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									THE MEDIA
By the end of the lesson, students will
   be able to

•   Distinguishing facts from theories
•   Explain the outline of the reading
                 Part One
What are various ways to
  learn about the news?
Do you read a newspaper in
  English? If so how often?
  What is the major English-
  language newspaper in
Do you Indonesian
  newspapers? If so, how
  often? Which parts do you
What do you know about
  yellow journalism
  How to Read a Newspaper
• Pre-reading
Briefly look over the list of words from the reading that follows:

Tricks         register        overstressed   yellow journalism
Doorstep                       op-ed          “hard-news”
Pitcher                        customized
Getting Meaning from Context
On the lines, write words from the reading selection that fit
     these definitions that fits the definitions. The letters in
     parentheses indicate the paragraph.

1.   Succeed in doing two things with one action (A):___
2.   The place where you enter a house (B):__________
3.   A kind of newspaper that does not focus on true news
4.   The page of newspaper that has opinions of the publisher
     and of readers (D):___
5.   The opinion of the editor or publisher, in the form of a
     column (similar to an article) (D):____
6.   The title of a newspaper article (E):___
• Read the text entitled “How to Read
  a Newspaper” Interactions 2, pp.

Discuss your answers to these questions with
   your friends:
1. Which sections of the newspaper do you
   prefer? Why?
2. If you sometimes read a newspaper in
   English. Does it help you to improve your
   English? Which section help you the most?
3.3. Distinguishing Facts from Theories
Write fact or opinions for each statement taken from the
  selection paragraphs pp 249-250

Police Ethics
1. __ The Police chief does not want the truth about the
    incident to be uncovered.
1. __The Jaguars and Supernovas played at Space Stadium last
Surviving Survivor
1. __The people on “Survivor” were greedy and boring.
2. __There are plans to release other similar program.
Virginia Woolf Meets Moder Soul-Mates
1. __The Hours is Micahel Cunningham’s third novel
2. __His prose is careful and original.
                     Part Two
• After New Order era, it is not difficult to find Indonesian press
  which directly criticism the president. Under Suharto
  administrative, no media was dare to challenge the government. The
  text is about the relationship between the President (Wahid) and the

• After reading the text, students will discuss how important the role
  of media for government. How was Wahid perceived by Media?
  Were they supporting the Government? Were they critical toward
  the government? What did the Gus Dur’s minister comment on the
             Part Three
• Find two local media (tabloid or newspaper) as the
  examples of ”yellow” journalism. What is the
  dominant issue exposed by the media? Do you
  think their news balanced and accurate? Do you
  feel entertained when you read them. Explain your
  answer with evidence. The task will be submitted
  on the following meeting (p. 12)

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