Computer Forensics by ys02ph6v


									ITIS 4250
Computer Forensics

          Chapter 14

Becoming an Expert Witness and
     Reporting Results of
Report Structure
   Abstract
   Summary
   Table of contents
   Body of report
   Conclusion
   Reference
   Glossary
   Acknowledgments
   Appendixes
            Guide to Computer Forensics and
                   Investigations, 2e         29
The process will generate the correct number of copies, for the
correct accounts, with the correct information, sent to the
correct address.

At the mainframe, a specialist keys in each account number
that was mangled during rendering.

The business analyst strenuously elicits the information from

When a job is received it is checked in.

I have a problem. Please help.

I will be out of town for a death in the family.
We've seen a 500 percent reduction in the number of customer
complaints to regulators.

Below, doccumentation supporting the scope of the requested
effort for additional transaction codes. Along, with project
plans, mapping doc and Strategy overview for this project.

I will ask Bob to follow up but until you here it from me ...

I see no other alternative if we are to have any realistic hope
of forging a dent in our goals.

This report creates a report that lists all the customers selected
by the user during the data selection phase of the process.
Continue to proactively communicate/partner with PMs on
allocations. One "concern" I'm hearing from Bob and some of
the PMs is that they don't know what's coming and then they
get hit with a negative variance that they have to explain.
Simple solution: whatever we load into the planner for each
project, John and Mary should book exactly that time actual
against the allocation = zero variance. This, in effect, IS the
planning process so we shouldn't have surprises.

Continue to maximize-leverage to help KM be a success but do
it in such a way that you retain control of these resources. KM
is total integration in all that we do so everything is
interdependent-interrelated; however, we have MBO goals to
build KM content (and enhanced process) for our functional
disciplines. This should be viewed as a win-win.

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