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									                                       Bethel Missionary Baptist Church
                                          Sunday, December 7, 2008
Starting today Sunday and Sundays December 7th and         McClelland Home for Adults, 126 Old Castle Point
14th after the morning service, you can pick up your       Rd., Beacon, NY.
Angel Tree Child’s name for gift request. You can
pick up your request from Deaconess Gweneth Lloyd-         Mon, Dec. 15th: 7:30 PM- Church Business Meeting.
Stevens or you can call her at 845-562-1881.               All church members of legal voting age are invited to
Volunteers are also needed to assist this committee on     come.
Saturday, December 20th, 2008, from 1:00 pm to 4:00
pm.                                                        Sat, Dec. 20th: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM – Angel Tree
                                                           Christmas Fellowship.
red bow and pine cones. Price is $15.00. Please see Sis.   Sun, Dec. 21st: 9:30 AM- Sunday School Christmas
Janet Corrie or any other Youth Advisory Ministry          Service.
member to place your order.
                                                           Wed, Dec. 24th: 7:00 PM- Christmas Eve Service
2009 Slate of Officers should be given to Dea. Henry       Thurs, Dec. 25th: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESUS
Lawrence on or before December 14, 2008, the next                 (Church Office will be closed.)
church business meeting is December 15.
                                                           Fri, Dec. 26th: 6:30 PM – Holiday Jams- To the parents
November 30, 2008: Leaders, Deacon Ministry                of all College Students. If you have a child who is
                                                           currently attending college, please contact a member of
Attention – All Men and Women of Bethel: A security        the Education Ministry. We would like to have the
team is being formed to provide coverage for our new       students give a short talk on their college experiences
church building. Your help is needed. A signup sheet       (do’s and the don’t) at this event.           For more
will be posted in the vestibule or see Bro. Dennis         information or if you plan to participate, please contact
Winslow (845-454-1237) or Bro. Greg Nunn. Thank            Sis. Linda Melton-Mann (845) 297-8933, Sis. Celestine
you for your help and your support.                        Campbell (845) 297-6197 or Sis. Arlene Dembo (845)
Bethel Family and Friends: if you are going to be
leaving your car in the church parking lot for any         Thurs, Dec. 31st: 10:00 PM- New Year’s Eve Watch
length of time (one day or longer), please notify the      Night Service.
office and tell someone on the Board of Trustees so that
it is known to whom the vehicle belongs. Thank you         To all ministers, ministries, boards, and auxiliaries,
for your cooperation.                                      please check your mail folders in the Myrick
                                                           Fellowship Hall regularly.
The individual listed below is responsible for the
following date to help feed the homeless coordinated       Tapes of this morning’s worship services are available
through the Missionary Ministry. Thank you for all your    downstairs in Myrick Fellowship Hall following each
help. For more information contact the person listed       service. Costs are minimal. Please see Deaconess Aurelia
below or Sis. Juanita Thomas:                              Hunt or Deaconess Gail Williams for details.

Mon, Dec. 15th: Sis. Enletta Rudolfo                       Website:    Please     visit    our     website    at:
                                                      Send    suggestions,
Copies of the 2009 Roster forms can be found in the        comments, or inquiries about joining the web ministry
vestibule of the church. EVERYONE is requested to          team to: or
fill out a form on both sides and put it in the basket
outside of the clerk’s office so that the records can be
updated.                                                   All announcements to be included in the bulletin or posted
                                                           on the bulletin boards must be in writing or e-mailed to the
Wed, Dec. 10th:                                            church and have Pastor’s approval.             Deadline is
      6:45 PM – Bible Study led by Pastor Hunt.            Wednesday before 1:00 PM. There is a basket outside of
      7:45 PM – Prayer & Praise led by Dea. Henry          the office door for any and all request. Please note during
Lawrence.                                                  Sunday morning services, the pulpit will not accept any
                                                           special notes with the exception of an emergency note.
Mon, Dec. 8: 7:30 PM – Joint Board Meeting                 Thank you for your cooperation.

Sat, Dec. 13th: 9:00 AM – Christmas Concert Rehearsal      To reach the church via e-mail, please send inquires,
       7:00 PM – Annual Christmas Musical                  comments, and notes to:

Sun, Dec. 14th: 8:00 AM & 10:45 AM – Our youth will
be recognized for their academic achievements at both
services. Recognition forms are available in the
Myrick Fellowship Hall outside of the office or via the
church website. Kindly submit your forms to Sis.
Arlene Dembo or any member of the Education
Ministry by Sat, Dec. 13th, 2008.
        2:00 PM Sunday School Caroling – The
                      Bethel Missionary Baptist Church E-Bulletin
                                            December 7, 2008

OUR SICK AND SHUT-INS                                             KEEP IN PRAYER
Sis. Lena Greene                                          Bro. Dave & Sis. Tameica Alford & Baby
483-5000                                                  The Bateman Family
St. Francis Hospital, Rm 302                              Dominique Brito-Glover
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601                                    Mrs. Brown (Chicago)
                                                          Bro. John & Sis. Debbie Corso
Sis. Natasha Belton                                       Dea. Evelyn Crenshaw’s Father
914-473-0623                                              Bro. Fred Davenport
37 North Elm St, Apt 1                                    Mother Louise Green-Thompson
Beacon, NY 12508                                          The Haynes Family
                                                          Sis. Helen Harris & Family
                                                          Sis. Jean Holley
                                                          Bro. Hakimu Jackson
                                                          Sis. Patricia Jackson
        OUR SYMPATHY TO                                   Bro. George & Sis. Rita Lewis
                                                          Sis. Emma Lyle
Bro. Alan & Sis. Jackie Glover (her Aunt)                 Sis. Linda Melton-Mann’s Sister
845-463-4030                                              Mother Bessie Morgan
105 Autumn Drive                                          Sis. Barbara Priest
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603                                    Bro. Dorian Roberts
                                                          Sis. Sydra Simon
Sis. Adrienne Strother (Aunt)                             Sis. Yvette Vasquez
845-485-4741                                              Bro. Derek Wall-Carty
23 West Arnold Rd.                                        Bro. Jonathan Walters & Family
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
                                                          Sis. Louise Willis (Lutheran Care Center)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAY GOD                                         HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
               December                                   08     Bro. Vaughn & Sis. Michelle
07      Chuck Copper
09      Deaconess Gail Williams
09      Angela Valles-Edwards                             09     Bro. Cornell & sis. Cynthia
13      Arvella Edwards                                          Martin (40 years)
13      Kendar Garrett
13      A. Lloyd Waldemar                                 11     Bro. A. Lloyd & Sis. Linda
13      JaQuan Hone-Crosby                                       Waldemar (31 years)
                 Bethel Missionary Baptist Church E-Bulletin
                                       December 7, 2008

SERVING IN THE MILITARY                                        WEEKLY SCRIPTURES

Stony Archincloss- US ARMY                                Date: Morning         Evening
Anthony Avery- US ARMY                                                          Daniel
Cassim Bascus- USN                                        08     3 John         8, 9, 10
China Lawrence-Brown- USN                                 09     Jude           11, 12
MaShaun Brown- USN                                               Revelation     Hosea
Tremaine Brown-USN                                        10     1              1, 2, 3, 4
Eugene Groce- US ARMY                                     11     2              5, 6, 7, 8
Jamal Hardman- US ARMY                                    12     3              9, 10, 11
William Hopson- USN                                       13     4              12, 13, 14
Chris Houston- USMC                                       14     5              Joel
Skylar King- US ARMY
Ronald Lewis- US ARMY
Joseph Lowe- US ARMY
Bashan Mann- LT., USN
Derrick Mimms- US Army
H.R. Devin Pluchino- USMC
Stacey Rice- US AIR FORCE                                       Saying of the Week:
Kyle White- US AIR FORCE
Chad A. Williams- USN                                          Be careful for nothing; but in
Sonya N. Williams, MD- USN                                 everything by prayer and supplication
Hassan Young- USN                                         with thanksgiving let your requests be
                                                          made known unto God. And the peace
Please send e-mails to let them know
                                                          of God, which passes all understanding
we are keeping them in our prayers;
we love them and support their                               shall keep your hearts and minds
efforts.                                                       through Christ Jesus. Amen.

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