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									                                    2011 MASS-DECA CAREER DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE
                                                                      TABLE OF CONTENTS
   TOPIC                                                                                                           PAGE
   Attendance Criteria and Eligibility....................................................................… 3
   Important Information.......................................................................................….4
   Conference Overview.......................................................................................…..5-6
   Meetings & Sessions ……............................................................……………….7
   Competitive Activities Information...................................................................…..8
   Hotel Information............................................................................................……9
   ICDC Eligibility Information.............................................................................… 10
   Code of Ethics & Procedure for Advisors..........................................................…11-12
   Sample News Release........................................................................................….13
   Delegate Infraction Form…………………………………………………………14
   Voting Delegates per School..............................................................................…15
   Tentative Program................................................................................................. .16-18
   Late Fee Policy................................................................................................…....19
   Important Upcoming Dates...............................................................................…..20
   Registration Summary Form…………………………………………………… 21
   Registration Instructions………………………………………………………….22
   Hotel Registration Instructions ………………………………………………… 23
   Chapter Responsibility Form…………………………………………………….24
   Comprehensive Consent Form(Dress Code and Conduct Code)…………………25-28
   Registration, Personal & Liability Form………………………………………….29
   Emergency Information Form…………………………………………………….30
   Service for Special Needs Student………………………………………………..31
   Check-in Inspection Form………………………………………………………...32
   Cancellation & Refund Request Form……………………………………………33
   Competitive Activity Codes ……………………………………………………. 34
   Sample Excel Registration Form………………………………………………...end
   Sample Housing Form……………………………………………………………end

Massachusetts DECA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex ,sexual orientation or
disability. The MASS-DECA program is partially funded under a grant from the Massachusetts Department of
Education through grant #414-006-3-1206-D. The content does not necessarily reflect the policy of, or
endorsement by the Massachusetts Department of Education or the federal government.


You are invited to join in the celebration of our 52nd Annual State Career Development Conference, on March
10, 11, and 12, 2011 at the Marriott Copley in Boston. This 2011 State Career Development Conference
Information Packet has been designed to provide you with the necessary information and forms to assist you in
preparing and registering for this conference. It also describes those activities, which have been finalized to date.
Supplemental information will be sent to you as necessary. With everyone's full cooperation and assistance, we
will be able to conduct another successful MASS-DECA Career Development Conference this March.

Contact your State DECA Advisor if you have a question or problem.
Do not wait until the deadline date.

Mail all forms and fees to: Please note that UPS and Federal Express will NOT deliver to PO Boxes, however
US Priority & Express does.
P.O. Box 206
Weymouth MA 02188-0005

Due Dates:
February 11 – Hard copies of Registration Summary Form & Fees (check or purchase order enclosed), Housing
Spreadsheet & Registration Excel Spreadsheet due at PO Box (listed above). Late fee will be applied if not
received by due date. If using purchase orders for registration, process prior to deadline for the entire balance
due. We will not accept registration from any school having an outstanding membership balance with DECA.

February 11-signed Chapter Responsibility Form due at the PO Box

February 11- Housing spreadsheet e-mailed to Marriott Copley Group Housing Coordinator, Sharon Turner at and cc’d to State Advisor at

February 11- Event registration spreadsheet e-mailed to and cc’d to State Advisor at

February 11 –Special Needs Form (if needed) due at the PO Box

February 18- Last day for substitutions and changes-12 noon

March 4-Last day for ‘Refund of Registration Form’ to be submitted

March 4- - Housing Costs due in full at the Marriott Copley via credit card or school check


HIGH SCHOOL DELEGATES. All advisors and students must be in attendance for the entire conference.
Chapter advisors, parents, teachers and school administrators are eligible to chaperone as long as it meets the
approval of your school and have been CORI checked. All adults registered through the chapter will be
expected to work in an assigned area at the conference. The only exception is for those chapters that bring
more than the required amount of chaperones. Excess chaperones will NOT be used for work assignments.

To be eligible to attend the MASS-DECA Career Development Conference, each student must
meet the following criteria (no other student is eligible to attend):

1. Be an active member of the High School Division of DECA. Membership must be recorded
   on an official DECA Membership Roster and be on file in the MASS-DECA office by
   January 7, 2011, and
2. Have the approval of the DECA Chapter Advisor, and
3. Have the approval of the School Administration, and
4. Have the approval of a parent or guardian (unless of legal age), and
5. Have qualified through district competition (the number eligible per district based on
   membership), or
6. Be involved in a competitive activity approved to go directly to the SCDC, or
7. Be a nominated MASS-DECA High School State Officer candidate, or
8. Be a current MASS-DECA High School State Officer, and
9. Have the approval of the State DECA Advisor.

To be eligible to attend the MASS-DECA Career Development Conference, members of our Alumni Division
must meet the following criteria:

1. Be an active member of the Alumni Division of DECA. Membership must be
   on file in the MASS-DECA office by March 1, 2011 and
2. Be a member in good standing of the MASS-DECA Alumni Division and
3. Be willing to assist wherever necessary during the SCDC and
4. Have the approval of the State DECA Advisor.

                                           IMPORTANT INFORMATION
1. All conference registration costs must be paid for in full in advance unless a purchase order number has
   been sent in with original registration. No payments will be accepted at SCDC. Late fees will apply.
2. Purchase orders will be accepted, if processed in advance of deadline/due date and number is received by due
   date (February 11) and a copy of PO is enclosed with registration forms or the number is given

Schools which owe money: If your school has an outstanding balance with our state or national association, we
will not accept your registration until all balances have been paid in full.

Changes: No changes/substitutions will be accepted or allowed after 12 noon
on February 18, 2011. Phone calls, faxes or voice mail messages are not acceptable since the info. needs to be
forwarded to other coordinators in a timely manner. Substitutions are only allowed in the written project area.
Substitutions may not be made in Team Decision Making Events once the team competes at the district level.
Changes and substitutions may be made by e-mailing Please state the student’s full
name, competitive category code, ID number, and T-shirt size f the student that is being cancelled or added. If
your change involves a refund, submit the Cancellation and Refund Request Form in the back of this guide. .

Cancellations: Cancellation of a registration may be made until 4 pm on March 4 in order to receive a refund of
conference registration. No substitutions or bump-ups will be made after February 18. When submitting a
cancellation please give all of the following in an e-mail: Competitive Activity, ID#, chapter and name of
student involved and size of T-shirt to be canceled. You will need to notify the hotel of any room changes.
Cancellations requiring a conference registration refund must be made on the Cancellation and Refund Request
Form and sent to the State Advisor only via an e-mail to the MASS DECA office. Phone calls, faxes & voice
messages are not acceptable since the info. needs to be forwarded to other coordinators in a timely manner. No
refunds will be made on cancellations made after 12 noon on February 18, 2011.

All schools are responsible for their own transportation to and from this conference. Students are not permitted
to bring cars or other vehicles to the conference.

___ Due 2/11- Registration Summary Form received at MASS-DECA PO Box
____ Due 2/11- Registration payment by check or purchase order form sent to PO Box
____ Due 2/11- Chapter Responsibility Form mailed to MASS-DECA PO Box
____ Due 2/11-Special Needs Form (if needed) received at PO Box
____ Due 2/11- Registration Excel Spreadsheet e-mailed to Harry Tingley, State Advisor & mailed to POBox
____ Due 2/11-Housing Excel Spreadsheet e-mailed to Marriott, State Advisor & mailed to PO Box
____ Due 2/16- All Written; Participating, Team & Business Ownership Events due in
     MASS-DECA office at Bunker Hill Community College. Do not send to PO Box
____ Due 2/16-Original student signature signed Statement of Assurances in front of each written event
submitted with each project.
____ Due 3/4- Final housing payment due at Marriott

                                         CONFERENCE OVERVIEW

REGISTRATION: All Chapter Advisors should register their delegation at the time designated below on
Thursday, March 10, at the MASS-DECA Conference Registration Desk A at the Marriott Copley. Only Chapter
Advisors should come to the registration desk. Please do not arrive prior to your scheduled time since this
creates chaos in the lobby and there is no room for luggage storage. If you plan on spending the day in Boston on
Thursday, the state advisor will let you know where you can store luggage. Do NOT go to the front desk to try to
get your room keys. Room keys may only be received from the DECA Registration area at designated check-in
times. All space held for Massachusetts DECA on Thursday morning and afternoon is being used for conference
preparation purposes. Under no circumstances may students loiter in the hotel prior to the conference start times.

Please be advised that we will not register anyone prior to the assigned time below.
DECA/HOTEL REGISTRATION DESK A (Advisors only come to desk)
Thursday, March 10, 2011
 2:30 P.M. Chapters with 50 or more participants
 2:45 P.M. Chapters with 25-49 participants
 3:00 P.M. Chapters with 1-24 participants

Please instruct all persons attending the conference that all baggage should be tagged using name, address, city
and school. MASS-DECA strongly advises that the insides of all member luggage be inspected prior to
leaving school grounds either by administration or by parents/guardians in front of administration. Home
baked goods should NOT be brought to the conference.

All students registered for this conference must be registered by name and ID#--regardless of what they are doing
at the conference. (Refer to your membership print out for numbers). If unsure of an ID number, please e-mail
Harry Tingley at Bring your Membership ID number spreadsheet with you.

Place an X next to the names of your voting delegates. All voting delegates must be registered in a competitive
area at the SCDC. Each school is asked to select a head-voting delegate prior to the SCDC. Check the list
enclosed for the number of voting delegates your school is entitled to. Be sure all delegates attend the "Meet the
Candidates" session and the "Voting Delegates” session on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning respectively.

For security purposes, it is important that all conference participants wear their name badges and wristbands at all
times. Misspellings will not be corrected since our nametags are generated from the membership that was
submitted to National DECA and they do not allow corrections. If a student misplaces his/her badge, it must be
replaced and s/he will be charged a $5.00 fee. Advisors please go to the TAB Center to request a new badge.
DECA members not wearing a wristband will be sent home or pay a $50 fine. It is imperative that we know who
the DECA members are at the hotel by wearing the wristbands at all times.

                                   CONFERENCE OVERVIEW continued

To avoid possible charges for damages, all advisors must inspect each room assigned to their delegation upon
check in and check out. Advisors must provide members with the hotel check-in form (located at the end of this
packet) to be completed for all rooms in their delegation. Check-in forms must be handed back to chapter advisor
and any room damages must be made known to the hotel front desk within one hour of arrival.

Members should place all garbage in provided bags. All students must move out of their rooms prior to the start
of the Final Awards Session. Advisors must check all rooms for damages prior to the Final Awards Session.
Student members will be storing their bags in locked rooms on the lower levels of the hotel. Remind your
members to tip housekeeping staff.
The hotel has been advised not to make charges to rooms. Nevertheless, Chapter Advisors will assume the
responsibility for all charges incurred by their delegation should any occur (parking, copying, room service). On
Saturday morning, March 12, each chapter advisor should check with the front desk for any charges which have
been made to the rooms of his/her delegation. Please make sure that all charges are paid prior to check-out.
Keep your receipt.

The curfew at our 2011 SCDC will be 11:30 PM on Thursday and Friday. All students should be in their
assigned rooms at curfew. Food deliveries must be delivered by curfew. Deliverymen will not be allowed to
deliver past curfew nor is food to be delivered directly to the rooms for safety reasons. All food delivery items
must be picked up at the front desk before curfew. All scheduled events will end 30 minutes prior to curfew
each night. This allows delegates sufficient time to get to their assigned rooms. All advisors are requested to
strictly enforce curfew. No Chapter meetings are to take place after curfew. Advisors will be expected to
provide hall duty for at least 60 minutes following curfew. Every attempt will be made to keep advisors &
students from the same school on the same floor.

As a professional business organization, our image is of extreme importance to the reputation of our organization
and instructional program and the outside support it receives. A professional appearance and attitude of every
member can only enhance our image. All conference attendees must sign a Comprehensive Consent Form and
Liability & Release Form/Emergency Form. The Chapter Advisor is required to send a completed
Comprehensive Consent Summary Form to the PO Box stating that these individual forms have been received.
Please review these forms with all attendees prior to leaving for the conference.

Don't forget to contact your local newspaper to publicize your school and students' participation in the
conference. Local cable television is another great way to publicize your program. Community awareness and
support can only help. Refer to page 16 for a sample press release.

                                    MEETINGS & GENERAL SESSIONS:
ADVISORS’ MEETING & DISTRICT MEETINGS: There will be a meeting of all Advisors and chaperones
on Thursday, March 4 at 4:30. The attendance of every conference advisor is important. In addition, there will
also be a meeting held for each district on Thursday evening. See program booklet for times & locations.

SPECIAL SEATING COMMITTEE: Chapter seat assignments will be handed out at registration. Guests
must sit in the roped section at the back of the room, not with chapters or the seating chart will be disrupted.

take place on the evening of Thursday, March 10. There will be a “Parade of Chapters” at the beginning of the
session, please select 1-2 representatives from your chapter to go on stage with a chapter or school banner. There
will be a rehearsal prior to the session for those selected representatives. This session will include the
recognition of new schools and schools with 100% membership, state only event awards, conference highlights,
the briefing of voting delegates and the introduction of officer candidates.

MEET THE CANDIDATES SESSION: On Friday, March 11, from approx. 4:00 - 5:00 P.M. All voting
delegates and state officer candidates must attend this session. All other students & advisors are welcome to sit
in the back of the room. Candidates will also have campaign booths in the lobby.

ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS SESSION: This session is for all and it will take place on the evening of Friday,
March 11. This is also MASS-DECA’s Spirit Night. Students may wear collared golf shirts or button down
shirts with khakis or other non-denim pants. Chapters often wear matching attire or chapter shirts. Chapter T-
shirts & sweatshirts are not permitted. The program will include the awarding of minimum competency
certificates and medallions for the individual series, team decision making events, ADC, PSE & FMP.

EXHIBIT OF WRITTEN EVENTS: This is a mandatory exhibit for all written event participants. All
conference attendees are urged and encouraged to attend the Exhibit of all Written and Participating Events and
Team Events on Friday, March 11 from 7 until 8 pm (day and time subject to change).

ELECTION AND BUSINESS SESSION: This session will take place at 8:30 a.m. on the morning of Sat.,
March 12. All Voting Delegates must attend this session. Late arrivals of Voting Delegates will not be allowed
in since doors close promptly at 8:30 a.m. Voting delegates will elect their 2011-12 State Action Team.

FINAL AWARDS SESSION: This session is for everyone and will begin at approx.11:00 am on Saturday,
March 12. Guests are permitted to attend this session by sitting in the back of the ballroom so as not to take seats
away from our conference attendees. Any member not in proper business or formal attire will forfeit his/her

ENTERTAINMENT: On Thursday night a dance, karaoke/open mike will be held. Conference T-shirts will be
required. Every Chapter must provide 1 adult to chaperone 15 minutes of the dance. Schedules will be given out
at the Advisor’s Meeting. Students cannot acess stairwells unless accompanied by a chaperone due to the high
noise level and damage that can be incurred in a dark unsupervised stairwell.

                              COMPETITIVE ACTIVITIES INFORMATION
Program of Competitive Activities without the assistance and cooperation of every advisor in attendance. Our
Overall Coordinators, Series Directors, Event Managers and Alumni members spend a great deal of their own
time scheduling and preparing for the operation of our competitive activities. All registered advisors and
chaperones will be expected to fulfill a work assignment during the conference unless you are bringing more
chaperones than the required one adult per ten students. Excess chapter chaperones will not be scheduled.

These events will be conducted on Thursday night and continue all day Friday. Each participant will go through
a series of four exams for Principles of Business Administration Events and Individual Series Events and three
exams for Management Team Decision Making Events in each competitive category. Two exams will be written
and two will be oral in principles and individual series One exam will be written and two will be oral in the
team decision making events. Each participant must bring sharpened #2 pencils and a watch to our SCDC.
Pencils & calculators will not be provided. The watch is recommended as time is a factor in all events since
time signals will not be given. Any student arriving late for an event will be disqualified. Students may use
a simple processing calculator with the approval of the Event Director of that event. Students may use notes
made only on the paper supplied during the prep time using black or blue ink, and/or pencil.

WRITTEN PROJECTS: (include the following: Business Operations Research Events, Chapter Team Events,
Business Management & Entrepreneurship Events & Marketing Representative Events see page 61 of DECA
Guide) All written project manuals & copies are due in the MASS-DECA Office at Bunker Hill Community
College by 5:00 P.M. on or before Wed., Feb. 16, 2011. No extensions will be granted, unless Bunker Hill has
a snow closure. Write the members’ ID numbers under the names on the “Statement of Assurances” page to aid
us in the check-in process. Verify that the projects have the same participants for which you originally registered
them by including a copy of your original registration excel sheet with dates written next to canceled members or
projects. Verify that projects coming in are listed under the same code in which they were registered. Ex: If Joe
Doe was registered in 30-ENP, his project shouldn’t come in as 31-ENW. All projects must be in a DECA folio,
sold thru DECA Images. Projects missing students’ original, signed “Statement of Assurances” at the front of
each manual will lose 15 penalty points. The “Statement of Assurances” on pg. 85 of the DECA Guide.

Written events will be reviewed and have penalty points assessed prior to the SCDC. Penalty points can be found
on pg. 84 of The DECA Guide. Review each written event checklist before submitting events since penalty
points do add up. Written event participants not participating in the Written Event Exhibition Friday evening
will be disqualified. Entrepreneurship Participating Event and the Technical Sales Event have only one member
per project. All other written projects may have 1 to 3 members. All members on a project will be required to
attend an assigned segment of the Focus Leadership Academy. Failure to attend will result in disqualification.

Lap top computers may be used in all written events. Sound may be used in all written event categories, but the
sound must be kept at a conversational volume. Students are responsible for their own calculator, lap top, battery
power pack and batteries. Electrical power will not be supplied. No computer set up time will be allowed.
Students may bring a copy of their report with notes written in the margin or on note cards to the interview.
Materials appropriate to the situation may be handed to or left with judges in all competitive events.

                                           HOTEL INFORMATION

Our 52nd Annual State Career Development Conference will be held at:

Marriott Copley                        Room Rate: *$175 per night for all rooms
110 Huntington Avenue                  *this rate does not include the 14.45% tax ($200.29 with tax)
Boston, MA 02116                       Room types: Single, Double, Triples & Quads
Ph: 617-236-5800

All conference activities will take place in the hotel. All conference participants (students and advisors) must be
registered for the conference and stay in the conference hotel for the duration of the conference. Please use the
housing spreadsheet found at the back of this packet. The Marriott Copley does NOT accept purchase orders.
The Chapter Advisor should plan to pay for all hotel rooms by March 4 with cash, traveler’s checks, or credit

  1. Please use the hotel spreadsheet provided and prepare on a computer.

  2. E-mail completed spreadsheet to the hotel by February 11 to Sharon Turner, Group Housing Coordinator,.
     at and mail a hard copy to the PO Box by February 11, 2011. Keep a hard
     copy for your records and bring it with you. Advise Sharon how and when payment will be made.

  3. Double and single accommodations are available for advisors/chaperones only. Advisors or chaperones
     are responsible for finding roommates prior to submitting the registration. The hotel will not find
     roommates for you.

  4. Triple and quadruple accommodations are to be used for students. You may combine students with other
     schools, but you are responsible for finding these roommates. If combining rooms with another chapter,
     note it by writing a note at the end of the spreadsheet or by attaching a note on a separate cover so that
     Sharon can try to keep the advisors from those schools together.

  5. Please enter March 10 for all arrival dates and March 12 for all departure dates.

  6. When saving the file, name the document: “Your chapter name” DECA Rooming List; ex: Bunker Hill
     DECA Rooming List, before sending to Sharon Turner and State Advisor. If you save it as “Marriott
     Housing”, it is difficult for Sharon to identify your spreadsheet from the others that she will be receiving.

  10. Send updated information to the hotel if substitutions take place after the original rooming list is
      submitted. You must notify the hotel and the state advisor via an e-mail if a room changes. DO NOT
      SEND A REVISED HOUSING LIST since this makes it difficult to pull the changed rooms.
      Ex: XYZ DECA, Delete Joyce Brown in room 12 and replace with Linda Black.


 Who is eligible to go to the 2011 International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in Orlando, FL?
   First, second, third and fourth place in the following competitive activities at SCDC:
   Principles of Business Management & Administration
   Individual Series Events
   Team Decision Making Events
   Entrepreneurship Participating Event (Combined: Independent or Franchising)
   First, second and third place in the following competitive activities at SCDC:
   Business Operations Research Events
   Marketing Representative Events
   Business Management & Entrepreneurship Events
   Chapter Team Events
    Special Activities
   DECA Quiz Bowl-(First place winner only; one team of up to four)
   11-12 State Officer Elects and 10-11 State Officers
   Senior Leadership Institute participants (outgoing State Officers and any State-only Event qualifiers)
   Leadership Academy participants (1 per chapter or 2 per chapter if no other competitive qualifiers)
   Chapter Management Academy (State-only Event qualifiers)
   Virtual Business Challenge North Atlantic Region Finalists in Rounds 1 & 2; Sports and Retail
   H & R Block National Qualifiers Rounds 1 & 2
   Stock Market Game Qualifiers

If any (eligible) place winner is unable to attend, the next place participant will be notified as a bump-up, as time
allows, to fill the slot(s). You must notify your state advisor of any eligible student who cannot attend our
ICDC as soon as possible so that we may notify the next qualifier in a timely manner.

One advisor per school will be eligible to attend the ICDC. National DECA requires 1 adult chaperone per 8
students, so additional chaperones and/or advisors may be required. If an advisor or other representative from
chapter is unable to attend you must notify the state advisor. If student members will still be attending, it is the
chapter advisor’s responsibility to find a chaperone or willing advisor from within the school or another chapter to
chaperone. Chaperones can be faculty members, administration or a parent. All advisors & chaperones attending
the ICDC will be expected to work at least one (1) day of competitive activities while at the ICDC.

Every chapter may send 1 non-competitive member to the Leadership Development Academy (LDA). If a chapter
did not have any competitive qualifiers for ICDC, they may send 2 chapter members for LDA. ICDC packets will
be e-mailed out prior to the SCDC. Hard copies will be handed out at SCDC registration. All ICDC registration
must be received by the established due date since there is a quick turnaround to get the material summarized and
turned over to National DECA. Chapters provide their own transportation to ICDC and may arrive on April 29th
or April 30, with a mandatory meeting on the 30th at 6:30 pm for all members. We will be staying at the Royal
Plaza Hotel. Chapters should plan to leave on May 4th , unless other arrangements are made with the State

                                   CODE OF ETHICS FOR ADVISORS
Marketing Education programs offer training to those students who have a career objective in the field of
marketing, management, and merchandising. Individual conduct and appearance is a phase of this training. At
DECA's State Career Development Conference this phase of the education program becomes apparent.

As a professional business organization, our image is of extreme importance to the reputation of our organization
and instructional program, and the outside support it receives. Since a good example is one method of teaching,
and students participating in the conference are impressionable, a Code of Ethics is set for adult advisors.

It becomes the responsibility of each participant to see that proper conduct is adhered to at all times.
Violations of these practices and procedures, as established, will be referred to the Massachusetts DECA Board of


    The Chapter Advisor must accompany his/her delegation to the conference. If air transportation is
     provided, the advisor must travel with his/her group or find an adult chaperone willing to chaperone the
     group. The State Advisor must be made aware of whom the group’s chaperone will be, if it will not be the
     assumed chapter advisor. No high school student members are to drive vehicles to, from or during any
     DECA conference.

    All conference participants must stay at the designated conference hotel.

    There must be at least one (1) advisor (approved chaperone) for every ten students in the chapter present at
     the conference. All adults will be assigned to competitive event work areas. Extra chaperones with the
     chapter will NOT be assigned work duty.

    All advisors should remain in the hotel as long as there are students from their school in the hotel, unless
     arrangements are made to have another adult chaperone temporarily.

    Advisors shall conduct daily meetings with members for progress reports, schedules, and other activities.
     These meetings must be completed before curfew.

    Advisors shall keep an agenda for each student in order that they may be reached at any time during the
     conference. Advisors should know where their students are throughout the conference. There should be
     minimal down time.

    Each chapter shall arrange to have one advisor on call at all times. They must be reachable via cell phone
     or pager within the building. Student members must be aware of who is on call and what the cell phone or
     pager numbers are.

    Each Advisor shall be responsible for seeing that participants adhere to all conduct practices and
     procedures. All participants must have read and signed the comprehensive consent summary form and
     liability release form. The form should be reviewed aloud by the advisor. If a member violates any portion
     of the conduct code a Delegate Infraction Form will be completed by the adult who observes the offense
     and it will be submitted to the State Advisor or Conduct Committee immediately. A sample of the form is
                     PROCEDURES FOR ADVISORS AT CONFERENCES continued

    The rules as stated in the Dress Code are called to your attention for review and should govern the
     appearance of advisors as well as students. It is imperative that every advisor monitor their members’
     clothing choices to ensure that the dress code is being adhered. A professional appearance and attitude on
     the part of every member can only enhance our image.

    Advisors and chaperones may not consume alcoholic beverages while responsible for student members at
     DECA conferences.

    Your students must participate in all planned activities during the conference. Advisors must accompany
     them to all sessions and remain until the close of the sessions. Advisors should seat themselves
     strategically among their students to control noise levels. It is difficult to monitor noise level if standing
     against the wall.

    Check your students' rooms at curfew each night by physically entering the room and checking bathrooms
     and closets to be sure just the occupants are in the room. All students must be in their assigned rooms at
     curfew. They may not leave to get ice or a drink from the soda machine or to pick up a pizza delivery.
     Pizza deliveries must be delivered by curfew or the hotel will not allow them in the building. Advisors
     will be expected to provide floor supervision each night of the conference, at curfew time and for at least
     60 minutes after curfew in the hallway if need be.

    Advisors only, are responsible for the check in and check out of your delegation.

    Advisors are expected to assist in conducting our Program of Competitive Activities and to be in
     attendance and present throughout the duration of the conference.

    Advisors must inspect all student rooms upon check-in and check-out. Any noticeable damage to the room
     upon check-in must be noted on the Check-in Form and reported to the front desk immediately.

    The hotel has been asked to supply the rooms with excess garbage bags, however it is strongly advised that
     each advisor brings his/her own supply of garbage bags. These bags are to be used for all trash in
     participants’ rooms (munchies, pizza boxes, candy wrappers, soda cans, etc). Remind your student
     members that they need to tip housekeeping at the end of their stay.

    Advisors need to be present at the dance. Every chapter must provide an adult to circulate the dance for at
     least 15 minutes. A schedule will be handed out prior to leaving for the conference.

      Advisors need to be visible on their floors, especially in the evenings. This can be done on a rotation basis
       with other advisors on the floor. It is imperative that your members know where you are and how to reach
       you, via a cell phone or pager at all times.


CHAPTER ADVISORS PLEASE NOTE: You should bring a copy of the completed Comprehensive
Consent Form, Liability and Emergency Forms for each student attending the conference in case you need it. Do
not send the completed individual forms to the office. The Comprehensive Consent Summary
Form, which is a summary of all aforementioned signed forms, must be sent to the MASS-DECA Office.
                                         SUGGESTED NEWS RELEASE

NOTE: Final copy of News Release should be double spaced and only original should be sent

   FROM: (Name)
        (Address of school)
        (School phone number)

   TO:      (Name of newspaper, radio or television station)

   FOR RELEASE: (Day, Date)


   A (name of school) (junior, senior, etc.), (name of student) will leave (day) for Boston, MA, to attend the 52nd
Annual State Career Development Conference of the Massachusetts Association of DECA.

    (First name of student) is among (number) (school) students selected to participate in the conference, which is
designed to help develop future leaders for marketing and management. It will be held in Boston, March 10-12,
and is expected to have over 1500 DECA members and chapter advisors in attendance representing approximately
sixty schools throughout the Commonwealth.

    DECA is the only international student organization operating through the nation's schools to attract young
people to Careers in marketing, management and entrepreneurship. Its purposes are (1) to develop a respect for
education which will contribute to occupational competence, and (2) to promote understanding and appreciation
for the responsibilities of citizenship in our free, competitive enterprise system. The purpose of the MASS-DECA
Career Development Conference is to provide worthwhile activities to assist students in Career development as
they prepare to be the business leaders of tomorrow. There are almost 100 exciting activities throughout the
conference, all planned and designed for this development. Many of these sessions are prepared and conducted by
the state officers of MASS-DECA.

   The (son, daughter) of Mr. and Mrs. (Name), (address), (first name of student) is (mention office in local
DECA Chapter or other DECA affiliation). (S/he) is employed by (name of training station) as part of (his/her)
Marketing Education course.

   (Here, if appropriate, mention event or other activity at MASS-DECA CDC in which student will represent

   Leaders from the fields of business, education and government will serve as competitive event judges.

                                 DELEGATE INFRACTION FORM
                               3-ply pads to be supplied to all advisors at SCDC

This form is to be completed if and when a participant commits a Level One or Level Two violation as stated in
the Comprehensive Consent Form. A repeated Level Two violation will result in the same penalty of a Level One
violation, which is to be sent home immediately. Any DECA advisor may fill out an infraction form.

Student name_______________________________________________

Student ID #________________________________________________

Description of

Date & time of violation:___________________________________________________

Location of violation:_____________________________________________________

Signature of advisor, alumni or chaperone witnessing violation:_____________________________________

Signature of witness (MBP, alumni, advisor from different chapter,
Please bring completed form to DECA Headquarters or the TAB Center immediately.

                               VOTING DELEGATES PER SCHOOL
                            One voting delegate per ten DECA members
                      Voting delegates must attend all voting delegate sessions.

Apponequet             10                                     DISTRICT II
Cape Cod Tech          1                                      Brockton             3
Dartmouth              3                                      Dighton-Rehoboth     3
Marshfield             5                                      Franklin             11
Middleboro             1                                      King Philip          11
Norton                 5                                      Mansfield            1
Pembroke               2                                      Oliver Ames          2
Plymouth North         10                                     Somerset             5
Plymouth South         5                                      Southeastern         4
Rockland               1                                      Stoughton            6
Sandwich               2                                      Taunton              5
Scituate               3
Wareham                15                                     DISTRICT V
Whitman Hanson         11                                     Billerica            12
                                                              Chelmsford           5
DISTRICT IV                                                   Dracut               2
Andover                9                                      Gtr. Lowell          4
Burlington             5                                      Lowell               3
Gtr. Lawrence Tech.    4                                      Nashoba Regl.        4
Methuen                1                                      Nashoba Tech.        1
Minuteman              1                                      Tewksbury            10
Somerville             3                                      Westford             20
Stoneham               1
Wakefield              1                                      DISTRICT VII
Wilmington             4                                      Algonquin            21
                                                              Bartlett             1
DISTRICT VI                                                   Blackstone           3
Beverly                8                                      Chicopee Comp.       1
Danvers                8                                      Douglas              1
Georgetown             2                                      Hopedale             1
Gloucester             5                                      Lower Pioneer        2
Haverhill              1                                      Nipmuc               13
Manchester-Essex       7                                      Northbridge          4
North Andover          7                                      Wachusett            9
Peabody                7                                      W. Boylston          4
Rockport               7                                      W or c e s t e r     6

                                     Total Voting Delegates: 333

                                TENTATIVE AGENDA
                                    2011 MASS-DECA
                                  March 10, 11, and 12, 2011

Thursday, March 10
TIME                            ACTIVITY
By Size                         Registration (Advisors Only)
2:30 P.M.                       Chapters with 50 plus participants
2:45 P.M.                       Chapters with 25-49 participants
3:00 P.M.                       Chapters with 1-24 participants
3:30 P.M.                       Officer Candidate Campaign Tables
4:00 P.M.                       Event Directors Meet
4:30 P.M.                       Meeting for all Advisors
5:15 P.M.                       Dinner
6:15 P.M.                       District meetings for students, advisors & chaperones
6:15 P.M.                       State Officer Candidates Meet
7:15 P.M.                       Recognition Session (For Everyone)
8:45 P.M.                       Participants’ Briefing and Event Exam*:
                                *Principles of Business Management & Administration
                                *Principles of Finance
                                *Principles of Hospitality & Tourism
                                *Principles of Marketing
                                Accounting Applications
                                Apparel & Accessories Marketing
                                Automotive Services Marketing
                                Business Services Marketing
                                Food Marketing
                                Hotel & Lodging Management
                                Marketing Management
                                Quick Serve Restaurant Management
                                Restaurant & Food Service Management
                                Retail Merchandising
                                Sports & Entertainment Marketing
                                Business Law & Ethics Team Decision Event
                                Buying & Merchandising Team Decision Event
                                Financial Services Team Decision Making Event
                                Hospitality Services Team Decision Event
                                Sports & Entertainment Marketing Team Decision Event
                                Travel & Tourism Team Decision Making Event
                                Quiz Bowl
                                Ad Campaign
                                Professional Selling Event
                                Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan
                                *participants in Principle Events will take Marketing Exam
8:45 P.M.                       Briefing for all Written Project Events & Team Decision Making Events
9:15 P.M.                       Meeting for Tabulators
10:15 P.M.                      DJ/Dance
11:15 P.M.                      Pool Closes
11:30 PM                        Curfew

                                TENTATIVE AGENDA
                                  2011 MASS-DECA
                                March 10, 11 and 12, 2011

Friday, March 11
TIME                           ACTIVITY

6:30 - 8:30 A.M.               Buffet Breakfast (Open seating)

7:30 A.M.-                     Test in Business Administration for:
9:00 A.M.                      Principles of Business Administration & Individual Series Events

8:30 A.M.                      Judge's Arrival and Reception

9:00 A.M.                      Judge's Briefing

9:00-4:00 P.M.                 Exhibitor Tables

9:00 A.M.- 8:00 P.M.           Officer Candidate Campaign tables

9:15 A.M.-                     Oral component for all events Refer to schedule received previous night
5:00 P.M.

9:00 A.M.                      Quiz Bowl Begins

9:30 A.M.- 4:00 P.M            Leadership Academy(required of all written participants & State Only
                               Event Winners)
9:30 A.M.-                     Workshops(one suggested of all principle, series & team
4:00 P.M.                      participants)

11:30 A.M.-      2:30 P.M      Lunch (all students will receive meal voucher for The
                               Shops at the Prudential Center Food Court)
4:00-5:00 P.M.                 Meet Your Candidates for State Office
                               and Campaign Session

5:30-7:00 P.M.                 Dinner

7:00-8:00 P.M.                 Tentative time: Written Project Exhibit (all written participants must
                                       display their project or they will be disqualified)

9:00-10:45 P.M                 Achievement Awards Session

11:30 PM                       Curfew

                               TENTATIVE AGENDA
                                 2011 MASS-DECA
                               March 10, 11 and 12, 2011

Saturday, March 12

TIME                      ACTIVITY

8:00-10:00 A.M.           Brunch (Open Seating)

8:00 A.M.                 Officer Candidates Meet

8:30-9:30 A.M.            Voting Delegates Meet
                          Election and Business Session

9:30-10:30                Luggage Storage (by district)

By 10:30 AM               Checkout (Advisors Only)

By 10:30 A.M.             Vacate student rooms

11:00 A.M.- 1:00 P.M.     Final Awards Session
                          (For everyone)

                          Depart in order of busses announced at the end of session

                                        MASS-DECA LATE FEE POLICY
     The following policy applies to all state due dates. Please contact your state advisor if you have a question or

Please read this carefully.

     1. All conference registration and balances due from schools and/or individuals must be received at the PO
        Box by the due date, in addition to e-mailing registration forms to State Advisor, Harry Tingley &
        Housing Coordinator., Sharon Turner by the due date.

     2. Forms/registrations received that are incomplete or incorrect will be returned or the State Advisor will
        hold them until the balance of the forms is received. The late fee will be applied from the date the first
        form is received.

     3. Established due date/deadline is the date materials are to be received by MASS-DECA at the PO Box, as
        designated in the information materials and forms; not the date on which they are postmarked.

     4. The State Advisor will determine if the late fee will be applied.

     5. Only the State Advisor may grant an extension period beyond the due date/deadline.

     6. Requests for an extension must be made in advance of the due date/deadline.

     7. The State Advisor will decide extenuating circumstances.

     8. Nothing will be processed and any additional registration, membership, etc., materials will not be
        accepted, until the assessed late fee is paid.

                                    Chapter/School/Member Late Fee Schedule

I.      Anything received one (1) or two (2) days* after the established/printed
        due date/deadline will be assessed a $25.00 late fee.

2.      Anything received three (3) or four (4) days* after the established/printed
        due date/deadline will be assessed a $50.00 late fee.

3.      Anything received five (5) days* after the established/printed due date/deadline will be assessed a $75.00
        late fee.

4.      Anything received more than five (5) days* after the established due
        date/deadline will be returned.

         *Days are calendar days not business days

                     IMPORTANT UPCOMING DATES


26         DUE DATE: Officer Candidate Applications due (see Advisor’s Guide)


1          DUE DATE: Entries for T-shirt Design, Cover Design
                     Chapter Fundraising Award

2          Officer Candidates’ Testing-Bunker Hill Community College 3:00 p.m
           Bunker Hill Community College Room B206A

11         DUE DATE: SCDC Registration Summary Form, fee, Chapter Responsibility
           form, hard copies of Event Registration Spreadsheet, & Housing Spreadsheet – due
           at PO Box. Registration Excel form needs to be e-mailed to Harry Tingley at
  & cc’d to State Advisor at
           Housing spreadsheet is to be e-mailed to Sharon Turner,
  & cc’do State Advisor at

16          DUE DATE: All written chapter projects due at BHCC

18         Last day for changes & substitutions-12 noon


2          DUE DATE: Massachusetts Scholarship Applications due at BHCC

4          Last day for cancellation refunds if Cancellation Refund Request Form has been

10-12      52nd Annual State Career Development Conference, Boston, MA

23         DUE DATE- All ICDC registration fees and forms due

23         DUE DATE- Payment for ICDC registration due


14         DUE DATE- Housing fees for ICDC -due.

30-May 4   International Career Development Conference, Orlando, FL


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