities enables Infolinx to easily upgrade
components as needed and as future requirements demand.

Infolinx features common in both web and client server solutions:
The following features will dramatically improve the client’s business process by
increasing efficiency and accuracy.

     Intelligent Folder visual organization with Graphical Location Display
     Infolinx provides a graphical on-screen display of your file item location in
     the form of a tree-view much like MS Outlook and Explorer. The current
     location of the file is displayed.

     Simple, Familiar, User-friendly Interface
     Infolinx is designed with a friendly graphical interface that is similar to MS
     Outlook. All functions are easily performed from one main data view

     Fully-integrated Barcode Technology
     Infolinx fully integrated barcode support provides the fastest, most efficient
     method of tracking items. Using barcode readers, both tethered and portable,
     you can instantly check items in or out of the file room or transfer to a new
     location without manual data entry.

     Fully Integrated Color and Barcode Labels
     Infolinx provides seamless integration with all mainstream computer-
     generated color and bar code labels systems.
     Full life-cycle tracking
     Infolinx provides accuracy and accountability through every phase of your
     record’s life cycle. Infolinx tracks records from creation, active life, inactive,
     archived (boxed), to destruction.

     Powerful Searching
     Infolinx provides powerful searching capabilities. Searching can be
     performed on any of the custom business fields that you have designated.
     Search results are returned in a grid format allowing easy navigation to the
     desired record.

     Flexible Query
     Flexible query empowers the user to create and save complex searches to
     retrieve data relevant to the item.

     Simple On-line File Request
     All users can query Infolinx to find a record and request it right from their
     desk through our simplified on-line request function.

     Wait List
     Infolinx supports wait lists to facilitate multiple requests for the same items.
     Wait list items show up in red on the pending request screen, alerting file
     room staff that someone is waiting for that record.

     Simple File room Transfer Function
     File room transfers are easy, making the check out process simple and
     efficient. Features include tools for packing boxes, one-step check-in and
     proof of receipt.

     Action Barcodes
     Action barcodes perform quick, simple system functions without touching the
     keyboard. Faster task completion = more efficient staff.

     Item History
     Infolinx provides a complete accountability through the item history feature,
     including action performed, by whom, location, and date & time stamp etc.

     Integrated Retention Scheduling
     Retention schedules can be applied to each item type, helping to manage the
     entire life cycle of records, reducing the cost associated with storing and
     managing outdated or inactive records.

     Comprehensive Reporting
     Infolinx report module enables accurate retrieval of current system data,
     putting information in the right hands at the right time, allowing timely
     management decisions. Reports include current pending requests, files out by
     employee, location audit, box contents, and more.

     Ad-Hoc Reporting
     Flexible ad-hoc reporting empowers the user to create and save complex
     searches to retrieve data from the system. Retrieved data may then be printed
     or exported.

     User Defined Preferences
     System, Workstation, and User preferences allow the Infolinx application to
     be tailored to meet your daily business activities. System preferences follow
     the application to all levels, Workstation preferences stay with the PC and
     User preferences move with the user.

     Event Notification
     Notifications allow message box alerts to be sent to Infolinx users as certain
     events take place, thus improving communications between item users and
     item custodians.

     Self Serve Mode
     In the self-serve mode the user does not have to have any keyboard or mouse
     intervention. With bar-code or RFID you can simply scan the folders and user
     ID to either checkout or return the files.

     Integrity Sweep
     Infolinx supports both RFID readers and portable bar code readers, which
     allow you to perform periodic office integrity sweeps or inventory
     reconciliation to capture updated locations of files, which may have
     circumvented the file room procedure.

     RFID integrity Sweeps
     RFID technology allows multiple files to be read and inventoried without the
     line of sight required with standard barcode technology. RFID portable
     readers provide enhanced inventorying capability allowing the user to upload
     lists to increase efficiency. These lists may contain information pertaining to

     lost files or files ready to be archived. The reader will beep in different tones
     based on the type of file it is reading.

     Infolinx provides three password-protected pre-configured roles, which define
     the rights assigned to that user. The three roles are:
      Administrative User – All system rights plus add/delete users, system
      File Room User – All file room functions - create records, transfer records,
         print labels, etc.
      General User – Search, view, and request rights only.
      Security can be configured to the document level.

     Comprehensive On-Line Help
     Comprehensive on-line help as well as printed manuals support Infolinx.

     Electronic Document Management (Optional Feature)
     Any other type of electronic file (e.g. spreadsheets, word processing
     documents, graphical files, sound files, etc.) may be attached to items within
     Infolinx and then launched in its native application software directly from
     within Infolinx.

     Infolinx Basic Imaging Document Viewer (Optional Feature)
     Infolinx document image viewer provides the ability to scan critical
     documents within Infolinx and attach them to an item. This allows access to
     critical documents, improving workflow.

     Comprehensive Infolinx Imaging powered by OnBase

     Through the Infolinx partnership with Hyland Software we are pleased to
     offer OnBase. OnBase is a superior document management system that
     combines workflow, document management, imaging, and report management
     technologies in a single client server or web-based application. Infolinx and
     OnBase provide a complete solution by dynamically organizing and
     controlling the delivery of documents and by interactively managing the
     business process in which these documents are used. We enable organizations
     to streamline their operations and share information among their employees,
     partners and customers.

     Below is a sampling of the modules offered through Infolinx’s partnership
     with OnBase.

     Document Imaging – The Infolinx OnBase Document Imaging module
     allows users to digitize their paper documents through the use of a document
     scanner. It utilizes either a Kofax or a TWAIN interface to drive the scanner.
     Documents are scanned into user-defined queues and then the user assigns
     keywords to the documents. The Document imaging module can utilize bar
     code technology in order to automatically index documents (Kofax only).
     Scanning paper allows users to more quickly access their documents and to
     simultaneously view documents across an organization.

     COLD – The Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD) module processes data
     files in order to identify documents within the file and store the keywords of
     those documents. These files are usually generated by mainframe and line of
     business systems. The COLD module provides quick and easy access to text
     documents and greatly reduces the need for paper and/or microfiche (a.k.a.
     hard costs). The COLD module currently processes ASCII text files.

     Digital Signatures – The Infolinx OnBase Digital Signatures module
     incorporates the technology of Silanis “Approve It!” digital signature
     technology. Users have the ability to digitally sign documents. This is often
     used in a workflow implementation that requires strict approval of documents.
     The digital signatures can also notify a user if the image they are looking at
     has been modified in anyway since the signature was applied (only applies to
     image documents). This functionality is currently not available via the web
     server application.

     Document Distribution – The Infolinx OnBase Document Distribution
     module takes the Image Statement module to the next level. Instead of
     printing statements, the Document Distribution module allows a user to
     automatically e-mail, fax, or publish a customer’s statement. This module can

     also send a notification to a customer that their statement is available on the
     company’s web server. You have the ability to send a statement in multiple
     formats (e.g. e-mail and CD) per account. A pre-configured workflow process
     is in place to handle items that come back as undeliverable. This module can
     greatly reduce statement mailing costs for a company and enable statements to
     be delivered in real time. In order to publish automatically, we will need a
     Rimage CD-burning system.

     Document Retention – The Infolinx OnBase Document Retention module
     allows a customer to configure one to many document types for automatic
     removal and destruction from the system. A customer may only need to retain
     certain document types for a limited amount of time and this module will
     allow for the ease-of-use in eliminating “expired” documents. There are 2
     retention types: static and dynamic. The module does not have the ability to
     do content based removal decisions when using a static retention type, only by
     the document type the document belongs to. You may configure a dynamic
     retention type that can utilize workflow, VB scripts, or an external processor
     to do more complex document retention evaluations and processing. Once a
     document has been purged it is no longer present in the Infolinx OnBase

     EDM Services – The Infolinx OnBase Electronic Document Management
     (EDM) Services module allows a user to store 3rd-party application
     documents into OnBase via an ODMA interface as well as tracking revisions
     of documents. OnBase revision control is the check-in and checkout services
     that allow only one person at a time to modify a document, while other people
     still have access to a read-only copy of the document. Documents imported
     via ODMA can be assigned keywords, which make for fast retrieval of
     application documents. Storing revisions of documents gives a user insight
     into the history of a particular document. Current limitations include storage
     of compound documents and the unreliability of the ODMA standard (Excel is
     not ODMA compliant for example).

     E-Forms – The Infolinx OnBase E-Forms module enables a user to create
     (Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) based forms within the OnBase
     system. This allows an end user to reduce the number of paper-based forms
     within a company. E-forms are almost always a part of a workflow solution.
     You are able to call auto-fill key-sets, custom queries, and cross references
     from an E-form. The E-forms template document needs to be created outside
     of OnBase and then imported in.

     Exception Reporting – The Infolinx OnBase Exception Reporting module
     allows a user to create reports containing information about documents that
     are supposed to be in the system but are not.

     Full Text Indexing – The Infolinx OnBase Full Text Indexing module allows
     a user to perform complex searches of an index catalog in order to find the
     existence of a word/phrase in the body of a document. We can perform Full-
     Text Indexing using Microsoft Index Server or Verity Full-Text Integration as
     the backend technology. The client may full text index COLD documents,
     application documents, and the Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
     rendition of image documents. Full text index searches are much faster than
     straight text searches and provide for more search parameters (e.g. find “x”
     near “y” or find forms of a word - see, saw, seen or SoundEx). Documents are
     entered into a full text catalog if their document type is assigned to a full text

     OCR – The Infolinx OnBase OCR module works in conjunction with the
     OnBase Imaging module and allows a user to create a text rendition of an
     image document. The text rendition can then be searched via regular text
     search or inserted into a full text catalog. This gives users the ability to search
     the body of a document instead of just using keyword values. OnBase
     incorporates the Xerox Textbridge product as its OCR engine.

     Outlook Integration - The Infolinx OnBase Microsoft Outlook Integration
     allows a Microsoft Outlook user to interact with an OnBase document
     management system through the familiarity of the standard Outlook Email
     client interface. The application provides users with the ability to save emails
     and/or any associated attachments by simply dragging the email to the
     “OnBase” Outlook folder. The user is then presented the OnBase Import
     dialogue box to enter the associated index values. The OnBase Outlook
     Integration also enables users to instantly retrieve documents from the OnBase
     repository from the Outlook interface.

     Web Server – The Infolinx OnBase Web Server allows a user to access
     OnBase documents and workflow through a browser. For Web Clients this
     solution does not require an ODBC connection to the database, which makes
     it useful if the people retrieving documents are unknown (the public). The
     Web Server itself still needs an ODBC connection to the database. The
     OnBase Web Server does not provide a client with all the functionality of the
     OnBase thick client, nor does it provide for any interface for COLD, DIP, and
     Check processing. The OnBase Web Server runs on a Windows platform
     using IIS. The Web client can be deployed with IE and some versions of

     Workflow – The Infolinx OnBase Workflow module uses a configurable set
     of rules and actions to consistently route documents through a business
     process. It has the ability to prompt users for input or to automatically process
     documents based on a keyword or other information. Workflow allows a
     company to streamline document-processing throughput by incorporating a
     company’s rules and policies into the workflow system. Workflow is often
     extended using VB scripts. A workflow implementation requires detailed
     consulting work prior to roll out.

Appendix III.

 301-942-1224         1-800-251-8399           

        Infolinx Confidential Dealer Price List
  Item                                                                           Suggested
                           Product Description                      Dealer Net
 Number                                                                          Sale Price
IXSE        Infolinx SE Software License                             $7,995*      $23,065
                   Server License
                   SQL Server or Oracle database
                   3 Concurrent Seats
                   1 Intermec 1800 Scanner Kit w/ Silver Service
                   1 Printed Manual
                   90-day Service Plan
IXSEA       Infolinx SE Software License (Access Only)               $5,995*      $17,295
                   Server License
                   Access database
                   3 Concurrent Seats
                   1 Intermec 1800 Scanner Kit w/ Silver Service
                   1 Printed Manual
                   90-day Service Plan
IXEX        Infolinx Express Software License (Access Only)          $1,995        $5,755
                   Standalone License
                   Access database
                   1 Intermec 1800 Scanner Kit w/ Silver Service
                   1 Printed Manual
                   90-day Service Plan
IXWEB       Infolinx WEB Software License                            Call for     Call for
                   Server License                                   quote        quote
                   Site License
                   Unlimited Dataviews
                   1 Intermec 1800 Scanner Kit w/ Silver Service

IXWEBE      Infolinx WEB Express Software License                    $12,995      $36,990
                   Server License
                   10 Concurrent Seats
                   4 Dataviews
                   1 Intermec 1800 Scanner Kit w/ Silver Service

INPRO       Intaglio Pro                                             $2,195        $2,995

INPRINT    Intaglio Print                                           $995            $1,495
INZIP      Intaglio Zip                                             $150             $495
CBG        Colorbar Gold                                           $1,850           $2,895
  Item                                                                            Suggested
                            Product Description                  Dealer Net
 Number                                                                           Sale Price
                                          Software (continued)
IXOBB1     Infolinx EDMS Bundle #1                                 $19,995          $29,995
                  OnBase Multi-User Server License
                  OnBase Configuration
                  OnBase EDM Services
                  OnBase Production Document Imaging
IXOBB2        
           Infolinx EDMS Bundle #2                                 $14,995          $22,995
                 OnBase Multi-User Server License
                 OnBase Configuration
                 OnBase EDM Services
IXOBB3     Infolinx EDMS Bundle #3                                 $14,995          $22,995
                 OnBase Multi-User Server License
                 OnBase Configuration
                 OnBase Production Document Imaging

                                         Software Upgrades
IXUPG            Competitive Product to Infolinx                 50% of           60% of
                 Infolinx Sequential Version Upgrade            Upgraded         Upgraded
                 Infolinx Access to SQL Server/Oracle            Product          Product
                 Infolinx SE to Infolinx WEB                      Price            Price
IXOBWS     Infolinx EDMS Web Server                                $9,995           $14,995
IXOBCOLD   Infolinx EDMS COLD ERM                                  $9,995           $14,995
IXOBEF     Infolinx EDMS E-Forms                                   $9,995           $14,995
IXOBWF     Infolinx EDMS Workflow                                  $9,995           $14,995
IXOBFTI    Infolinx EDMS Full-Text Indexing                        $9,995           $14,995
IXOBOI     Infolinx EDMS Outlook Integration                       $4,995           $7,995
IXOBCDA    Infolinx EDMS CD Authoring                               $995            $1,995
                                         Software Accessories
IXMA       Infolinx Maintenance (1-800 Help Desk)                15% of Net       20% of Gross
IXSL25     Infolinx Additional Seat Licenses (1-25)                $300              $770
IXSL50     Infolinx Additional Seat Licenses (26-50)               $250              $640
IXSL100    Infolinx Additional Seat Licenses (51-133)              $225              $577
IXSLSL     Infolinx Site License ( >133)                          $30,000           $40,000
IXOBSL     Infolinx EDMS Seat Licenses                           Call for quote   Call for quote
                                                                 18% of EDMS      23% of EDMS
IXOBMA     Infolinx EDMS Maintenance                                 Net             Gross
IXDV       Infolinx Additional Dataviews                           $1,800           $3,500
IXIM       Infolinx Imaging Module                                 $1,800           $3,500

IXEM      Infolinx E-Docs Module                                    $3,500        $5,000
IXCR      Infolinx Custom Reports                                  $150/hr.      $225/hr.
IXCM      Infolinx Custom Modifications                            $150/hr.      $225/hr.
          Professional Services
IXDC      Data Conversion                                        $1,200/day     $1,500/day
IXFC      Folder Conversion                                       Call for       Call for
IXITR     Remote (Web-based) Installation and Training             quote
                                                                 $100/hour        quote
  Item                                                                          Suggested
                          Product Description                    Dealer Net
 Number                                                                         Sale Price
          Professional Services (continued)

IXIT      Installation and Training                              $1,200/day +   $1,500/day
                                                                   T and E       + T and E
IX1800    Intermec 1800 Tethered Scanner Kit                        $395          $570
                 Power supply w/DC jack
                 1 Year Silver 2-day replacement service plan

IX1802    Intermec 1802 Cordless Scanner Kit                       $1,000         $1,400
                 Scanner battery
                 Charging Station
                 Setup CD, Manual
                 1 Year Silver 2-day replacement service plan

IX2410    Intermec 2410 Portable Scanner Kit                       $2,000         $2,500
                 2410 Scanner Gun
                 Backup battery
                 4-slot battery charger
                 Com dock
                 1 year Silver 2-day replacement service plan
                 9F-9F, Null-modem, 5-wire, RS232
                 Hand strap
                 User Manual
                 Power supply
                 Power cord for charger

IX2420    Intermec 2420 Portable Scanner Kit                       $2,500         $3,200
                2420 Scanner Gun
                Rugged Casing
                Backup battery
                4-slot battery charger
                Com dock
                1 year Silver 2-day replacement service plan
                9F-9F, Null-modem, 5-wire, RS232
                Hand strap
                User Manual
                Power supply
                Power cord for charger
IXRFR     RFID (Radio-Frequency) Reader                            $1,295         $1,695

IXRFP   RFID (Radio-Frequency) Portable Device    $4,995     $5,995

IXRFT   RFID (Radio-Frequency) Tags              95¢/each   $1.25/each

Appendix IV Training & Sales Support
   The Infolinx team is exceptionally supportive of all training efforts. We know
   first hand that given the unique nature of our products and the industry we
   work in, that dynamic, participative, and interactive training is critical. The
   only way for our dealers and resellers to be successful in our highly
   competitive market is to invest time in training. A knowledgeable sales
   person will always get the job when Records Management and Technology
   products are being presented.

     All Infolinx resellers and dealers must be committed to get themselves
     adequately trained using our superior method combining records management
     basics and business application.

     We offer a significant resource of information, knowledge, and tools with our
     on-line survey, our training CDs, wizard design and complete documentation.
     Our staff is available to assist in any way they can from answering technical
     questions to presenting Infolinx to the client.

     Given the diverse background of our dealers we may wish to have a
     combination of training sessions and round table discussions to aid in the
     spread of knowledge of records management and our industry.

Sales Support
   The Infolinx team provides the highest level of service, sales and technical
   support in our industry. We are known for our in-depth support both in
   assisting our dealers and in working with the end user customer. We are
   always available for questions and to help with generic or industry focused
   “lunch and learns”, pre-sales consultation, specific needs-based customer
   focused web presentations via our web meeting site and general corporate

     We feel that a critical aspect to the success of our effort will be rapid response
     to the needs of our dealers. We will appoint specific individuals with years of
     experience to manage this effort. Infolinx technical staff members are
     available to help and are divided by expertise, client server and web.

     And most importantly, although mentioned in another section, training is the
     most critical element to back up sales support.

     We are available to go out into the field on an as needed basis. We only ask
     that we have a teleconference with the client prior to scheduling travel plans.

     We are committed to add staff members as the need arises to cover our dealers
     and to help them grow.


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