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									                                   Free Proposal Template

Name ___________________ [Specify the name of the company or business]

Address: _____ [Mention the address of the principal office of the company]

Phone number and email ID: ____ [Give the phone number, email ID or other contact details of the company]

Description of business: ___________ [Briefly describe the type of business the company is associated with]

Past achievements: ________ [Give a list of all the accomplishments of the firm worth mentioning]

Name of the project [Give the name of the project you are bidding on]:

Description of the proposal [Describe in brief or using bullet points what is the business proposal, including the

breakdown of costs of material and labour]:

Time frame [Give time frame within which you plan to finish the project]:

Advantages of the proposal [Highlights the merits of the proposal]:

Prior comments [Mention any prior customer comments]:

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