2010 SHAPE Idea Center Workforce Readiness by 187kWMFt


Chapter Name                 Number    State   Chapter Region     Territory

Cabarrus Regional SHRM            648 NC       Southeast Region   B

Southside Virginia SHRM           587 VA       Southeast Region   B

Prince William SHRM, Inc.         740 VA       Southeast Region   B

Charleston WV SHRM Chapter        323 WV       Southeast Region   B
DelMarVa SHRM                      572 DE   Northeast Region           B

Central Nebraska Human Resources
Managers Association               578 NE   North Central Region       B

Northeast Arkansas SHRM            262 AR   Southwest Central Region   A
Tri-State SHRM                              583 TX   Southwest Central Region   A

Central Coast Human Resources Association   393 CA   Pacific West Region        A

SHRM of Tulare/Kings County                 651 CA   Pacific West Region        A

Snake River Chapter                         226 ID   Pacific West Region        B

Continental Divide Chapter                  414 MT   Pacific West Region        B
Douglas County SHRM                      711 OR   Pacific West Region   B

Adams Grant Human Resource Association   169 WA   Pacific West Region   B
Size as of
9/30/2011    Section2 2.1-5-TYPE

Small        Workforce Readiness

Small        Workforce Readiness

Small        Workforce Readiness

Small        Workforce Readiness
Small   Workforce Readiness

Small   Workforce Readiness

Small   Workforce Readiness
Small   Workforce Readiness

Small   Workforce Readiness

Small   Workforce Readiness

Small   Workforce Readiness

Small   Workforce Readiness
Small   Workforce Readiness

Small   Workforce Readiness
Section2 2.1-5-DESC

Our workforce readiness initiatives included 4 seperate items. Frist we partnered with the Glenn Center (an
alternative school) to present a 3 steps program called "Find, Get and Succeed on the Job". We demonsrate how
to look for work, complete applications/resumes, interview's and present yourself once you get the job.
Completed in Feb/Mar/April. The other 3 initiatives were supporting community programs: a) Cabarrus
Literacy Council Book Donation - donated 179 books to support program - Completed in September 2010. b)
Dress for Success reentry in the workforce initative - donated 80 items of clothing and accessories to that
program - Completed in October 2010. c) Local food drive - Donated 70 lbs of food an supplies to Cabarrus
county Christian Ministries Food Pantry - Completed in December 2010.

Our chapter continued our project in our community call the CITY or Committee for Information To Youth
project. In this project we have brochures printed and distributed in our school system telling students to finish
high school, stay off drugs, and to not get in trouble withthe law. The brochures contained statistics from
responding industries on the percentage of the industries that required a high school diploma, had
preemployment drug screens, and had policies against ex-offenders. The statistics for our brochures were
obtained by sending out surveys to all our local industries. The "teeth" to the brochure was that we know how
these things can cause you to have trouble later finding a job because we are the ones doing the hiring. Our
project has been featured in the National SHRM publication Enterprising Leadership - More Than 180 Innovative
Initiatives from SHRM's State Councils and Chapters.

In March our Chapter partnered with the Alzheimers Association, Dulles, NOVA and Leesburg-Greater Loudon
SHRM in a program entitled "Brain Health-Stress to Success, Caregiver Stress and Productivity in the Workplace."
Held in Manassas, this free workshop which was HRCI certified focused on the impact brain health has in the
workplace and the implications of employee stress, particularly amongst working family caregivers.

This year our chapter participated in an event entitled Summer Fundamentals. This was event coordinated by
the WV State Division of Rehabilition. This was a week long camp for disabled teens and young adults entering
the workforce. During the camp one day focused on interviewing skills, resume creation and application
completion. Several of our chapter members participated in the mock interviews, job readiness preparation
skills and an Apprentice style competition. We received a letter of appreciation from the staff of the Summer
Fundamentals program. The members that participated also benefitted by giving of their time and talent. This is
an event that we hope to continue to participate in each yeat. Our Chapter also donated $150 dollars to the
YWCA Sojouner's Shelter for Homeless Women and Families. The money was designated to be used for the
Sojouner's Education/Job Readiness Center which provides education and employment opportunities not only to
shelter residents, but also to all homeless adults. This organization also provides other services such as life skills,
health education, substance abuse counseling and childcare. This service is utilized by hundreds of adults
throughout the year.
The Bridge Program has been recognized as the outstanding volunteer program for 2010 with the Delaware
Governor's Award; included by Delaware's libraries as justification in multi-million dollar grant from the Bill and
Melinda Gates Foundation; and is requested to be incorporated into the Indian River School District's adult
education curriculum Bridge to a New Position is a county-wide (Sussex County) initiative that was implemented
utilizing a team approach led by volunteers from the DelMarVa Chapter of SHRM, and includes the organizations
and qualified community volunteers. Volunteers with professional backgrounds in human resources, journalism,
resume writing/critiquing, and career and volunteer coaching, were utilized to write the customized curriculum.
To ensure the quality and consistency of the workshops, all participating volunteers are required to attend a
train-the-trainer session given by a certified State trainer. Each Bridge workshop is offered over a 3-week
period on a monthly basis. DelMarVa SHRM and DEDO team together for marketing and publicity of the
Program. A number of participants are referred by Delaware's Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Program. By June 30, 2010 a total of 92 displaced workers participated in the Bridge workshops. Education

Our Chapter had the opportunity to assist the 140 soldiers of the 1195th Transportation Company that returned
from a 12 month tour of duty in Iraq. All 1195th soldiers attended a 60 Day Yellow Ribbon Event in Kearney on
Saturday, June 19th. The Yellow Ribbon Events are designed to assist returning soldiers with their reentry back
into civilian life. Statistics show the majority of soldiers voluntarily quit their jobs before leaving for duty, and
are then faced with the challenges of trying to find gainful employment upon their return. The board members
of the CNHRMA have made a decision to offer assistance with the returning soldiers’ job search process at the
Yellow Ribbon Event. The day was set up similar to a job fair format, where the individuals and agencies that are
there to assist were set up at a table or booth so soldiers can visit each table and get information at their leisure.
Volunteers were available to assist the soldiers with a variety of job search issues, including assisting them with
updating their resume, offering interview tips, and/or simply using our networking capabilities as HR
professionals to assist them with getting their foot in the door for any positions they may be interested in
applying for at companies in the tri-city area (similar to a Personal One-on-One Career Coach!). This was the first
time they’ve ever held a 60-Day Yellow Ribbon Event in our area, and it’s the first time CNHRMA has assisted in
this type of activity. Feedback from the soldiers was very positive.

In line with our 2010 strategic objectives to advance awareness of the profession locally by developing and
growing strategic partnerships with other professional groups or associations, our Workforce Readiness Director
served on the board of the local Workforce Training Consortium in our city and the on the board of the
Workforce Development Committee of our local Chamber of Commerce. This led to several partnerships
between NEASHRM members and these groups on various initiatives throughout the year. One such initiative
involved members visiting local area High School Sophomores and delivering a presentation about preparing
resumes, job searching and interviewing, and the skills that employers are looking for in applicants. Another
initiative involved assisting candidates on career planning and job searching at the KAIT8 job fair in April.
Another initiative consisted of members visiting 8th graders at local area schools to deliver the Arkansas Scholars
program to help educate students on the importance making good grades in order to have better opportunities
for college and employment. The Workforce Readiness Director also served on the local Jumpstart Committee
and assisted in a program designed to educate High School Seniors on how to be financially smart with their
In Fall 2010, Chapter co-sponsored the College and Career Fair, organized by the Texarkana Chamber of
Commerce, drawing attendance from all area high schools - well over 2,500 students. Our HR professionals
provide presentations on topics of workforce and career readiness to these students. The Chapter also co-
sponsored the 2010 Career & Community Resources Expo, hosted by the Texas Workforce Commission and
Arkansas Workforce Centers at the Four States Fairgrounds Arena on February 9.

In 2010, our chapter began a partnership with the local Boys and Girls Club for the purpose of educating a group
of their participants (ages 14-18)as part of a program called "Career Launch". Ten of our members volunteered
to present several short workshops on topics such as "Dress for Success", "Business Etiquette and Networking",
"Career Assessments", "Employer Policies", "Resume Writing" and "Mock Interviews". These programs were
held at the local Boys and Girls Club facility several evenings during a two week period. Approximately 15 Club
participants attended the sessions and graduated from the program during a graduation ceremony which was
attended by students and parents. Our chapter has been asked to continue this program again in May and
October 2011. We will also be expanding our workshops in collaboration with one of our local Regional
Occupational Programs (ROP) in our county.

  "SPEED INTERVIEWING"           The workforce in California has been crippled over the last year and Tulare
County even more so. Unemployment is from 17 -22% due to the lack of agricultural work hit too by this
economy. Members of the SHRM of Tulare/Kings County wanted to help people that were unemployed for
probably for the first time in their lives. Doing interviews was not enough to produce a change. We wanted to
make a difference; a pat on the back or a serious course change for perspective job seekers. We wanted to be a
truthful mentor but with compassion. At the end of each interview, both parties were working for the same goal
and that goal was to make that person a better, more attractive employee to a perspective employer. The first
impression of their resume, a hand shake, eye contact and genuineness are an opportunity you will only get
once. The concept stemmed from "speed dating" because you see so many people in a short time. We
interviewed over 300 people with 10 people in three hours. But unlike speed dating, "speed interviewing" told
you why the other party did or did not find you desirable. This is the second year we have teamed up with local
agencies to help our local community job-seekers.

We devised a powerpoint presentation in regards to hiring from an employer's point of view. We went to high
school classes and presented to hundreds of students regarding the application, interview process, and what
happens after the interview. It was well received.

Our Local SHRM Chapter has continued and improved our visability to the colleges, high schools and technical
training centers to provide information on job readiness, resumes, interviewing and job seeking via technology,
application processes. We have developed a panel of local Chapter members who make presentations and
facilitate training and feedback to the community. During Career Fairs and Job Fairs we have co sponsored with
our local Job Service to provide application training and assistance. One of our members facilitates a day called
Butte Business Days for middle school students where some of the above are discussed. We have committed to
these projects and our initiatives each year are very focused around education and resources to the community
and young people.
DCSHRM established a goal of helping job seekers, including the local high school and college youth, to be better
prepared to apply for job openings in our community and to be more successful in a job interview. We hosted a
booth at the Annual Employer and Career Expo event presented by the local Douglas County Employer's Council.
Chapter members provided resume review and interview tip workshops throughout the day. We also ensured
that a DCSHRM member attended the monthly Employer Council meetings at the state employment department
as a means of maintaining a closer alliance with the agencies in our community who work on Workforce
Readiness. The monthly Employer Council meeting includes a standing report from the Douglas County Regional
Investment Board which helps DCSHRM stay informed and could be a conduit to additional action plans for our

The president of the chapter was involved in helping to market and attract students to a locally developed Pre-
Employment Training Program that prepares people for jobs at local manufacturing companies. Several chapter
members (including board members) are involved in developing the curriculum of these classes. The classes
teach quality/continuous improvement, teamwork, computer technology, communications, general food
manufacturing, safety, Math, personal development, and provide tours of many local manufacturing plants. Over
100 students have completed the training and 97% of them have obtained employment. The program is highly
successful at placing people who want to work in manufacturing in job positions at local companies.
Chapter Name                              Number    State   Chapter Region     Territory

Northern Kentucky SHRM                         548 KY       Southeast Region   B

Tri-County Human Resources Management
Association                                     97 SC       Southeast Region   B

Northeast TN Chapter of SHRM                   190 TN       Southeast Region   B

Human Resource Managaeament Association
of Western New England                         364 MA       Northeast Region   A
Manchester Area Human Resources
Association                          198 NH   Northeast Region           A

Sheboygan Area-SHRM                  233 WI   North Central Region       B

Stevens Point Area Human Resources
Association                          497 WI   North Central Region       B

Central Arkansas Human Resources
Association                           90 AR   Southwest Central Region   A
Springfield Area Human Resources
Association                                  26 MO   Southwest Central Region   A

Heart of Texas Society for Human Resource
Management                                  419 TX   Southwest Central Region   A

Bay Area Human Resource Management
Association                                 542 TX   Southwest Central Region   A
Williamson County Human Resource
Management Association             577 TX   Southwest Central Region   A

Columbia Basin Chapter of SHRM      10 WA   Pacific West Region        B

Big Sky Chapter of SHRM            104 MT   Pacific West Region        B
Size as of
9/30/2011    Section2 2.1-5-TYPE

Medium       Workforce Readiness

Medium       Workforce Readiness

Medium       Workforce Readiness

Medium       Workforce Readiness
Medium   Workforce Readiness

Medium   Workforce Readiness

Medium   Workforce Readiness

Medium   Workforce Readiness
Medium   Workforce Readiness

Medium   Workforce Readiness

Medium   Workforce Readiness
Medium   Workforce Readiness

Medium   Workforce Readiness

Medium   Workforce Readiness
Section2 2.1-5-DESC

Northern Kentucky SHRM volunteers conducted HR coaching and workshops for job seekers attending the
Northern Kentucky Veterans Job Fair in Nov. This annual event attracts over a 1000 individuals and is attended
by over 100 employers. The event sponsor Kentucky Office of Employment and Training and its Veterans Affairs
Representatives requested assistance from the Workforce Readiness Committee in preparation for what was
anticipated to be an extremely large crowd of individuals seeking work. Workshop topics included resume
preparation focusing on relating military experience to civilian skill requirements, interview techniques and job
search insights.

This is the first year that we have developed a Workforce Readiness initiative. Our president became a member
on our behalf with the Education Foundation, an initiative of the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce to
improve the region’s economy by fostering a strong public education system. Through this affiliation as well as
other contacts, the chapter encouraged members to be a part of the Tri-County "Principal for a Day" initiative
which placed business people working beside principals to understand the needs within the school system and to
also assist the school system in understanding business needs for education, "Connect to Business" initiative
which encouraged members to sign up online for an initiative where companies could provide tours, online
shadows, internships, or speaking opportunities to help students and teachers understand the needs for
education in the business community, and we also provided information regarding career fairs and mock
interviews in various high schools throughout the year. Our chapter also was a sponsor of the Business
Education Summit in Charleston where over 300 business leaders and educators met for a half-day seminar to
discuss the progress that has been made regarding preparing our students for their future workforce and to
discuss what else is needed from the schools and from the business community to continue and improve the
successes. In addition to the sponsorship of $1000, the chapter also gave $1000 to the Education Foundation to
continue this effort.

The Northeast TN Chapter of SHRM's Workforce Readiness initiative for 2010 involved participation in the local
Junior Achievement 8th Grade Career Expo on February 23 - 26, 2010. The Career Fair's goal was to expose
students to a variety of occupations. Students need to know what jobs may be available to them and what those
jobs involve. This experience may spark their interest in a future career or make them aware of options they did
not know exist. Our Chapter role was to provide two presentations. The first presentation covered the different
aspects of a human resource career -- education required, disciplines within career, and compensation. The
second presentation, through providing a properly dressed mannequin, demonstrated proper dress. In addition,
other parts of the interview process were taught such as proper resume formatting, taking the hiring process
seriously, the proper greeting and communication, and closing the interview.

WORKFORCE READINESS: We have a very engaged Workforce Readiness Committee who has taken the time to
connect with outside workforce assistance agencies like the Regional Employment Board to look at ways to
collaborate on workforce readiness initiatives and programs. Additionally, this team has developed a
customized survey of our membership to identify where company members see there hiring needs are in 2011.
This will help this committee develop initiatives and future community partnerships with other valuable
Title: Preparing the Next Generation Program: In August of this year, the Manchester Area Human Resources
Workforce Readiness Committee (“MAHRA WRC”) discussed ways to introduce the Workforce Readiness Tool Kit
to the student population. The MAHRA WRC agreed to take a sample of the tool kit and visit with the local high
school guidance departments. In early September, the MAHRA WRC contacted the local schools. In November,
the MAHRA WRC met with the guidance department at West High School and the Londonderry School to Career
Coordinator to discuss the workforce readiness issues facing students today. During these meetings, there were
key areas identified as areas of weakness with students. Written communication, oral communication, and
presentation are areas in which the students demonstrated subpar performance. In addition, the school faculty
identified that overall, students lacked awareness regarding employer expectations. It was decided that the
students would benefit from a joint effort between the schools and the MAHRA WRC.

Sheboygan Area SHRM worked in partnership with Sheboygan Area Commerce and Sheboygan Area School
District through the Chamber’s Workforce Development Committee to create and distribute a Baby Boomer
Survey for both employees and employers. The Baby Boomer Survey for employees, ages 50 to 65, assessed
their retirement and future work plans. The Baby Boomer Survey for employers assessed how they will respond
when their “Baby Boomer” employees begin to retire. Sheboygan Area SHRM distributed the survey to it’s
members in October 2010 for completion.

We continue to foster a growing relationship with the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point's SHRM student
SHRM chapter. In February, in conjunction with faculty support, we had approximately 90 UWSP students join
our regular membership meeting. The topic for the meeting was leadership development and succession
planning - two subjects new HR people are not often exposed to directly. Our Workforce Readiness Chair also
attends Student Chapter meetings and penned an article in our November member newsletter about the
Student Chapter and encouraging internships. Our March program featured a panel discussion on Training
Initiatives. That led directly to development of a management training program in Wisconsin Rapids for 2011
lead by several members. Finally our president is involved with Workforce Central - a community wide jobs
training and development initiative in Wisconsin Rapids WI. This impacts workforce readiness and reflects upon
our leadership's involvement in workforce development.

During 2010, CAHRA continued to provide workforce readiness classes to various community groups. As in the
previous year, CAHRA provided classes on a variety of job readiness topics on a bimonthly basis to "Our House",
which is a shelter for the working homeless. In addition, CAHRA continued to provide workforce readiness skills
and classes to "Cradle Care", which is an organization that aims to prepare teenage mothers to obtain
employment and become self supportive. CAHRA improved on this workforce readiness initiative during the
2010 year by providing instructional classes to veterans, specifically holding a seminar for 60 veterans on April
10, 2010, and by providing assistance and resources to individuals at a local shelter that caters to those being
treated for drug and alcohol abuse.
The Springfield Chapter Workforce Readiness Committee had a successful year! Our chosen theme this year
was Hot Jobs in 2016 and our focus was reaching high school students, individuals w/ disabilities, low income
female population and the Springfield community at large. Our events this year included: High School Career
Fair - both students and exhibitors benefit. A great opporunity for the students to ask questions and gain
information on possible career paths. Professional Clothing Drive - assisting a United Way organization to help
women obtain their GED and professional workplace clothing. FLIP (Female Leaders in Philanthropy) through
United Way to gain donations for the Suit Yourself project. The project is designed to provide career attire,
mentoring and educational materials to empower women with the confidence they need to build a brighter
future for themselves and their families. Springfield Public Schools Community Fair - great way to get our name
out (even our picture was in the local paper)Exhibited at the fair. September Chapter Meeting w/ speakers
from Junior Achievement and a local Center for Workforce Development - very well attended and received,
focusing on those hot jobs in 2016, this was the first time our committee sponsored a chapter meeting
Workforce Readiness Excellence Award for 2010 - received triple the applications from the previous two years,
goes to a Chapter member company. The company who received the award goes into high schools and career
centers to present a skit to brief them on the best way not to interview and apply for a job.

Youth Employment Solutions Exposition(YES! Expo. The purpose of the YES! Expo is to expose youth from 49
area High Schools to in-demand occupations with leading employers in high-growth industries and to the
knowledge and skills needed for future workforce success.HOTSHRM decided to become a Platinum sponsor for
the event and the Vice President for Workforce Readiness became the primary event coordinator handling the
logistics, sponsorships, exhibitor recruitment and marketing. HOTSHRM also had a booth at the event which was
staffed by HOTSHRM members and the objective of the exhibition was to provide information about the Human
Resources profession.

Due to layoffs at NASA, we joined forces with the Texas Workforce Commission, to help provide resume writing
and job interviewing tips for hundreds of laid off or soon to be laid off employees. We also teamed with the
TWC and SHRM to provide workshops for managers on how to cope and deal with layoffs.
The 1st ESGR [Employers Support for Government and Reserves] Patriot Summit supported by WCHRMA was a
smashing success. The ESGR Patriot Summit was first rolled out in Round Rock, Tx with WCHRMA and Texas
State Council in full support. The program set the bar for TEXAS (and the rest of the nation) between business
leaders, military leaders, political factions, not for profit (NFP) organizations and educational leaders. The
WCHRMA Workforce Readiness committee was asked to provide volunteer support “The Patriotic Promise: A
Symposium on Texas Veteran Employment Best Practices.” This was a summit of influential individuals from the
active military, National Guard and Reserves, ESGR (Employer Support for Guard & Reserve), non-profits, higher
education, and public & private sector employers and resulted in over 120 attendees producing several videos
and directions to assist the hiring of veterans (both in the workforce and those departing active duty) in a timely
manner. WCHRMA received a plaque from ESGR for it’s participation in this summit. We also ran a successful
campaign requesting our membership to engage their companies to support this national effort. ESGR mailed
out packets of information to companies (or their HR personnel) which included Statements of Support for this
2010 program recently. Please have your company president sign this support document OR go to
www.ESGR.mil and sign up at “Employers Show for Support.” It is simple, fast and easy and EGSR will contact
your company directly with a plaque to post in your workplace.
Throughout 2010, Tri-cities local WorkSource has partnered on small little projects with CBSHRM. Mostly it was
using our chapter members for assistance with Resume Building classes and mock interviews for their clientele.
However, when the word came down that our veterans would be returning to the states and would need
assistance in securing jobs in the civilian world, CBSHRM partnered with WorkSource to host the first ever Tri-
cities Veteran's Career Fair. The event took place on November 9, 2010 right before Veteran's Day. CBSHRM
assisted in planning the event, inviting community businesses to participate and assisting with directions and
traffic flow the day of the event. Several of our members were present and participating on behalf of their own
companies. There were over 400 attendees that filed through WorkSource that day with 75% of them being
Veteran's. The feedback was very positive. The veterans were able to present their resumes and get tips on
how to improve them, what type of skills sets were needed to work at certain companies, how to maneuver the
company websites and apply for jobs and some companies actually were interviewing on the spot. About 1/4
of the Veteran participants were actually hired by our local community businesses. The local TV station came to
The Chapter Mission statement is: “To be recognized as a leader in human resource management by: Fostering
community outreach and maintaining a consistent high level of educational activity; being the voice of the
profession on workplace issues; and by guiding the advancement of the human resource profession.” In 2010,
we demonstrated our commitment to this mission by: # 1. partnering with the local Montana Job Service and, #
2. teaching a basic HR class for working adults through the Missoula County Schools Adult Education program.
RE #1: a) When a paper mill closed and 500 workers lost their jobs, we joined with the MT. Job Service for a one
day job fair on Feb 16, 2010. We gave interviewing tip sheets, answered workers’ questions, and reviewed
resumes. b) When a state-wide providers' conference was held on Disability Management, the Chapter
partnered with the Job Service by co-sponsoring a speaker who instructed supervisors on interaction skills for
employees with disabilities. RE #2: One of our Board members is teaching a 10 week night class on HR
Essentials for the small business owner and/or those interested in basic HR principles. The Fall 2010 student-
participant response has been positive and a spring course is scheduled for March 1. 2011.
Chapter Name                               Number    State   Chapter Region     Territory

North Alabama Society for Human Resource
Management                                      253 AL       Southeast Region   A

Greater Miami Society for Human Resource
Management                                       38 FL       Southeast Region   A

TSHRM                                            76 NC       Southeast Region   B

Greenville SHRM                                  49 SC       Southeast Region   B
Vermont Human Resource Association          119 VT   Northeast Region       A

Lancaster County Association for HR Mgmt    457 PA   Northeast Region       B

Human Resource Professionals of Minnesota   735 MN   North Central Region   B

Fox Valley Chapter                           78 WI   North Central Region   B

Green Bay Area Chapter of the Society for
Human Resource Management                   504 WI   North Central Region   B
Human Resource Management Association of
the New Orleans Area                        63 LA   Southwest Central Region   A

Anchorage Society for Human Resource
Management                                 200 AK   Pacific West Region        A

Inland Northwest Society for Human
Resource Management (INSHRM)               166 WA   Pacific West Region        B
Size as of
9/30/2011    Section2 2.1-5-TYPE

Large        Workforce Readiness

Large        Workforce Readiness

Large        Workforce Readiness

Large        Workforce Readiness
Large   Workforce Readiness

Large   Workforce Readiness

Large   Workforce Readiness

Large   Workforce Readiness

Large   Workforce Readiness
Large   Workforce Readiness

Large   Workforce Readiness

Large   Workforce Readiness
Section2 2.1-5-DESC
Our chapter in partnership with WAFF 48 which is our local NBC television network affiliate hosted a job
skills/job fair event on September 10th for Huntsville, AL and surrounding communities. The Huntsville/Madison
County Chamber of Commerce along with AARP were the sponsors for the event. The purpose of the event was
to reach out to the Huntsville/Madison community, and provide needed service to our community during times
of recent layoffs and sustained unemployment. The theme for the workforce readiness initiative was called
“Putting Huntsville Back to Work”. The agenda for that day involved job skills readiness workshops from morning
until afternoon which consisted of the following topics: Dos and Don’ts of Interviewing; Introduction to Linked-
In; and Career Transition. The next phase of the event was the job fair; and the final portion was a resume
review workshop. The resume review workshop allowed participants to sit-down one on one with a HR
professional and receive personal feedback on their current resume format. We had a diverse representation of
 GMSHRM Workforce speak to approximately 800 individuals who participated Corp job fair. Homestead to
over 20 companies to Readiness Committee partnered with the Homestead Jobin the Center inThe event was
assist 26 graduating students successfully transition into today’s workforce. The half-day training program,
“Jump Start Your Career”, concentrated on interviewing skills and resume techniques. GMSHRM partnered
with the International Rescue Committee and the University of Phoenix to assist 10 legal refugees transition into
the workplace by offering a ½ day “Dress to Impress” program. HR professionals discussed interviewing and
grooming skills, application forms, and appearance. Attendees were given career clothing donated by members
and makeovers. Several met with potential employers who attended. GMSHRM continued its “Coffee Break
Series”, limited to 28 HR Professionals in Transition per session, which provides roundtable discussions for
networking opportunities, workshops and valuable job search information and tools. Local HR professionals
discuss business writing, networking strategies, social media, and other relevant topics. Potential employers
attend; at one session 6 attendees obtained interviews with 3 gaining employment. This initiative lets attendees
connectpartnered with the Durham WorkforceDevelopment Board, County of Durham,with City Forward and the
TSHRM to employment opportunities and to each other. GMSHRM has partnered Bull the job search
Durham Chamber to connect students and alumni of local post-secondary education institutions to local career
opportunities. The goal was to nurture "home-grown talent" to fill local jobs. We met with career placement
professionals from Duke University, North Carolina University Durham Technical Community College and the
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to discuss each institution's career placement process, understand
their unique challenges and to seek opportunities to partner. We identified two top student needs - paid
internships and interview experience; and one primary alumni need - networking opportunities. TSHRM
members conducted mock interviews at two universities. Articles were included in three TSHRM e-newsletters
on how to connect with students and alumni for all four institutions. Nine placement professionals were given a
GSHRM met three primary objectives job opportunities were discussed by the Chamber's Economic
tour of the Research Triangle Park andfor workforce readiness 2010: (1) established a partnership between
business and education to help students develop skills needed in today’s job market; (2) strengthened
collaboration and coordination between existing community partners in government, business and education for
the most effective use of resources; and (3) promoted the use of South Carolina’s WorkKeys assessment system.
GSHRM accomplished the following: 1. Developed eight training modules for standardized training for
jobseekers coming through One Stop Centers. 2. Taught 41 classes over 300 job seekers. 3. Presented to
more than 87 middle and high school classes reaching over 1400 students. 4. Hosted 4 WorkKeys meetings to
explain the benefits of WorkKeys to employers and encourage recognition and use of WorkKeys Career
Readiness Certificate. 5. Became a member of the SC Department of Employment and Workforce WorkKeys
Task Force. 6. Presented at the National 2010 Workforce Development Conference on “Strategies to Develop
Vermont Human Resource Association (VHRA) co-sponsored with the Lake Champlain Workforce Investment
Board the Reinvent Yourself II Conference. VHRA provided a monetary sponsorship, as well as volunteers for the
day. The event was focused on promoting connections for individuals who are seeking a new career, are
unemployed or are underemployed, and who want to strategically pursue education and training opportunities
in order to reinvent themselves and their career prospects. Representatives that were available to individuals at
the event include leading and emerging industries and economic sectors, higher education, vocational and other
training providers, and governmental and non-profit workforce resources. Some of the VHRA HR professionals
participating in the event assisted job seekers by allowing them to ask specific employment questions regarding
how to get a job, review of their resume and also to provide feedback. The day was a great success and it is
The chapter sponsored an event in March of 2010 (A Jobs Forum) in cooperation with the local Workforce
Investment Board. Chapter members served as facilitators in roundtable discussions with local business leaders
and legislators to discuss ideas for spurring job growth within the local area. The chapter also supports the
local Junior Achievement organization with a monetary donation to their Hall of Achievement event to recognize
young entrepreneurs.

HRP-MN targeted the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon program to launch its first Workforce Readiness initiative. We
partnered with the National Guard and DEED and consolidated a sea of veteran's job search resources into a Job
Search Toolkit of links. The Job Search Toolkit is now on the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon website. Our goal was to
make access to information for Veterans and the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Employment Coaches easier. HRP-
MN signed a Statement of Support for ESGR.
Resume Tips Brochure FVSHRM Board of Directors and Workforce Readiness Committee have continued to
outreach to job seekers in 2010. A Resume Tip brochure created by FVSHRM has continued to be distributed to
displaced employees throughout the Fox Cities region at a time when HR advice is especially appreciated to
compete in a difficult job market. Mock Interviews FVSHRM committee members will provide mock interviews
(August 26, 2010) for job seekers who are part of the Wisconsin Reemployment Services (RES) program. The RES
program is administered through Wisconsin Job Service and job seekers who are selected to receive RES services
must comply with completing the mock interview process or risk losing Unemployment Insurance Benefits.
Chapter Meeting The December 2010 chapter meeting will feature representatives from Appleton Public
Schools and conversation will: 1. Focus strongly on best practices so HR managers have good ideas on how to
1.) Partnership with Brown County/Green Bay Job Center We have been partnering with our local Job Center
and the unemployed by helping them prepare for employment and the employment process. SHRM members
have been donating their time on a monthly basis performing mock interviews, critiquing resumes and providing
employment related presentations. This is strictly on a voluntary basis. In June we held an all day event where
over 30 local Human Resource Professionals donated their time and efforts and performed roughly 40 mock
interviews, 7 employment related presentations and endless resume critiques. The event had so much success
the local television station provided coverage to our efforts and a follow up story 2 months later about a lady
who had success finding employment and credited her success to the volunteer work the Green Bay SHRM group
has provided. We are planning to continue these efforts through 2011. 2.) Development of NEWTHR –
Northeast Wisconsin Transitioning Human Resources In June we developed a group called NEWTHR. This
stands for Northeast Wisconsin Transitioning Human Resources. This is a support group for Human Resource
Professionals who are members of our local SHRM group and who are in transition or between jobs. Due to the
nature of the economy we have found there is a demand for this group and have just started to hear about some
success and rehires into the community. We meet on a monthly basis and discuss what everyone has seen in the
HRMA’s Volunteers of America Homeless Veterans Re-entry Program, led by member David Garic, assists
veterans in gaining employment. Through a grant received and administered by the Volunteers of America of
Greater New Orleans, homeless veterans are housed, fed, and case-managed at a facility provided specifically for
them. Veterans are admitted into the program via clearance from the Veterans Association and their ultimate
goal is to become self-sufficient. David and his team of volunteers take the veterans through what amounts to
an eight-week program consisting of training and one-on-one assistance with job applications, resume
preparation and writing, job searches, and interview preparation. On average, they work with approximately 45-
55 veterans. To date, the team has conducted four cycles of the program with some success, as a number of the
veterans have returned to society as functioning, self-sustaining adults. HRMA continues to seek methods and
ways to improve the services offered to veterans. In addition to several other promising developments, HRMA is
exploring the possibility of gaining the necessary funding (both private and grant) for establishing and running a
veteran-owned business enterprise for the vets.
ASHRM, as part of its Workforce Readiness activities, offered its first annual “career counseling” event on
October 12, 2010. Utilizing donated meeting space and nearly 30 volunteer HR Professionals representing
industries ranging from healthcare to oil & gas, ASHRM was able to offer one-on-one advice and counsel to job
seekers free of charge. These “Advisors” helped individuals tune up their resumes, identify career paths and
training opportunities, enhance their interviewing skills, etc. Participants were grateful for the personal
attention not often found in busy job centers or job fairs. Many had never had the opportunity for expert
“counsel” on resumes and behavioral interviewing and therefore, were excited about gaining insight to help
them better compete for jobs. Marketing for the event included posting the invitation on ASHRM’s website,
Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In addition, ASHRM representatives were “guests” on a local radio talk show to
promote both ASHRM and the half-day event. Finally, public service announcements were sent Dinner” at the
Our Workforce Readiness/School to Work Chair attended the annual “Dine with Style Etiquette to a variety of
University of Idaho. She sat at a table sponsored by our Chapter with senior student members of SHRM. Prior to
the dinner, the HR students performed a professional dress presentation entitled “Suit Yourself” for students
from various university departments such as Business, Engineering, Agriculture & Life Sciences, and Social
Sciences. This presentation demonstrated the appropriate and inappropriate ways to dress and behave for a job
interview. Throughout the six course meal, the students were coached on proper dinner etiquette to prepare
them for meal interviews and other professional dining out occasions. The HR students were attentive and
asked questions about the HR job market and professions. The student body and guests showed great
appreciation for the evening. The Chair did report back to oue membership at our next membership luncheon
following the event. It was an excellent example of Chapter’s involvement with and support of the School to
Chapter Name      Number    State   Chapter Region     Territory

HR Tampa                74 FL       Southeast Region   A

HRA-NCA                 25 DC       Southeast Region   B

Louisville SHRM         73 KY       Southeast Region   B
Raleigh-Wake HRMA           132 NC   Southeast Region       B

Lehigh Valley Chapter       150 PA   Northeast Region       B

Metro Milwaukee SHRM         15 WI   North Central Region   B

Greater Madison Area SHRM    53 WI   North Central Region   B
Size as of
9/30/2011    Section2 2.1-5-TYPE

Mega         Workforce Readiness

Mega         Workforce Readiness

Mega         Workforce Readiness
Mega   Workforce Readiness

Mega   Workforce Readiness

Mega   Workforce Readiness

Mega   Workforce Readiness
Section2 2.1-5-DESC
Over the last year, the Workforce Readiness Team of HR Tampa has partnered with the Hillsborough County
School System, the 8th largest school system in the United States by participating in their Career and College
Fest in November of this year. We were able to offer workshops on resume writing, interviewing skills, and the
value of the HR discipline in the workplace. Including parents and students, there were over 5000 attendees at
this event. We have been asked to participate again in 2011. We are also in the final stages of implementing
our first HR Internship Program for the Hillsborough County School system, which will begin January 2011. The
preparation for this event took place this year such as creating the application, standards for the program, and
checklist. We have visited several classrooms of the local schools to promote the program and accept
applications excepting to accept 15-20 students in the program. We have Busch Gardens and News Channel 8
onboard to sponsor our HR Crash Course/orientation and quarterly meetings with our students. At the end of
the program (December 2011), the students will participate in a graduation ceremony and be eligible for a
scholarship for college.

The HRA-NCA Job Seekers Group (JSG) meets twice a month on the first and third Wednesdays of each month to
educate those in transition about proper Networking, Organizational, and Job Search strategies. Attendance
varies, but an average of 4-7 participants are assisted at each meeting. Each participant receives
encouragement, practical job seeking tips, resume feedback, and an opportunity to build strong networking
skills. The ultimate goal of the job seekers group is to answer questions that candidates bring to the meeting
concerning their specific search process. Discussions revolve around two large aspects: creating positive self-
image opportunities such as volunteering or temping, and practical job seeking tips. Such tips include: how to
apply to Federal Government positions, navigating tricky interview questions, effectively using search engines,
being organized throughout the job-hunt, targeting specific employers, developing networking strategies, and
how to appropriately make a lasting impression. Each participant is offered a trial HRA-NCA membership so
that they can take advantage of the Job posting, and resume boards on the HRA-NCA website. Additionally, our
panel of professional recruiters offer to review resumes and provide professional feedback at no cost. whose
The Workforce Readiness Committee organized volunteers for The Middle School Coalition with JCPS
goal was to connect adults from the community with 7th graders to discuss the importance of staying in school,
goal-setting, and how adults use academic skills in life. The Committee organized volunteers and conducted
mock interviews for seniors at PRP High School and Southern High School, and resume review and interviewing
skills for college students at Bellarmine University, ITT and JCTCS. The Committee sponsored and presented
two leadership seminars on Workforce Readiness for YMCA Black Achievers Adult Group and Southern High
School students and parents. The program motivates teens in grades 8-12 to pursue high educational and career
goals so that they can reach their fullest potential. LSHRM leaders worked with program leaders on
presentations about the workplace, provided sample applications, resumes and cover letters, and discussed
appropriate workplace behaviors. The interaction with the students demonstrated their interests in a better
future and hearing from professionals in the workplace. LSHRM continues to be involved with the program.
Finally, the Committee coordinated the signing of the statement of support for guard and reservists through
USERRA at the 10/12/2010Chapter meeting. Members connected with representatives from USERRA at the
meeting to learn more about employing individuals with military experience and supporting current employees
in the Guard and Reserves.
HR OnCall 2010 We continued - and improved - the highly acclaimed, jointly sponsored (with TSHRM) HR OnCall
initiative with local CBS TV affiliate, WRAL in 2010. This 2009 Pinnacle Award winning initiative was requested
again by WRAL in 2010, and at this writing has been requested yet again in 1Q2011 by WRAL. The relatively high
rate of unemployment in the area was clear evidence that jobseekers in the local workforce continued to need
guidance. Specifically, dozens of volunteers from both chapters were trained (utilizing our previously created
training manual and process) and subsequently, in a "telethon call-in" program format on DATE, delivered career
transition advice to over NUMBER individuals who made contact that day. Attesting to the success of the
initiative, we are advised that WRAL submitted the initiative to CBS in conjunction with an internal, corporate
program asking local affilate stations to submit their noteworthy community service initiatives.
In 2010, SHRM Lehigh Valley Chapter members worked closely with the Lehigh Valley Workforce Investment
Board and PA CareerLink. This initiative was multi-faceted as the chapter assisted in numerous events and
projects, focusing primarily on helping those individuals in the community currently seeking employment. SHRM
Lehigh Valley members performed mock interviews at the PA CareerLink® Lehigh Valley Office with members of
the Lehigh Valley Professionals (a group of job seekers all of professional backgrounds) on January 20, 2010 (7
members assisted) and also on June 11, 2010 (12 SHRM members assisted). SHRM Lehigh Valley members
performed resume critiquing at the PA CareerLink® Lehigh Valley Job Fair / Here to Help Event on September 10,
2010 (29 SHRM members assisted). On June 11, 2010, a SHRM Lehigh Valley board member taught a job search
class for welfare recipients (through the EARN program). Additionally, SHRM Lehigh Valley member
representatives actively participated in Lehigh Valley Industry Partnerships, a consortia of employers, training
providers, economic development and community representatives that work to address common workforce and
training issues in targeted industry clusters. Each month, there is a different industry partnership meeting, with
a representative of the Lehigh Valley Chapter attending.
We sponsored "One Day to Make a Difference" at the Milwaukee Center for Independence on June 11, 2010.
This was a workforce readiness program for 16 to 21 year olds (students and recent graduates). We had
approximately 55 volunteers and 150 students participate. Students were engaged and wanted to learn more
about how they could prepare for the workforce. We helped prepare them for work with some of the following
activities: resume tips and suggestions, mock interviews, communication skills, and customer service
fundamentals. The event was promoted to high school guidance counselors and in the community. Our efforts
helped the WI State Council win a SHRM Pinnacle Award for this statewide Day to Make a Difference.
Throughout 2010, the GMA SHRM Chapter partnered with Herzing University to provide training and networking
opportunities for their students. At the end of each semester, volunteers from the Workforce Readiness
committee participate in mock interviews with graduating students to better prepare them to enter the
workforce. Our volunteer members interview students (which are videotaped) and then provide constructive
criticism on how to improve their skills. Interviewers work with students to improve their resumes and offer
guidance on how to answer behavioral based interview questions that many students are unfamiliar with. For
the first time in 2010, our volunteers also participated in a lunch-time speed networking event with Herzing
students. One of the concerns the Career Services department had was often times students would be very
nervous for their interviews and not know how to answer the "Tell me about yourself" question. We partnered
with Career Services to have volunteers from a variety of industries participate in the event. Students and our
members would rotate stations every 3 minutes to try to meet as many new faces as possible. This was a great
experience for both the students and our members to help everyone move out of their comfort zone!
Chapter Name                              Number     State   Chapter Region     Territory

Middle Tennessee Society for Human
Resource Management                             83 TN        Southeast Region   B

Human Resources Association of New York             1 NY     Northeast Region   A

SHRM Long Island Chapter, Inc.                 213 NY        Northeast Region   A
Size as of
9/30/2011    Section2 2.1-5-TYPE

Super Mega   Workforce Readiness

Super Mega   Workforce Readiness

Super Mega   Workforce Readiness
Section2 2.1-5-DESC

In 2010, MT|SHRM, in partnership with Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee, began presenting the CHOICES
Program in Nashville Metro City Schools. CHOICES is an interactive decision-making workshop that empowers
teens to achieve academic success in pursuit of their career and life aspirations. Since starting the program this
year, Goodwill Industries has hosted 4 train the trainer events where 18 MT|SHRM volunteers have been trained
to present the CHOICES program to 8th and 9th grade students. These volunteers have presented the program in
10 classrooms, and we are currently working with the Metro School system to present in additional classes.
During 2010, HR/NY’s Workforce Readiness Committee hosted multiple events. During a “Speed Interviewing”
event, clients met with Committee members for brief, intense interviews, and then switched interview partners.
Committee members provided written comments for Partner organization counselors to relay to their clients.
The Committee also hosted a speed networking event in partnership with Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow
(OBT), a Brooklyn-based non-profit that helps clients complete their GED degrees and connects them with
employment opportunities to build their skills. HR/NY volunteers also assisted over 20 clients of the East River
Development Alliance on workforce readiness preparation. On September 27, Jennifer Loftus, HR/NY’s
President, presented a session for Upwardly Global, a New York City non-profit dedicated to forming
partnerships with local employers to fill their talent needs through immigrant workers, and to providing
guidance to recent immigrants to be successful in their job searches. Ms. Loftus’ session, “A Brief Tour of Human
Resources in the United States,” gave attendees an overview of key areas where US HR practices tend to differ
from those in other parts of the world. The presentation spurred much discussion, followed by a question and
answer session lasting almost one hour.
SHRM-LI realizes the importance and the growing impact of workforce readiness in all facets of business,
industry, community and education. Workforce Readiness includes the preparation of a qualified workforce
through the public schools, vocational and technical colleges, adult education opportunities, remedial employee
training, and continuing professional development. Such efforts mandate collaboration between
business/industry, local, state, and national government, educators, and the local community. Helping to
facilitate the successful collaboration of these stakeholders is the focus of the SHRM-LI Workforce Readiness
Committee. 2010 SHRM LI Workforce Readiness Activities: The following activities were carried out by our
subcommittee: • Partnered with Long Island’s 12+ colleges and 50+ high schools for numerous workforce
readiness presentations to high schools, colleges, parents, employers. Activities included: · Representation at
career fairs, internship fairs, resumes reviews. · Classroom and PTA speakers · Employability skills seminars -
job interviews, resume reviews · Active membership in Business/School Advisory Boards • Partnered with the
Long Island Works Coalition for their annual internship fair. • Partnered with the State Department of Labor
and Workforce Investment Boards for Suffolk County, Oyster Bay and Hempstead. • SHRM membership
participation at Junior Achievement events. • Partnered with LI Mentoring for participation in their annual Job
Shadowing Day. • Creation of six workforce readiness videos for viewing by college and high school students. •
Participation in the initial steps of the national and the statewide workforce readiness initiative for workforce
readiness certification. Program vision and goals to be determined in 2011 as either “Certificate of
Employability” and/or “College and Career Ready.” • Workforce Readiness awareness presentations at monthly
SHRM LI Dinner meetings and the yearly SHRM LI Conference for the purpose of recruiting new SHRM members
for the national initiative. • Active participation at the SHRM State Council level. Representation at all six

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