Senior Project by V45hC0


									                                     CCA Senior Project

                                      Portfolio Rubric

Senior Project Portfolios will be graded by your senior English teacher for completeness
and professional appearance.

Completeness: Your portfolio must contain all of the required forms, letters, and other
materials. This is a "do or die" category; it is either complete or incomplete. There are
no "2's" and "3's" in this category, you will receive a "1" or a "0."

Professional Quality: Are the forms typed or word processed? Are they completed with
detail? Are they clean and not smudged? Are they flat and not dog-eared? Has care
been taken with all materials to make sure it looks exceptionally presentable?

            Completeness (out of 20 points)                    Yes       No
            Letter of Introduction
            Plagiarism Contract
            Senior Research Paper
            Physical Project Log
            Mentor Verification
            Copy of Speech
            Physical Project Self Evaluation

                                           5      4       3      2        1
            Introduction Letter
            Business Format
            Physical Project
            Document Completion
            Speech Content
            Professional Presentation

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