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National Case Management Network of Canada by HC12070404576


									  National Case
Network of Canada

    Annual General Meeting
Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute
       Toronto CANADA
        October 2, 2011
         Purpose of AGM
Required formal meeting
 Board of Directors
 Annual Report
Communicate with members, partners and
 other interested parties
Introduction Board of Directors
Minutes of AGM Sept 2010
Annual Report 2011
New Business
            Board of Directors
                      Joan Park,
                      St. Michael’s
Barbara Baptiste, Director      Anju Joshi, Director
Rehabilitation Management Inc. McMaster University

Shannon Berg, Secretary         Linda Lane, Director
Vancouver Coastal Health        We Care Home Health

Ruth Anne Campbell, Director    Robert Tomljenovic,
Case Manager                    Treasurer
                                Veterans Affairs Canada
         What we believe
Case Management is a vital and
 dynamic strategy in the delivery of an
 effective and efficient health care system
      Minutes of AGM 2010
Copies of Minutes

Matters Arising from Minutes

Adoption of Minutes
             Who we are

Leading national organization dedicated to
 promoting excellence and professionalism
 among Case Management providers
 across Canada
       What we have done

HC Contribution Agreement
Developing Case Management in Canada:
i. Standards of Practice,
ii. Learning Resources
iii. Professional Association
      Standards of Practice
Distributed 2009 Canadian Standards of
 Practice for Case Management
Print and electronic
Members and stakeholders 2,500 copies
Practice directed tool
Increased knowledge base
Outlines expectations and responsibilities
Health Care Providers and Consumers
       Learning Resources
Web-based Educational Resource Library
Comprehensive Case Management,
 business, and client resources
Several media formats
Individual licenses print/record courses
French translation
Live Meeting weekly show and tell
   Professional Association
Office Manager
Project Manager, Communications
Corporate Office
Membership 250 – 500+
Contact database 3000
Quarterly Newsletter:
 Case Management Connection
   Professional Association
Participated in Canadian Home Care
 Association Conference Nov 2010
 Exhibitor and Presenter
National Transitions of Care Coalition
4th National Conference 2010
     Founding Partner

We Care Home Health Services
   Case Management Journal
Official Journal of NCMN
International, peer-reviewed, evidence-
 based created by Case Managers for
 Case Managers
Bimonthly publication - print and electronic
Archives 2000
Case Management Connection: News
 from NCMN
    Competency Framework
Initiated development of national
 competency profile
Foundation for future credentialing
Draft NCMN Competency Profile
 Recommendations Report Sept 2010
CanMEDS model selected as framework
Case Management Society of America
National Transitions of Care Coalition
 CMSA and Sanofi-Aventis
Professional Case Management Journal
Assessment Strategies Inc.
We Care Home Health Services
Knowledge Exchange Board
  Annual Report, Financials

Year        Income        Expenses      Net

Sep 09      154K            138K        16K
         41K (w/o HC)    25K (w/o HC)
Aug 10

Sep 10       288K           267K        21K
         107K (w/o HC)   86K (w/o HC)
Aug 11
           New Business
Promoting Excellence and Professionalism
 for Case Management in Canada: Phase II
 Core Competencies, Credentialing and
 Develop/validate core competencies
Select a credentialing process to indicate
 competence in Case Management
Execute a Marketing and Communications
 Plan to move NCMN from existence to
           Old Proverb
A vision without a plan is just a
A plan without action is simply
 passing the time.
Action with a plan and a vision can
 change the world.

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