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									Business Management Associates
          Corporate Capabilities
                                             About BMA

   8(a), woman-owned business,
    founded in 2005
   Our mission is to integrate people
    and processes to transform
       Guided by Six Sigma
        and Project Management Best
       Experienced with Federal and State
        /Local Government Clients
       20 employees
       Over $2M in contracts

                       Financial and Administrative Operations

   Sustained growth since inception
   All contracts within budget and on schedule
   Financially strong with full bank line of credit
   Billing procedures reflect accurate and allowable contract costs
   Mature contract management processes following Project
    Management Institute (PMI) best practices and in place technology
       Unanet Resource/Project Management technology with Earned Value
        Management reporting, DCAA- and Sarbanes Oxley compliant
       Procas DCAA-compliant web-based time reporting, expensing and
        accounting system facilitates nationwide government-site BMA support
       SharePoint corporate intranet provides staff and client information
        access, collaborative task completion, and task/contract monitoring
                                            What We Do…

   Human Capital Management
    and Performance Enhancement,
    with specialized practice areas
       Human Capital Management
       Business Process Management
       Six Sigma Process Improvement
        and Statistical Analysis
       Program Management and
        Implementation Planning
       Training Development and Delivery

                                                                     Our Approach

     Implement            Assess                           An Iterative approach that
                                                           includes proven project
                                                           management methodology;
                                                           Clear, documented
          Client Involvement                               performance objectives; and
                                  Strategize               Documented client feedback
Design                              & Plan
                           Developing Mission and Vision   to ensure quality solutions
                                                           and deliverables

                                     Proven Methodologies

   We employ industry
    best standards,
       Six Sigma
       Rummler-Brache
       Systems Thinking
       International Facilitation
       RAD/JAD
       PMI
       ITIL

                                                Human Capital Management

What we achieve:                                      Project Experience
                                                     Lockheed Martin, TSA Integrated Hiring
   HR practices that effectively leverage HR         Operations and Personnel
    technology investment                              o Recruitment and Hiring
   Alignment of business goals and                    o Federal orientation and e-orientation
    strategies with knowledge and                      o Federal Retirements and Benefits
    experience of employees                               Management
   Optimizing employees’ knowledge to                 o Federal Retirement Document
    maximize benefits of values and culture          Washington Suburban Sanitary
                                                       o Business Function Review (BFR) :
What we provide:                                          reflected management, process, and
   Strategy Development and                              organizational changes that have
                                                          occurred over the last year and to
    Implementation                                        understand the impact(s) of those
   Process Analysis, Reengineering, and                  changes on the organization’s ability to
                                                     Department of the Interior, Fish and
   Six Sigma Analysis                                Wildlife
   HR Operational Support                             o Provide Support for Development of

   Workforce Planning and Analysis                       Automated Classification System
                                                       o Data Validation to Ensure Conformity
                                                          with OPM Standards                         7
                                         Business Process Management
What we achieve                                      Project Experience:
   Increases in organizational efficiency
                                                        National Archives and Records
                                                         Management, VBA Scanning
   Use of data to make business decisions                o   Supporting claims processing service line
   Integration of people, business processes, and        o   Piloting a large-scale digital conversion
    technology to achieve measurable results                  project
                                                          o   Developing stable, scalable business
What we provide                                           o   Documenting system architecture and
   Technical Support and Assistance                      o   Documenting the taxonomy
   Process Assessment and Reengineering                  o   Recommendations to current architecture
   Business Process Implementation
   BPM Suite Evaluation and Selection                  HUD Multi-Family Project-based Section
   Six Sigma Analysis
                                                         8 Program Evaluation
                                                          o   Planning, Budgeting, and Execution
   Tool Evaluation                                           Processes and methodologies for the
   Functional Requirements Analysis                          Project-Based Section 8 Program
   Business Architect Consulting                       Maryland Transportation Authority
   Business Process Design                               o   Law Enforcement
   Document Management                                   o   Information Technology
                                                          o   Business analysis

                                          Six Sigma and Statistical Analysis

What we achieve                                        Project Experience
                                                          HUD Multi-Family Project-based Section
   Experienced and Motivated                              8 Program Evaluation
   Descriptive and inferential statistical analysis        o   Planning, Budgeting, and Execution Processes
    and tools                                                   for the Project-Based Section 8 Program.
                                                                descriptive statistical methods to refine the
   Modeling, simulation, and Six Sigma                         contract universe
   Careful determination of the specific problems          o   Documented and defined funding
                                                                methodologies, calculations and
    the analysis is intended to solve                           procedures/processes for producing Renewal BA
   Efficient plan to ensure decisions are made and       Washington Suburban Sanitary
    actions taken                                          Commission Customer Relations Group
                                                            o   Six Sigma tools to analyze Call Volume and/or
What we provide:                                                call wait time
                                                            o   Evaluated as a function of multiple variables:
   Six Sigma                                                      o Turn-ons Turn-offs
   Lean Six Sigma                                                 o Phone payments
   Master Black Belts
                                                                   o Incorrect meter readings
   Statistical Analysis

                                          Program Management Support

What we achieve                                      Project Experience
   Ensure quality objectives are met                   Maryland Transportation Authority
   Work within cost and budgetary parameters            (MdTA)
   Encouraging the use of data for program
                                                          o   Support management of information
    decisions                                                 technology program for police force
   Increase efficiency                                   o   Provided program support services and
   Achieve strategic business goals                          recommendations from Business Process
What we provide
   Assessment of Goals and Objectives
   Process Assessment and Reengineering
   Concept of Operations
   Performance Metrics and Measurements
   Project Performance Assessment
   Functional and Strategic Requirements Analysis
   Business Architect Consulting
   Developing Acquisition Strategy


What we achieve                                 Project Experience
 Average  of over 15 years experience in          Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  specialized strategy development, training,       Stakeholder Partnership Education and
  and facilitation.                                 Communications (SPEC)
 Lead instructor qualifications:
                                                       Face-to-Face Marketing and
     o Faculty Adjunct at the Graduate School           stakeholder outreach training for over
       USDA                                             400 IRS employees and tax
     o NXLevel™ instructor at Howard                    consultants.
     o Certified Adjunct with Lee Hecht
                                                   HUD FHA Single Family
       Harrison                                         Developed cohesive, national training
                                                        Aligned stakeholders and products
                                                         with mission.

                                          Client Base

   Transportation Security Administration
   Internal Revenue Service
   Maryland Transportation Authority
   Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
   HUD Multi-Family
   HUD Single Family
   HUD Quality Assurance Division

                                               Proven Corporate Leadership
LaJuanna Russell
   Over 15 years of relevant business experience
   Has managed multi-million dollar projects spanning multiple fiscal years
   Has developed, implemented, evaluated, and improved domestic and international market introduction
    plans for small and medium enterprises
   BA ,Virginia Tech; MBA, The George Washington University
   President, Washington DC Chapter, Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP);
    Member, AFCEA; Member, ACT/IAC
Shelley Bond
   Over 30 years experience
     o Executive support services to small and large companies

     o Establishing and maintaining partnerships and client relationships

     o Formulating short- and long-term corporate growth strategies

   Specialist in small business, socio-economic federal sector
   Expert in developing solutions for complex, multi-million dollar federal procurements
   Former Internal Revenue Service technical leader and Chief of Telecommunications Acquisition for Tax
    Systems Redesign Branch
   BA, State University of New York at Buffalo with honors; MS, The George Washington University
   Member, AFCEA/AFCEA Small Business Committee; Member, NCMA; Member, ACT/IAC

                                                 BMA Partners
   Lockheed Martin
   Drayton, Drayton and Lamar   We are comfortable in a prime or
   Advanced Software Systems    sub relationship.
   Booz Allen Hamilton          We strive to provide the right mix of
   sCimitar                     personnel on each engagement to
                                 ensure the client and our partners
                                 are satisfied.


   Small Business Administration 8a
   Small Disadvantaged Business
   State of Maryland MBE #07-020
   State of Virginia SWAM #653625
   Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
    (WBENC) Certified Woman’s Business Enterprise
   DUNS Number: 36-0980275

                                                    NAICS Codes
   541611: Administrative Management and General Management
   541612: Human Resources Consulting Services
   541613: Marketing Consulting Services
   541618: Other Management Consulting Services
   541690: Other Scientific and Technical Consulting
   541512: Computer Systems Design Services
   541519: Other Computer Related Services
   561499: All Other Business Support Services
   541330: Engineering Services
   541990: All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
   611430: Professional and Management Development Training

                                      Contact Information
LaJuanna Russell

Shelley Bond

Business Management Associates, Inc
1940 Duke Street, Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22314
301.292.8395 fax


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