Writing SMARTA Learning Objectives by hdePk04


									    Writing Learning Objectives
Learning Objectives should be SMARTA :
   Specific - Relates to one thing
   Measurable - You have some way of
    assessing if client has learnt what is needed
   Achievable - Able to be done in the time
    frame by your client
   Realistic - Is possible for the client to do
   Time framed - Can be completed by the end
    of the session
   Agreed - by yourself and the client
   Writing Learning Objectives

One way to construct a learning objective:
   Action verb + Context + Condition (optional) + Criteria (optional)

To create a tree directory in Windows95 using the Window Explorer for
   ten given documents ( using the mouse and keyboard)

To apply a generic E-commerce model for a wholesale on-line greeting
   cards business.

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