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									Iroquois Ridge Scholarships
 $$$ Show me the money $$$
        Types of Scholarships
Entrance       Presidential       Volunteer
- marks only   -marks & profile   Involvement
Community      Companies        Cultural
Involvement    parents work for Background

Financial      Disabilities /     Specific
Assistance     overcoming         uniqueness
-parents’      obstacles
  What Scholarships Require
Marks: usually Involvement in Volunteering in
over 90% in    Your school & Your school &
grade 11/12    community      community
Well rounded   Arts           Athletics
Clubs          Leadership     What have you
                              done that is
     Entrance Scholarships
• Based solely on grade 12 marks, usually
  final marks, best 6 or include pre-requisite
  Different levels for different schools. For
  more $ go further north - they pay better
  85% -$500 - $1000
  90% -$1000 - $2000
  95% -$1500 –$3000
University Specific Scholarships
Check out individual institutions
Check out
     How do I get started ?
 Visit scholarship websites to make
 yourself aware of the scholarships you
 are eligible for.


Once you have the list of scholarships
you are eligible for download
applications and check out the
requirements of the scholarship on
individual websites
      Sample Scholarship
Download an application & complete the
application to see what you need to get
busy and do now.
Make a time line plan. DO IT NOW !
         The Miller Thomson
An example:
   Foundation Scholarships
    A glimpse of what will be asked of
What Is Usually On An
•   Current Transcript of Marks
•   Ranking of your marks from grade 9 through to 12
•   Awards (school & community)
•   Volunteer /Extracurricular hours ****
•   Athletic/Artistic/Club Activities
•   Leadership
•   Employment
•   A variety of accomplishments in all areas
             Application TIPS
• Research, Start a data base
• Note deadlines & application process
• Apply only to those that you qualify for- read
• Meet deadlines
• Neatness is essential – type it, spell/gr. check
• Avoid emailing or faxing unless email a must
• Quality not quantity
• Start early, timelines/time management essential
• Keep a hard copy & backup copy
• Ask for TIPS from previous winners
       References Letters
• From a responsible adult who knows
  you well: principal, teacher, coach,
  employer, not a relative

• Ask, & provide him/her with a resume
  or reference form, include your goals,
  give at least 2 weeks notice
       Nomination Process
• Some scholarships require school to assess
  & nominate the best candidate(s)

• School nomination: Must be handed in one
  week prior to deadline Mrs. Anstett & the
  scholarship team decide on school sponsored
  ie Due date Oct 21 into school Oct 14
Canada’s Top Scholarship

The Canadian Merit Award
     National Winner-
     Canada’s Top Scholarship
$75,000 for      $8,000 for a    Highly paid
tuition, books   travel abroad   Summer
& residence      summer          internship
Personal         Highly paid     Must attend a
mentor           summer          Canadian
                 foreign         University
Paid trip to     Opportunities   Distinguishes
Toronto each     to network      you as one of
year                             the top
   Review of Award Winners
Community      Enrichment      School Awards
Volunteering   Programs

Community      Participation   Academic
Awards                         Marks

Leadership     Clubs/ Arts/    Uniqueness
  Community Based Awards
• Check out the board outside PCC
• Applications become available February
  through to April.
• Check often
• Follow through getting the application in
  prior to due date
• Some will require interviews
School Based Awards
 Applications due into PCC

       MAY 3rd
        Enrichment Opportunities
         See Ms. Patterson and check monthly ENRICHMENT Newsletter!

Shad Valley            Study Abroad                   Workshops/

Encounters with        da Vinci            Waterloo
Canada                 Engineering         Unlimited
                       Program (DEEP)
Advanced                Queen’s E = MC2 Mathematics
Placement                               Contests
         Enrichment Opportunities at the Ridge
    Opportunity           Description                                           Applicatio      Cost              Contact
                                                                                n Deadline

Duke of Edinburgh         A challenge opportunity for students to pursue up     Year round      Annual  
Awards                    to three level of the DEA Young Canadians                             registration      for ages 14 – 25
                          Challenge. Focuses on physical fitness,                               fee               See Mrs. Hills or Mrs. Omeri
Ridge Fav                 expeditions, skills and community service.

Encounters With Canada    A week-long study session in Ottawa with students     Year round      $625              ages 14 – 17
                          from across Canada. Each week has a different         registration    Some weeks        See Ms. Patterson
Ridge Fav                 theme, including journalism, law, science and         See calendar    have discounts
                          technology, arts and culture, business, sports and
                          the RCMP.

  da Vinci Engineering    An opportunity for high school students to explore    Next session    $300 per week    http://enrichment.uoftengineerin
  Enrichment Program      a variety of engineering disciplines during the       in summer       in July plus
        (DEEP)            month of July at U of T.                              2010            GST
                          Check out other Engineering Enrichment at the
                          website too!
        GYLC               Leadership Conferences in Washington, NY,            Nomination –    U.S. $3000
 Global Young Leaders     and/or China. One program in Toronto. Designed        Oct. 23/09      China $5400       Scholarships available!
      Conference          to build networking skills, access to influential     Scholarship -
                          policy makers and insight into “leadership”.          Dec. 3, 2009

 Southern Ontario Model   A conference for students in grades 9 through 12 at   Information     TBA     
          UN              U of T in late April. Students represent various      posted in
        SOMA              countries and participate in a General Assembly       February.
                          dealing with Global Issues.
Ridge Fav
 U of T Youth Summer      Spend time on Campus and stay in residence while      July 2010       $990.00 –
  Programs (YSP) in       studying with professors, leading researchers,        Registration    Law               phome.htm
  Medicine and Law        prominent legal and medical professionals. Fee is     info. To be     $1090 -
                          all inclusive – residence, food plan, access to       posted soon.    Medicine
                          court/labs, etc.
Forum for Young           A week-long conference in Ottawa for students           ASAP             $895    
Canadians                 aged 15-19 interested in learning the dynamics of                        Includes         rograms/forum-young-
                          the government. MP Dinner, Senators lunch.                               transportation   canadians
                          Feb, March , April and October 2010                                      and hotel
Promoting Women in        A mathematics and science conference for young             TBA           TBD    
Science (Prowis)          women in grade 10 at Wilfred Laurier University.                                          /index.shtml

Queen’s E = MC2           A week-long program at Queen’s University for               TBA          $545 for
                          highly motivated students in grades 9 to 12.            (February 18     tuition & res.   EMC2/index.php
                          Students study a subject of their choice May 9 –          last year)     in 2009
                          14, 2010
Shad Valley               A month long ( June 27 – July 23, 2010)                 Meeting in       3500 + 
                          experience for senior students at a Canadian            mid-October      transportation
                          University. The program combines                        Deadline
                          entrepreneurship with science and technology.           December 9
Peel Summer Academy      Summer residential programs for students in                                      
                         grades 4 - 12. Takes place at Memorial U.                    TBA               TBA
                         (Newfdld), UTM and in Churchill Man. in July
AP Exam Opportunity       Coaching and Tutorials through Sem II. Exams            Mtg. Oct         $86.00 U.S.
                          are the first 2 weeks of May                                                              See Ms. Patterson
Mathematics Contests    There are numerous math contests available, incl. U. of                    Varies;$2- $5    Speak Ms Kim.
                                                                                   Various times
                        Waterloo & the Canadian Mathematics Open. Avail for                        per contest
                                                                                   in the year
                        grades 9 to 12.
Waterloo Unlimited        Grade 10, 11 and 12 programs specifically               Nov, Mar         $200 - $400
                          designed to develop appropriate leadership skills,      and May
                          and help focus individual goals and vision.

Senate and House of       Opportunity to be a Page in Parliament during the       November                
Commons Page Programs     summer before 1st year University and during 1st        2009                              Check Youth Programs
                          year. Must attend Carleton, U of O, St. Paul, or
                          Universite du Quebec en Outaouais

                          See Ms. Patterson for other
                          exciting opportunities!!!
           Research Sites:
• Ontario School Counselors’ Association
• Student Awards
• Scholarship Canada
• Scholarship 2009
• University/college websites
• Visit University/college open houses
  -many open March Break
      For More Information

• Personal & Careers Counseling:
  – Mrs. Anstett, Mrs. Spelman, Ms Forde or
    Mr. Pottruff
    Get Credit for all your hard
      work in High School


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