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									       Standard Operating Procedure For
             Handling Complaints

To ensure that patients get a standardised, high level of care.
To ensure that complaints are handled with the utmost care and a procedure
is in place to make the most of a patients review.

This SOP covers all complaints made in the pharmacy about the pharmacy
and its services.


It is the responsibility of all pharmacy staff to handle complaints received
by a patient.

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Operating                        Handling Complaints
                         Responsibility: Pharmacist [P], Technician [T], Assistant [A].

Process Steps                                   Key Points
1. Identification of a complaint.              Complaints are often seen as a bad            [P]
                                               thing for a business, however, they can       [T]
If a patient would like to make a complaint it be extremely useful. By listening ,           [A]
does not necessarily have to be written        services can be streamlined and
down.                                          improved.

Try to judge the complaint as to whether it is Be as polite as possible when dealing
resolvable there and then or requires further with a complaint as the customer is
attention.                                     often aggravated.
2. Further attention.                            In most cases a complaint is usually       [P]
                                                 due to a simple understanding which        [T]
If the patient requires further attention, refer can easily be resolved, however if this is [A]
the patient to the pharmacist.                   not the case proceed to stage 3.
3. Receiving a complaint.                       Make sure that all the details required      [P]
                                                are filled in. Especially:                   [T]
Fill out the “Complaints Form”.                                                              [A]
                                                • Name of the patient
                                                Name of the people involved
                                                Detailed account of the incident.

                                                If the complaint is direct directly at the
                                                pharmacist the RPSGB may have to be
4. Investigate.                                 Do not fully rely on one source, ask all     [P]
                                                staff members who were present and           [T]
The complaint needs to be investigated as       talk to the customer involved.
to what happened.                               Remember to fill out the investigation
                                                log documenting what research was
5. Create an action plan.                       Create a staged action plan.                 [P]

After the investigation has found out what
happened, formulate how to resolve the
6. Review the problem.                          Check whether the problem is resolved        [P]
                                                if not, create a further action plan to      [T]
The problem should be reviewed after 2          remedy the situation.

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Known risks:

Additional notes:

Review procedure:
This SOP is dynamic, and should be constantly updated when and where necessary. The
above box can be filled concerning new staff, adverse incidents or any new circumstance
which arise after the publication of this first version. If no errors, incidences or RPSGB
recommendations occur a review will be carried out every six months starting from the
creation date*. This review will update the SOP content and format with the goal to
enable better handling of complaints.

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