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					Jobs 1 template for new vacancies

Title & grade of vacancy:               Administrative Officer

Number of posts:                        tbc

Location:                               2nd Floor, Foss House, York.

Terms of employment:
Permanent, FTA (state length), Loan (state length)

Full or part time:                                                      Available on level
                            Full Time                                                      No
If part time, state hours                                                  transfer only?

Brief Advert:

The vision for the Shared Service Directorate (SSD) is of a customer focused, top-three, arms-length provider of shared
services to government. The aim, defined by our mission statement; ‘we will deliver a more effective and efficient
service to our customers and provide savings to the taxpayer’. We provide all transactional services for HR, Finance,
Procurement and Facilities Management. These services are supported by a range of management information to
enable managers in customer organisations to plan and use their resources more effectively.
We have permanent Administrative Officer roles available across both PACE (HR) and Payroll teams. The primary focus
of the roles is to process PACE (Personnel administration and contracts of employment) or Payroll changes and respond
to PACE or Payroll related queries on behalf of SSD's customer base, within KPI targets, using policies, service scope
agreements and adhering to audit requirements and key controls. The roles report directly to the EO team leader.

Essential skills required:
- Knowledge of data security issues
- Operation of desktop IT and electronic systems
- Be able to work to deadlines
- Delivering results in accordance with SLA’s

Desirable skills required:
- Knowledge of Payroll processes and systems (Logica)
- Knowledge of PACE (HR) processes and systems (Oracle)
- Understanding and interpretation of written documentation
- Good attention to detail

To view full Job Description visit and enter vacancy reference: IRC48333
Or contact us on 0845 603 7262 or email: for a copy, quoting the reference.

JOBS1 (Rev.04/10)
     Job Description:
     1. Accurately process PACE & Payroll actions for new entrants for each of SSD’s customers in line with their policies
        and procedures, within associated targets and using appropriate oracle desk instructions. This includes; building and
        maintaining accurate logica / oracle records for each new entrant, issuing accurate appointment letters and T&Cs,
        ordering pension packs, instructing pension provider appropriately, and providing full instruction to the SSD payroll
        team, and processing TARA/Temporary Promotions, season Ticket Loans and transfers between Departments.

     2. Accurately process all actions for in service actions, including; promotions, level transfers, special leave, career
        breaks, re-grades, down-grades, change of hours, allowances and interchange activity and informing the SSD payroll
        team and pension provider as necessary. Processing claims for taxable payments such as overtime, on-call
        allowance and Friends and Family allowance. Completing leave calculations for appropriate actions. Processing
        customer annual pay awards. Processing work related reference requests, requests for mortgage and tenancy
        references. Checking monthly payroll reports in order to identify problems and rectify them before payday. Invoice
        requests for OGDs.

     3. Accurately process all action for any leavers including; resignation, dismissals, retirements, transfers out, death in
        service, taking appropriate pension action.

     4. Responding to Level 2 queries in a timely and accurate manner referring appropriate cases to line manager.

     5. To be responsible and accountable for the delivery of key controls within Business Process Procedures associated
        with the role.

     6. All actions to be in line with each of SSD’s customer’s policies and procedures, within associated targets and using
        appropriate desk instructions. Ensuring that actions are processed accurately and in time for the monthly payroll

     7. Identifying service or workflow improvements. Maintaining good and accurate knowledge of customer
        requirements. To provide a professional customer service, maintaining customer confidentiality and DPA principles
        at all times. Providing ad hoc support to colleagues to cover absence, as and when required.

     Competencies required:

     Successful candidates must demonstrate all Essential competencies during the selection process.

           Leading and influencing                                       Developing high performance
           Essential                                                      Essential
          Demonstrates pride in Defra and what it stands for.            Identifies own skills and knowledge gaps for their
          Ensures written communication is clear and accurate            development plan.
          – in plain English.                                            Is enthusiastic about learning and development –
          Speaks clearly and checks that they are understood.            makes time to achieve development objectives.
          Asks questions to appreciate other’s ideas and points          Regularly seeks feedback and makes changes as a
          of view.                                                       result.
                                                                         Takes responsibility for quality of work asks for
                                                                         training/guidance when unclear.
                                                                         Develops self beyond scope of current role.

           Collaboration                                                 Thinking with vision
           Essential                                                     Essential
          Proactive about contributing to work of whole team,            Understands how their tasks fit into achieving Defra
          not just own work.                                             outcomes.
          Takes an interest in who they work with builds an              Carries out own tasks in a way that makes it easier

     JOBS1 (Rev.04/10)
    appreciation of their backgrounds, skills and             further on in the process.
    preferences.                                              Asks questions to get clarity on what success looks
    Is consistently empathetic, supportive and respectful     like, takes steps to achieve this.
    of colleagues.                                            Shows an interest in wider Defra priorities and vision
    Welcomes requests for help from within and outside        and asks questions to find out more.
    team – always meets commitments.                          Suggests new ideas to improve how their job is done.
    Shares own knowledge openly and freely.

     Making effective decisions                               Delivering value for money
     Essential                                                 Essential
    Takes decisions within the limits of their role quickly   Works as efficiently as possible.
    and confidently.                                          Understands business data within own area.
    Will speak up and challenge decisions constructively.     Treats tax-payers’ money with respect and identifies
    Understands the context and background to the tasks       and communicates opportunities to reduce
    they are asked to undertake.                              waste/save money; Also challenges others
    Thinks through the implications of their decisions –      appropriately where they see wastage.
    considers their impact on the rest of the team.           Makes things work in an organised manner to deliver
    Asks questions to clarify important points.               on time and to a high standard.
                                                              Accurately prioritises their work wherever possible
                                                              and reprioritises to support their team achieve its
                                                              Deals with problems before they are a threat to
                                                              delivery and works with energy and pace to make
                                                              things happen.

     Making things happen                                     Delivering in partnership
     Essential                                                 Essential
    Works in an organised manner to deliver on time and       Works and proactively seeks to build relationships
    to a high standard.                                       with delivery partners in the same way as members
    Accurately prioritises their work wherever possible.      of the Defra team.
    Reprioritises to support their team achieve its           Takes an interest in who they work with – builds
    objectives.                                               An appreciation of their backgrounds, skills and
    Deals with problems before they are a threat to           preferences.
    delivery.                                                 Effectively meets and anticipates delivery partners’
    Works with energy and pace to make things happen.         needs when co-working.
                                                              Open to the different perspectives, input or advice
                                                              that delivery partner’s offer.

     Changing with pace
    Works quickly and efficiently – consistently delivers
    on time.
    Readily volunteers to assume new responsibilities -
    happy and flexible to work where needed most.
    Visibly steps up a gear to respond to emergencies.
    Is open minded and positive about changes.
    Quick to pick up on new procedures and approaches.

JOBS1 (Rev.04/10)
Further Information:

Specialist skills:
Essential: Knowledge of data security issues. Operation of desktop IT and electronic systems.
Be able to work to deadlines. Delivering results in accordance with SLA’s.

Desirable: Knowledge of PACE processes and systems (Oracle). Knowledge of Payroll processes and systems (Logica).
Understanding and interpretation of written documentation. Previous experience of working within HR or payroll
service provision.

Development opportunities and training:
Full training will be provided.

Travel required:

Closing date:                25 October, 2010

Further information and how to apply:

    For further information on this post, please contact Laura Lawrence
     on 0845 6037262 or email (HR) or Abigail Moxon on 0845 6037262 or email (Payroll)

    Apply on form EP 315 available online,
     from the SSD Enquiry Centre on 0845 603 7262, or

    Send an electronic copy of the completed form to
     quoting ref number IRC48333.

    You do not need to supply your staff report and hard copies of your application are not required.

    Remember to ask your manager to complete the suitability assessment section of the application form.

    Would managers please bring this job advertisement to the attention of any staff that are away from the office but
     may be interested in the post?

    All Civil Servants are expected to carry out their role in accordance with the Civil Service Code and its core values of
     integrity, honesty, objectivity and impartiality. Further information is provided on the Civil Service website

JOBS1 (Rev.04/10)
Manager and Applicant Guidance Notes:

   Shared Services Directorate can provide advice on eligibility if needed.
   Staff at risk of redundancy (on the Redeployment Register) will be given priority and if suitable for the post,
    applications from non register employees may not be considered.

   Externally advertised vacancies are open to everyone regardless of their current employment status.
   Internally advertised vacancies are open to internal employees including if you are on a fixed term contract (over 43
    weeks, and recruited under open and fair competition). You cannot apply if you are on loan/secondment to Defra or
    are working on a short term appointment or as an agency worker unless stated otherwise in the advert.
   Flexible working patterns will generally be accommodated unless stated otherwise.
   Candidates with disabilities will automatically be put forward to the interview stage provided that they satisfy the
    minimum criteria for the job.
   Permanent and assisted transfer terms, including excess fares, will not normally be available. Exceptions to this will
    be considered only on the basis of management need.
   Posts outside of London will attract the National pay rates unless prior written agreement has been obtained to the
   Those applying for jobs on level transfer who, after interview, are judged by the selection panel to have been
    suitable for the job but to a lesser degree than the selected candidate, may be nominated as a reserve. Reserves will
    only be considered for the post they applied for and may not be selected for other vacancies.
   If a post is advertised as a loan, secondment or Fixed Term Appointment, existing Civil Servants applying on
    promotion will effectively be placed onto TARA for the length of the post. In this case a permanent promotion
    cannot be recognised and the member of staff will return to their substantive grade at the end of the appointment.
   Successful applicants are expected to be released within 6 weeks of being offered the post.

JOBS1 (Rev.04/10)

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