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									End Project Report
                                                                                                         04 July 2012

     PROJECT ID                                              DATE RAISED
     AUTHOR                                                  VERSION NUMBER
     PROJECT LEVEL               Micro    Minor    Major     VERSION DATE

     This is the Project Manager’s report to the Project Delivery Group on the project’s performance against its
     Project Initiation Document (PID) including the original planned cost, schedule and tolerances, the revised
     Business Case and its benefits and final version of the Project Plan. The report does not have to remain on
     one page and cells will automatically expand to fit the text.



                                 Estimated/Originally aproved Project Budget in PID = £
     Project Budget              Actual Project Cost = £

     Performance against
     Original PID

     Performance following
     Approved Change
     Impact Of Changes -
     Project Plan and
     Business Case

     Change Issues

     Total Impact of

     Quality Statistics

     Lessons Learnt


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Benefit                     Owner        Target and sign      Method of measurement           Responsibility for           Timing of              Outcome
                                           off criteria                                        measurement              measurement
                                                                                                                       and report back
                                                                                                                        to ISPG / ITMT

Please copy and paste your last updated and agreed benefits table from your PID document but change generic timescales into DATES now.
All Benefit Owners identified in the table need to agree the detailed benefit targets, measurement methods and a date when they will report back to
ISPG or ITMT via the Project Sponsor. This should be part of the Post Implementation Review scheduled and undertaken by the Business Sponsor.

The report to ISPG or ITMT should include
      details of the planned benefits which have been achieved.
      details of the planned benefits which have not been achieved. Please give reasons for any non achievements.
      Were the assumptions, on which the realisation of benefits were based, correct?
      If the answer is NO then please indicate what effect this had on the realisation of benefits.
      Indicate if there were any unexpected benefits.
      If the answer is YES then please give details of the reason, type, value and the owner of the benefit.
All Benefit Owners need to sign off the EPR and a record of when benefit reports are due will be forwarded to ISPG to scheduled as updates into
future ISPG meetings.

For ISPG, the ISS Programme Office will schedule Benefits reports by Project Sponsors for future ISPG meetings based on dates provided in the
table above and Project Sponsors will be chased for submission of the reports by the DVC’s office..

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Post Implementation     Owner (usually Project Sponsor)            Scheduled Date

AUTHORISATION           Name                           Signature                    Date

Project Sponsor
Senior User

ISS Executive/Senior
Project Manager
Benefit Owner
(see table above)
Benefit Owner
(see table above)
Add Benefit owners as


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