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       2009 Mentoring for English Learner Success Training
                                       August 2009

The Oregon Department of Education is providing grants for mentors and instructional
coaches to be trained in strategies for coaching teachers working with English Language
Learners. The training will be provided by the New Teacher Center @UCSC who has
taken learnings from 18 years of experience supporting teachers to develop this training.


We have learned from our research that mentors, beginning teachers, and site
administrators find meeting the needs of English Learners as one of their biggest
challenges, especially in light of No Child Left Behind. Optimal learning environments,
research-based strategies, and rigorous academic standards are imperative. This two-day
training provides mentors and teacher leaders the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to
accelerate English learner success.

Training Outcomes

Participants will:
       • Understand the equity factors that impact English learners
       • Review the variety of English learner profiles
       • Discover learning conditions and instructional strategies that support English
       • Learn observation skills through the lens of English learner success
       • Examine effective assessments that accelerate English learning
       • Explore appropriate differentiated instruction for English learners
       • Practice modifying lesson plans for English learners

The expectation for participating coaches include:
      • Strong interpersonal skills
      • Exemplary practice
      • Leadership capacity
      • Credibility among teachers and administrators
      • Predisposition as learner
        • Desired experience/knowledge:
        • Professional standards
        • Coaching or other collaborative models
        • Working in diverse settings

The trainings will be held in August at two different locations, one in the Salem area and
one in the Eugene area. Grant recipients will be able to select which dates and site work
best for them.

                           Institute Grant Application:
The Department is pleased to make available grants of $500 per participant to reimburse
travel expenses and a stipend for participants. The training will be held in August 2009 at
both a Eugene and Salem area location.

       Grant applications must be submitted no later than May 15, 2009.
       The first 120 applications received that meet all of the grant criteria will be
       Funds must be claimed by September 30, 2009.
       The grant funds are only for travel-related expenses, stipends, and associated
        professional development follow-up and offset the cost of participation in the

These grant funds must be expended by September 30, 2009.

Priority will be given to:
        Mentors and Instructional Coaches from schools in Title I School
          Improvement status

If you have questions regarding the training, grant funding, application process or other
issues related to the grant, please contact Bev Pratt (503) 947-5806 or

                      2009 Mentoring for English Learner Success Training
                                          August 2009
                                       Grant Application

District Name                                 Fiscal Agent/Fiscal
                                              Contact Person
School Name                                   Mailing Address
Instructional                                 City, State Zip
Mailing Address                               Email
City, State Zip                               Phone
Email                                         Fax
Fax                                           Title I Status

     Please include the following with your application:
        1. Narrative responses to the following questions:
               a. Describe the qualities you have for being an effective instructional coach/mentor.
               b. How will you support instruction in your district during the 2009-10 school year?
                   (Please be specific.)
        2. Describe how instructional coaching/mentoring will be supported during the 2009-10 school
        3. Complete assurance form
        4. Send application for 2009 Mentoring for English Learner Success training to Linda Dunn by
           May 15, 2009.

                       2009 Mentoring for English Learner Success Training
                                           August 2009
                                        Grant Application


Required Assurances
    The applicant assures and certifies compliance with all regulations, policies and
      requirements as they relate to the acceptance and use of federal funds for programs
      included in this application.
    The applicant member agrees to carry out the project as proposed in the application.
    None of the monies received through the grant shall be used to replace funds for existing
      programs that are a responsibility of the school district. Grant Funds may be used to
      supplement, not supplant, regular education programs.
    All requested information related to grant activities will be provided to ODE in a timely

Applicant                                  Title                               Date

Superintendent                             Title                               Date


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