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					                                   JOB DESCRIPTION

Post Title:                 Director of Business Strategy and Finance

Responsible to:             The Executive Principal and The Education Village Multi
                            Academy Trust (EVAT)

Job Purpose:                As a member of the Executive Leadership Team, the post
                            holder will lead the development and implementation of the
                            Multi Academy Trust’s financial and business support
                            functions. These will include Finance, Student Records, Human
                            Resources, Governance Support, Marketing, H&S, PFI
                            management as well as having overall management of the
                            Business Planning for each Academy within the Trust and the
                            management of the trading subsidiary as it emerges.

                            The post holder will have an annual income generation target
                            which will be agreed with the academy trust.

Responsibilities:           The successful candidate will be expected to undertake the
                            following responsibilities and accountabilities

General Responsibilities

   To participate as a member of the Executive Leadership Team and contribute to the
    overall management and development of the Academy Trust.

   To lead and advise the Executive Leadership Team on strategy in relation to finance and
    business development.

   To effectively manage a wide range of business service contracts so as to ensure best
    value for the Academy Trust.

   To act as the Senior Line Manager to the Finance, Student Support, Human Resources,
    Governance support, H&S, PFI, and Marketing functions.

   Be responsible for maintaining a healthy and safe working environment by ensuring that
    health and safety policies, procedures and codes of practice are followed.

   Support and develop the EVAT’s internal controls and risk management processes.

   To provide advice on all aspects of Finance, Accommodation, PFI contract, LA liaison,
    Governance, H&S, and Human Resource strategies to the Academy Trust’s Board and
    produce policy initiatives for EVAT’s consideration.

   To undertake any additional responsibilities that may be required by the Executive
    Principal commensurate with the grade and nature of the post.

Main Responsibilities


Liaise with the Executive Principal to develop an EVAT Business Support strategy that
responds to national and local priorities and includes:-

           Development of the financial and management accountant functions of the
            EVAT, in line with DFE, Companies House and Charity Commission requirements.
           Ensure that all financial and other information is returned on a timely and
            accurate basis.
           Lead on the development of multi-year budgets aligned to the Academy Trust’s
            Strategic five year plan and individual Academy Raising Achievement plans,
            ensuring all activities are appropriately and accurately costed and taking
            intervention action as required.
           Ensure the opportunities for all income streams are maximised and that a
            business plan is costed and updated regularly.
           Maintenance and updating of the financial regulations, internal control
            procedures and other regulatory frameworks.
           Lead and advise on all aspects of treasury management and taxation.
           Ensure that accounting and other business development systems are subject to
            continuous improvement.


    1. To ensure that EVAT Board of Directors are regularly updated on progress regarding
       the fulfilment of the Academy’s financial, student records, external funding human
       resource, PFI contract, H&S, governance and accommodation objectives.

    2. To ensure relevant reports are provided to the EVAT Board of Directors and
       Executive Leadership Team on a timely basis.

    3. To ensure accurate and timely production of financial information to both internal
       and external stakeholders.

    4. To lead on EVAT’s statutory Freedom of Information and Data Protection

Management Information Systems

    1. To have overall management control for EVAT’s Management Information System.

    2. To ensure that management information is completed to timescales required within
       the financial regulations and to meet funding audit requirements.

Business Development

   1. To help to develop any trading subsidiaries in order to achieve full potential with
      regard to the developing commercial business plan.

   2. To take personal responsibility for any annual income generation target linked to
      EVAT’s commercial business plan.

Customer Services, Administration & Marketing

   1. To establish appropriate customer service and administrative functions that promote
      the EVAT’s core values and provide the highest possible standards of service across
      all Academies.

   2. Establish a marketing strategy that supports the objectives outlined in EVAT’s
      overarching five year strategy plan.


   1. To develop and implement an effective accommodation strategy that meets EVAT’s
      curriculum and business requirements.

   2. To ensure that the services provided by PFI Facilities Management, are of the highest
      standard, represent value for money and are in-line with best practice.

Human Resources

   1. To provide senior leadership for Human Resources to ensure that people
      management strategies are developed and are in line with EVAT’s curriculum and
      business requirements.

   2. To ensure, that a pro-active HR service, aligned to EVAT’s strategy and vision, is
      commissioned and delivered.

   3. To support effective industrial relationships for all EVAT’s employees and consult and
      negotiate with representatives of the recognised trade unions on a range of
      employment and HR related issues.

   4. To take responsibility for implementation and review of EVAT’s Health and Safety

These duties are neither exclusive nor exhaustive, and the post holder will be required to
undertake other duties and responsibilities, which the Academy Trust may determine.



Salary Grade         circa £70,000.00 per annum

Working Hours        You will be expected to work the hours to meet the demands of the
                     post. It is recognised there will be fluctuations with this work especially
                     during school term time.

Holidays             Annual leave is 31 working days for a full year, based on a 5-day
                     working week in addition to Bank/Public Holidays. You will be
                     expected to take annual leave during school holiday times.

Payment              Staff are paid monthly in arrears by credit transfer

Probationary Period The successful candidate will be required to complete a probationary
                    period of 6 months during which the notice period by either party will
                    be one month.

Notice               The appointment will be terminable by three months notice in writing
                     on either side, subject to successful completion of the probation period.

Smoking              EVAT operates a no-smoking policy.

General              The successful candidate will be required to complete medical forms
                     and undergo a full medical examination.

                     The successful candidate will be required to provide proof of eligibility
                     to work in Great Britain in accordance with the Asylum and Immigration
                     Act 1996, before employment may commence.

                     An enhanced disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau will be
                     requested in the event of a successful application.

                                                             PERSON SPECIFICATION
                                                   DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS STRATEGY AND FINANCE

                                  ESSENTIAL                                                               DESIRABLE

                  Criteria   ATTRIBUTE                            Stage         Criteria   ATTRIBUTE                           Stage
                    No.                                           Identified      No.                                          Identified
Qualifications   E1          Relevant degree or recognised        AF/C         D1          Accountancy qualification           AF/I/C
& Education                  professional qualification

                 E2          Evidence of continued                AF           D2          Masters degree in relevant field    AF/I/C
                             commitment to personal
                             professional development

Experience &     E3          Experience of working as part of a   AF/I         D3          Experience of initiating, leading
Knowledge                    senior management team and                                    and managing cultural change at a
                             implementing service                                          senior and strategic level in an    AF/I
                             improvements.                                                 organisation.

                 E4          Experience of turning business       AF/I         D4          A proven record of success gained   AF/I
                             strategy into successful outcomes                             in the education sector

                 E5          Successful track record of           AF/I/R       D5          A high level of commercial          I
                             management experience within a                                awareness
                             large complex organisation with
                             experience of:

               a.     Operating a substantial
               accounting system
               b.     Working with PCs and
               software packages specifically
               spread sheets and databases
         E6    Experience of financial                 AF/I
               management including income

         E7    Experience of leading and               AF/I
               supporting teams through
               processes of continuous

         E8    Knowledge and understanding of          AF/I
               academy structures

         E9    An understanding of the key issues      AF/I
               facing schools and academies

         E10   Experience of developing and            AF/I
               implementing successful financial

Skills   E11   Ability to communicate at all levels    AF/I   D6   A good working knowledge of a      AF/I
               both verbally and written                           range of effective school
                                                                   improvement strategies

         E12   A high level of presentation skills     I      D7   Design and production of           AF/I
                                                                   promotional material

         E13   Ability to think strategically and to   I      D8   Thorough understanding of school   AF/I

      analyse complex situations,                    performance analysis and issues
      formulating and implementing                   relating to improved achievement
      plans of action                                and attainment

E14   Numeracy and literacy skills in         AF/I
      order to handle data and
      information critically, accurately
      and effectively

E15   Have a detailed knowledge and           AF/I
      understanding of:
      a.     Company Act accounts
      b.     Management accounts
      c.     Computerised accounting
      c.     Funding arrangements for
      schools and academies
      d.     Internal control and risk
      e.     Commercial requirements

E16   Marketing planning and                  AF/I
      implementation skills developing
      appropriate strategies and
      achieving successful results

E17   Public relations skills including the   I
      ability to speak at public forums

E18   Capable of working with and             AF/I
      achieving income targets

             E19   Able to work with colleagues and      I
                   contacts from a range of

             E20   Highly developed organisational       AF/I
                   skills managing time well to meet
                   competing priorities.

             E21   Ability to prioritise workloads and   I
                   manage the delegation of work

Personal     E22   Self motivated                        AF/I    D9    A proactive approach to change        I
Attributes                                                             with an ability to think laterally

             E23   Possess effective leadership skills   I/R     D10   Confidence to work at a national      I
                   with the ability to motivate and                    level
                   steer others towards achieving
                   successful objectives

             E24   Dynamic, visionary and                I       D11   Political sensitivity and awareness   AF/I

             E25   Demonstrate effective decision         AF/I
                   making skills including the ability to
                   make quick decisions when under
                   pressure and be willing to accept
                   responsibility for decisions

Special      E26   Flexibility and versatility           I

               E27      Emotional resilience                     AF/I

               E28      Ability to work flexibly to meet the     I
                        demands of the post

               E29      Adaptability                             AF/I

               E30      Ability to influence across all levels   I
                        of the organisation

               E31      Suitable to work with                    D
                        children/young people

Key – Stage
AF               Application Form
C                Certificates
D                Disclosure
I                Interview
R                References


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