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									Clean Energy Policy Analysis
     With RETScreen®

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   Raise awareness of clean energy

   Show how RETScreen can be
    used throughout the policy cycle

   Introduce the RETScreen Clean
    Energy Policy Toolkit
What is RETScreen?

 World’s preeminent clean energy decision-making software

 36 languages covering more than 2/3rds of the world’s population

 More than 325,000 users in 222 countries and territories; over 400
  universities and colleges using for teaching and research

 Over $7 billion in user savings as of 2012

 Provided free-of-charge by the Government of Canada
Clean Energy Policies - Incentives

 Direct Cash Payments
    Grants and Rebates
    Performance-Based Payments

 Tax Incentives
    Tax Credits
    Tax Exemptions
    Accelerated Depreciation

 Loan Programs
Clean Energy Policies - Regulations

 Building Code Mandates

 Favourable Permitting

 Interconnection Standards
Clean Energy Policies - Hybrids

 Feed-in Tariffs

 Utility Quota Obligations

 Net Metering

 Emissions & Environmental
  Attributes Trading
RETScreen for Projects and Policy

  RETScreen as a tool to demonstrate the viability of clean
    energy projects

  But also…

  …useful for planning, designing, implementing, and
   reviewing the viability of clean energy policies
The Policy Cycle

 Inform

 Design

 Implement

 Monitor

 Review
Examples of RETScreen Use for Policy

 International (UNFCCC)

 National (Canada)

 Sub-National (Texas)

 Municipal (Toronto)

 Utility (National Grid)
RETScreen Clean Energy Policy Toolkit

 Developed by RETScreen International

 Financially supported by a grant from the Renewable
  Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP)

 Includes Case Studies/Templates, e-Textbook Chapter,
  Training Slides, and Sample Documents

 Available on the RETScreen Website and within the
  RETScreen User Manual
Case Studies & Templates

 Power – Photovoltaic – Feed-in Tariff – Policy / Canada

 Power – Wind – GHG Reduction Income – Policy / China

 Heating – Solar Water Heater – Capital Cost Incentive – Policy / USA

 User-defined – Tax and Finance Measures – Policy / Canada

                             + many more!
Presentation Slides & e-Textbook Chapter

             See e-Textbook
      Clean Energy Project Analysis:
    RETScreen® Engineering and Cases

Clean Energy Policy Analysis with RETScreen
Case Study: GHG Reduction Income

   Basic information:
        100 MW off-shore wind farm
        Cost @ $2,500/kW
        70% debt @ 6% interest rate

   Scenario 1:
        Guess at capacity factor of 30%
        Assume cost of coal-fired electricity is around $0.06/kWh
        2% annual escalation rate

   Scenario 2:
        Determine rate ($/CO2) on the carbon market required to
         be paid to the project developer (over 21 years) to
         achieve an 18% pre-tax IRR on equity

                    Clean Energy Policy Toolkit
  RETScreen® International Clean Energy Project Analysis Course

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