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                                            Action Notes

        A meeting of the Steering Committee of the RCN Community Children’s Nursing Forum took place
                            on 14th September 2006 at RCN Headquarters, London,

        Mark Whiting
        Amanda White
        Elaine Salmons
        In attendance
        Ana Champou – Forum Organiser
        Invited Guests
        Sue Dunlop, Representing the RCN CCN Forum Wales
        Andrea Ferns, Children's Long Term Ventilation Co-ordinator, Royal Brompton Hospital

06/38    Chairs Welcome
         MW welcomed members present at the meeting and members introduced
         themselves to the invited guests. This meeting was not quorate.

06/39    Apologies for Absence
         These were received from Committee Members, Diane Cook and Rachel Carter; co-
         opted member Trudy Ward; RCN Adviser in Children's and Young People's Nursing,
         Fiona Smith and Nursing and Midwifery Council Representative, Cathy Cairns.

06/40    Action Notes of Previous Meeting – Matters Arising
         06/22 - White paper ‘Our Health, Our Care our Say’
         althOurCareOurSay/fs/en – MW advised that the promised audit of Capacity in
         Community Children’s Nursing had been undertaken during July/August in England.
         Strategic Health Authorities and Primary Care Trusts had been asked to complete
         audit data primarily focussed upon Disability and Palliative Care. Deadline for
         response had been very tight. MW had shared concerns re content and process of
         audit with Fiona S, who had, in turn raised issues with DoH. No timetable available
         on reporting on the results of the audit. MW reported formally on the CYP groups’
         presentation to Sheila Shribman in July.                                              MW

         06/09 - Budget Holding Lead Professional – Approx 20 pilot projects approved by
         DfES MW will forward information via email.

         06/25 – NMC have produced final version of document on ‘Assessment in Practice’ –
         available from NMC website
        06/36 MW reported that he had raised with Fiona Smith and, in turn, with Anne
        Casey the query re annual accreditation/updating of the IV guidelines. Anne
        confirmed that this was a mistake and that the Forum was not required to update
        the IV guidelnes

        These were approved as a true record.

06/41   Membership
        Total Members in forum membership - 1,358

        Sub Groups
        Children with Disabilities – 656
        Endocrine Nurses – 22
        Rheumatology Nurses– 20
        Epilepsy Nurses– 69

06/42   Finance

        Copy of latest finance update in excel spreadsheet attached to these minutes. The
        Forum organiser was asked to chase up the Congress expense claim from Elaine
        which had not yet been paid. NB this should be paid from the Ambulatory Care
        Forum accout as agreed

06/43   Correspondence/Publications:
        MW advised of communication from members re NHS reimbursement for use of
        members cars when visiting patients. MW had passed concerns on to Josie Irwin as
        members had specifically identified the high mileage undertaken by CCNs as a
        major issue. Josie has asked for specific details from members in order to
        assimilate this into evidence being prepared for annual pay review.                     All

        MW advised that he had written to the Chief Nursing Officer following publication
        by the combined Departments of Health of ‘Modernising Nursing Careers’.
        Guidance/PublicationsPolicyAndGuidanceArticle/fs/en?CONTENT_ID=4138756&ch               MW
        Copies of the letter have been circulated to members via email. MW will advise of
        any response.

        Chris Beasley- final

        MENCAP –‘Breaking Point – Families Still Need a Break’ Members attention was
        drawn to this document – available via Mencap website.

        Continuing Care on DOH website. MW gave a brief update on the Consultation on
        the ‘Adult’ Continuing Care Framework’ and proposed timetable for piloting a parallel
        framework for children as follows:
        August-Sept 06 – Agree Pilot sites
        Sept-Oct 06 – Complete Initial revision to adult framework and agree conduct of
        Nov-Dec 06 – Pilot amended framework for children and young people
        Feb-April 07 – Consult on amended framework for children
        Summer 07 – Publish framework for children and associated guidance
        A number of pilot sites are being considered – details to be finalised at DoH
        meeting later this month. Web site reference:

        ‘RCN President/Vice President’ election pack circulated at meeting with a list of

        ‘Keep Nurses’ working and keep patients safe information circulated.

        RCN autumn conference and AGM, 17 th – 18th October 2006, Cardiff City Hall,
        papers circulated at meeting.

        RCN sent letter seeking member’s views about NHS Pensions Proposals.

        NHS Employers Pensions, ‘Joint proposals from NHS Employers and the NHS
        Trade Unions’ booklet circulated at meeting.

06/44   Forum Webpage / Newsletter
        Web page
        Members were encouraged to continue to provide regular updates to the Forum
        website. Materials can be sent to Sonia Shepherd –         FS

        MW reported that following the secondment of Anne Casey to the Department of
        Health, the RCN had not been able to identify the necessary staff resource to edit   All
        Newslink. Forums had been encouraged to submit copy for the newsletter as usual
        directly to Steve Jamieson: Subsequent to the meeting,
        Alison Twycross advised that copy should now be sent to Sharon Withey: . MW agreed to submit copy for the next issue and
        encouraged committee members to forward articles for inclusion onto him before
        18th September. Amanda agreed to co-ordinate future newslink articles for
        newsletter. Contributions to Amanda –

06/45   Networking/Communication/Local Links
        MW provided brief feedback on the CYP Advisory panel meeting held on 6th
        September 06. Action notes of that meeting attached


06/46   Adviser’s Newsheet/Update
        PDF MW gave some brief feedback on progress. Six Forum representatives have
        been assimilated into the PMSAG (Professional Membership Structure Action
        Group)June Clark, David Dawes, Donna Kirwan, Sue Nutbrown, Alison Twycross, and
        BJ Waltho. One of each of the Forum representatives is represented in six on-
        going strands of work. A website has been set up by Gerry Bolger, Chair of the In-
        flight nursing Forum at

        There does seem to be a push to reduce the total number of Forums. MW reported
        that he had received telephone call from Alison Twycross , sounding him (and the
        other CYP Forum chairs) out with regard to a very early proposal to reduce the CYP
        Forums to four – acute, ambulatory, education/research/management and public
        health. This is only one of a number of ideas being floated at present. MW will
        keep members updated on PDF issues as and when info is available.

06/47   Education/CCN Teachers Group
        No reports available – but do see comments above re modernising nursing careers.

06/48   Elections
        Members were advised that welcome letters will be going out to the newly elected
        members of the committee advising them of their term of office.

        MW advised that he had been told unofficially that in addition to the re-election of
        himself, Di Cook and Amanda White, Trudy Ward and Joan Myers had been elected
        to the committee.

        AC was not clear as to the process of election of the Forum Chair, but will advise
        between meetings.

06/49   Proposed forum publication
        RC who is leading this work was not present at the meeting. MW has received
        reminders from Fiona Smith as this publication is now outstanding. MW advised
        that RC had only received feedback from DC and himself on the template/questions
        which she had sent out following the September meeting.

        It was agreed that it was not possible to complete this work with only three
        steering committee members present. This item will be taken as a substantive           All
        discussion at the December meeting (if possible, as the only post-lunch item for
        substantive discussion. Please look at attached documents (second document is
        from DC) and either send comments in advance of meeting or bring along on the day.

        Children's communtiy CCN publication.doc
         publication 1 .doc

06/50   Conferences – Mirka Ferdosian
        CCN Conference Confirmed for 15th March 2007.

         Draft programme
        March 15th 2006.doc

        See attached provisional programme – MW
              Sue Dunlop will provide names of speakers from Wales/Bristol
              Andrea Ferns willing to provide concurrent session
              Mirka will provide contact name for possible presentation from Guernsey.
              MW will provide title and introductory paragraph and will make initial
               contact with other potential speakers.

06/51   Congress 15th – 19th April 2007
        Resolutions deadline – 27th October 06 – any suggestions to MW a.s.a.p.                All
        If you go to: you will get all the information for Congress
        Poster – poster design competition – details awaited.
        Attendance - SC members to check/bring diaries to December meeting                     All

06/52   Agenda for change
        To be removed from agenda as a standing item

06/53   Action Plan 2007-2008

        It was noted that the group agreed to submit an action plan following receipt of
        feedback from the Professional Membership Structure Action Group. Revised date
        for submission now 15th December 2006. MW will bring completed draft in
        electronic Format for discussion at December meeting prior to submission

06/54   Any Other Business
        MW advised the committee of a forum chair’s day meeting scheduled for 20 th
        September 06 focussing on PDF

        Forum Induction dates
        Two scheduled induction days for new forum members:
        Friday 13th October 06
        Thursday 26th October 06

06/55   Future Meeting Dates
        14th December 06 Elaine Salmon will circulate email re possible later start for this   ES
        meeting – and evening event!!! Unless otherwise advised all meetings to commence
        at 10.30 am.

        Dates for 2007
        1st March 07
        14th June 07
        13th September 07
        13th December 07

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