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Order Tracking Magneto Extension


									     Order Tracking Magneto Extension: Enhancing Magento Shopping

Providing scalability, flexibility and features for business growth to E Commerce
platform Magento needs no introduction in online business community. Accessing
their shopping cart from multiple browser sessions makes Magento Shopping, a
wonderful experience for the online shopping community. Magento provides
feature rich E Commerce platform that offers merchant s complete flexibility and
control over the presentation, content, and functionality of their online channel. As
a result they can provide promotion, according to pre-defined segmentation rules,
encouraging consumers to add items to the shopping cart and complete their

With flock of people searching for Magento related solutions every month, Magento
Extensions play a large role in the set up and successful operation of Magento
stores because they essentially do exactly what the name suggests. Magento
Extensions are playing a large and vital role in the progress of Magento Commerce,
enhancing the features of E- Commerce of platform, fulfilling the functional
requirements of the store, and transforming Magento Shopping for customers a
pleasant one.

One such extension which makes shopping a pleasant experience for online
customers is Order Tracking Magneto Extension. The salient feature of this
extension is, it can check tracking code number by order and customer e mail; and
allows you to create as many statuses of your orders as you need and make them
available for different order state. Having multilingual support is an added
advantage for this extension, as it is accessible to the customers across the globe.
Apart from this currency conversion helps the clients, as payment can be done
without hassles.

Magento Shopping have revolutionized the way online E Commerce activities are
taking place. Creating waves in online business and shopping industry, meets all
requirements of the Magento programming and customization of websites;
according to the needs deeds and requirement of the website owners as well as
online customers.

While having Order Tracking Magneto Extension, online store owners have an
opportunity to improve customer services, as customers track the shipment &
payment statuses all the way through the delivery process with ease using mobile
devices or desktop computers. Having multi store support and Compatibility with
major mobile applications and desktop applications, makes it possible for buyers to
check the status of their orders a matter of relief for online store owners.

Magneto Extensions have set the E commerce platform apart from the rest of the
pack, and the incredible burst in popularity that Order Tracking Magneto
Extension has attained, has benefitted the online business community as well as
the online shoppers community.

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