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                                 Marketing: Goods, Services, and Events
                                              BMI 3C0

Welcome to Grade 11 Marketing: Goods, Services, and Events (BMI 3C0). This summary sheet for
students and parents/guardians will outline the course expectations and the evaluation policy.
This course introduces the fundamental concepts of product marketing, which includes the marketing of
goods, services and events. Students will examine how trends, issues, global economic changes and
information technology influence consumer buying habits. Students will engage in marketing research,
develop marketing strategies and produce a marketing plan.


Refer to the Ministry of Education document entitled The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 11 and 12: Business
Studies which is available on the Ministry of Education website (http://www.edu.gov.on.ca).


I.     Marketing Fundamentals
II.    The Marketing Mix
III.   Trends in Marketing
IV.    The Marketing Plan

Final Evaluation-30%
There will be a Final Evaluation at the end of the term worth 30% of the student’s final grade. (Summative
Assignment – 20% & Final Exam – 10%) All students will complete the final evaluation at the end of the
semester. There are no exemptions for this evaluation as it is based on the entire semester’s work. The
evaluation will include each of the units covered and will reflect the weighting of the four achievement
categories of knowledge and skills as outlined below.

Term Work-70%

There are four achievement categories of knowledge and skills that encompass the curriculum expectations
in the Ontario Curriculum Grade 11 Business Studies course.

The four categories and their value for the term are as follows:

Knowledge/Understanding          Tests and quizzes; includes knowledge of facts and terms; understanding of
20% of term                      concepts, principles, and theories; understanding of relationships between
Thinking/Inquiry                 Research Assignments and argument development; includes critical and
15% of term                      creative thinking skills; inquiry skills.

Communication                    Presentations and visual displays; includes communication of information and
20% of term                      ideas; use of language, symbols, and visuals; communication for different
                                 audiences and purposes; use of various forms of communication.
Application                      Assignments and Projects; includes application of concepts, skills, and
15% of term                      procedures to new contexts; transfer of concepts, skills, and procedures to new
                                 contexts; use of equipment, materials, and technology; application of
                                 technology; making connections.
Learning Skills

Provincial Report Cards will include a letter grade for student performance in each of the five Learning Skills
areas. These Learning Skills will be marked regularly by your teacher as they are an important statistic to
understand how well students perform in the class. The five Learning Skills are as follows:

1.       Works Independently
2.       Teamwork
3.       Organization
4.       Work Habits/Homework
5.       Initiative

The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) is a new Ministry of Education program to help students better
prepare for life after high school. At Brathwaite, the program focuses on entrepreneurship, and includes:

        Opportunities for students going into an apprenticeship program, to university, straight to the
         workplace, or to college
        A package of 7 credits focused on teaching entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship
         (entrepreneurship within an organization)
        A CO-OP placement in any sector related to the student's interests and future career goals
        An official seal and designation on the student's diploma

TEACHER EXPECTATIONS - Refer to the Harold M. Brathwaite Student Handbook
Regular attendance is vital to the process of learning. When the process and content of learning is
disrupted by irregular attendance, both the individual and his/her classmates suffer a loss of experience that
cannot be entirely regained. Students who miss class will suffer in the evaluation process because their
participation and achievement cannot be fully assessed.

Missed Tests, Assignments, and Late Assignments

Students are responsible for completing all classroom activities. Failure to do so reduces the body of
evidence upon which the teacher can evaluate student achievement. This may jeopardize the granting of a
credit for the course.

Assessment activities are due within the time frame specified by the teacher. Students who know ahead of
time that they will miss an assessment must discuss the situation with the teacher so that an alternate date
may be assigned. If a student misses an assessment, the missed assessment will normally be due or
completed on the day of the student’s return to school. Extenuating circumstances may warrant an
extension or assignment of an alternative assessment activity at the teacher’s discretion. Where an
extension was not warranted, a mark of zero may be assigned. It is the responsibility of the student to
make arrangements to make up any assessment activity missed due to absence.
Expectations of the Student

      The student is to be in the class when the bell rings, prepared to work with all required materials.
      The student is to keep a complete and organized notebook.
      The student is expected to follow the accepted rules of classroom behaviour with respect to talking
       when appropriate, remaining at his/her seat, etc.
      In order to foster teamwork and effective business practices, students must be able to work co-
       operatively in a group setting.
      When a student falls behind or has missed work due to absence, he/she is expected to get caught
       up on the work at home or at the school on his/her own time.
Computer Use

Part of the course may require the use of a computer lab or the library. Remember to handle equipment with
care! Inappropriate use of the computer may result in canceling your computer privileges, contacting your
parent/guardian and reporting the incident to the Principal.

Please sign and return this to your teacher by Friday, September 5th, 2008. The teacher will keep this on
file as evidence that you have read and understood the course expectations. Should you have any
questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Powers at (905) 793-2155.

BMI3C0 Section                                                                         Mr. Powers

        I have read and understand the course expectations and evaluation policies outlined above.

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       Print Student Name                                 Parent/Guardian Signature

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