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					Smartphone Keyboard for Big Fingers

It’s finally here - the first Android keyboard made for human hands.
Henneberg Consult has released MaxiKeys - an app with a layout that
means, even the biggest fingers can find their way around a keyboard.

Virum, Denmark, July 04, 2012 -- Many keyboard apps for Android
smartphones are already available. "But - like the standard Android
keyboard - these keyboards have very small keys and layouts, which
necessitate toggling between layouts to access numbers and special
characters. The Danish company Henneberg Consult has now developed the
alternative keyboard app, MaxiKeys, that is as simple and easy to use as
a PC keyboard. I have seen young people write incredibly fast using two
thumbs on heir mobile, but what about the rest of us who aren't able to
hit the small keys? We spend a great deal of time making corrections,
rotating the mobile to get a bigger view and searching for special
characters. We often feel like throwing the thing out of the window, when
the dictionary has written total garbage," says Hardy Henneberg from
Henneberg Consult, who is the developer of the new keyboard app.

Hardy Henneberg has been working on solving the problem of the small
keyboard for some time and is now ready with a ground breaking app for
everyone, who is frustrated by not being able to find their way around
their smartphone keyboard.

MaxiKeys keyboard is available from Google Play now.

A keyboard just like on a PC The MaxiKeys app has the same layout as a PC
keyboard. To achieve maximum size the whole keyboard is not shown at the
same time. By tilting the telephone from side to side you control, which
part of the keyboard is displayed. Movements are controlled by the
smartphone's built-in sensors, and it works best on newer Android
smartphones, which have a gyroscope.

'If you require bigger keys and a keyboard, where there's no need to
rotate to landscape to see what's going on, where you don't have to
toggle between keyboards to write numbers, and where the keys are where
they usually are on your PC, MaxiKeys is the answer', explains Hardy

"Our target customer is anyone, who uses a smartphone as a convenient
tool. Who doesn't want to waste time on learning a simple thing like
inputting a text. Who would normally use a PC for writing big texts, and
when they write on their smartphone, it is not just SMSs - but also
texts, which have to be absolutely correct. They expect things to work
very much like on a PC, so of course MaxiKeys has arrow keys, repeat and
select-copy-paste functionality" continues Hardy Henneberg.

"We don't see the other keyboard apps as competitors, because MaxiKeys
has been designed from the ground-up as an alternative for users, who are
not happy with conventional keyboards. If you are a fan of SwiftKey or
Swype, or you can write very fast on the standard Android keyboard -
MaxiKeys is probably not for you." concludes Hardy Henneberg.
Multilingual keyboard solutions
The MaxiKeys app comes with an international layout built-in. Other
layouts - including US, UK, German, Spanish and Scandinavian languages -
are available as separate apps, which are automatically connected to
MaxiKeys. Henneberg Consult is currently working on keyboard layouts for
many more languages.

Search for 'maxikeys layout' on Google Play or take a look at the support

Like other Android keyboards MaxiKeys use input intent. So all apps that
include an input field, will launch MaxiKeys, if it has been selected as
the preferred keyboard. MaxiKeys is special however, because it uses the
mobile telephone's sensors: the accelerometer and the gyroscope (if the
mobile is equipped with one) for controlling an OpenGL window, which
displays a section of the layout bitmap. MaxiKeys has another special
function - it also uses intent to link layouts to the keyboard app. This
means, anyone can produce a new layout for MaxiKeys. Such a layout is an
independent app, which can be sold via Google Play.

About Us:
Henneberg Consult is a danish company founded in 1997. Henneberg Consult
is a provider of smartphone apps like the android keyboard app: MaxiKeys.
Henneberg Consult also provides architectural assistance mainly to big
SOA and Java/JEE projects.

Hardy Henneberg
Henneberg Consult
Grønnevej 44
2830 Virum Denmark

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Description: It’s finally here - the first Android keyboard made for human hands. Henneberg Consult has released MaxiKeys - an app with a layout that means, even the biggest fingers can find their way around a keyboard.