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                              "A very practical look at how to get

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                              nonsense and very practical look at
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                                -- J. Waldman
                                Chicago, Illinois

          If you have ever wanted more job security...
          If you’ve ever wanted to work from home or work part-time, and
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          If you’d like to scale back your work hours without retiring...
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Dear friend,
       My name is Barnaby Kalan. A few years ago I was in the same position you are
now. After years of “paying my dues” in big organizations, I’d worked my way up to a
decent middle management position.
        I was the creative director for a division of one of country’s biggest advertising
agencies. Sure I was pulling down some big bucks at the time, but I was absolutely

         Instead of doing what I loved to do – writing and creating – I was more like an air
traffic controller – stuck in between the art directors and writers and designers who
worked for me and the account people who worked with clients.

       Every day was a series of endless meetings and fights. I was constantly trying to
coax my staff to do what the account people wanted… or explain why the deadlines we
were given were unreasonable. In short, I spent most of my time trying to keep projects
and people from crashing and burning to the ground.

        Plus there was the back-stabbing and company politics to contend with. And the
paranoia. I’d spend half of my time wondering what meetings I was getting shut out from.
Who was staying what to whom behind my back. A junior art director I’d hired was
actually spreading nasty gossip about me.

      Some days I’d want to steal some time for myself and write something... actually
work on a project instead of just supervising others. But I‘d find myself just staring at my
computer screen, unable to concentrate because of all the nervous tension I felt at work.

        Even today, I can still remember the anxiety I felt going to work everyday. The
knot in my stomach and how drained and tired I felt at the end of most days – without
ever accomplishing that much. The truth is, I was just surviving.

       Sound familiar?

         My message to you today is that if you’re sick and tired of your current job –
YOU DON’T HAVE TO TAKE IT ANY MORE. You don’t have to put up with this type
of life-sapping existence any longer.

Be in Business for Yourself!

        I’m going to show you how you can have a work life that’s so satisfying, it
doesn’t even seem like work anymore. How you can earn a great living without have a
“job” in the traditional sense. How you can be in business for yourself… finally in control
over your own life… with the freedom to spend more time with your family, make more
money and do the things you want, when you want.
       You’ll find that
you are actually eager
 to go to work in the
morning and feel great at
the end of the day. In
fact, you’ll probably
wish you had more
hours in the day to get to
all the things you want
to accomplish.

        Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re having a hard time believing that you
can do it. And I know it’s scary to think about leaving the security of a full-time, 9-to-5
job, especially if you’ve been working at it for 5, 10, 15 or more years. It’s terrifying!
       But 11 years after that miserable time I just described to you, I’m living a
wonderful life. The decision to go out on my own has enabled me to earn over one
million dollars working from the comfort of my home office. My "commute" takes 10
seconds – the time it takes to carry a cup of coffee upstairs. If I want to make more
money, I simply work a bit harder any given week.

       As a self-employed professional, I have the freedom to work for nice, smart
people and to tell jerks that I’m too busy. I can work a full week and still have time to
pick up my daughter at school every day and spend time with her and my wife at night. I
can go on vacations when I like – without asking for permission – and stay in touch with
my many clients from anywhere in the world.

      At this stage of your life, isn’t this the kind of freedom and control over your
destiny that you’d like, too?

                       "... the definitive guide to
                       freelance success..."

                       "Barnaby Kalan has created an ebook
                       that is destined to become the
                       definitive guide to freelance
                       success! And he knows what he's
                       talking about. He's been successful
                       at the dizzying heights of corporate
                       advertising, chucked it all for the
                       freelance life, and became
                       unbelievably successful there as
                       well. Now he's put it all down in a
                       step-by-step guide that he's making
                       available for the first time ever."

                       -- Steve Manning
                       Best-selling author of "How YOU can
                       Write Your Book On Anything in 14
                       Days or Less... Guaranteed! -- An
                       Expert's Step-by-Step Guide."

       It’s easier than you think to make the transition to self-employment… and you are
going to have one big advantage I never had. I’m going to tell you how you can get a
step-by-step plan for doing it in the safest, smartest, lowest-risk way possible.

       All the instructions on how to get started… how to get your first clients… how to
keep business flowing in… how to stay busy… how to get so busy that you’re actually
turning down work and making more money than you are now… are waiting for you.

                           How I Finally Made The Big Leap

         Believe me, I was nervous, too, about leaving the security of a full-time job. After
all, I’d worked for big organizations ever since university – first for a government agency
and then a succession of big-name advertising agencies in New York and Toronto. I was
used to having everything taken care of for me, from my office equipment to steady
paychecks and a medical and dental benefits plan. Leaving that security almost seemed
like stepping off a cliff!

        But in my heart I desperately wanted something better, something more satisfying.
Something that allowed me to do what I really loved – writing – while having more
control over my life. I knew I had to do it. I was tired of all the stress and strain of just
going to work every day.

       So I came up with a plan that actually enabled my current employer to help
me start my own business!

      I describe it detail in Chapter 3 of my book, OUTSOURCING YOURSELF: How to
Turn Your Job Into a Business for Greater Wealth and Security.

         My plan actually guaranteed that I’d have enough money for my entire first year
of starting my own business to pay my bills. And it gave me enough time to network and
to market myself and pick up my own new clients in the meantime!

      I know it sounds crazy. Why would my employer want me to leave and start my
own business? But in my book, I talk about all the reasons why they would… and
why your employer would be willing to do exactly the same thing!
       What’s more, I also cover two other proven ways that my friends and colleagues
have used to safely start their own businesses without even having to leave the company
they worked for

"... pursue any opportunity you want..."

"You'll find that the world is full of
opportunity. Now, when you come up with an
idea, it's yours; it doesn't get stifled in
corporate politics or stolen by someone
looking for brownie points with the
leadership team. You are now in a world where
you can pursue any opportunity you want."

  -- Roger Faircloth
  Toronto, Canada

A Positive Cash Flow Within 30 days
        Within 30 days, I was not only doing projects for my old company, I had picked
up enough new projects to be making more money than when I was an employee. Within
five months, I couldn’t wait to stop working for my old employer so I could concentrate
on all the new and interesting work I was doing for other clients.

        And you know what the most amazing thing is? I made more money in my first
year of being out on my own than I was making on salary with my old employer. And
that’s not even counting the tax advantages of being in business for yourself!

        And yes, I know there are other things to cover, like office equipment and supplies
and somehow finding a way to replace the medical and dental plan you might have right
now. But I talk about that in my book, too. There are bunch of ways to replace those
benefits at low cost.

       The fact is, I was in business for myself, not only succeeding, but thriving! And I
had done it on my own terms, on my own schedule, in control of my own destiny.

                "...extremely well organized and thoroughly

                "It is an extremely well organized and
                thoroughly researched book which contains a
                wealth of valuable information for those who
                are either considering starting their own
                business or those who are already self-
                employed but looking for ways to improve the
                performance of their business operations."

                -- Richard Cobbing
                  Strategic Management Group
                   Toronto, Canada

And the great news is it can be even easier for you!

        Why? Because you will have a step-by-step “road map” to going out on your own
that I never had. You don’t have to rely on “guesswork.” You can have a complete plan –
everything from how to approach your employer and get your boss to actually help you
get started… how to set up your home office…. how to get your first clients and
projects… and how to keep business rolling in… all in one simple manual that’s less than
the price of lunch.

       OUTSOURCING YOURSELF is the model that has helped many successful self-
employed professionals launch their own businesses. It is built around one simple but
very powerful promise: to give you all the tools you need to get your business going and
making money in the shortest period of time!

Does this method really work? Just ask the people who have tried it.
 Jacques C. followed my example a year after I did – at the same company I was
    working for! He now has a thriving graphic design business, a big house in the
    suburbs where he’s able to work on his own unique schedule and spend more time
    with his family and four kids – instead of having to waste hours a day on a commuter
    train, rarely getting home in time to have dinner with his family.

 Roger F. had worked for one of the biggest software companies in his industry for
   more than a decade. He was the ultimate “company man.” But when organizational
   changes made his life miserable, he decided to start his own firm. He soon discovered
   his unique ability to create and manage sales forces for technology companies and has
   been helping companies sell their products internationally. He has clients in the U.S.,
   Canada and Europe and can pick and choose who he works for.

 Ian B. was stuck in a senior management position at a major university. With little or
    no “upward mobility”, he created his own business as a consultant to the software
    firm that had been working with his organization. Today, he has a unique skill set
    that’s in demand across the country… he’s being asked to speak at industry
    conferences… and can virtually “write his own ticket” for new projects in the future.

"...found two major projects..."

"It gave me actionable concepts, fundamentals I needed to follow, and a
framework for approaching the task of redefining myself in the face of a
very fluid and difficult environment in my field. I am pleased to let
you know that I have found not one but two major projects, at almost
double the rate I had charged last year!"
  -- Barry Gold
  Hopkinton, MA
        Here Are Just a Few Examples of How OUTSOURCING
       YOURSELF Helps You Become a Successful Self-Employed
 You can easily re-invent your working life, too, just like they did. Because
OUTSOURCING YOURSELF takes the fear out of making your move and gives you an
armload of practical tips and tools to help you make the transition smoothly and
successfully. You'll discover...
 Why self-employment could be more secure than any jobyou’ll ever have

 How to escape the fear that could be paralyzing you from making the move to self-

 How to have a positive cash flow in just 30 days

 The secret to developing an attractive “Unique Value Proposition”

 How much to charge and how to get paid

 What you need to get started

 How to sell your services effortlessly

 9 different ways to get your first clients and assignments

 How to keep new jobs – and cash – flowing in

 Proven – and painless – ways of generating referrals – your best source of new

 What to do when business gets slow – and how to turn things around

 The incredible tax-saving advantages of working for yourself

 Nine Golden Rules of highly-experienced self-employed professionals… rules that took
   them years to learn – the hard way!

 And much, much more.

       With information like this at your fingertips, isn’t it reasonable to assume you’re
going to have a MUCH easier time of getting started? And a MUCH greater chance of
being successful? Of course it is.
"... tried-and-tested techniques..."
“This book offers many good tips… especially how to get started and how
to generate more work in slow times. I enjoyed reading the book and the
fact that it gave me very tangible examples, based on tried-and-tested
techniques. Knowing the price structure of other freelancers was very
useful, too.”

  -- R.S., Quebec

             Valuable tips, even if you are already self-employed
       OUTSOURCING YOUSELF does much more than just get you started. It guides
you every step of the way with tips, tricks and insights from successful self-employed
consultants and freelancers.

       If you’re already on your own, you’ll find a bunch of ideas that can put hundreds
more dollars in your pocket – or help you win a lucrative new client or project. Ideas that
are worth many times more than what you spend on this book. For example, there’s…

 The professional way to keep track of multiple projects – and every minute of your time
   on each project – for instant billing and high-profit success

 25 different ways of drumming up more business even after you’ve been in business
    for years

 How to avoid falling into the trap of being a “virtual employee”

 The secret to holding onto clients for years… even when time passes between projects
    (hint: it’s not a newsletter)

 How to keep increasing your annual income – even after you’ve reached your peak of
   how many hours you can work each week

 Great Web resources you can use to take your business to the next level
"... people value my opinion more..."

“People tend to value my opinion a lot more than they had in the past.
That was one of the real differences I found. People are more
appreciative of my knowledge and my opinion than they were when I was an

  -– Ian B.

Now, Updated for 2009 With Even More Valuable
       When I first wrote Outsourcing Yourself in 2004, it was pretty much
directed at someone who'd been working in the corporate or government
world for 10 years or more. Someone who was fed up with their job, but still
felt they had plenty of good ideas, experience and ambition to offer. Someone
who was ready to step out and work for themselves, for a change.
       While many of you fit that description, there are others who are
looking for extra income and freedom for other reasons. Retirees, for example,
may want a bit more of a financial cushion. Work-from-home moms and dads
may want the freedom to earn money while enjoying their kids' growing up
years. And people who are just plain struggling to make ends meet, may
welcome any opportunity to enjoy life with a little less financial stress.

     That's why Outsourcing Yourself 2009 is new and revised for you. It
answers new questions such as:

    "How do I start my own business if I don't have "professional"
    skills?" Outsourcing Yourself 2009 will show you dozens of ways to earn
    money using whatever skills you do have. You'll be surprised at how many
    opportunities are out there!

    "I'm semi-retired. How can I earn a little extra money?"
    Outsourcing Yourself 2009 gives you the perfect way to do it. While still
    enjoying the freedom and stress-free life you want in retirement.

    "What are the best at-home businesses to start today?" There is so
    much hype out there. So many people promising you the moon, without
    telling you how much work their opportunities really require. Outsourcing
    Yourself 2009 gives you the straight talk on work-at-home opportunities.
    Plus I'll highlight what I think are the very best to start right now and

What's new in the 2009 Edition?
    Why you need to "Recession-Proof" your income
      and the best way to do it
    How to start your own business even if you don't
     have any "business" skills or anything to sell
    The best way to earn extra income if you're retired
     or semi-retired
    The top part-time jobs for retirees and your
     possible hourly earnings
    How to break through the billable hours ceiling!
    Why an internet business MUST be part of your
     multiple income streams. Plus, the best Internet
     business models to follow
    The secret to getting cash in the door in a jiffy
    The Ultimate Work at Home Job (With all the
     power and perks you can dream of)
    And much, much more!
WHY order your copy of Outsourcing Yourself today?
      For extra income to pay bills and enjoy life
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      For real security in an unsecure world
      For a more comfortable retirement
      For a “Downsize-Proof” career
      For more control over your life and destiny
      For the many tax advantages of being self-
      For the freedom to live your dreams!

Try it today…absolutely risk-free with...
              A One-Year 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee!

How To Turn
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Business For
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employment… or improve your part-time business… or help you generate more cash this
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the world's top Internet
entrepreneurs, including
Cody Moya, Brian Tracy,
Yanik Silver, Janet
Switzer and many more.
Inside it, you'll discover:

 How to Thrive in Tougher Times
 The Magic of Goal Setting
 Great Second Careers
 How to Get More Repeat Business from Your Clients
 What to Do When a Client Is Slow to Pay
 How to Keep Clients (and Potential Clients) Happy … So They Keep Calling You
 Can Copywriters “Recession-Proof” Themselves?
 How to Get a Top 10 Web Ranking Without Paying One Cent
 Over 40? Quit your job - Get a life: Here’s how!
 Six-figure Professionals: Their Seven Secrets
 Career Change and the Seasoned Worker
 Finding A New Business Idea
 Abandon The Sinking Ship Client: Work With ALREADY Successful Clients (They
    Need You Too)
 How to Really Get All The Clients You Want,
    and The Truth Most Service Professionals Don't
    Want to Hear
 3 Overlooked Profit Opportunities on Your Site
    How to Make This Year Your Best Year Ever
 You Gotta Be RUTHLESS About Your Time
    (How to Get It ALL Done)
 How to Make Your Web Site Work Harder, So You Can Work Less
 Ten Tips for Figuring Out How to Get Paid to Do What You Love
    Earning Top Dollar as an “Expert Who Speaks”
 Why Internet Marketing Should Be Every
    Freelance Writer's "Second Business"
 6 Ways To Creating a Talk Title That PULLS
    Clients In Like Crazy!
 How Smart Info-Marketers Sell Consulting
    Packages and Advisory Programs
 The Key to Influencing Others
    And much, much more!

FREE BONUS #2: How Much Do "Outsourcers" Charge?
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over 150 freelancers from
across North America and
their pricing strategies.

          This Special Report will give you a head start on pricing your services
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own... it can help you set your rates for what you're really worth and earn even more
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$100,000 Or More As A Freelancer, Part-Time Worker Or Independent Consultant.

 If you are thinking about
outsourcing yourself,
freelancing or consulting
independently,or if you
are already doing it…
this report tells you the
best way to track your
time. You’ll learn how to
use an automated
“scorecard” that shows
how well you’re doing
each day, each week and
year-to-date – toward
reaching reach your
annual income goals.

FREE BONUS #4: Cool Tools for Home-Based and Internet

Over 100
of the best
and web-
who runs
a business
home or is
of starting


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        I’m telling you, the payoff for learning the right way to OUTSOURCE
YOURSELF and the obstacles to avoid is HUGE. For Jacques C. it meant a six-figure
income working from home with the freedom to spend time with his kids, go camping
and hunting on weekends and live in the country.

         For Roger F. it meant running an international consulting firm from his home
office, traveling the world and pulling in bigger bucks for projects than when he was a
major executive at a software company.

        For me, it meant earning $100,000 or more every year doing what I love to do,
being in charge of who I work for and what kinds of projects I work on and having the
freedom to write articles and books as well.

      What will the payoff be for YOU? Are you going to live life on your own terms?
Or spend a lifetime hoping your boss or your company will give you a measly 2% raise?
Or hoping that you won’t be “downsized” out of a job… or that your job won’t simply
disappear as a result of a merger or buyout. Is that any way to live?

        Take this simple but important step toward having the work life of your dreams
today. It’s a tiny investment, but one that could pay off for you with a lifestyle that’s the
closest thing to being financially independent while still earning a living.

       OUTSOURCING YOURSELF gives you a step-by-step road map for achieving
your new way of earning a living… living better… working smarter… earning more…
and enjoying life to the fullest.

        You will love the freedom, control and pride of being your own boss. There’s no
other feeling like it!


        Barnaby Kalan

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More words of praise for Outsourcing Yourself

"... useful and extremely well-written..."

“I just finished reading your book & wanted to let you know immediately
how useful and extremely well-written I found it to be. I will gladly,
wholeheartedly recommend it to my subscriber list and my clients! You'll
be happy to hear that many of them are indeed solo-preneurs, so this
will be RIGHT up their alley. In fact, I think I'm going to have to try
out a few of your ideas myself! :)”

-- Marta Kagan
   President, Lifeline Coaching
   New York City
"... one of the best, most informative ebooks..."

"I signed on to this email list after I bought the book. I really enjoy
it and find it to be one of the best, most informative ebooks on the
topic that I have read."

-- John Gilger
  Professional Copywriter
  Las Vegas, Nevada

"...wish I had it a few years ago..."

"Outsourcing Yourself is a wonderful book that is highly needed by a LOT
of people, especially these days, when more & more people are trying to
strike out on their own. Your book is an incredible guide that will
eliminate a lot of the confusion, and help create a game plan for anyone
who wishes to double or triple their income by working for themselves as
a consultant!

It has now been more than 6 years since I first had that 'precious sip
of freedom' from a job. I tell you, Barnaby, I will NEVER work for
somebody else again in my life! I've come to recognize that my time is
just too precious to me to just give away to an employer, who will never
truly appreciate you. Working for myself, I have the ability to choose
what I wish to do with my time. It's incredible!

I really hope that as many people as possible get the chance to read
your book. I wish I had it a few years ago - it would have helped me

-- Tony Pearl

“… already found things that will multiply my value…”

“I've just gotten to page 34 of the Outsourcing book and have already
found things that will MULTIPLY my value to the clients I am trying to
serve. I look forward to other ideas and insights I will find as I keep

-- Andy Murphy, Quebec

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