2011 District AdvancED Accreditation by hdePk04


									AdvancED Accreditation for
  Quality School Systems

                Accreditation Visit
               October 23-26, 2011
Broward County School Board

            Benjamin J. Williams, Chair
               Ann Murray, Vice Chair

                   Robin Bartleman
                  Maureen S. Dinnen
                     Patricia Good
                  Jennifer L. Gottlieb
                 Laurie Rich Levinson
                     Nora Rupert
                 David Thomas, NBCT

    James F. Notter, Superintendent of Schools

    Broward County Public Schools

Educating Today’s Students For Tomorrow’s World
           The School Board of
        Broward County, Florida, is
         dedicated to meeting the
         educational needs of all
        students in a safe learning

Continuous Improvement Cycle
AdvancED Accreditation
             Accreditation Standards
Standard                                                  District Department
                                                          Parents, Business,
Standard 1 : Vision and Purpose
                                                          Community Partnerships
                                                          Professional Standards,
Standard 2: Governance and Leadership
                                                          Special Investigative Unit

Standard 3: Teaching and Learning                         Core Curriculum

                                                          Student Assessment and
Standard 4: Documenting and Using Results
                                                          School Performance
                                                          Budget, Facilities,
Standard 5: Resources and Support Systems
                                                          Research Services
                                                          Parents, Business,
Standard 6: Stakeholder Communication and Relationships   Community Partnerships

                                                          Research Services
Standard 7: Commitment to Continuous Improvement
             Accreditation Visit
                 October 23-26 2011

• 3 day visit by Review Team

• Meet with Superintendent, School Board, District
  Departments, selected School and Community Stake-

• Evaluates District for evidence of systemic approach
  to School Board Initiatives based on the 7
  Accreditation Standards
           School Preparation
• 20 -25 Schools selected for Accreditation Visit

• Schools will be selected and notified 30 days
  prior to the visit

• District Departments will work closely with
  selected schools to provide support
       Benefits of Accreditation
• Students experience ease in transferring
  credits from one school, district or state to

• Student/Parents gain greater access to:
  - Federal Loans
  - Scholarships
  - Post-Secondary Education
  - Military Programs
          Board Responsibilities

• Stamp of approval from the School Board to show the
 importance of accreditation throughout the district
• Interviews with the Accreditation Team:
 October 24, 2011
• Board Exit Conference with Accreditation Team:
 October 26, 2011
                          Next Steps
• Steering Committee meetings to review District data and prepare for
  the visit – Ongoing

• Communication plan delivered to schools and stakeholders – January
  2011 – September 2011

• Completion of the District’s Opening Video – September 2011

• School Self Evaluations – March 2011

• District Self-Guided Study – June 2011

• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) available to all stakeholders – August
Contact information

        Dr. Leontine J. Butler
    Deputy Superintendent, Curriculum

                Diane Carr
   Executive Director, Core Curriculum

              Kyle Dailey
  Curriculum Specialist, Core Curriculum


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