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									AHP Postgraduate Training Project

          Margaret Moorehead
 Assistant Director of Allied Health Professions
              South Eastern Trust
Aim of the Project

• To scope the Training Needs for
  Postgraduate education for Allied Health
  Professionals* in Northern Ireland and
  develop an accountable and transparent
  commissioning cycle.

  (Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and
   Language Therapy, Radiography, Dietetics, Podiatry,
New arrangements from 1st April 2010
• Establishment of Education
  Commissioning Group for Allied Health
  Professions – first meeting held April 2010
• Membership of Group:
  Representation from Public Heath Agency,
  DHSS&PS – HR and AHP,
  Business and contracts Manager,
  AHP Trust Representatives.

 Additional Interim membership initial 6 months:
  Representative NIPEC and each AHP
• Aims AHP Education Commissioning
• To oversee the process of commissioning of
  education, learning and development
  opportunities for Allied Health Professionals
  to enable the development of knowledge,
  skills and competencies required for delivery
  of safe and effective care to patients, families,
  communities and populations.
• To ensure that the process is open and
  transparent and that programmes are
  evidence based and reflect service need.
• To ensure that programmes lead to improved
  service delivery and patient outcomes
• To ensure Value for Money
New arrangements from November 2010

• Establish Education Strategy Group
  for Allied Health Professions – first
  meeting approx Nov 2010
• Draft Membership of Group:
  Representation from each Professional
  Group, Business and contracts
  manager, DHSS&PS Chief AHP officer,
  NIPEC, representatives from Education
Role Education Strategy Group
•   The ESG will meet to create an effective
    link between the DHSSPS, the HSC and
    Education Providers.
•   The ESG will provide advice on issues
    relating to the Strategic direction of AHP
    education and respond to consultation as
•   The ESG will explore issues relating to
    three main themes:
•          Professional regulation/practice
•          Modernising learning
•          Commissioning of Education relating
    to policy, strategic and professional
Regional Professional Managers
• Each profession to scope, collate and
  prioritise training needs
• Develop Training Plan for each profession
  linked with KSF, staff PDPs, Trust and
  Regional priorities
• Increased opportunites for access to
  Multiprofessional courses for AHP staff
• Each manager to agree how information
  will be communicated to and received
  from Trust ECG representative
Education Providers

• Review Current Post Graduate Training
  Provision for AHPs
• New Mechanisms for Identifying Training
• Identify Opportunities for Multi –
  professional Training
• Evaluation of Programmes
• Ideas for the Future on how training
• Costing
Draft AHP Post-Registration Education
Commissioning Cycle
                      •DHSSPS commissioning
                      proforma circulated to all HSC
                      Trusts for completion

                      •On return, regional priorities are
                      discussed by the ECG

                      •ECG submit proposed
                      commissioning plan to the
                      DHSSPS for agreement

                      •Programmes purchased by the
                      DHSSPS from Education Providers
                      on behalf of Trusts

                      •DHSSPS have SLA with main
                      Education Providers
Outcomes – Short term

• Establishment of an AHP Education
  Commissioning Group
• Establishment of an AHP Postgraduate
  Education Commissioning Cycle
• Scoping and Collation of existing AHP
• Launch of website
 Outcomes – Long term
• Recognition of AHP training within Trusts
• Training programmes linked to Service
  need and Workforce development
• Increased access to training, including
  multiprofessional courses for AHP’s
• Work with Service Providers to tailor
  training to meet AHP needs
• Promote AHP’s and their role and build on
  relationships with other healthcare
  professionals through joint training
AHP section on NIPEC Website

• Details of AHP Postgraduate Training
• Progress to date
• Relevant documentation
• Point of Contact

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