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									                               TROY UNIVERSITY
                MASTER SYLLABUS

                                       MGT 3371
                                  Principles of Management

Name:           Tina M. Hurst
Office:         224 Bibb Graves Hall
Office Hours:   Monday & Wednesday 2:15-5:15 PM, Friday 1:00 – 5:00 PM
Phone:          670-3801

Class Information:
Days:           MWF
Time:           9:00-10:00 AM
Location:       GAB, Room 305


ECO 2252.


An introduction to management functions, principles, and techniques. The course includes a
discussion of planning, organizing, influencing through leadership, and control within the
organization. Prerequisites: ECO 2252.


On completion of the course, the student should be able to:

 1. List and describe major management theories as represented through the history of modern
    management thought.
 2. Define and describe the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling functions of
 3. Describe the internal and external environments of management.
 4. Demonstrate written communication skills appropriate to the profession of management.
 5. Discuss ethics and social responsibility in the context of management.


To provide a basic knowledge of the management functions and prepare for upper-level
management courses. Core requirement for all undergraduate business programs.

Approved Text

Management: Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World; Bateman & Snell; 7th Ed.

Teaching Methodology

This course will be taught using a combination of methods, including lectures, videos, and class
discussions based on cases, and the text.

Grading System

90-100%         =       A                        Exams (2 exams, 30% each)                 =       60%
80-89%          =       B                        Final Exam                                =       30%
70-79%          =       C                        Homework / Participation                  =       10%
60-69%          =       D
Under 60%       =       F

Exam Policy:                    Exams must be taken during the class period for which they are
                                scheduled, unless you have made arrangements IN ADVANCE to take
                                the exam at some other time. Failure to do so may result in forfeiting the
                                opportunity to take the exam. All exams (with the exception of the final)
                                are designed to be taken in a normal class period. You will NOT be
                                allowed to leave the room during the exam period except in an
                                emergency situation. Leaving the room signals to the instructor that you
                                have completed the exam.

                                Test dates will be announced at least on week prior to the exam date.

                                Note: No final exams will be given early so plan your end of semester
                                travel plans accordingly.

Class Procedures
and Requirements:               You are expected to read the chapters prior to the class as designated in
                                advance. You are expected to actively participate in class discussion in
                                and orderly and judicial manner (i.e. discussion based on your reading
                                and preparation and not just whimsical conjecture). Please note: you
                                will not pass this class by simply attending. Examinations, homework,
                                and the in-class activities will be the criteria for grades.

                                The class format is primarily lecture with active interaction with the class
                                members. You are encouraged to respond to questions and or/problems
                                when call upon. Read the chapters ahead of class, keep with the class
                                materials and notes from the lectures and discussion, and put in the
                                appropriate time preparing for the exams. If you do this--SUCCESS IS

Classroom Administration: Students are expected to:
                                1. Punctually attend all scheduled classes.
                                2. Be responsible for all instructions and assignments given in class as
                                   well as for the supporting textbook content.

                          3. Read the textbook material and before the lecture covering that
                             material. This leads to a better understanding of the lecture as well
                             as the opportunity to ask questions about material(s) in the text or
                             review concepts/elements that were unclear or that the student did
                             not understand.
                          4. Hand in assignments on the assigned due date.
                          5. No tobacco products are allowed during the class as this also a
                             common courtesy.
                          6. Exams, except the final, will be temporarily returned and reviewed.
                             If a student needs to spend more time reviewing or questioning the
                             grading of the exam, he/she may see me during office hours.

General Support:          The computer labs in 215 Bibb Graves and 249 Bibb Graves are
                          available for student use.

Electronic Devices:       All cell phones are to be TURNED OFF during the class. If they are in
                          “silent” or “vibrate” mode, they are NOT to be taken out of your purse or
                          pocket to be checked periodically. If your phone goes off in class, you
                          will be asked to leave the room for the day and an unexcused absence
                          will be charged--THIS IS JUST COMMON COURTESY TO THE
                          None of us are so important that we cannot be out of touch during the
                          official class period time.

                          Cell phones may NOT be used as calculators during an exam. Other
                          electronic devices such as translators, Palm Pilots, Blackberries, etc. are
                          also prohibited from use during an exam. The use of book form
                          dictionaries, language translations, etc. during an exam is permitted with
                          the prior approval of the instructor.

Incomplete Work Policy:   Any incomplete work at the end of the term will not be accepted unless
                          the student can provide acceptable and clear documentation as to why the
                          assigned work was not submitted prior to the grades being forwarded to
                          the Registrar.
Attendance Policy:
                          1. Attendance is mandatory. Students are expected to attend all classes.
                          If a student misses a class it is his/her responsibility to obtain all
                          information and materials presented (including materials covered,
                          handouts, skills learned, and homework assignments) during his/her
                          absence. Homework or in-class activities may be made up at a later time
                          if the student missed the original due date as a result of an excused
                          absence ONLY. No homework or in-class activity make-ups will be
                          allowed for any other reason. The homework and in-class activities are a
                          way of monitoring your participation in the course.

                          2. Excused absences: Excused absences have the following
                                  a. Professor was informed prior to the absence.
                                  b. Professor determines that the absence is excused.
                                  c. Absence is of the following type:

                                     1. Participation in a documented official University
                                     function that does not permit the student’s class attendance
                                     (e.g., participation in athletic events, field trips, etc.)
                                     2. Severe illness (this does not include scheduled medical
                                     appointments nor driving someone else to doctor), a
                                     hospital stay, or a doctor's excuse saying that it is
                                     impossible for student to attend class(es)
                                     Note: Doctors excuses may be verified.
                                     3. Death of immediate family member (grandparent,
                                     parent, sibling, or child)
                                     4. Appearance in court with official documentation
                                     5. Personal situations that are approved by the professor in
                                     advance of the time the student is to be absent.

Cheating Policy:       If you are caught cheating, you will get a course grade of "F". See
                       ORACLE: Student Handbook, 1998-1999" pp. 56-57. Plagiarism is the
                       act of stealing and passing off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s
                       own or to commit literary theft: present as new and original an idea or
                       product derived from an existing source (Webster’s New Collegiate
                       Dictionary). Plagiarism will cause a student to get a course grade of “F”.
                       According to the TSU ORACLE: Student Handbook, 1998-99, pp. 52,
                       one definition of misconduct is: “Dishonesty, such as cheating,
                       plagiarism...”. The ORACLE states on pp. 56 under the Academic Code
                       sub-heading that: “A student is subject to disciplinary action: #3. Where
                       the work affects or might affect a student’s grade, credit, or status in the
                       university, a student represents to be his or her own any work which is
                       not the product of his or her own study and efforts”. The penalty for
                       such misconduct may be (pp. 56) “A student’s grade in the course or on
                       the examination affected by the misconduct may be reduced to any
                       extent, including a reduction to failure.” A student may be suspended
                       from the University for a specific or an indefinite period. p. 56-57.

Additional Services:   AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT: Any student whose
                       disabilities fall within ADA must inform the instructor at the beginning
                       of the term of any special needs or equipment necessary to accomplish
                       the requirements for this course. Students who have or may be dealing
                       with a disability or learning difficulty should speak with the instructor,
                       contact the Office of Adaptive Needs Program (Trojan Center, 215), or
                       call 670-3221. Various accommodations are available through the
                       Adaptive Needs Program. The faculty in the School of Business makes
                       every effort to accommodate unique and special needs of students with
                       respect to speech, hearing, vision, seating, or other possible disabling
                       conditions. Please notify the instructor as soon as possible of requested
                       accommodations or ways to help.
Dates to Remember:

                                         Fall Semester 2007
                                  August 13, 2007 - December 16, 2007

      August 13, 2007, Monday. First Day Fall Semester; T-1 & A Sessions Begin
      August 15, 2007, Wednesday. First Day of Classes - Troy Campus
      August 19, 2007, Sunday. Last Day for Free Drop/Add/Withdrawal T-1, A Sessions & 16-Week
      August 20, 2007, Monday. Census Date for T-1, A Sessions & 16-Week Sessions
      September 3, 2007, Monday. Labor Day Holiday
      October 8 - 14, 2007, Monday-Sunday. Fall Break 16-Week Sessions Only
      October 15, 2007, Monday. 16-Week Sessions Resumes; Break Day for T-Sessions & A/B
      October 16, 2007, Tuesday. T-2 & B Sessions begin
      October 21, 2007, Sunday. Last Day for Free Drop/Add/Withdrawal T-2 Sessions & B Sessions
      October 22, 2007, Monday. Census Date for T-2 Sessions and B Sessions
      November 11-12, 2007, Sunday-Monday. Veterans' Day Holiday
      November 21-25, 2007, Wednesday-Sunday. Thanksgiving Holidays
      December 12, 2007, Wednesday. Last Day 16-Week Sessions
      December 14, 2007, Friday. Troy Campus Commencement
      December 16, 2007, Sunday. Last Day Semester, T-2 Sessions & B Sessions
      December 17-18, 2007, Monday-Tuesday. Projected Commencement Dates for Other Campuses
      December 25, 2007, Tuesday. Christmas Day
                     MGT 3371 ~ Proposed Course Schedule
Date      Topic                                                 Prepare
Week 1    Welcome                                               N/A
          Managing                                              Ch. 1

Week 2    The External Environment and Organizational Culture   Ch. 2
          Managerial Decision Making                            Ch. 3

Week 3    Planning and Strategic Management                     Ch. 4
          Ethics and Corporate Responsibility                   Ch. 5

Week 4    Monday, September 3, 2007 - No classes ~ Labor Day Holiday ~

Week 5    International Management                              Ch. 6
          Review for Exam I

Week 6    Exam I (Ch. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & Video)
          Entrepreneurship                                      Ch. 7

Week 7    Organizational Structure                              Ch. 8
          Organizational Agility                                Ch. 9

Week 8    Human Resources Management                            Ch. 10
          Managing the Diverse Workforce                        Ch. 11

Week 9    FALL Break (Oct. 8-14, 2007) – No Classes ALL Week!!!!

Week 10   Leadership                                            Ch. 12
          Review for Exam II

Week 11   Exam II (Ch. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12)

Week 12   Motivating for Performance                            Ch. 13
          Teamwork                                              Ch. 14

Week 13   Communicating                                         Ch. 15
          Managerial Control                                    Ch. 16

Week 14   Veteran’s Day Holiday - No Class - Monday, November 12 th
          Managing Technology & Innovation                   Ch. 17

Week 15   Creating & Managing Change                         Ch. 18
          Thanksgiving Holiday - No Class – Wednesday – Sunday Nov. 21-25

Week 16   Review for Final Exam

                   Final Exam Covers (Ch. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, & 18)

                                       Course Contract

I have read and fully understand the course requirements, policies, procedures of Principles of

Management 3371 as articulated in the course syllabus.

Student: ______________________                      ________________________
         (Print name)                                (Signature)

Date:     _______________

Detach this form from your syllabus and return it to Ms. Hurst no later than August 22, 2007.

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