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									                       Position Justification and Classification Form

All applicable items listed below must accompany the online requisition in PeopleAdmin. Please use
the Documents tab of the requisition to attach this documentation and submit to “HR for Review”. If
documentation is incomplete the requisition will be returned for correction.

Sections I, II, and III are required for all positions. Section IV is also required if the request is to
classify a new position or a vacant position.

Current and/or proposed organizational chart (include names/titles of incumbents)
Approved business plan/rationale for filling the position
Existing job description for replacements or reclassifications
New position number request form (for new classifications – click here for the form)
Job requirements/essential functions form (click here for the form)

Section I: General Information
Division:                                Requisition Number:
Dept. #:                                 Department Name:
Contact Person:                                                    Phone Number:

Status:       Full-Time      Part-Time       Temporary     PRN

Position Building/Location:

This position is part of an approved reorganization in the division:       Yes             No

   New Position                                                                       Replacement Position
   Vacant Reclassification

For Vacant Positions:

What is the anticipated date of vacancy?
If already vacant, how long?
Previous Incumbent:
Position Number:
SCT Banner Job Title:

              Saint Louis University Human Resources
Section II: Funding Information

Does the funding for this position currently exist in your fiscal year budget?       Yes        No
IF YES, explain the funding source of the existing funding (i.e. existing unrestricted, grant funding,
designated, reimbursement by a 3rd party, etc.):
IF NO, explain the source of the new funding (i.e. new spend approved in FY budget, approval by the
President, new grant, designated, etc.):
Position Salary Budget: $

Section III: Position Justification

The following section is required for all positions, except UMG, grant funded, and
third party funded positions.

                                           Criticality of the Position

Does this position contribute to revenue generation (tuition, patient, fund-raising, grants, etc.) or cost
savings for the University?    Yes      No

If yes, explain:

Describe in detail any options you have considered or have already implemented for consolidating
duties, sharing resources and/or reassigning tasks to cover the duties of this position within or outside
your unit.

Explain any cyclical, compliance, grant/accreditation standards that make this position essential:

Describe how the duties have been fulfilled during the position’s vacancy:

What contribution does this position provide to the achievement of department/division goals?

What is the plan to cover these responsibilities if the position remains unfilled?

Describe how technology or outsourcing can be used to streamline/automate processes performed by
this position?

            Saint Louis University Human Resources
                                                    Work Flow

Describe how the work comes to the position?

Describe where the work goes when complete?

Identify other individuals who perform similar work in the unit/department?

Identify existing positions in the University to which this position is comparable?
(List job title and name if known):

                                              Business Activity

Has there been an increase/decrease in products/services?         Yes           No
Please describe:

Has there been an increase/decrease in staffing?         Yes      No
Please describe:

Please provide the following information regarding work volume where applicable:
Patient monthly volume:
Student enrollment:
Service requests/month:
Grant volume/month (in $):
Other Metrics (describe):

Section IV: Position Classification

The following information is only required to classify new positions or to reclassify a
vacant position.

In order for a vacant position to be considered for reclassification, it must be clearly established that
60% or more of the employees’ time is spent performing the primary duties of a higher or lower
graded position.

                                                Job Summary

Proposed title for this position:

What staff position(s) will report directly to this position and for which performance evaluations will be

Purpose: Summarize in two or three sentences the main purpose of the job.

           Saint Louis University Human Resources
Job Duties and Responsibilities: Describe the most important job duties (generally not more than five),
estimate the percentage of time spent on each duty, and rate the importance of the duties (rating
scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the most important). The total of all percentages must equal 100%.
You may attach a separate document.

     % of Time       Job Duties                                                 Importance Rating

                     Other duties as assigned.
List any knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform this position.

If this is a reclassification, please describe how the position has significantly changed from the current
responsibilities and job duties.

            Saint Louis University Human Resources
                                                     Job Analysis

The following information is required for all new positions and vacant/incumbent reclassifications.

 Education - What is the minimum level of                     Experience - What is the minimum level of
 formal education required for this position?                 experience necessary to perform this job?
 Check one.                                                   Check one.
        High School diploma or equivalent                            No previous experience
        Related coursework, or specialized
        training beyond high school                                  Up to 1 year

        Associate’s degree or equivalent                             Up to 2 years
        Bachelor’s degree                                            3 to 5 years
        Master’s degree                                              More than 5 years
        Doctorate degree

    List any required licensure/certification (spell out any acronyms):
    List any preferred qualifications for this position:

If this position has final responsibility for developing, controlling, and implementing a department
budget, what is the amount? $

Does this position assist with operating budget review and/or monitoring departmental accounts?

   NO              YES

If this position has signature authority for purchase approvals, what is the maximum amount? $

List examples of decisions for which the employee is directly accountable:

Does this position supervise related functions without line authority, highly technical areas, or multiple
departments?       NO            YES

If yes, please describe:

If errors were made who would be affected, and how?

List the types of any confidential data to which this position has access:

Identify the types of interaction this position has with other employees, departments, or organizations
both internal and external to the University:

            Saint Louis University Human Resources
List any other information you think would provide a greater understanding of the position being

Are there any positions that currently exist in your department, division, or in the University to which
this position is comparable? Please list the incumbent name and Banner title.

           Saint Louis University Human Resources

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