Visitor Registration Form - Excel by 6mw3q64F


									                                                          CHILDRESS KLEIN SECURITY
                                                          Visitor Pre-Registration Form

Date of Request (today's date):
*Visitor Pre-Registration forms should be submitted to Security (24) hours prior
to visitor arrival.

                                                                 VISITOR INFORMATION
Scheduled Date & Time of Visitor Arrival:

Visiting Area - Building & Floor:

Name of Visitor & Company/Organization:
*May register more than (1) visitor

Duration of Visit:
Examples: (1) business day or (4) hours or (30) minutes

                                                                SPONSOR INFORMATION
Name of Sponsor (may list more than one):

Name of Company or Organization:

Business Unit (Wachovia Employees Only):

Sponsor Location - Building & Floor:

Phone Number:

Alternate Phone Number:

SIGNATURE: (required for fax or hand delivery only)

                                                               FOR SECURITY USE ONLY
                            Date Received:                                                      Officer Initials:

                       Date Authenticated:                                                      Officer Initials:

                      Date VPass Created:                                                       Officer Initials:

                     Date Issued to Visitor:                                                    Officer Initials:

EMAIL or FAX forms to the following, as needed per building:                                                        For Questions ONLY call:                  One Wachovia Center                  fax 704.376.7028                 704.805.7125 or 7126                  Two Wachovia Center                  fax 704.374.2518                 704.374.2660 or 2683                  Three Wachovia Center                fax 704.944.1630                 704.944.1628 or 1629                  Duke Energy Center                   fax 704.330.2595                    704.330.2531


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