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					                                 Contact Information for Businesses
For Business Services and Incubation
Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research          Cooperative Extension
Website:               Website:
Contact: Nicholas Brown                              Contact: John Rebar
Phone: 207.422.9096                                  Phone: 207.581.3188
Email:                             Email:
Department of Industrial Cooperation                 Foster Center for Student Innovation
Website:                  Website:
Contact: Jake Ward                                   Contact: Jesse Moriarity
Phone: 207.581.2201                                  Phone: 207.581.1454
Email:                              Email:
Knowledge Transfer Alliance                          Office of Research and Economic Development
Website:                  Website:
Contact: Hugh Stevens                                Contact: Renee Kelly
Phone: 207.581.1850                                  Phone: 207.581.1401
Email:                        Email:
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs            Target Technology Incubator
Website:                 Website:
Contact: Michael Hastings                            Contact: John Koskie
Phone: 207.581.1486                                  Phone: 207.866.6500
Email:                           Email:

For Product Development
Advanced Manufacturing Center                        Advanced Structures & Composites Center
Website:                  Website:
Contact: John Belding                                Contact: Habib Dagher
Phone: 207.581.2717                                  Phone: 207.581-2121
Email:                        Email:
Food Science Pilot Plant                             Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology
Website:   Website:
Contact: Beth Calder                                 Contact: Robert Lad
Phone: 207.581.2791                                  Phone: 207.581.2257
Email:                         Email:
Pulp and Paper Process Development Center            Technology Transfer Office – Licensing Technologies
Website:                  Website:
Contact: Proserfina Bennett                          Contact: Kris Burton
Phone: 207.949.4176                                  Phone: 207.581.1488
Email:                      Email:

Other Resources
Career Center                                        Continuing and Distance Education
Website:               Website:
Contact: Patricia Counihan                           Contact: Jeffrey St. John
Phone: 207.581.1359                                  Phone: 207.581.3143
Email:             Email:
Raymond H. Fogler Library                            University Relations
Website:   Website:
Phone: 207.581.1661                                  Contact: Joe Carr
Email:                 Phone: 207. 581.3743

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