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					Form Processing with e-WriteMate
 Form Processing with e-WriteMate


 Introduction to Hi-Tech e-WriteMate
 Introduction to Hi-Tech Form Builder
 Creating a Form using Form Builder
 Introduction to Hi-Tech Form Processor
 Form Filling
 Download and Processing the Notes
 Processed Output
 Form Processing with e-WriteMate

             About Hi-Tech e-WriteMate

 Hi-Tech e-WriteMate is a portable handwriting capture device based
  on natural handwriting as an input. Attach plain paper of any kind and
  use the Hi-Tech's electronic pen to capture, store and share
  handwritten data.
 Uses standard paper - no special paper required.
 The on-board flash memory can store up to 200 A4 Pages of
  handwritten forms.
 Rechargeable battery and LCD which indicates product status.
  Form Processing with e-WriteMate

             About Hi-Tech Form Builder
 Hi-Tech Form Builder is a powerful yet easy to use application that allows
  anyone to create professionally looking forms within just a few minutes.
 This incredible program enables you to add input boxes, text areas, labels,
  isolated fields, lines and much more, all with the click of a button. You can
  also add images, adjust colors, fonts, borders, and highlights.
 The program features a very simple and intuitive user interface which does
  not need any technical knowledge to be operated and makes this task a

 The drag-and-drop, Hi-Tech Designer workspace lets you add and customize
  form elements with ease. Just play with the design until you like what you
  see, and then set up your form results.

 All that’s left is to upload your Form and Form filled files in the Hi-Tech
  Form Processor and wait for your form results to come rolling in.
Form Processing with e-WriteMate

    Creating a Form in Form Builder

           Open Hi-Tech Form Builder

              Open New Form

Form Processing with e-WriteMate

    Creating a Form in Form Builder

          PRO’s/CO’s Name

          Click the label button button to create
         Click the isolated field to create labels
                      isolated fields
Form Processing with e-WriteMate
    Hi-Tech Form Builder Template
 Form Processing with e-WriteMate

          About Hi-Tech Form Processor

 Hi-Tech Form Processor is a Windows .NET application that
  demonstrates form Processing Capabilities to HWR and create form
  Template sets which can be processed against those handwritten form
  sets to extract form data.

 Hi-Tech Form Processor recognizes natural handwriting and converts it
  into digital information. Workflow is considerably improved as data are
  immediately available in XML/EXCEL format for further use in back-
  end applications.
Form Processing with e-WriteMate
             Form filling
               Clip the Device

              Fill up the Form
Form Processing with e-WriteMate
     Download and Processing Notes

                 Download and Process

             Connect the Device to system

  Errors and Over writing / illegible handwriting will be
               highlighted in RED color
Form Processing with e-WriteMate

Handwritten form mapping with template
Form Processing with e-WriteMate
         XML/EXCEL Output
Form Processing with e-WriteMate

              Thank You
      For More Information visit www.hitech-in.com

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