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									                       EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

                               Board Meeting –

                              Agenda Item: 10(c)

Title:     2010/11 Corporate Performance Report.

Author:    Linda Wike, Director of Business Planning.

Purpose: To provide an update on the performance out-turn against the
         2010/11 business plan key delivery targets as at 31st March 2011.

This report is for: Information and review.

The Board is asked to note the following.
1. The out-turn performance against the 2010/11 business plan key
   delivery targets and performance standards. As at the end of 31st
   March 2010:
    5 of the 10 key delivery targets were achieved in full with all
     underpinning milestones delivered, 4 were substantially achieved
     with some milestones re-planned for delivery in 2011/12 and 1
     was partially met.
    Of 15 operational and service standard targets, 7 were met in full,
     5 substantially achieved, 2 partially met, in relation to our
     response to information requests and financial forecasting and 1 is
     on hold awaiting confirmation of the government policy.
The following key achievements for 2010/11:
    Completion of our first Triennial Review; ‘How Fair is Britain’.
    Our re-accreditation as an NHRI and publication of ‘Fulfilling the
      Paris Principles’ highlighting our achievements as an NHRI.
    Launch of two major inquiries on the Human Rights of Older
     People in Care and Human Trafficking in Scotland and the
     continued good progress on our Disability Harassment Inquiry.
    Launch of our s31 assessment of the extent to which the HM
     Treasury has met its legal obligations to consider the impact on

                         EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

        protected groups of decisions contained in the Spending Review.
       Our successful support and intervention in a number of legal
        cases including a Supreme Court ruling securing refugee status
        for gay asylum seekers, clarifying the obligations of social
        landlords in dealing with vulnerable tenants, our action against the
        BNP’s constitution and the landmark case of Hall & Preddy v. Bull.
       The major steps taken on our reform programme including the
        launch of a voluntary exit scheme and the start of the
        implementation of our estates strategy to rationalise our premises.

  Relevance to Key Business Priorities:
 This paper provides an update against the 2010/11 Business Plan
  Legal Implications:
  The Equality Act 2006 requires the EHRC to ‘indicate to what extent the
  Commission’s performance is in accordance with the strategic plan’.

  Resource Implications:
  Financial implications are set out in the Management Accounts.

  Risk Analysis:
  Poor performance delivery will present operational, reputational and
  political risks.

  Equality Impact Assessment:
  An Equality Impact Assessment was undertaken on the Business Plan.

  Statutory Question:
  Programmes performance reflects work which takes account national

  Political Context:
  Failure to deliver of the commitments within the 2010/11 Business Plan
  may lead to further censure by GEO, NAO and Parliament.

                     EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

1.0   Introduction

The 2010/11 business plan set out 10 key delivery targets in support of
the delivery of the Commission’s strategic priorities and 15 key
performance indicators and service standards. These formed the basis
of the framework by which we measured progress towards delivery of
the business plan during the year.

This report provides a summary of the Commission’s performance out-
turn against delivery of these targets as at year-end.

2.0   Performance against the 10 key delivery targets
The out-turn performance against the 10 key delivery targets is
summarised below and the status of each of the underpinning
milestones is detailed in Appendix 1.

Target 1 - Publication of the Equality Act Codes of Practice and
Guidance: Substantially achieved

 7out of the 9 milestones achieved with the production, consultation
  and publication of the Codes of Practice on Equal Pay, Employment
  and Services, Public Functions and Associations. The 2 remaining
  milestones in relation to the Codes of Practice and Guidance for the
  Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) and Schools have been re-
  planned for 2011/12 in-line with the revised timetable agreed with the

 There has been a substantial consultation exercises on all the Codes
  and Guidance with 3 formal and 6 informal consultations held. The
  consultation on the Schools Codes will close on 22nd April.

 The PSED guidance for England has been substantially completed
  with only the guidance around procurement planned for delivery in
  May 2011. Three of the seven Scotland specific guidances are
  completed with the remaining 4 due for completion in April with all of
  Wales specific guidance.

                    EHRC 35.17 Performance Report
Target 2 – Monitoring of the UK government’s compliance with UN
Human Rights Treaties: Substantially achieved.

 4 of the 8 milestones completed with the development and publication
  of our treaty monitoring scorecard and publication of guidance on how
  CEDAW and CRPD can be used by individuals and groups and our
  ‘Rights of Way’ report in Wales.

 The remaining milestones relate to the completion of our shadow
  reports on the UK’s compliance with CERD, CRPD and CAT. The
  shadow reports on UNCERD and UNCRPD were re-planned for
  delivery in Q1 2011/12 to align with the submission of the UK
  government’s report own reports and the UN sub committee meeting
  dates. Both are substantially completed and undergoing internal
  review. The drafting of the UNCAT shadow report was on hold
  awaiting submission of the UK Government’s own report to the UN
  which was published in early April 2011/12.

Target 3 - Intervene in and support individuals bringing legal
actions which have the potential to clarify equality and human
rights law: Achieved.

 The Commission undertook 66 new strategic legal actions with a
  success rate of 87% and completed 157 pre-enforcement actions in
  2010/11. Notable legal cases included:

  – Preddy and Hall v Bull, in which in the new Equality Act (Sexual
    Orientation) Regulations 2007 was used to establish the principle
    of equal treatment in the provision of goods and services, where
    civil partners had owners of a hotel, for refusing to let them share a
    double room because of their sexual orientation.
  – Intervention in a Supreme Court case in which the Court decided
    that homosexual asylum seekers should be granted refugee status
    if going back to their homeland would result in them being forced
    to conceal their sexuality or face persecution.
  – Intervention in a European Court of Human Rights on behalf of
    social housing tenants, which successfully argued that social
    landlords have obligation to consider whether an eviction is
    proportionate; particularly in cases where tenants may be

 The Commission also supported 59 mediation cases, of which 86%
  reached full and final settlement totalling over £250,000. In addition
  we re-negotiated the Mediation Service resulting in substantial
                   EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

Target 4 – Embedding Human Rights in Public Services:
Substantially achieved

 2 out of the four milestones under this target were achieved with the
  publication in March of guidance to Registered Social Landlords on
  their Human Rights obligations and the launch of our series on
  ‘Human Rights defenders’ on our website.

 The two milestones carried forward into next year include the
  development of the on-line digest of good practice in relation to
  human rights, initially delayed due to resource constraints and our
  joint project with BIHR on promoting human rights based approaches
  to tackling poverty which will now be completed in June.

Key delivery target 5 - Ensure public bodies pay due regard to their
Public Sector Equality obligations:
Substantially achieved:

 6 of the 8 milestones completed and 2 re-planned for delivery in
  2011/12 which includes the development of PSED monitoring
  framework which is now aligned with the introduction of the new
  PSED and the publication of the S31 assessment ‘Counting the Cost’
  which was delayed due to the parliamentary election period.

 As part of our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Care
  Quality Commission we have developed guidance for CQC
  inspections. We have also established partnerships with HM
  Inspectorate of Policing, HM Chief Inspector and HM Inspectorate of
  Policing (Scotland). A number of planned MOUs were placed on hold
  earlier this year due to the Government’s review of NDPB’s including
  those with Monitor and the Audit Commission.

 Our monitoring and compliance action sector duties focused on the
  areas of health and social care, policing and schools and the
  milestones achieved include:

– The agreement in February, with the Department of Health, a
  framework to improve compliance and performance against the public
  sector duties (PSD), the assessment into the PSD compliance of
  Primary Care Trusts and Strategic Health Authorities in England
  completed in December.

                   EHRC 35.17 Performance Report
– Our review of the use of ‘stop and search’ powers by police across
  England and Wales, identified five polices forces using stop and
  search powers in a way that is disproportionate and possibly
  discriminatory. In November after further monitoring Leicestershire
  Constabulary and Thames Valley Police were identified for potential
  enforcement action and we have now entered into a formal s23
  agreement which will be monitored quarterly.

Target 6 - Broaden our good relations work with public bodies:

 3 out of the 5 milestones achieved, these includes our second ‘Young
  Brits at Art’ competition held in June which attracted over 1,000
  entrants and significant amount of positive media attention and
  completion of research on Pathways to Politics for under-represented
  groups. In February we published a follow up survey on research into
  Gypsy and traveller accommodation in England.

 The two milestones partially met which will be carried forward into
  2011/12 are in relation to the project to develop teaching resources in
  support of the Key stage 3 citizenship agenda to improve
  understanding and respect for human rights. Phase 1 is now
  completed and the resources are being piloted in 5 schools and
  regional training events and 3 universities.

Target 7: undertake inquiries into the harassment of disabled
people, and into human trafficking in Scotland and into the human
rights of older people seeking or receiving home-based care:

 In 2010/11 the Commission continued its inquiry into disability related
  harassment and launched 2 new major human rights related inquiries.

 The evidence gathering stage of our disability harassment inquiry is
  now complete; the Commission received its highest ever response to
  a call for evidence with 566 responses. In addition 80 interviews, 83
  hearings and 13 roundtables have been held. The first draft of the
  findings was completed in early April; with the report due to be
  finalised in June for publication in July. The inquiry timescales were
  extended to enable all evidence to be analysed and time to share
  adverse findings with the relevant authorities.

 Our inquiry into the human rights of older people seeking or receiving
  home based care and support was launched in November 2010 and

                    EHRC 35.17 Performance Report
    to date has received 501 responses to the call for evidence, and has
    held 11 focus groups attended by over 100 people. The targeted call
    for evidence will continue into 2011/12. The 4 comprehensive area
    studies were planned for the first quarter of 2011/12, however only 1
    local authority invited has replied to date and 1 has declined.
    Publication of findings has been re-planned from December to
    November 2011 to avoid coinciding with the Human Rights Review.
    The project plan has been amended to reflect this, however
    timescales are still challenging.

 Our Human Trafficking in Scotland Inquiry was launched in February
  2010 and the Call for Evidence closed in March. 17 responses were
  received mostly from civil society bodies and 12 interviews have been
  held with victims of trafficking. The inquiry will continue into 2011/12
  with the findings and recommendations published in October.

 We have also undertaken a review of the process and impact of the
  inquiries undertaken to date an in progress. A paper will be presented
  to the Regulatory Committee on the findings together with proposals
  for planning and managing future inquiries more effectively.

Target 8 – Continually improve the frontline support provided
through our helpline and website, benchmarking and monitoring
our service: Partially Achieved

 1 milestone met and 2 de-scoped as a result of the Government’s
  review of the Commission’s functions.

 To coincide with the launch of the Equality Act Codes of Practice and
  Guidance, in August we re-launched the Commission’s website,
  incorporating a series of improvements including improved user
  navigation and accessibility, and a more dynamic and flexible home
  page. The interactive guidance centre for the Equality Act was one of
  the most visited areas of our website this year. Compared with
  2009/10 there has been a 21% increase in the number of visitors to
  our website.

   Our proposed improvements in relation to developing our helpline
    service and benchmarking it to industry standards are on hold in light
    of the Government review of the Commission’s functions.

Target 9 - Complete the organisational review and begin
implementation: Achieved

                   EHRC 35.17 Performance Report
 We completed a major organisational review in September 2010 and
  began formal consultation with staff on a draft organisational design.
  In late January we successfully launched a voluntary exit scheme to a
  challenging timescale, which resulted in 45 staff who have accepted
  offers and will leave the organisation by the end of June. The
  implementation of the organisational review has evolved as a result of
  the government and NDPB reviews. The Reform Programme has
  been established, in place of the MTOR and this will move the
  Commission towards a new smaller organisational design by April

 18 new people policies were planned and delivered in 2010/11
  including 3 in March in relation to domestic abuse, equality and
  diversity and flexible working.

Target 10 - Publish our first Triennial Review:

 Our Triennial review was published and laid before Parliament on
  time in October and received significant positive media. ‘How Fair is
  Britain’ is the most comprehensive evidence on discrimination and
  disadvantage ever compiled in Britain. To date there have been
  73,000 downloads of ‘How Fair is Britain.’ and 10,000 downloads of
  the associated video.

3.0   Strategic Work Programme Overview
The strategic work programme status is summarised in Table 1. For the
year there has been £4.3m expenditure across our 8 thematic
programmes against a forecast of £4.5m and original budget of £5.4m,
with £1.38m of expenditure incurred in March.
Of the 91 planned milestones in the thematic programmes, 62 have
been achieved, 21 have been carried forward into 2011/12 and 6 de-
scoped. Of the 21 milestones carried forward 12 were due to external
factors beyond the Commissions control. For example the delays to the
publication of Government reports on the UK’s compliance with UN
Human Rights Treaties and the changes to the Public Sector Equality

                       EHRC 35.17 Performance Report
Table 1: Summary Programme Milestone Status

 Prog       Milestones status            Full Year budget status
                                De-                      February               Variance
            Complete 11/12               Expenditure                 Budget
                                scoped                   Forecast               to forecast
 1          20        5         0        £2.08m         £2.03m       £2.6m      £0.05m
 2          17        4         0        £0.35m         £0.38m       £0.4m      -£0.03m
 3          7         7         0        £0.27m         £0.31m       £0.38m     -£0.04m
 4&5        10        1         1        £0.48m         £0.51m       £0.57m     -£0.03m
 6          1         0         4        £0.15m         £0.17m       £0.31m     -£0.02m
 7          6         0         1        £0.56m         £0.62m       £4.47m*    -£0.06m
 8          1         4         0        £0.42m         £0.43m       £0.49m     -£0.01m
            62        21        6        £4.32m            £4.5m     £5.4m      -£0.2m
 Comms      N/A       N/A       N/A      £0.48m         £0.51        £0.61m     -£0.03m
 ILiS**     N/A       N/A       N/A      £0.12m         £0.13m       £0.007m    -£0.01m
 Total      62           21      6          £4.92m         £5.1m      £9.83m     -£0.24m
*Figure includes a budget of £3.88m for the MTOR, of which the VE Scheme was forecast to
spend £3m actual expenditure was £1m.
** Independent Living in Scotland.

Appendix 1 details the status of each of the milestones as at year end
and the milestones achieved in March and carry-over into 2011/12 of
each programme is summarised below.
3.1       Programme 1: Legislative Change

Milestone 1.19: Completed with the development and launch in March of
our online UN Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Scorecard, tracking the
UK Government’s compliance with its reporting commitments.

3.2       Programme 2: Fairer Public Services

Milestone 2.13 – Completed with the launch of our research report
'Prevention and Response to Identity Based Bullying' at Westminster
Academy in March at an event attended by senior experts and the
Minister for Schools.

Milestone 2.17 – Completed: Following the Weaver Judgement; in
March, the Commission completed and published guidance to registered
social landlords on their human rights obligations.

                   EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

3.3   Programme 3: Equality of Employment

Milestone 3.8 – Substantially complete with work carried into 2011/12
 In March, as part of our work on Transforming the Workplace Culture,
   a conference was held which was attended by the UN special
   representative on Business and Human Rights, the Minister for
   Human Rights and a number of leading firms.

 Research reviewing and evaluating existing domestic and Human
  Rights in Business was completed in March and a private sector
  engagement strategy has been developed for 2011/12.

Milestone 3.9 – ‘Working Better’ substantially completed.
 In continuing to promote our ‘Managers Guide to Flexible Working’ in
   March; 2 events were held with over 800 delegates in attendance.

 The review and report on opportunities for disabled people has been
  delayed to incorporate findings of the Disability Harassment Inquiry
  and will be launched alongside the inquiry findings.

 Our Sex and Power survey has been completed and will be launched
  in May.

Milestone 3.13 – The section 20 investigation of Glasgow City Council is
on hold while a series of actions and timescales are negotiated between
the Commission and the Council.

3.4   Programme 4 and 5: Good Relations and Respect

Milestone 4.7 – Completed. Research report thematic review of the
actions taken by public authorities to eliminate harassment and violence
was completed in March.

Milestone 4.9 – Completed. Launched and published research on the
effectiveness of approaches to rehabilitating hate crime offenders, the
Scottish Government has noted the significance of the report and it
received significant positive media coverage.

Milestone 4.11 – Phase 1 completed. An interim report on a review into
equality and human rights law in relation to religion and belief was
received in March and interviews with stakeholders will begin in April
and complete in June.

                    EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

3.5   Programme 6: Providing High Quality Advice and Guidance.

Milestone 6.7: Completed. The next phase of our Airline Accessibility
Campaign with the content and modules completed on schedule in
March. Feedback from partners including ABTA has been very positive.
Milestone 6.8: Our planned work to improve the helpline service quality
was placed on-hold pending the outcome of the Government’s review of
the Commission’s functions. A web based e-accessibility tool, aimed at
helping web developers and SMEs improve accessibility of their
websites was initiated. The launch of the tool is planned for July.
3.6   Programme 7: High performing organisation

Milestone 7.2: The implementation of our estates strategy began in
February. The Arndale refurbishment began in February and will reduce
office capacity by over 60% and result in £3m of savings over 6 years.
The Edinburgh office space has also been reduced by 50% and there
have been reductions in the English Regions. Rationalisation of legacy
properties has progressed with the successful re-negotiation and
disposal of leases in London and Edinburgh, these, combined with
utilization across English regions, will result in savings of £165,000 per

Milestone 7.3: In March an additional 3 employee policies were
completed, bringing the total to 18 completed within the year.
3.7   Programme 8: Authoritative and Evidence Based

Milestone 8.5 – Substantially completed with work continuing in 2011/12.
We have completed 2 statistical briefings in relation to equal pay and
religion and belief, both were published online in March.

Milestone 8.6 – Review into the process and impact of our inquiries has
been completed and findings and proposals for improving their planning
and management are being developed.

                   EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

4.0   Key Headlines on performance indicators and service

Of the 15 key performance targets 7 were achieved in full, 5 were
substantially achieved, 2 partially met and 1 is on hold relating to gender
pay reporting as a result of the Government’s review of the
requirements on reporting.

Targets fully achieved include:

 Improvements delivered to our website to ensure it is
  authoritative, accessible and meets user needs:
  Successful re-launch of our website in August with a number of
  improvements made around design and accessibility. There has been
  a significant increase in website visitors during the second half of the
  year with over 1 million visitors in 2011/12; 21% higher than 2009/10.

 Stakeholder perception, reputation and effectiveness:
  Over 1000 stakeholders were directly engaged in our work in 2010/11
  including 174 new ones. A new reputation management dashboard
  has been developed which will enable us to monitor and measure key
  aspects and drivers of our reputation and increase stakeholder
  perception and advocacy.

  All parliamentary questions received in 2010/11 were replied to on
  time compared with 77% in 2009/10.

 Improving the quality of service provision:
  In 2010/11 the number of complaints received by the Commission
  reduced substantially compared with 2009/10, with 72 received
  compared with 122 in 2009/10. Of these 41 (57%) related to the
  helpline, which represents less than 0.001% of calls handled.
  There has been a significant improvement in our acknowledgement
  and response rates following a series of improvements to processes
  implemented in the year, including all staff training. 91% of complaints
  were responded to within 20 days against a target of 90% and
  compared with 75% in 2009/10.

 Value for money demonstrated with planned efficiency savings
  Value for Money savings delivered this year include; Arndale House
  rationalisation; £500,000, Edinburgh and English Regions capacity

                   EHRC 35.17 Performance Report
   savings and disposal of leases; £165,000 and significant savings on
   the mediation service contract re-negotiation.

 Deliver a strategic grant funding programme aligned to strategic
  priorities with strengthened controls: The strategic grant
  programme achieved all of its targets for the year. 100% of grant
  reports received on time and completed satisfactorily, and a reduction
  in grants rated as high or medium risk. Grants delivered this year
  covered all of our protected strands and totalled over £6m.

 Enhancing the skills and knowledge of all employees: New
  learning and development strategy implemented with 120 training
  events held throughout the year with 2000 places taken up. The
  attendance rate of 82%, represents a significant improvement on
  2009/10 due in part to the introduction of a new on-line training
  calendar. In 2010/11 mandatory training has been rolled out in relation
  to procurement and security. In addition a suite of training has been
  delivered on our new people policies including our dignity at work

 Targeted use of our strategic legal powers: Undertook 66 strategic
  actions covering all of our equality strands with a 80% success rate.
  Notable actions include: EHRC v. British National Party (Race), A
  Authority v A (a Child) & Anor (Human Rights / Disability) and HJ/HT
  v The Secretary of State (Sexuality). In addition to interventions and
  supported cases we took 157 pre-enforcement actions, supported 59
  mediation service cases with a success rate of 86% and our specialist
  legal advice line handled 118 calls.

Targets substantially achieved include:

 A helpline service that is considered authoritative and
  accessible: There has been a slight decrease in the number of calls
  to the helpline service this year (60,000 compared with 58,000 in
  2009/10) and of these 84% were answered. The average handling
  time per call has increased and there has been a marked increase in
  advice provided through e-mail and letters. Of the 22,000 emails and
  letters; 95% were answered within 5 days.

 Evidence of high levels of assurance on the internal controls
  from internal and external audit actions: In September a review of
  all outstanding audit actions was conducted following the appointment
  of our new internal auditors. 70% of action due for completion since

                    EHRC 35.17 Performance Report
    September have been completed on time and revised delivery dates
    agreed for the remaining action. This represents a significant
    improvement on 2009/10. In addition 100% of management progress
    reports have been submitted to the Audit and Risk Committee on

   Improving public service performance in relation to equality and
    human rights
    MOUs or informal agreements in place with CQC and partnership
    established with HMIP. MOU work with Monitor and Audit
    Commission was de-prioritised following the government NDPB

Targets partially met include:

 Efficient and effective response to all requests for information
  within agreed service standards:
  There has been a marked decrease in the number of Freedom of
  Information requests received this year; 150 compared with 224 in

    Despite the reduction there has been deterioration in the timeliness of
    response with only 86% were responded to within the statutory limit of
    20 days compared with 90% in 2009/10 and only 46% of requests
    were acknowledged within 5 days. The Information Commissioners
    Office (ICO) is monitoring our timeliness of responses after 2
    requests took 57 and 64 days. New internal guidelines have been
    developed and approved by SMT, Audit and Resources Committee to
    improve performance and ensure we comply with the ICO

    Our performance in handling Data Protection requests has improved;
    there has been a 17% decrease in number of requests received
    compared with 2009/10 and a 13% improvement in our

 Management of expenditure within 5% of budget: Of the 3
  measures that contributed to this objective only the administration
  budget achieved target. The administration outturn was 4% under
  spent against a target of +/-5%. The programme budget under spent
  by 20% or £1.1m, and the capital budget by 87% or £1.74m, largely
  due to delays from Government on approval of our estates strategy.

                                                      EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

Appendix 1: 2011/12 programme of work milestone status

Project /
                    No.     Milestone                                                                            Due Date        Year-end Status
Work area
Programme 1 – Securing, implementing and promoting legislative change. SRO: John Wadham

Supporting the      1.1 a   Contribution to the GEO's consultation 'Making it work - ending age discrimination   30/06/10   ✓Completed 30/04/10
implementation of           in services and public functions' submitted.
the Equality Act    1.1 b   Equality Act; influencing the exceptions to the ban on age discrimination in         31/12/10    Re-planned 01/07/11
                            services.                                                                                       On- hold awaiting
                                                                                                                            Government. consultation
                    1.2     PSED influenced into statutory instrument and submissions made to GEO, WAG           30/09/10   ✓Completed 30/01/11
                            and Scottish Government consultations.
                    1.3     Tranche 1 statutory codes of practice on employment in relation to SPFA and          30/07/10   ✓Completed 11/10/10
                            equal pay consulted on and published.
                    1.4     Tranche 1 guidance on employment and occupation in relation to SPFA and equal        30/09/10   ✓Completed 01/09/10
                            pay and education published.
                    1.5a    Tranche 2 statutory codes of practice on education consulted on and published.       31/03/11    Re-planned 31/01/12
                    1.5b    Tranche 2 statutory codes of practice on PSED consulted on and published.            31/01/11    Re-planned 01/11/11
                                                                                                                            Awaiting Government
                                                                                                                            Regulations – 2011/12
                    1.6     Research and audience mapping undertaken identifying priority audiences and          30/07/10   ✓Completed 31/07/10
                            tailored 'quick start' guidance developed.
                    1.7     Interactive Guidance Centre for non-statutory guidance launched on our website       31/03/11   ✓Completed 16/08/10
                            and collaborative partnerships in place.
                    1.8     Perception research commissioned to examine awareness and understanding of           31/03/11   ✓Completed
                            the Equality Act 2010.                                                                          31/03/11
                    1.9     New PSED guidance produced for public authorities and a toolkit developed for        31/03/11   ✓Toolkit completed
                            the VCS on how to use the new duty.                                                             21/03/11

Promotional         1.10    Communications strategy to foster a more positive and accurate public discourse      31/03/11   ✓Completed
campaign for                on human rights implemented.                                                                    31/03/11
advice and

                                                     EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

Project /
                   No.     Milestone                                                                             Due Date        Year-end Status
Work area
Promoting and      1.11    Pilot completed with BIHR and EDF on the use of Human Rights in voluntary             30/07/10   ✓Completed 15/09/10
protecting human           sector organisations.
rights             1.12    Engage with the Government on any potential reform of domestic human rights           31/03/11   ✓On-going
                           legislation. (Bill of Rights).
                   1.13    Review completed on the impact of counter-terrorism legislation and policies on       31/12/10   ✓Completed
                           the human rights of ethnic minority groups.                                                      With work on-going
                   1.14    Review completed on issues surrounding information privacy and human rights in        30/09/10   ✓Completed
                           the current social and political context.                                                        Review complete awaiting
                   1.15    Independent review on the most effective approach to protect and promote              31/03/11     Re-planned 31/12/11
                           economic, social and cultural rights in Britain.
Monitoring UN      1.16    CEDAW: a lever for change' - practical guidance for women's organisations and         30/07/10   ✓Completed 30/09/10
human rights               the third sector published.
treaties and       1.17    What does CRPD mean for you?' published to increase the awareness and                 30/07/10   ✓Completed 19/07/10
conventions                understanding of the UNCRPD and a series of seminars held.
                   1.18    Interim report published into Britain's implementation of the UNCRPD to inform        31/12/10      Re-planned 30/05/11:
                           the independent shadow report.
                   1.19    Treaty Monitoring Scorecard developed tracking the UK's compliance with its           30/09/10   ✓Completed 21/03/11
                           reporting commitments.
                   1.20a   Independent shadow reports on the UNCERD produced.                                    31/03/11      Re-planned 01/05/11:

                   1.20b   Independent shadow reports on the UNCAT produced.                                     31/03/11     Re-planned 2011/12:

                   1.21    Key stakeholders brought together to forward 'Rights of Way' report ensuring          31/03/11   ✓ Completed 15/02/11
                           UNCRPD convention are built in WAG policy.
                   1.22    Report published on our actions 'one-year on' from accreditation as a NHRI and        30/09/10   ✓ Completed 01/12/10
                           newly appointed UK parliamentarians engaged.
Influencing EU     1.23    Development of a framework of EU protection and anti discrimination legislation -     31/03/11   ✓ On-going
Legislation                influencing Article 19 directive.
Strategic Legal    1.24     Interventions made in legal cases which have the potential to clarify equality and   31/03/11   ✓Completed
actions                    human rights law.

                                                      EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

Project /
                     No.    Milestone                                                                             Due Date        Year-end Status
Work area

Programme 2 – Fairer public services for all. SRO: Sheila Kumar

Protecting and       2.1    Collaborative partnerships in place with public service inspectorates incl. Ofsted,   31/03/11   ✓On-going
promoting human             Audit Commission, CQC and HMIC.
rights and
equality in public   2.2    Section 16 Inquiry into the human rights of older people seeking or receiving         31/03/11   ✓Launched
services                    home-based care and support in England launched and initial evidence gathering                   Publication now planned for
                            undertaken, with a view to report and publish the findings in 2011/12.                           10/11/10
Health and social    2.3    Assessment into Public Sector Duty compliance of the PCTs and SHAs in                 31/10/10   ✓Completed
care                        England completed.                                                                               30/11/10

                     2.4    Agreement in place with the DoH on a framework to improve compliance and              30/09/10   ✓Completed
                            performance against the public sector duties.                                                    01/01/10

                     2.5    Recommendations of 'safety net to springboard' for personalised approach to care      30/09/10   ✓Completed
                            and support pursued.                                                                             06/09/10

                     2.6    Research completed on the extent to which advocacy services are provided for          30/09/10   ✓Completed
                            the protected groups.                                                                            30/09/10
                     2.7    Cost benefit analysis tool for the analysis of social care policies in Scotland       30/11/10     On-hold
                            developed and promoted.                                                                          Contractor quality issues

                     2.8    Continued support to the management and policy direction of Independent Living        31/03/11   ✓Completed
                            in Scotland project provided.                                                                    On-going in 2011/12

                     2.9    Research examining the specific health and social care needs of older Lesbian,        30/09/10   ✓Published
                            Gay and Bisexual people completed.                                                               30/09/10

                     2.10   Project to address barriers for Trans people in accessing health services             30/09/10   ✓Completed
                            developed.                                                                                       30/01/11

                     2.11   PSD monitoring and compliance action completed in relation to the use of 'stop        31/03/11   ✓Completed for 11/12
Policing                    and search' powers exercised by police forces.                                                   With work on-going

                                                     EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

Project /
                    No.    Milestone                                                                             Due Date        Year-end Status
Work area
                    2.12   Research project into PSD compliance in schools in England and Wales                  30/09/10   ✓Completed
                           completed and follow up action identified to improve standards where necessary                   31/01/11
                    2.13   Research into bullying in schools completed and the follow up action initiated        31/10/10   ✓Completed
                           where appropriate.                                                                               31/10/10
                    2.14   Framework developed to assess the performance of public bodies and impact of          31/03/11     Re-planned 2011/12 to
Other                      the PSED.                                                                                        align with new PSED

                    2.15   Observatory developed identifying and disseminating good practice in human            31/03/11    Re-planned 2011/12
                           rights based approaches across the public and voluntary sector.
Mitigating the      2.16   Public sector leaders engaged and guidance provided to public authorities on the      31/03/11   ✓Completed
disproportionate           integration of equality and human rights principles into public spending decisions.              31/11/10
impact of public    2.18   Counting the Cost' - review of local authority funding decisions in Scotland in       31/10/10   ✓Published
spending cuts              relation to the degree of consideration given to the PSD duties when making                      30/10/10
                           funding decisions published and follow up actions initiated.
Good practice in    2.17   Guidance provided to registered social landlords on the human rights obligations      31/03/11   ✓Published
human rights               following the Weaver judgement.                                                                  31/03/110
approaches to
service provision
Public sector       2.19   Findings of the s31 assessment into Scottish Governments performance and              31/01/11     Forecast 30/05/11: Re-
leadership                 practice are including equality issues in policy areas: housing, health and drugs                planned
                           policy development published.
                    2.20   'Dignity Drive' - a simple interactive guide to the Human Rights Act launched and     30/09/10   ✓Launched
                           promoted in Wales.                                                                               02/08/10
                    2.21   Events held with public authorities in Wales to promote the PSED and take a           31/03/11   ✓Completed
                           human rights approach to service delivery.                                                       03/02/11

Programme 3 – Advancing equality in employment with a focus on the private sector. SRO: Sheila Kumar
Narrowing the       3.1    Working group established to follow up the actions identified from the inquiry into   31/03/11   ✓Established
pay gap                    gender discrimination in the financial services sector and progress reported.                    01/07/10

                                                   EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

Project /
                  No.    Milestone                                                                           Due Date        Year-end Status
Work area
Sector specific   3.2    Construction industry leadership forum launched providing direction on equality     31/03/11   ✓Launched
initiatives              and diversity issues from inquiry.                                                             07/06/10
                  3.3    Task force established to follow up actions of the inquiry into treatment and       31/03/11   ✓Established
                         experiences of agency and temporary workers in the meat and poultry processing                 31/01/10
Addressing        3.4    Work to influence implementation of the Welfare Reform Act, Pension Act, Child      31/03/11   ✓On-going
socio-economic           Poverty Act, Financial Services Act and legislation aimed at addressing
disadvantages            disadvantage.
                  3.5    Joint project with the BIHR to promote the use of a human rights based approach     30/07/10     Delayed
                         to help groups experiencing poverty.                                                           30/08/11
Workplace         3.6    Work with OGC, GEO and other stakeholders to provide effective procurement          31/03/11     Delayed
transformation           guidance.                                                                                      31/05/11
                  3.7    Forum to promote supplier diversity facilitated in partnership with Supplier        30/09/10   ✓Completed
                         Diversity Europe and Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship.                  30/09/10
                  3.8    Transforming the workplace culture, building consensus for change, engaging         31/03/11   ✓On-going
                         with Business bodies to deliver workplace improvement goals targeted on Europe
Working Better    3.9    Promote flexible working benefits with report published on opening up               31/03/11   ✓Substantially completed
                         opportunities for disabled people and finding launched on family leave and needs               Report launch re-planned to
                         of older workers.                                                                              align with harassment
                  3.10   Power Surveys' published highlighting the number of women, disabled people and      31/03/11      Delayed
                         ethnic minorities in positions of influence.                                                   31/05/11
Pay gap           3.11   Guidance on gender pay gap reporting published to encourage private and             31/12/10      On-hold: Awaiting
                         voluntary sector employers to report on pay gaps.                                              decision
Workplace         3.12   Equality Exchange employer conference 'No problem too big, no solution to small'    30/06/10   ✓Completed
transformation           delivered to promote equality.                                                                 09/06/10
Sector specific   3.13   s20 investigation into equal value issues for teaching assistants in Glasgow city   30/06/10       On-hold
initiatives              council completed.
Workplace         3.14   Whole Life Costing' approach developed to promote good public procurement           30/09/10   ✓Completed
transformation           practice, in partnership with the IDeA.                                                        31/12/10

                                                     EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

Project /
                    No.    Milestone                                                                             Due Date        Year-end Status
Work area

Programme 4 & 5 –Building a culture of good relations and respect for human rights in Britain. SRO: Richard Emmott
Promoting            4.1   ‘Young Brits at Art’ competition delivered to improve young peoples’ knowledge        30/07/10   ✓Launched
respect for                about human rights and good relations.                                                           22/06/10
human rights         4.2   Resources developed to support the delivery of key stage 3 citizenship agenda to      31/03/11   ✓Phase 1 completed
                           improve understanding and respect for human rights.                                              Continue into 2011/12
Promoting safety     4.3   Section 16 Inquiry conducted into human trafficking in Scotland with a focus on       31/03/11   ✓ Evidence gathering
and security               trafficking for the purposes of commercial exploitation with clear recommendations               phase completed
Promoting safety           developed for publication in 2011/12.                                                            Forecast 30/11/11
and security         4.4   Section 16 Inquiry conducted into disability related harassment in England and        31/03/11   ✓Evidence gathering
                           Wales and how public authorities are protecting disabled people’s human rights to                phase completed
                           live free from violence and abuse, ready to report and publish the findings in                   Forecast 30/09/11
                     4.5   Evaluation of the level of need for support services of women and girls affected by   30/11/10     Forecast 30/06/11:
                           violence launched.                                                                               Launch re-planned
                     4.6   Strategy developed to help tackle Violence Against Women and Girls.                   31/03/11   ✓Completed
                     4.7   Thematic review of the actions taken by public authorities to eliminate harassment    30/09/10   ✓Completed
                           and violence completed.                                                                          14/03/11
                     4.8   Integrated targeted violence strategy incorporating learning from related projects    31/03/11     Re-scoped: to focus on
                           developed.                                                                                       external providers
                     4.9   Research published on the effectiveness of approaches to rehabilitating hate          31/10/10   ✓Published
                           crime offenders.                                                                                 15/03/11
                    4.10   Work with target local authorities to enable them to respond effectively to good      31/03/11   ✓Completed
Addressing good            relations challenges caused by migration.                                                        31/03/11
                    4.11   Review completed into equality and human rights law in relation to religion and       31/03/11   ✓Phase 1 completed
                           belief                                                                                           With work on-going

                                                      EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

Project /
                      No.   Milestone                                                                         Due Date         Year-end Status
Work area
                     4.12   Key good relations challenges addressed through the publication of research to                ✓Published
                            inform the public debate:
                            - Pathways to Politics                                                            31/10/10    31/01/11

                            - Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation.                                              31/03/11    28/02/11
                     4.13   Who Runs Wales?' published to measure the progress across Wales on the             31/03/11   ✓Launched
Good relations              diversity of people in decision making roles.                                                 09/03/11

Programme 6 – Delivering quality advice and guidance. SRO: Richard Emmott
Developing            6.1   Next stage of our helpline development plan delivered with service quality        31/10/10      De-scoped: Await Govt
excellence in               improved.                                                                                     review of EHRC functions
advice and
guidance              6.2   User satisfaction surveys conducted and benchmarking of our service against the   31/12/10      De-scoped: Await Govt
                            CCA standards completed.                                                                      review of EHRC functions
Delivering            6.4   Campaign launched to support the implementation of the Equality Act 2010,         31/03/11    ✓Completed
services in advice          delivering advice and guidance.                                                               31/08/10
and guidance          6.3   Online guidance platform launched and partnership programme with other advice     31/03/11     ✓Partially completed
                            providers in place.
                      6.5   ToE programme supporting the implementation of the Equality Act and Human         31/03/11    ✓Completed for 11/12
                            Rights issues and addressing advice gaps.                                                     With work on-going
                      6.6   Partnership working with advice providers in place with a national stakeholder    31/03/11      De-scoped
                            panel established and service standards applied.
                      6.7   Deliver the next phase of our Airline Accessibility campaign                      31/03/11    ✓Completed
                      6.8   Web accessibility e-learning tool                                                 31/03/11    ✓Completed for 11/12
                                                                                                                          With work on-going
Programme 7 – Building a high performing organisation. SRO: Julie Anderson
Organisational        7.1   Extensive review of the organisational design completed and the implementation    30/09/10    ✓Review completed With
design                      commenced, ensuring the Commission is structured to achieve its aims and                      work on-going
                            statutory obligations.

                                                    EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

Project /
                    No.   Milestone                                                                            Due Date        Year-end Status
Work area
Estates strategy    7.2   Estates strategy implemented to provide improved working environments and            31/03/11   ✓On-going
                          meet the Government's targets for space utilisation.
Organisational      7.3   New human resource policies and employee terms and conditions developed and          31/12/10   ✓Completed for 11/12
Capability                implemented.                                                                                      With work on-going
                    7.4   Competency framework designed and implemented to improve capability.                 31/12/10   ✓Completed for 11/12
                                                                                                                           And work on-going
Developing an       7.5   Systematic approach to the evaluation of the effectiveness of the Commission's       31/03/11   ✓Completed for 11/12
approach to               work developed                                                                                   And work on-going
Regulatory model    7.6   A clear and transparent 'end to end' regulatory decision-making process and          31/03/11     De-scoped
                          principles in place.
                    7.7   Objective understanding of reputation of the Commission developed through            31/12/10   ✓Survey completed
                          stakeholder surveys and improved stakeholder engagement.

Programme 8 – Building an authoritative, evidence-based organisation. SRO: Sheila Kumar
Triennial Review    8.1   First Triennial Review, assessing the current landscape of equality in Britain,      30/09/10   ✓Launched
                          completed and laid before Parliament.                                                           30/09/10
Measurement         8.2   Indicators finalised for the good relations measurement framework and current                    Forecast 2011/12:
frameworks and            human rights measurement framework.                                                             Re-planned
evidence base       8.3   Alignment of separate measurement frameworks completed and proposal for              28/02/11     Forecast 2011/12:
                          human rights measurement framework developed.                                                   Re-planned
                    8.4   Scoping study completed to identify options for a web-based public user interface    31/03/11     De-scoped
                          for the measurement framework database                                                          Due to data availability
Evidence-related    8.5   Series of statistical briefings published in relation to equal pay, hate crime and   31/12/10   ✓ Substantially
influencing               religion and belief.                                                                            completed

                                                       EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

Appendix 2: 2010-11 Business Plan Key Performance Indicators: Year-end out-turn
1. Financially controlled: Maintaining financial integrity and probity
                                             09/10      10/11     10/11
Performance Measure                                                         Outcome
                                            Out-turn    Target   Out-turn
To manage expenditure in-line with phased budget
Revenue expenditure within 5% (+/-) of                                       £35.89m expenditure against a budget of £37.35m.
                                          -3.1%         +/-5%     -3.9%
Programme expenditure within 5% (+/-) of                                   Excluding the £3.8m MTOR implementation costs there was
                                         -25.5%         +/-5%     -20%
budget                                                                      £4.32m expenditure against a budget of £5.42m.
                                                                           Due to slow approval of the estates strategy from central
Capital expenditure within 5% (+/-) of
                                          -69.8%     +/-5%      -87%        government full year significant under spend of £1.74m against a
                                                                            budget of £2m.
To evidence high levels of assurance from internal and external audit actions
% significant Internal audit actions        58%       85%        70%       A review of all outstanding audit actions was completed in
complete                                                                    September in-line with the new internal auditors recommendation
                                                                            resulting in 57 of the 70 outstanding actions being cleared that
                                                                            were no longer applicable.
                                                                           23 of the 33 of the remaining and new actions due in the period
                                                                            September to February were completed on time and revised due
                                                                            dates are in place for the remaining actions.
                                                                           100% of management progress reports due have been submitted
                                                                            to the Audit and Risk Committee on time.
To demonstrate value for money and ensure planned efficiency savings are realised
Benefits realised in-line with agreed VFM    £0.4m       3%        3%*         Value for Money savings delivered this year include; Arndale
plan                                                                            House rationalisation; £500,000, Edinburgh and English Regions
                                                                                capacity savings and disposal of leases; £165,000 and significnat
                                                                                savings on the mediation service contract re-negotiation.
                                                                            *Includes savings £0.7m that have been identified up to 31/04/11,
                                                                            further savings are expected.

                                                        EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

2. Disciplined delivery: delivery of high-impact interventions and grant funded programmes

                                              09/10      10/11     10/11
Performance Measure                                                          Outcome
                                             Out-turn    Target   Out-turn
To influence case law, maximize compliance with the law and grant funded programmes
                                                                              Reduction in number of new cases undertaken this year compared
                                                                               to 2009/10.
Number of new strategic legal actions          98         100       66        Significant number of high impact strategic legal actions including
                                                                               the S31 of HMT, 3 major inquiries and several high profile
                                                                               interventions and reviews.
Success rate of completed strategic legal                                     Of the 15 cases reported as completed in 2010/11 15 (87%) were
                                              87.5%       70%      87%
actions                                                                        considered as having successful legal outcomes.
                                                                              Significant decrease in pre-enforcement actions - increase in cases
Number of pre-enforcement actions
                                               251       >250       157        being dealt with by English Regions and PSED team.
allocated for consideration
                                                                              Reduction largely due to a more strategic focus on selection.
Number of S27 cases referred to                                               59 cases this year, a decrease of14 compared with 2009/10.
                                               73        >120       59
Conciliation Service                                                          The re-negotiation of the contract resulted insignificant savings.
% of S27 cases concluded resulting in full                                    56 cases were concluded in 2010/11 and 86% of these were
                                              82%         70%      86%
and final settlement                                                           successfully resolved resulting in full and final settlement.

To improve public service performance in relation to equality and human rights
MOUs or informal agreements in place            1          2        N/A       MOU in place with the Care Quality Commission resulting in the
with public service regulators and                                             completion of guidance and joint training.
inspectors                                                                    Partnership established with HMIP and good progress made on
                                                                               work with HMIC.
                                                                              MOU work with Monitor and the Audit Commission was de-
                                                                               prioritised following the outcome of the Government’s NDPB review.
To advance equality and diversity in employment
Increase in employers publishing gender                                       On-hold, awaiting findings of the Government’s position on gender
                                              19%        >19%       N/A
pay gaps compared with 09/10 baseline                                          pay reporting.

                                                   EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

Effective delivery of the strategic work programmes
                                                                          Of 89 milestones 54% were achieved on time.
                                                                          12 (13%) milestones which were re-planned as a result of external
% of key milestones and deliverables                                       factors beyond the Commission’s control and 11 were not completed
                                            N/A       90%       54%
achieved on time                                                           in the financial year due to other factors such as the publication of
                                                                           Government reports. Accountings for these 87% of milestones were
                                                                           completed on time.
To deliver a strategic grant funding programme aligned to strategic priorities with strengthened controls
                                                                          Following significant improvements in internal controls all grant
 % of satisfactory monitoring reports
                                            N/A       100%     100%        monitoring visits and reports have been completed on time for the
received from grant recipients
                                                                           Strategic Grants Programme.
% of grant funding withheld                                               Following successful risk assessment visits all 59 payments due for
                                            N/A       <5%        0%
                                                                           the Strategic Grants Programme have been released.

                                                         EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

3. Delivering excellence in advice, guidance and information

                                               09/10      10/11      10/11
Performance Measure                                                            Outcome
                                              Out-turn    Target    Out-turn
A helpline service that is considered authoritative and accessible
                                                                                 Overall a decrease of over 7,000 calls handled compared with
                                                                                  the 2009/10 baseline of 58,000.
                                                                                 However, average handling time per call has increased over the
Increase in number of calls to helpline                                           year and is now almost 11 minutes per call. This is due in part to
                                               -11%        >10%        -13%
service compared with 09/10 baseline                                              the provision of a more specialized one call resolution service
                                                                                  and the improvements made to the self-serve advice and
                                                                                  guidance section of our website. There has also been a marked
                                                                                  increase in the advice provided by e-mail and correspondence.
                                                                                 Slow response times in later summer, early autumn were a
Average waiting time to be answered                                               result of staff training on the new provision of the Equality Act
                                                57          <60         98
                                                                                  increasing the annual average waiting time to 98 seconds.
                                              seconds     seconds    seconds
                                                                                 Average waiting time decreased from the high of 185 seconds in
                                                                                  September to 54 seconds in March.
% of all calls presented to the helpline                                         There was a slight decrease in the abandonment rate in
                                               88%         85%         84%        2010/11 at 84% compared with 88% in 2009/10.
service answered
                                                                                 Over 18,000 emails and 2,800 letters received in 2010/11, with
Letters and emails answered within 5 days       N/A        85%         95%        95% answered within the 5 day service standard.
service standard
                                                                                 A satisfaction survey was planned as part of the benchmarking
User satisfaction with the helpline service     N/A        N/A         N/A        work but not completed given the Government review of the
                                                                                  Commission’s functions.
                                                                                 Majority of calls (36%) were from Citizens Advice Bureau.
Number of calls to the specialist legal                                          47% of calls relate to disability and 35% to gender.
                                                182        185         118
advice line                                                                      Decrease in calls could be due to improved website.

                                                    EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

A website that is considered authoritative and accessible and meets user needs
                                                                         Over 1m unique visitors compared to 0.81m in 2009/10.
Number of unique visitors to website        0.81m     >0.8m     1.0m     21% increase over 2009/10 and against target following
                                                                          successful launch of new website in August.
Number of visitors to the website           1.12m     >1.1m     1.4m     Over 1.4m visitors.

User satisfaction of EHRC website service   N/A       >80%               Results not yet available
Quality of service provision
                                                                         Almost 50% reduction in the number of complaints received
                                                                          compared with 2009/10.
Number of complaints received               140       <120       72      57% of the complaints relate to Helpline (representing less than
                                                                          0.001% of calls handled); 17% relate to Legal services and a
                                                                          further 17% relate to other areas of the Commission
Number of complaints acknowledged                                        Of the 72 complaints received only 49 were acknowledged within
                                            71%       90%       68%
within 5 working days                                                     5 days.

                                                                         Improvement in our responsiveness to complaints compared with
Number of complaints responded to within                                  2009/10. Of the 74 complaints due for response in 2010/11
                                            75%       90%       91%
20 working days                                                           (including those carried forward from 2009/10); 67 (91%) were
                                                                          responded to on-time.
Number of complaints upheld by the                                       1 complaint has been upheld by the Parliamentary Ombudsman
                                             3%       1.5%      1.4%
Parliamentary Ombudsman                                                   relating to the handling of an air accessibility case.
Stakeholder’s perception and reputation and effectiveness
                                            N/A        N/A      912      Work is on-going to further develop stakeholder management with
Number of contacts with key stakeholders                                  a new CRM database under development.
Number of contacts with new stakeholders    N/A        N/A      181
                                                                         15 parliamentary questions in 2010/11 compared with 112 in
Number of Parliamentary Questions           77%       90%      100%       2009/10, all 15 PQs were answered within their deadlines.
responded to within GEO deadlines

                                                       EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

4. Authoritative and responsive: high performing organisation.

                                             09/10      10/11     10/11
Performance Measure                                                         Outcome
                                            Out-turn    Target   Out-turn
Efficient and effective response to all requests for information within agreed service standards
Number of Freedom of Information              227        <225      150       Significant reduction (34%) in number of FOI requests received
requests received                                                             by the Commission compared with 2009/10.
                                                                             43% of FOIs related to EHRC policy (18% to general policy of the
                                                                              Commission,10% specifically to race and 4% to disability) 25% to
                                                                              employment (salaries, expenses and staff policies)
Freedom of Information requests               N/A         N/A      46%       Only 69 of 150 FOI requests were acknowledged within our 5 day
acknowledged within 5 days                                                    service standard.
Freedom of Information requests              90%         >90%      86%       Despite the reduction in the number of FOIs received there has
responded to within the statutory                                             been deterioration in the timeliness of response within the
deadlines                                                                     statutory deadline.
                                                                             Of 147 FOI requests due for response within 2010/11, 126 were
                                                                              responded to within the statutory deadline (86%).
                                                                             Improvements have been made to the process to ensure
                                                                              compliance with the FOI Act. (see ICO complaints upheld below)
Number of Data Protection Act requests                                       17% decrease in number of requests received under the DPA
                                              46          N/A      38         compared with 2009/10 and a 13% improvement in our
Data Protection Act requests responded to                                    With the exception of April and May 2010 all DPA requests were
                                             65%         90%       78%
within the statutory deadline of 40 days                                      responded to within the statutory deadline of 40 calendar days.
Complaints upheld by the Information          N/A        <3%      1.4%       1 complaint to the ICO was upheld relating to the length of time
Commissioner’s Office                                                         taken by the Commission to respond to an FOI request.
                                                                             In March the ICO informed the Commission that it will monitor it’s
                                                                              timeliness in responding to requests for information for 3
                                                                              months as we had exceeded time for compliance by a significant
                                                                              margin on one or more occasions. The ICO highlighted 2 cases of
                                                                              particular concern where our response took 57 and 64 days.

                                                 EHRC 35.17 Performance Report

                                           09/10    10/11     10/11
Performance Measure                                                     Outcome
                                          Out-turn  Target   Out-turn
Enhancing the skills and knowledge of all employees

                                                                         New learning and development strategy implemented with almost
% staff attendance at training events
                                                                          120 training events held throughout the year.
                                          75%       90%        82%       The attendance rate of 82%, represents a significant
                                                                          improvement on 2009/10 due in part to the introduction of a new
                                                                          on-line training calendar in June for booking and tracking all
                                                                          training courses.
                                                                         Of 153 staff surveyed 148 were satisfied that their training
% of staff satisfied that the training  N/A       80%          97%        objectives were met or exceeded.
objectives were met
Maximising and sustaining engagement among our colleagues

Staff survey completed                    N/A       >70%       N/A       The staff survey has been re-planned for 2011/12.
                                         12.8%      <10%      9.69%      Staff turnover was within target for full year.
% staff turnover
                                          10.2       <9       10.5-      Marked increase (9%) in time lost to illness compared with
Staff days lost to illness per FTE
                                                              11.6        2009/10; with 11.6 days lost per FTE (10.5 per headcount)
                                                                          compared to the public sector average of 9.6.
                                                                         4.12% of all working days were lost to staff illness in 2010/11
                                                                          compared with 3.75% in 2009/10. The overall cost of sickness
                                                                          absence for the Commission was £545,367 for the period April
                                                                          2010 to March 2011.
                                                                         New absence management policy and guidance was introduced
                                                                          in September and quarterly absence monitoring reports
                                                                         As at 31st March the establishment was 428 comprising of 386
Establishment control: management of                                      permanent staff and 42 interim.
                                          507       <400       428
establishment <400 FTEs
                                                                         45 staff have accepted the Voluntary exit scheme.


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