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					    Year 10
Work Experience
Aims of Today

1. To introduce you to the Work experience

2. To understand the application process –
   including own placements
Key Dates to Remember:

1. Completed Selection must be to Form
   Tutors by Monday 30th November.
   This gives you six school weeks!

2. Work Experience dates – Monday 7th
   June to Friday 18th June 2010
What Will You Gain from Work
• Provides you with an opportunity to explore a
  particular interest through employment

• Work Experience helps you understand the
  expectations of the workplace

• Work experience helps you discover something
  about your own skills and develops key skills
• Trident is the company responsible for organising
  student placements for all York schools.

• There are two other York schools on Work Experience at
  the same time as All Saints therefore competition for
  places is strong.

• Selection forms need to be on time and completed with
  as much information about yourself as possible.
Job Selection
• Job details will be accessible from today on the
  school’s network.

• Selection forms and instructions will be given
  out this afternoon.

• A letter will go home to your parents/guardian
  to inform them of the process.
Selection Forms
• Personal details

• First choice plus five more choices

• Travelling – indicate how far you can travel
• Health – record even minor issues e.g. mild asthma

• Student information – this is your opportunity to ‘sell yourself’
  so be positive about yourself.

• Parental signature – essential for the form to be processed

• You must be prepared to take the job you are allocated, even
  your 4th, 5th or even 6th choice.
Do’s and Don’ts When Completing
the Selection Form:
•   Do read the job description thoroughly

•   Do choose a variety of jobs

•   Do check the location of your selected jobs

•   Do complete all sections of the form

•   Do check the job number is correct

•   Do give as much information as possible, especially
    skills relevant to your selected placements
Do’s and Don’ts When Completing
the Selection Form:
• Do not select jobs marked as ‘first choice only’ as
  anything but first choice (highlighted in red)

• Do not choose any job involving Saturday work if you
  cannot work on a Saturday.

• Do not expect lunches, bus fares or any other form of

• Do not choose a job you are not prepared to accept –
  you cannot reject a placement. (Trident charge £50.00)
What if you want to find your own
• You cannot use a business that Trident already has on its list.
• Try not to use parents or relatives – it is better to get a fresh look at
  the world of work!
• You must always contact an employer directly for your own
• If you do obtain your own placement Trident need to know the
  following details:
                Name and address of the company
                Contact name Telephone number
                Job Title and description of work
                Signature of the contact person
                Employer’s liability Insurance policy details
• Own Placement Forms (available from Form Tutor or Mr Kelly) must
  be submitted as well as the normal selection form.
Make the most of your
   Work Experience

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