2011 Summer Reading Project English II 3 by HC120704054947


									                 Manatee County English II/Honors Summer Reading Project
                    This project applies to all incoming English II students.

What do I need to do?
Read a book or novel that interests you, that is approved by your current English teacher, complete a Response
Journal, and create a Reader’s Window.

When is the project due? The project is due the second day of English class.

How do I complete my summer reading project?
   Select a book, have it approved by your English teacher, then read it carefully and completely. (A
     suggested reading list is included.) All material must be school appropriate; if you have any doubt, then
     don’t read it. Do not choose books that have been made into movies or that you have previously read in
     school. Failure to observe this restriction will result in a failing grade. Parents serve as the best
     judges regarding whether or not content is appropriate and are strongly encouraged to assist students in
     making the right choice.
   Complete both the “Response Journal” and the “Reader’s Window” activities for the book you read.

RESPONSE JOURNAL: Personal connections with the book
   Divide your book into three sections.
   Look at the attached example. Use your own, unlined paper to make the chart. Be as neat as possible!
   Fill out all four columns for each section of your book (3 sections x 4 columns = 12 pieces of
   Select a significant passage/quote from each section, being careful to cite it (cite the page # - column 1
     – see example at bottom of chart). Then, write a brief summary of what happens in that particular
     portion of the book (column 2).
   In column 3, make a connection with the text, writing one sentence to introduce how this passage is
     important to you. Some helpful sentence starters include:
         - This reminds me of…
         - A major theme seems to be…
         - I wonder why…
         - This makes me want to learn more about…
         - I disagree with…
         - I can relate to this character/situation because…
         - Others would benefit from this book because…
         - The author must have written this because…
         - I don’t understand why…
   In column 4, write a more detailed explanation of the connection you made. How? Why? Be as
     thorough as possible; provide valuable commentary.

READER’S WINDOW: Literary aspects of the book – an open window to understanding!
   This assignment allows you to be creative. Use lots of color!
   Look at the template provided.
   Using your response journal, go back through the book and choose three different passages/quotes. One
    quote should represent a central THEME of the book, another should represent a significant INTERNAL
    CONFLICT (fiction) or INCIDENT (nonfiction), and the final quote should be your absolute

        FAVORITE. Each quote should be at least two sentences long. Remember to cite the page # (see
        example on Reader’s Response chart).
       On an unlined piece of 8.5” x 11’’ paper/construction paper (not the template), create a “frame”, writing
        the quotes around three sides. Again, remember to cite the page #’s using parenthetical documentation!
       On the fourth and bottom side of the frame, write three sentences analyzing how the selected quotes
        provide insight into understanding the book’s message.
       In the center of the frame, draw or paste 4 symbolic images that clearly represent the book. Remember
        that images from the Internet are discouraged. If you use them, you must cite them. Be prepared to
        explain in class how the drawings are appropriate symbols.

                                           SUGGESTED BOOKS
        A Gathering of Old Men by Ernest Gaines       The Girl in Hyacinth Blue by Susan
        A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest Gaines         Vreeland
        Autobiography of a Face (NF) by Lucy          Into Thin Air (NF) by Jon Krakauer
         Grealy                                        Life of Pi by Yann Martel
        The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho                 Point Counter Point by Aldous Huxley
        Bleachers by John Grisham                     Reservation Blues by Sherman Alexie
        Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya             Three Cups of Tea (NF) by Greg
        The Book Thief by Markus Zusak                 Mortenson
        Boot Camp by Todd Strasser                    When I Was Puerto Rican by Esmeralda
        The Curious Incident of the Dog in the         Santiago
         Nighttime by Mark Haddon                      Yellow Raft in Blue Water by Michael
        Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card               Dorris
        Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

                                          SUGGESTED AUTHORS
        Ray Bradbury
        Orson Scott Card
        Chris Crutcher
        Sharon Draper
        Ernest Gaines
        John Grisham
        Jodi Picoult
        Ann Tyler
        Tobias Wolff

                                         PLAGIARISM STATEMENT

       Research and borrowing from sources can support and add credibility to your writing, but you must
always give credit to all sources you use or you will be guilty of plagiarism.

      Simply, plagiarism is stealing. It is deliberately representing someone else's work, pictures, or ideas as if
they were your own. Plagiarism involves the use of another's work without giving full and proper

        Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to, the following examples: If a student uses material, pictures,
ideas, or expressions from a newspaper, magazine, encyclopedia, a book, a movie, Cliffs Notes, a book jacket,
song lyrics, the Internet, computer software, another student's writing (past or present, including siblings),
parents, or even notes taken in class; this material must be acknowledged or the student is guilty of plagiarism. If
a student copies homework from another student, even if the copier puts the material into his own words, he is
guilty of plagiarism if he does not provide clear, written acknowledgement of the source of the material. If a
student copies or paraphrases the summer reading assignment from a present or past student, the copier is guilty
of plagiarism.

        Also, any student who cooperates in plagiarism is equally guilty. If someone writes material for another
student, both are guilty of plagiarism. If one student gives his work to another student to copy or put into his own
words, both students are guilty of plagiarism.

        Acknowledgement means the sources of all borrowed material, pictures, expressions, and ideas must be
clearly identified. In general, it is better to say too much about your sources than too little.

Please note: Manatee County supports a zero-tolerance policy on any form of cheating or plagiarizing. A
student who submits work that is not original, in part or whole, will receive no credit - that includes work
that resembles a classmate's or anything available in print or on the Internet.

Please cut along the line below and return this signed statement on the second day of
English class.
                                 Plagiarism Statement

1 read the statement on plagiarism, and 1 understand what constitutes plagiarism. I also know that Manatee
County School District supports a zero-tolerance policy on any form of cheating or plagiarizing.

Date: ___________________________________________

Student's name: ______________________________ Student's signature: _____________________________
                     Please print

Parent's name: _______________________________ Parent's signature: ______________________________
                     Please print
                                     Reader’s Window
                                       A favorite passage/quote
                                          Remember to cite!

 A passage/     Four appropriate visual “symbols”                                A passage/
quote which               for the book                                              quote
represents a                                                                       which
 significant         Be prepared to explain!                                     represents
   internal                                                                          the
   conflict                                                                      THEME of
 (fiction) or                                                                     the book
(nonfiction)                                                                     Remember
                                                                                  to cite!
 to cite!

                             Three sentences analyzing how these three
                        passages/quotes provide insight into understanding the
                                        message of the book                             4
Student Name: __________________________________

                                Response Journal for __________________________ (Title of Book)

Significant Passage/Quote                 Summary                     Connection                    Explanation

Select and document               Indicate each passage’s      Write a sentence for each     Explain each connection
three passages – one from         relevance to the plot,       passage explaining a          from column 3 in greater
each of the three sections        explaining what happens at   “connection” you make with    detail, using insightful
in which you divided your         this particular moment.      the text.                     commentary.
                                  After Joey’s                 Joey’s situation reminds      Both Harry Potter and Joey
“He wiped his eyes                grandfather passes           me of that which Harry        have proven that they are
with the back of a                                             Potter finds himself in The   more mature than most
                                  away, the loss upsets
quivering hand.                                                Sorcerer’s Stone.             adults, and they have both
                                  him, but most                                              endured abuse at the hands
When he had no tears              importantly, he is left                                    of villainous adults. While
left, Joey tried to               without a legal                                            Harry escapes to the
think” (77).                      guardian. He does not                                      fantasy world of
                                  want to enter a foster                                     Hogwarts, it is sad to
Note: Cite your book                                                                         consider that Joey will not
through parenthetical             home like before, so he
                                                                                             be so lucky. Hopefully
documentation of the page #       is figuring out a way                                      Joey will rely upon his own
where the passage is located.
                                  to live independently.                                     strength to carry him
                                                                                             through this tough

                                 English II/Honors Summer Reading Project Rubric
Student Name: _______________________________
Book Title: _______________________________ Author: ____________________________

   Window: Quotes                                     Quote 1:                            Quote 2:                        Quote 3:
                                                      Favorite                            Theme                     Internal Conflict                      Quote Analysis
                                                                                                                   (fiction) or Incident
  5 – correctly formatted, correctly
  cited, meets the requirements
  4 – correctly formatted, correctly
  cited, does not meet the
  3 – meets the requirements,
  correctly cited, not correctly
  2 – does not meet the requirements,
  not correctly formatted or cited
  0 - not appropriate; blank

  Window: Pictures                                    Visual 1                             Visual 2                          Visual 3                             Visual 4
  5 – appropriate, in color, neatly
  done, cited (if applicable)
  4 - appropriate, not in color, neatly
  done, cited (if applicable)
  3 – appropriate, in color, not neatly
  done , cited (if applicable)
  2 – appropriate, cited (if applicable)
  not in color, not neatly done
  0 - not appropriate, not cited (if
  applicable), blank

Window Score _____/ 40

 Response Journal                          Quote                                 Summary                          Connection                           Explanation
                                           5 – passage from the book cited       5 – thorough summary with no     5 – connection is made to the text   5 – insightful, detailed commentary
                                           correctly                             grammar or spelling errors       4 – connection is not clearly from   explaining connection
                                           4 – passage from the book, cited      4 – thorough summary with some   the text                             4 – somewhat insightful, detailed
                                           incorrectly                           grammar or spelling errors       3 – no clear connection              commentary explaining connection
                                           3 – passage from the book not cited   3 – adequate summary with no     2 – no connection                    3 – somewhat insightful, somewhat
                                           2 – not clear if passage is from      grammar or spelling errors       0 - not appropriate; blank           detailed commentary explaining
                                           book                                  2 – adequate summary with some                                        connection
                                           0 - not appropriate; blank            grammar or spelling errors                                            2 – somewhat insightful, somewhat
                                                                                 0 - not appropriate; blank                                            detailed, does not explain
                                                                                                                                                       0 - not appropriate; blank

 Response 1

 Response 2

 Response 3

Response Score _____ / 60                                                                                                                      Total Score _____ / 100



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