HA33 Safety Alert Grass Cutting Operation v1 by AUlsb4S


									         Red – To be communicated immediately / on receipt of this alert

         Amber – To be actively communicated within 5 working days                                                                     Green

         Green – For information and to be made available as deemed appropriate

Subject/Title                                          Grass / Vegetation Cutting Operation (safeguards)

Incident Description:

A member of public (MOP) vehicle was hit by a flying object as a result of a maintenance operation.


MOP contacted the Highways Agency Information Line (HAIL) to report an incident that occurred while travelling on our network.

Equipment used during a maintenance operation ejected a piece of debris that hit a passing MOP vehicle. This impacted the front passenger
door and shattered the window / glass.

This could have resulted in a potentially series incident had the driver lost control of their vehicle on live-lanes.

No further details on the location of incident or contractor involved were provided by the MOP.

In view of this report we would request that all of our supply chain a) review risk assessments for this type of work b) ensure the appropriate
guarding is in place on equipment and c) this is checked on a regular basis.

Lessons Learnt:

This safety alert is being issued as a reminder that all network operations & equipment must be risk assessed and appropriate safe systems
of work implemented to protect the operators and our road users.


   o Alert to be forwarded to those involved with grass / vegetation cutting operations

   o Ensure appropriate risk assessments have been carried out and safeguards in place

   o Periodic inspections of equipment and work processes should be undertaken to ensure best practice

   o Where appropriate work areas should be cleared of debris before operations commence

   o Accidents / incidents of this nature must be reported by the contractor involved on AIRSweb

Further Information: Although not specifically related to working on high speed roads, HSE guidance Safe use of rotary flail hedge cutters &
Basic risk assessment example: Flail hedge cutter (tractor-mounted) provides useful advice on managing risks associated with flail cutting.

Ref: HA33                                                        Issued: 19/05/10                                  Document Owner: Wayne Mullin

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